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Monday, July 11, 2005


Jason: One thing I realized about Washington after they departed was that there regular first baseman, Nick Johnson, a pretty darn good player, was missing for this entire series. I realized something was badly amiss when I noticed Carlos Baerga of all people on first base for a few of the games. I'm glad we missed Johnson and, of course, Livan Hernandez.

THEIR not there

True. Johnson and Livan are both underrated and having good seasons. We've been hearing about Johnson breaking out for years and it's finally happened. He's expected back after the break.

It's good the Phils avoided them, but even with those guys, I'm not sure if Washington can sustain it. Are they better than the Phils? Perhaps. They have a long break to think about it after this loss. A healthy Vidro batting three isn't great IMO. Castilla is terrible anymore. They don't score many runs. Then again, the Phils do but that doesn't often translate to wins.

Also, what was Frank Robinson's plan this series? To confuse everybody?

Frank Robinson bringing in Eishen to intentional walk a batter, then lifting him. I don't think I've ever seem that before. He should of at least let him bat before lifting him.

i think frank was buying time for the next guy to warm up properly, the going thru the motions of changing pitchers really bought some time. frank does everything at half speed, including talking and walking to the mound.

gr, I love your comment about Frank and half speed. I laughed out loud visualizing him.

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