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Tuesday, September 13, 2005


I don't know how pavlovian a response this is, but the minute I read Matt Beech, I started thinking Tyler Green.

I haven't followed Estrada at all this season, but during last night's telecast LA mentioned Estrada was involved in a terrible collision at the plate with Darin Erstad. Could that be one of the reasons for his subpar performance this year?

I think it's more like Estrada coming down to earth. He was never much of a hitter in the minors, but he was a pretty decent defender. Last year was a nice surprise.

My guess is that Estrada isn't as bad as he has been this year, but also isn't as good as he was last year.

Jason -
Found your blog through a Jim Jenks link. Thanks for your daily commentary on the PHILS - IT HAS BEEN GREAT!(my local paper doesn't cover them.)I look forward to getting your perspective (and those of the other blogs via your links) after each game. Your blog is always informative, well written and helps me to stay in touch with others who have a passion for the PHILS. I've followed them for a lifetime and I'll continue to follow them (yes, even after the recent Astros series). Thanks to all who participate in making this type of interface possible. One last thought: J-ROLL: please continue to be selective at the plate - what a difference it makes!


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