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Wednesday, November 23, 2005


Whoa. I would have liked to have gotten a prospect with Rowand, but I can't complain.


The "prospect" is a pitcher named Daniel Haigwood. He was a 16rd draft pick, is 23yrs old and just made it to Double A last year although his numbers are encouraging...

W L ERA k9 whip
6 1 1.74 10.16 1.04

According to

"Haigwood, 22, had a breakout year in 2005, rapidly elevating his status in the White Sox organization. Drafted in the 16th round in 2002, the 6-2 lefty impressed between high A Winston-Salem and AA Birmingham, putting up a combined 14-3 record with a 2.82 ERA. After moving to Birmingham, Haigwood wowed the Southern League, going 6-1 with a 1.74 ERA and a BAA of .170. Haigwood allowed only 39 hits in over 67 innings of work. Haigwood draws comparisons to Mark Buehrle, working fast with a bevy of pitches."

The othe rplayer rumored to be the proverbial 'player to be named later' is possibley "possibly top Sox pitching prospect Gio Gonzalez"...again according to

"Gonzalez, 20, was drafted during the compensatory round of the 2004 amateur baseball draft. The 5-11 lefty has drawn comparisons to former Sox hurler Jim Parque. Gonzalez went 13-6 between low A Kannapolis and high A Winston-Salem. Gonzalez also sported a 2.82 ERA with a .205 batting average against."

If this is all true it's looking like "Stand" Pat is eally "Hook 'em" Gillick.

Oh yeah....both are leftied...I think I'm smiling now.

Philly Inquirer has confirmed it. It's Gio and Haigwood. Happy days are here.


Ha. I couldn't have got it more wrong. I was convinced they were going to stick with victorino and leave CF well alone.

I'm lary of that obp drop-off this year, and would like to see a better k/bb ratio from him. Still, rowand is hitting his prime and manuel could turn around some of that offense. Thome is gone with a big chunk of contract. It feels like a b- or a b+ depending on how the prospects pan out next year.

So long jim. we'll miss ya.

Wow. Getting Gio Gonzalez is huge.

South Side Sox do a nice breakdown on it from their point of view. Some info on the two young lads in question:

WOW! Way to go Pat! I think this is a totally a win-win situation. I think that this is just part one though. I'll bet he moves Abreu for another need-perhaps a 3B and another pitcher.

I like this guy already, moreso than before!

Also I'm glad to see Thome go where he wants to, back home. Good luck to him, he's a class act.

Thanks for the comments everyone. I've been away from my computer this evening and have been wondering who these prospects were. The early report had Thome and cash for Rowand straight up. Later, the AP cited a source that said some pitching prospects were involved, and for me, that swung this trade clearly in favor of the Phils.

On some level, pitching should be developed in your own system, not bought for millions, and the fact that Hamels and Floyd represent all they've got has been bothering me tremendously. Young pitching is a serious void they needed to fill this offseason, Gillick recognized it, and jumped at the opportunity. In addition, he improved defense in center, something I thought he would pursue based on past decisions.

The Phillies are better today than they were yesterday; they are younger, they have deeper pockets and they took care of the Thome situation sooner rather than later. The latter is very important. They aren't nearly as "locked in" as many thought they would be at this point. The Gillick era, in its infancy, has a very different feel from the Ed Wade era, which was "upgrade," never "downgrade," and never fortify the farm system.

Gillick and company can head into the winter meetings with a swagger. This isn't the same Phillies regime. Now, it's time to get creative with bullpen and starting pitching. They can still win with David Bell at third and Mike Lieberthal at catcher, both playing to extend their careers beyond this season. Focus on bullpen and starting pitching. Be especially creative in bullpen

Considering the prospects involved, and the defensive upgrade in Rowand, this is a very good deal for the Phils, who are beginning to lay a foundation for 2006.

GREAT TRADE! I was absolutely thrilled when this popped up on the screen. Jim Thome was a nice guy, but you know what they say about nice guys...

Has anyone heard that the Phils might be looking to move these young pitchers for Hank Blalock? I know the Rangers are looking for pitchers and the Phils have been mentioned as interested in Blalock.

i believe the rangers are looking for young major league ready pitchers, and these two don't fit that, and im not sure id really want to move these two for blalock, his home and road splits scare me

a top notch trade. both sides are gambling that their new parts fit well, but from the phils' standpoint, it's hard to beat. thome for the prospets alone might have been worth it. this is the work of two real GMs.

I acually think tha we got the better end of the deal we got 2 young poitcher plus a good veteran otfelder for slumping thome he had a big injury and i think that will affect himm this year and we gotn aaron rowand and 2 prospects sure we are paying half pof his salary but i think it is ompletelyworth it!

ya i afree with josh! i think rowand will help us and thwe 2 prospcts are a good start and we gsve up a fat steriod taken power hitter who got suver injury in july i relly think this was a smart move by pat gillck now he is 1 an 100 on good trades and bad trades

i think this trade was ok but we could of gotten more like instead of the 2prospects it would be like som1like jose contraez thome is alittle to good for 1 good felder and 2 prospects but i think its kind of good now we can give ryan howard a chance so i think it had good pposes also we got a person to replace lofton and michals and this player is much better thsn both of them but i do think we could of gotten more!

i agree with max we got aaron rowand and he is a good player but thome was to much we should of gotten joe crede with rowand for thome and cash

i think it was a win win situation we got rowandand that will help us in the out feld and the sox got a good dh

im from chigago and i think we got ripped of big time i mean we gave up rowand our star outfelder for a DH paul knerko is even better i think we got ripped of and they got the better deal i bet you we will try to get him back in the future but how could of we done this trade!!!!!!!!!!!!! phillies fans everywhere u are all a bucha assholes for taken rowand! i hate every single one of you Phillies Suck!


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