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Friday, December 16, 2005


Tom G. has floated a couple ideas on dealing for bullpen help at his site An interesting place to find it would be Pittsburgh, a team that seems to be loaded with it. Possibilities include the underrated but old Soloman Torres, or even left-hander Damaso Marte, whom they just traded for. Third baseman David Bell could be someone they covet.

When I look at your list of potential relievers, the old saying, "if you throw enough s@#t on the wall, some of it will stick" comes to mind. But as you say, that isn't necessarily a bad thing. [This weekend I hope to tap out a piece about the Phils need to spend more efficiently.]

At this point, my only concern would be having a good plan in place for if Gordon doesn't pan out.

I believe they can still trade for relief. There appears to be a market for J-Mike. They want to dump Bell. You talked about dealing him to the Pirates. They have some options in the bullpen. Tejeda is someone I'd trade in a heartbeat, and like I said before, it's worth taking a long, hard look at Floyd.

Why dont the phils go after free agent Octavio Dotel? He is a proven pitcher with Oakland and he can serve as our closer if Flash fails. Even though he was injured all last season with elbow surgery he can come back strong and i think it is worth taking a shot on him.

Should Mathieson be on your list above?

No. Mathieson hasn't been out of A-ball and is being groomed as a starter. It's a good bet he'll spend the season in Reading.

On a related subject, a while back, a commenter posted something on Keith Bucktrot, who was a Top 10 starting prospect at one time. He wanted to see him turned into a reliever. I think that's a great idea. He throws a heavy sinking fastball about 92-93.

i guess its worth a try. bucktrot has been bad in the minors the past 2 years. he was outrighted in october.

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