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Thursday, January 26, 2006


Beerleaguer? I knew him when....

First time I'm posting here, and I love your blog. Nice to see a positive and realistic blog about our favorite baseball team.

But I have to ask - what was the question you should have asked Flash that the other reporter ended up asking? Just like to know your mind set. And, of course, what was his answer.

Thanks again

U shouldve asked Foghorn Leghorn is he studied up on double switches.

Nice to have you join the discussion, Mitch. I went back and answered your question back in the story.

Dude: After I was through kissing Manuel's butt, I asked which areas in his managing he needed to improve, and he gave an honest answer. For the answer ... stay tuned.

i remember when i somehow got a press pass to cover the Nets' preseason camp at Kutztown U when i was the sports editor of the paper at Millersville U. 5 mins apiece one-on-one with ed o'bannon, rex walters, and butch beard and god knows who else. it was fun, although you cannot make rex walters smile or lighten up. it is impossible. i think by the end, i was asking him about the backboards at his KU compared to those at this here KU. he didn't think it was funny.

sounds like gillick is only personable when the big cameras are on.

derrick coleman. that was the other guy i talked to. i wish i had that 5 minutes back.

coleman probably got hurt in the middle of the conversation didnt he?

by the way jason, why is your recorder the smallest one there?

That's really exciting (even more exciting than your Licey writeup, which I enjoyed reading as well). Did you get a press pass to this just as a blogger?

Man. Well, it's good to know Pat Gillick doesn't *really* think that Ryan Franklin is the answer to anything.

Gillick puzzles me. I don't know whether to have more confidence in him because he can see realistically that his club has no real shot to win, or to lose confidence in him (or at least this upcoming season) because he seems to have no chance of doing what it takes to put a winning team out there. Is it comforting that he *knows* it's not good enough, or disconcerting that we're all left to confront the same thing without a trace of false hope? After years of Ed Wade's smokescreening, it's nice to have some honesty, but either way the job's not getting done here.

Good piece Jason. I remember years and years ago blagging an interview with James Ellroy (of LA Confidential fame) for a college paper. I set up a series of questions that I thought would have the guy talking for at least an hour.

We were done in 20 minutes. it was the first time I came up against that kind of polished professional media presence, and he had his answer prepped for everything I put to him. sounds kinda like what happened with you and tom gordon. Looking forward to the manuel interview.

Nice blazer.

deanna, i'm guessing jay got credentials through the reading eagle. tgoyne tried to get some last year thru BS&S but was denied, if memory serves.

gr is correct. Beerleaguer is now part of the Reading Eagle Web site, though I still maintain the site on my own. And during the season, I write the promotional material for R-Phillies posters, which run in the paper once a week. The prospect retrospectives, which you may remember reading, are originally run in the paper. Even though I had access through the Reading Eagle, I like to think my access to the press event was earned through the hard work I've done on this space.


I thought Pat Gillick was going to fall asleep on us; he was practically comatose. . . I think he's a bright guy, but he was definitely drained by this two-week series of road stops and endless interviews. It showed.
Overall, though, I think he has a strong grasp of the situation. He's just trying to downplay the strength of his team right now. He probably figures it doesn't help to hype expectations.

gr: Actually, it was I who tried unsuccessfully last year to get press credentials as a blogger. Frankly, I think Jason has earned his credentials through his wonderful work on Beerleaguer. If his association with the Reading Eagle helped pave the way, his blog will make those granting credentials stand up and notice him going forward.

Oh, that's very cool, then! Being in a long-distance relationship with the Phillies, I like to read the blogs rather than the newspapers to keep up with stuff.

I'd thought of you as being the Phillies' version of Derek Zumsteg anyway (you should take that as a compliment); he runs the most prominent and well-written Mariners blog, but also is published in newspapers, ends up with articles inside the programs at the local minor league affiliates, and used to write for BP. I think it's his fault I follow bloggers over the mainstream media, anyway -- the media reports, and oftentimes the bloggers teach, in a way.

Also, there are too many Phillies bloggers named Tom, especially named Tom G. :)

Henceforth I will refer to myself as "That Swinger". The other bloggers already think of me that way, especially the ones named Tom. Signed, Tom Goodman, er, I mean "That Swinger".

A very interesting live chat posted at with Gillick. Highlights: Weaver isn't on the radar, Ruiz will get a shot at the backup catcher, Russell Branyon was never an option because Manuel is of the opinion that we have too many Ks in the line-up as currently constructed, Piazza may be a possibility, and he thinks that we need two utility infielders like Nunez and Perez for double switches etc... although he said Kata was a dark horse to make the opening day roster.

nothing not stated was implied in my comments, by the way.

Rhodes-Michaels is official... i wonder what Gillick would have said today at Reading!

We need more IF'ers so Foghorn can never mess up double switches. "I say I say I say hey boy go up there and hit for the pitcher"

Nice hands.

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