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Tuesday, January 17, 2006


flipping him for matt clement is probably asking too much. him and floyd perhaps. aside from the cop thing and his occasional bad baserunning, it would bea shame to lose him. no room at the inn, however.

J-Mike is better than anyone currently on the Phillies bench and head and shoulders above the likes of Victorino, Kroeger or Roberson, none of whom has proven he can hit major league pitching. On the other hand, he's not good enough with the glove to be an everyday CF and doesn't hit enough HRs to be a corner OFer. If the Phils can get a solid reliever for him it would fill a greater need. The downside is that the bench without Michaels is very weak indeed.

no weaker than last year, tho.

Burrell, Rowand, Abreu as starters. Victorino and Michaels off the bench. Others mentioned above are unknown variables. I don't think the Phils are weaker than last year, Lofton's departure notwithstanding. They have a stronger overall outfield least at this juncture.


Chris Roberson was not EL's MVP; that award went to Binghamton's Mike Jacobs.

Thanks for the correction, Mike.

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