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Tuesday, March 07, 2006


I was nonplused at the signing of Bell, and my opinion of him certainly hasn't improved from there. Even at his best, he strikes me as the very picture of mediocrity. If the Phillies were trying to make us appreciate just how good Rolen was, they couldn't have done a better job of choosing someone so average to 'replace' him. Never mind the fact that his personality makes Rolen look like Tug McGraw. I'm not exactly looking forward to the Abraham Nunez era, but I am looking forward to the merciful end of David Bell's ill-advised contract.

Ryan "Black Thunder" Howard

Bell is such a grim-faced determined guy I found myself rooting for him more out of pity than adulation. The thing that bothered me most about him wasn't his failure to hit in the clutch; rather, it was the notion that he was a better than average fielder. Having grown up with Brooks Robinson and then watched Mike Schmidt for most of his career, I can be excused for having a high standard. But what bothered me about Bell was how often balls hit right at him handcuffed him. By June his chest must resemble that of Robert Esche.


there was a great thing that the inky did on christmas day. they did a few top three lists as it relates to philly sports. one of the topics was "smallest thing in philly sports". number 1 was john chaney's patience, i forget number 2, but number 3 was david bell's personallity. and i couldn't agree more. does that guy ever smile? he is so damn boring. even when he gets a big hit he looks like his best friend was crushed by a truck.

Whenever I'm critical of a ballplayer's performance, I ask myself two sets of questions.
1) What were the expectations? Was I expecting more than the player was capable of providing? Was I critical because he was doing what he was acquired to do, rather than what I wanted him to do?
2) Was he properly utilized by the team/manager? Did the manager use him where his strenghts were maximized and his weaknesses hidden?

For David Bell, particularly last season, the answer to #2 is NO. He should have been platooned at 3B and used against LHP most of the time. His spot in the batting order was open to question in my mind as well. If he had been properly used, we would be looking at his contributions a lot differently. We would see him as a potentially valuable asset.
As for question #1, I'm not sure he didn't do what the Phillies thought he could do when they signed him. (Overpaying him in a longterm contract is a different issue)

So I can't really fault DB for being DB. And I can appreciate that he always gave 100% and played the right way. He was just not the right fit for this team and the Phillies kept trying to make it work.

I hope he recovers physically, but I don't know that he can help the Phillies much any more. They need to find an answer at 3B.

Damm you David Bell for staying healthy last year. We all knew the real you and only if you had of went down and stayed down last year,Polanco would have stayed a Phillie and the Phils would have made the playoffs and who knows what would have happened.Stay down Dave Stay down.

For the millionth time, there was no bigger fan of Placido Polanco than yours truly, but he was on record as saying he did not want to play third base. Therefore, Placido simply was not the Phils long-term answer for THAT position. When he filled in there during Bell's first injury as a Phillie it was out of a sense of duty and obligation, both admirable. But Placido did not see himself as a third baseman.

Polanco was the everyday third baseman for the Cardinals for two years. 2nd base is his best position, but he could have been a 3rd base option for the Phils. He just wanted to play everyday.

Bell does not get 4 letter from me. He is D-U-N done.

Bell is a perfect example of old-school thinking gone awry. as it always does. They got him on Bowa's opinion of Bell as a nose to the grindstone kinda guy. I prefer people who can actually play.

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