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Monday, March 13, 2006


It's WAY early for this I think.

Call it "platoon awareness."

It may be too early-but it would be nice to know Manuel would be flexible enough to do this. There's real potential for Rowand to be a problem in the 2-spot.

I don't think that would ever happen, even if Rowand started 6 for 60. He's the Phillies' prime off-season acquisition and besides, Manuel has demonstrated that he'll stick with his veterans (i.e. David Bell) regardless of their struggles. Moreover, you don't want to rely too heavily on Victorino, who has not showed (in any positive way to date) what he can do with increased exposure on the field. I think Rowand will be fine, anyhow.

I should rephrase:

It's WAY early for this, I HOPE. :-)

NOW we miss Jmike's OBP? Lol

Agreed w/ Ed and Rick. Way to early.

Plus, I have no clue how Rowand normally performs early in the season, or what a typical spring training for him is.

One thing I can say is that the Phillies definitely traded for him under the assumption that his stats would, at the least, be somewhere between 2004 and 2005, if not at 2005 levels considering Citizen's Banks proportions. That would mean an OBP of at least .340 or .350, plus increased power and defense. A good trade-off. And there's no guarantees about how Victorino will adapt to Major League pitching, he started off slowly this spring too.

I cannot believe people are ready to even consider platooning an established player after 20 something AB's in Spring Training.

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