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Monday, May 01, 2006


Some other notes to pass along. These are from the Beerleaguer senior correspondent:

-- Tomas Perez has struck out 8-straight times with the D-Rays, one short of a major league record.

-- Former center-field prospect Reggie Taylor took the collar in his first 3 games for the independent Lancaster Barnstormers. He is now 0-10.

-- Like many, the Beerleaguer SC wonders why minor league vet John Castellano is playing for Low-A Lakewood, where he is now hitting .528 after 10 games with a 1.605 OPS. What's the point, he asks.

Mike Drago of the Reading Eagle offers the latest on the Reading Phillies (there is a link to his blog on the right side under 'Phlogs'. Highlights:

-- Julio Santana will make two rehab appearances this week for the R-Phils.

-- Pitching prospect Scott Mathieson turned seven innings and struck out seven to beat the Harrisburg Senators 3-1 Sunday. Drago reports that Mathieson's start was the seventh straight by the R-Phils that has seen a starter go at least six innings and allow one run or less.

Coste & Sandoval might be perfectly decent fellows but there is zero evidence that they should ever be anything more than career minor leaguers. There is also zero evidence that they can hit any better than Gonzalez. Their skills are quite limited which is why they are old players in AAA. Gonzalez has a decent glove, mild pop and will end up around his career average of .243 if he spends a full season here. Weak? Yes, but what you see is what you get.

It's weird, I know I've argued against this kind of interpretation, but it really seemed to take the life out of the squad (or maybe just me) when Bell returned from injury and Coste had to be sent down.
I know I certainly feel complete and utter despair anytime Bell comes up, so maybe that translates to the club?
Clearly, Coste had the wind knocked out of him. I really do feel for the guy, when you read his quotes in spring training, you could tell how much it mattered to him.

On the +Bell side, the new "Fielding Bible" rated him as the best 3B in the NL in 2005.

Oh, and please don't show that picture of Jamie Carrol EVER again. Does G-Cobb still have his all-ugly show?

I'm just glad he's out of the division and the season series is over. He's exactly the type of hitter Phillies pitching can't handle: A guy looking for a walk.

Phillies fire Manual

That gives me a warm and fuzzy feeling.

Phillies are going to start May off on a positive note, and begin a nice streak of good baseball played, leading to winning series. That would be the warm and fuzzy story I'm looking for.

Phillies minor league pitching is looking nice.

the phil's are two or three major moves from competing. that could be bringing up hamels and moving a pitcher for a starting position player or could be moving one of the outfielders for another starter. then, it doesn't even need to be said, they need a major league caliber manager. i believe gillick will do this. it may be the deadline, it may be next offseason.

Is Alex Gonzales really such a bad player, or have the Phillies just not used him effectively? Here's Jason from early Frebruary upon learning that the Phillies were close to signing Gonzalez: "Done correctly, the Phillies have the potential to field one of the most productive infields in baseball."

It hasn't been done correctly. Bell has been over-used and Nunez and Gonzalez have suffered for it. It appears that these two were signed primarily as insurance in case of another injury to Bell, but whereas we all thought their signings would put pressure on Bell to perform or play less, that has not been the case. Gonzalez has mostly been a starter or platoon player in his career, and he is *not* as bad as his 1 for 18 to start the season. He is a decent major-league infielder, not quite good enough to start, but definitely more worthy of eighteen stinking at-bats in a month.

I still believe the Phillies would be better off platooning him and Nunez over playing David Bell every day. The problem right now with the Phillies bench is that it might be *too* good: Nunez, Dellucci, and Gonzalez were all starting at the end of last season and they are perhaps not suited to the limited pinch-hitting roles Manuel has assigned to them this season.

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