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Wednesday, May 10, 2006


All of this, accompanied by the 9 game win streak, is so exciting. Madson to the pen, Hamels in the rotation...I'm getting giddy!

Keep the winning streak going boys! Love watching this kinda baseball!!!

Told ya CB.


on the one hand, I think Hamels would be better off making his first start at home. on the other hand, it is Philly, so maybe an away game would be better...

that said, I still think this is too early. how many incredible starts did Floyd and Madson have in spring training again?

Ed Wade is sitting at home in his bathrobe, drinking his coffee, and reading the Inquirer ... 5 to 1 odds he soils himself when he gets to that article!

Wagner, Pratt, Tomas Perez, Padilla - the Castaways of Gillcik's Island .... all good baseball decisions ...

Playing young talent like Ruiz and Hamels ... GREAT baseball decisions ...


Kudos to Monty too for hiring Gillick!

"how many incredible starts did Floyd and Madson have in spring training again?"

Nothing anywhere close to what King Cole has done in 3A.

last time I checked, spring training is against major league players. AAA ain't.

With the WBC, this year's spring training was against AAA players.

Part of me thinks this is too early for Hamels, but several factors I think might support this move:

1. Madson and Floyd did not put up nearly the same type of numbers, even in a small sample size like Hamels'. The K/9 rate, K/BB rate, the ERA, WHIP, etc... Hamels is legitimately dominant right now.

2. As we've learned, Floyd's mental strength is mush compared to what we've seen of Hamels thus far. Even that bar fight might have been a positive sign of Hamels' toughness (and a negative sign of his maturity, but whatever).

3. Hamels is a lefty who throws gas. Different world than a RHP with his curve as his out pitch and a RHP with a weird delivery.

4. Hamels' changeup is apparently a couple steps above either Madson's (which is pretty good, right?) and Floyd's (which is non-existent, right?).

So, let's see what happens. My guess is Madson goes to the pen, with Santana to Scranton, Floyd staying in the rotation.

I hope all this speculation/rumor isn't for naught. I'm seriously contemplating making a 8 hour road trip with my buddy on Friday if indeed Hamels is starting @ Cincy.

I'm not sure if I understand what the hurry is to bring Hamels to the bigs. The Big Phils are playing well now. I think I'd feel a little better seeing King Cole (love that nickname) log some more innings in Triple-A before making his debut. But, hey, they ain't paying me the big bucks to make those decisions.

Billy Who?

Hey Carson, I think this "rumor" is not for naught. Zolecki's the best reporter covering the Phillies today; he wouldn't overstate a rumor (cough cough marcus hayes). He indirectly quotes Arbuckle as saying Hamels' lack of minor league innings are no longer an issue. Arbuckle wouldn't have said something to that effect if it didn't mean Cole is coming up NOW.

It will become official after the brass has a sit-down with Floyd or Madson (hopefully hopefully Madson). Have an awesome time on the road trip!

Moving pieces could also mean trade. I wrote about the idea of moving Cormier earlier this month, and this would be a good time for it. Santana doesn't have options. Geary has options, but has pitched well. Sending Floyd down is still a strong possibility.

I would prefer the idea of trading cormier - that would be a good move. I'd rather not see floyd go down again - we need to tough it out for a bit longer and see whether he's just a number five pitcher (in which case I'd take madson over him and we trade floyd in the offseason) or whether we juggle this season and revamp the lineup next year considerably younger and cheaper (as suggested by Pawnking on his blog just now). either option requires space in the bullpen, so if we can trade cormier for something useful . . . Great!

I'm astonished at the energy and ideas buzzing round that this 9 game streak has created. The way the phillies have played makes anything seem possible right now.

Wow, I'd better starting gearing up for my road trip. 1000 miles and 16+ hours round should be worth it though! Not to mention it's college night, so I can use my Temple ID for 1/2 priced ticket! Anybody else contemplating the notion for seeing Hamels debut in Cincy? If so, we should meet up at the game.

I am ready for KC, but not ready to give up on Madson in the rotation yet. Floyd I can live without. Let's trade Gavin and open a spot for the King.

It just became official. Gillick just put it out.

what do you mean Gillick put it out?

This is awesome!

I like Cormier... statistically speaking (since Santana has no options apparently), I'm hoping Geary is gone.

Has there been an official statement put out by the Phillies organization yet?

I love it. This is a great idea. Why wait until the team if phloundering to bring up Hamels - that would just put more pressure on him.
I've been a big Madson in the rotation guy, so I'd rather see Floyd sent down...but, no matter what happens, it's a great move.

Here are FLoyd's and Madson's Spring Training #'s next to King Cole's AAA #'s.

Totals----IP H R ER HR BB SO
Floyd-----25.2 22 9 9 6 9 17
Madson----24.0 16 4 4 1 5 18
Hamels----23.0 10 1 1 0 1 36

Obviously, there is a difference in the talent level of the competition, but I seriously doubt if Madson OR Floyd have put 3 starts in a row like Hamles since high school.

Bring on Hamels!!!


Phillies left-handed pitching prospect Cole Hamels will have his contract purchased on Friday and will make his major league debut that night in Cincinnati, Vice President & General Manager Pat Gillick announced today.

To make room for Hamels in the Phillies' starting rotation, RHP Ryan Madson will return to the bullpen, where he went 15-8 with a 2.94 ERA in 130 appearances from 2003-05. The Phillies will make a roster move prior to Friday's game to make room for Hamels on the 25-man roster.

holy crap. it's actually happening.

My gut tells me it's too soon... but screw it, you can't not get excited about this. Nine game win streak, Hamels coming up to start the series against the Reds, just won the best game of the season last night... any Phillies fan has to be feeling giddy as hell right now.

I'm excited about seeing Hamels pitch for the Phillies, but facing the Reds (highest OBP and most runs scored in the NL) in that offense-encouraging ballpark could prove to be a rough introduction to the major leagues. He won't be pitching in Kansas anymore.

I wouldn't mind if they held off the debut until later this month in one of the home series against the Brewers or Nationals. But if Friday is the day, so be it!


My prediction was off by two weeks - I underestimated the dire need for decent, left-handed starting pitching. Does it worry anyone else that he's getting his ML debut in a bandbox against a team that's raking right now?

it is a bandbox, but the reds aren't exactly setting the world on fire lately. they have scored a single run in three of their last four games.

For what it's worth, the M's (Gillick by association) introduced King Felix on the road, as well.

It's not a coincidence that the Phillies would wait until after the homestand to have Hamels pitch. They don't want the added pressure (or so they feel) of making his debut at home. But yeah, against a great-hitting team in a small park, it's not ideal. I wonder how he'll do against Adam Dunn.

It was inevitable that Hamels was going to be called up, but I am not 'giddy' about Madson being reverted to the bullpen. I think this puts his future as a Phillie highly in doubt, and I firmly believe that Madson and not Gavin Floyd is going to have a better career as a major league pitcher. So it may be positive in one sense - who wouldn't be excited to see what Hamels will do - but I consider it unfortunate in another sense. Hopefully Madson can be effective as a reliever, for now.

Well, Madson is not going to have a better carreer as a starter if he performs like he did with his chances this season. He knew he had to deliver to keep his job, and he just didn't.

It's not as if Floyd is on an unlimited leash because of this move. If he doesn't get better in a month or so, Madson will take his spot. If he does, we'll have a stronger rotation and bullpen.

And man, Cole Hamels!!

How many starts did Ryan Madson get? Six? That's not nearly enough of a chance. And do you think Madson can just come back in and start in another month if Floyd continues to struggle? I don't think it works that way. The Phillies are seriously screwing with Madson's career at this point, and he would be better off in another organization.

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