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Tuesday, May 09, 2006


Though I generally agree with the "not faced choice competition" statement, lets not forget that the Phillies faced the Rockies—the 20-13 Rockies. They have a record not all that different from the Mets, and are beating decent teams.

Love the start of this game so far! 3 Mutts up, 3 Mutts down. Then they start strafing Pedro. Woo Hoo!! 3 quick runs!

Billy who?

What a game!!! I'm soooooooo glad that we won.

Big strategic error by Randolph in not even having Billy Boy warming up in the 9th.

Great gutty performance by Myers. Definitely ace material.

9 in a row woohooo!!

hee heeeeeee... i guess Abreu, uh, came through in the clutch?

What a game!!! Vicotrino bowls over Loduca, Myers pitches great, Randolph pulls a Manuel and keeps his ace LH in the pen against Utley and Abreu, Weitzel's man-crush gets his first hit...and it's only the first game of the series!

The atmosphere was like a playoff game and it was a game you could talk for hours about...Edding's strike zone, Franco getting tossed while in the on-deck circle, the first-to-third play, this had everything.

This is going to be a lesson to all you phils fans, that the mets have character, after tonights loss they are going to be the ones comming out tommorow with the bounce to their step, and glavine will keep you on te ground, thus preventing you from hitting a hr in this bandbox you like to call a major league field, well see what happens tommorow

Good call, Rag Top Guy. Randolph should have had Wagner in the game with Rollins, Utley, Abreu, Victorino, and Howard potentially all coming up. Nice to see the other team make a bone head substitution.

Ha ha, just like a Mets fan. They lose and still talk trash.

Hey Dylan, you're not related to the singer-songwriter are you? You have such a way with words.

The funny thing is that the mets fan is making fun of our STADIUM of all things.

You know, had they lost, I'd have been bummed, but not totally defeated. This streak has shown me that there's a bit of a difference in this team: the Utley-Rowand effect.

But this was a super win in so many ways. The old Phillies would have been deflated and defeated after the Delgado homer. Maybe they'd go on to win, maybe not, but these guys knuckled down and got the run to win it in nine. So sweet...

I'm not making fun of your STADIUM, i think it is one of the nicest in the league, im making fun of the FIELD, see the difference, or should I draw a picture?

Picture please.

Dylan you're a douche. Can I draw you a picture of what that looks like?

The good news: Myers tossed a gem through 8, which seemed unthinkable at the iffy start of the season. Rowand, Utley, and Howard have injected something into this team to counter Bobby's laziness and Burrell's Mr. Roboto swing--more than moxie; I'd call it gumption. Ruiz was solid and looked like a major leaguer. Also, Delluci finally got a hit, and Bell was halfway decent with his double.

The bad news: Gordon is actually human and he can't keep a 0.61 ERA all season, unfortunately.

Do you guys remember when we couldn't beat Florida for the life of us? And now the Mets are shaping up to be the knock down drag out games of the season. Bring it on!

"ill be bringing my broom on wendesday phils fans LETS GO METS!!"

Open mouth...insert broom

btw I take back everything I have ever said bad about Victorino. Thats a Major League play, bowling over Lo Duca.

Loved the play by Victorino, but LoDuca's second baseman hung him out to dry with that short hop.

If u want to enjoy some HIGH COMEDY, go to that Metsblog. Two guys offered to have man love after Delgado's dinger. I thought Met fans were just figuratively gay...not that there is anything wrong with that.

Whoever wrote picture please, using my name, it would have been funny, if you used a name that i didn't post it under. ANother thing, if it was meant as a joke, then it was funny, if it was meant as an insult, which i doubt, then it needs help, just dont ask Kdon, that was one of the worst insults i have ever read, and ill give you credit if its a good one, bu c'mon, simply calling me a douche, thats something a d-ray fan would do.

that's New York fans...class class class class!

(also apparently illiterate)

The umpiring deserves some mention. Gordon's final strike was not a strike, and the Reyes play at second might have been the worst call I've seen this season. Awful. Eddings cut the strike zone in half when Heilman came in. Don't know why, but Phils definitely had an advantage. The only reason I can think of is Phils got plunked a couple times. That always seems to help, plus Franco got into it with Eddings in the top half of the inning.

I just got back from the game - section 114, row 9, it was awesome. The crowd was on its feet for the most of the 9th, real playoff atmosphere. The annoucned crowd was only 33,000 but it felt pretty full to me.

Bobby was almost embarrassed the way it ended, but I don't care. He came out and did a half hearted curtain call and the fans loved it. Then they flashed Billy Wagner on the jumbo screen and the fans let him have it.

All in all a good night.

Eddings' zone was absurd (on both sides), really a shame for such an exciting game. there were some innings where he wasn't even consistent from one batter to the next...

This looks like the start of a beautiful rivalry! But let's not get ahead of ourselves here. You are never as good as you're best stretch and never as bad as your worst. The Phils will come down to earth and hopefully the fans will still be behind them. It'll be good for baseball if the Mets and Phils become serious rivals for the forseeable future. Hopefully the umpires wont get in the way of it.

The big story of this game, I think, is Brett Myers. After his first two starts, I was down on him; it still didn't seem as if he had developed mentally to the point where you could really count on him. But he has stepped it up, and tonight exists as proof. So he's proved a little something to me. He is the ace right now, without a doubt.

Incredible how a game in May can feel like a game in September. Incredible how the Phillies have brought themselves and their fans back to life after spending a month DOA and infuriating everyone. Night and day. It's heartening, really. It looked like they had no chance and now everything looks different, and it's only May 9. Could this be a fun season after all?

I'm sorry, it was a great win and all, but c'mon. They got lucky. BOBBY got lucky.

Bases loaded, two outs, and the pitch is coming right at your thigh. LEAN INTO IT!!! Take one for the team and be a real hero, for crying out loud. If Heilman doesn't fall down as he's throwing, Bobby's a dead duck at first and the game goes to the 10th.

All that being said, again, it was a great win, I'll take it, and hopefully it's something they can build on to show themsleves that they can play with the best teams in the league. (Sort of like what they should have done last year when they won that game against the Cubs after their pitcher plunked Lofton on the head on the pickoff throw at first. Weird game, that one.)

Winning is wonderful! I hope this streak never ends.

Myers is the man!

I love the fact that the Phillies finally seem to have a rivalry again with someone...even better, it's against the hated NYC...screw 'em!!!



Don't tease me!

Now you all know what every Yankee fan knows and why Gordon is pitching for the Phils. He's great until it means something. Although, the Phils won, Gordon did his best to see that didn't happen. That's the rap on him and it's obvious nothing's changed. Be afraid, be very afraid!

sorry cap, that's ridiculous. Rivera screwed up in 2004 - is he worthless when it means something?

pitchers blow saves. as our host said, Gordon's still got to blow two more before he catches up with your golden-haired boy.

Closers will blow saves, but I would agree that last night was not encouraging, even though the guy that burned him is no cupcake. That was a big-time, playoff-type pressure spot, and Gordon blew it.

Comparing anyone to Rivera is just silly. Of course, even the "great Mariano" blows a game from time to time. My point is...go back and look at the games Gordon blew last year. And don't forget.... all he had to do was get the game to Mariano, not close them himself. I'm not comparing him to anyone.....Mariano, Wagner, Lidge or whomever. I'm simply saying that under pressure, you have to worry. Unfortunately, you will see that.

I lived through a guy named Armando Benetiz,
who if you just looked at his numbers, you'd! what a closer. Upon closer examination, you would find the 3, 4 or 5 blown saves were the only ones that really counted.

Agree, Matt. Bobby should have let that one hit him -- game over if he had. The Phils are playing in some alternate universe where all the breaks fall their way, but they won't be there all year. It's a blast while it lasts!

I also feel that Bobby should have leaned into the pitch, actually he jumped back so all he had to do was stand there, no leaning needed.

The thing that I noticed at the end of the game was the Chevrolet player of the game was Bobby Abreu. I didnt understand that. How can you take that away from Dellucci? He hit a triple with 2 outs to start the rally. Im not sure if anyone noticed this or not but when Dellucci scored the run everyone ran to Bobby at first after he hit the 2 foot b*tch slap to the pitcher. If not for Heilman the game would have def. gone into extra innings. I have nothing against any of the players for the phillies because I love watching them every night they are on, but to give the player of the game to Bobby didnt seem right after all the great effort everyone on that team had.

It's hard to blame Abreu for not letting himself get hit by a 92 MPH fastball -- it's a natural human reflex to get out of the way and there isn't a lot of time to countermand that reflex before it springs into action.

One thing I'm curious about regarding the final play: should Heilmann have let Lo Duca handle it? Or for that matter, should Lo Duca have held the plate so that Heilmann could go for the force at home? Both cases had to be easier than the throw Heilmann tried (and failed) to pull off.

10 in a row anyone?

He should have let Lo Duca handle it. He was going towards first and you could tell he had the play but had to back off because Heilmann was in the way.

Anyway, I would also give Delucci player of the game. You have to think that, with two outs, Heilmann would have gone after the batters a lot more without that guy at third breathing down his neck.

You phillies fans have a lot of nerve of calling us NY fans classless....I don't know about you, but I've already of one area's fans who are rude, violent, unneccasirily angry, and who start chants about teams not even playing, and that comes from the area of "brotherly love"....get a grip, you won't win ANYTHING for a LONG time...face the facts, your teams are a bunch of losers

Eagles: garbage
Flyers: garbage--can't even win with the best all-around player in the league on your squad (forsberg)
76ers- HAH! The knicks may have been a laughing stock this year, but that won't last...76ers' futility will...
and the phillies...well, GARBAGE!

I know we won't boo wagner if he won't hit 100 on the gun (stupidest thing EVER)

There is no rivalry..enjoy your hot'll be your last...

A rivalry requires a team to win every once in a while, or decade, or whatever. Maybe someday you'll have a rival. But for now, you can continue to look up in the standings. Oh yeah, and make chants about the E-A-G-L-E-S.

Pretty absurd to say Gordon falters when it 'means something'. What, the other ten ninth innings didn't mean anything because they weren't against the almighty Mets? Give me a break. He's clearly fit to be a closer. I'll need a whole lot more than one bad pitch to an elite slugger to convince me otherwise.

My definition of 'classless', idiot Mets people, is to barge in on the site of another team's fans and insult the city, its teams, and those fans. What exactly do you hope to accomplish with that? Do you live the rest of your lives that way, thoughtlessly tring to incite aggressiveness between other people for no reason? Oh, never mind. It's lost on you...

No, sir, I live my life pointing out ignorance and meritless arrogance whenever it is called for, and in this case, I felt the need to bring up your fan base's lack of 'vision' for your team...Sure, it's great to ride a winning streak and deem every player on your squad an all-star, but be a little realistic...gordon starts 10-10 and all of a sudden he's the best....wagner has three blown saves (two of which the mets won) and he's a bum....unreal...

Plus, I like to push your buttons....Similar to the joy of pestering the dumb, loud, and rude bully at school....

What can I say, I REALLY enjoy seeing the ignorant reel

It's all in good fun, I guess. It's nice to see a rivalry starting between these teams. Mets fans are INCREDIBLY passionate about their team. Almost to a fault. I haven't seen this tme of excitement about the Mets in a long long time. So keep that in mind. And while its all well and good to throw around insults on a blog, its quite another to come to blows over it at an actual game. Keep in mind, it is a game. The players could care less about what the fans are doing in the stands. It has no barring on the game whatsoever. So this sense of self-importance is certainly out of line. Just tip your cap and move on.

Very good point, but trading barbs (as I have been a part of here so far) only adds to a 'rivalry' so to speak...and what breeds rivalries: contempt....

I read and post on this blog because it promotes intelligent discourse about baseball. If you want to defend hostility and brainless insults on the grounds that it adds to a 'fun' rivalry, I guess there's no much I can do to prevent it. If you want to delude yourself in believing yourself to be the self-appointed righteous denouncer of 'unmerited arrogance' and ignorance, that's your prerogative. Passion without reason is ignorance defined, 'Roach', so let me the first to point that out to you. If you want to consider it the height of enlightenment to call the sports teams of a city that happens to be one in which you don't live "garbage", go right on ahead. Just don't expect anything you say to be taken seriously. It doesn't breed in me an ounce of contempt for the New York Mets or New York fans, but it breeds a good deal of contempt for an individual who has nothing better to do than crudely taunt the loyalities of other people and attempt to create ugly divisiveness. If that's your version of the 'sporting mentality', so be it, but it sure as hell isn't mine.

You see, here's the thing, I am merely reacting to YOUR fan base's comments, and am certainly not on a "righteous" quest, nor do i consider my views "enlightened"...As you noted, my "passion" derives directly from the reaction to comments posted above...

I don't know about you, but I consider any team that can put together a squad like the phillies have had and NOT produce a post-season, that to me is GARBAGE (or how about noxious, odious, vile, etc)...and it's not like the teams of Mets' past where we picked up has-been players...the Phillies have had a pretty nice corps of young and old good ballplayers, but yet couldn't perform...they've been an even bigger disappointment to their fans than any team in baseball...I don't blame your fans for chanting for the Eagles..

Let's put it this way, I dig philly, it's a nice town....However, on a SPORTS blog, I am going to get as crude and as frank about a competitor's team as much as I desire! Go ahead, try it....

Competition comes from confrontation...and they all derive from contempt for one's successes (see, yankees-red sox)

If you want to remain in general oblivion, so be it...i'll be more than happy to find a braves blog to pester them...

So, please, hold all the contempt you want for me, but I can't take anyone seriously who tries to get morally high and mighty about my views about a GARBAGE sports town, plain and simple...

What the hell successes have the Mets had? My contempt for the Mets comes from envy of their success? What success? Is there a postseason berth for best record after six friggin' weeks? And you want to tell me the Mets have not been built to win over the past several years? They've faded like paint in the desert sun down the stretch every time. You mean to tell me that's not disappointing to you? Or how about the '87 & '89-'92 Mets, declared world champs in every preseason publication and out of the running each of those seasons? So does that make the Mets 'GARBAGE' for just as often failing to meet their fans' expectations?

I don't know why I bother arguing with you, but it's just that your arguments, much less the way you go about making them, are not defensible in any way.

Dude, get off your high horse. In case you forgot, the Phils have lost the most games in baseball history. The Mets have won and provided some of the greatest moments in baseball history. The Phils have given us Darren Daulton. Nuff said.

If you think the Mets were built to win last year, you weren't paying attention, or you were watching too much Baseball Tonight. By the way, John Kruk has no idea what he's talking about. Not a surprise.

That said, I think you have a nice team here. Enjoy it! Howard, Rowand and Utley play the game the right way.

I'll tell you what, those teams, while mildly disappointing were certainly not as heartbreaking for us as it must be for your team...i mean, we DID win the series in '86, so that gave us at least 5 years of consolation....

As "I have her" :-) mentioned, your team offers nothing to their fans except 1980...I mean, just look at the fanbase of the metropolitans all over the country....There are a good amount of mets fans at every road game...can your phillies say that? Do other cities even care about the phillies?

It has got to be tough dealing with that one season where your hall of fame ace had 20+ wins with a team that finished with only 50, huh?

Let's compare great moments:
Piazza's 9/23/01 homer against the braves...
The Mets' come from behind victory against the braves in 2000 (capped with piazza's homer)
Every Met-Yankee game
Mikey-P's farewell game
Ventura's grand slam single
Todd pratt's homer against the d-backs
Bobby Jones' one hit gem against the Giants in the playoffs
Agee, Seaver, Koosman, McGraw, Franco, Gooden, Strawberry, Carter, Mex, Leiter, ALfonzo....should I even continue...

By the way, your fans should be ashamed of themselves for booing "your guy" schmidt...tsk tsk tsk

I couldn't have said it any better Roach

Gee, I'm convinced. What have I been missing all these years? The Mets are clearly superior in every way. I guess I'll start rooting for them now. Thanks for waking me up, guys.



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