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Thursday, June 15, 2006


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Dude wtf, now the illegal immigrants are hitting beerleaguer?

A friend of mine in college would always wake up with the imprint on his face from the stamps he had on his hand of the various bars he had been to the night before.

We just had to check his face to see where he had been.

Last night, after the game, i was washing the dishes and listening to Marzano do the after-game on TV. I have never had a problem with him until I heard him say this, paraphrase: "David Bell is having some real problems at third base, after years of solid fielding. In fact, last ear I said he was perhaps the best fielding third baseman in the league."
What the F!?!?!?!
Bell, I believe, led the league in errors for third basemen, and he was just as bad last year as he is this year.
There seems to have been an impression that he's good, but to me, he has always sucked at fielding. He'll make great diving catches, make the reels on SportsCenter, and then miss the routine stuff constantly. That doesn't make the highlight reel, and the casual fan only sees the diving catches.
Give me a break with this guy. st

They need to bean someone and bean them now!!

Make it stop! Make the bad men go away!

Um, someone please wake me up now, tell me it is Tuesday morning and this is all a bad dream.


And now we have to watch Trachsel...

It's time to blow this team up. It's over, stick a fork in them. Let the D-Train trade talks commence, let Varsho take over, let's move Flash Gordon to Boston for Youkilis (they can move Papelbon to the rotation). Let's get it going.

I wouldn't be surprised if Gillick fired Manuel in the bottom of the 2nd inning.

The sooner the better!! It already has been entirely too long!!

I have not been a big proponent of firing Unc Chollie, but it is time. Time to send Chollie away, hire Lou Pinella, trade everyone except Hamels, Utley, and Howard and start over

Man I hate the Mets!

HR from the Met killer. Can we keep him just for when we play the Mets?

It's the ideal time to fire Charlie. The Phils have Tampa and the Yankees coming up next, so why not have Lou Pinella take over against his former managerial team and then the team he used to play for? Make it happen Pat!!

Nice to see Nunez can still foul out...

I am so tired of hearing that Nunez is having trouble "adjusting" to his role as a backup. This guy is a CAREER backup who was an emergency starter for a portion of one year.

I want Chickie and Petes crab fries right now.

JRoll will popup on the first pitch

I'll say it, because I have been nothing but negative things the last few days: Sal has looked a little better ever since that 4-4 night he had.

That said I would still rather see more Ruiz just to see if he has a future.

ok maybe the 2nd.

Jimmy Rollins showing patience?!?!?!?!?!

J-Roll still thinks he is a homerun hitter...

"I wouldn't be surprised if Gillick fired Manuel in the bottom of the 2nd inning."

I would. Unless there's a manager in the minor leagues that he can bring up, I don't see him making too much of an effort. I know, I know, give him time.

Migliori Casino is spam.

Right now, being a Phillies fan is like Tom G's drinking college friends. We wake up every morning after these embarassing losses with a Phillies hangover. Our heads and hearts ache. We're tired and grumpy. Instead of seeing pink elephants we see pink gNats and Mets and Brewers flying around in front of our faces. Instead of swearing off the stuff that causes us so much discomfort, we immerse ourselves in drinking up more scouting reports, stats, trade rumors, minor league reports. We are contantly opening up another beer(leaguer window), drinking it all in in big gulps. We hear there's a AA meeting and we think, "another update on the Reading farm club". There's no hope for us!

I know, I was just being sarcastic.

rain delay is the best part of the game.

Rain delay... this is the only way we have stopped their offense all series.

hmmm...I am thinking we need to trade Abreu for Glen "Hurricane" Schwartz so we can call in the rain when we need it. On a day like today we could have Hurricane in the bullpen calling in the rainmaker.

Jon: "Nice to see Nunez can still foul out..."

Comment of the month!! Maybe the season.

"Dude wtf, now the illegal immigrants are hitting beerleaguer?"

Lighten up, Dude. He's just ordering a hoagie to go.

Yeah Nunez is a joke, maybe even a worse signing than Franklin or Santana, although sadly that is debatable. Atleast Franklin and Santana were only signed for one year, but we still have another year of watching Nunez pop up, ground out, and strike out...

Pat needs to suck up some pride and just axe Nunez. Let him try to salvage his career somewhere else...

Hey listen, I'm not overly exicted about the Nunez signing, but lets face facts here, if he can get through nine innings today with booting a ground ball or throwing a routine play to second into center field, then he is a better 3B then we had the last two days.

The Met-killer's done it again

Attention shoppers ...

Regardless of the outcome, does it even really matter how well Pat hits the Mets? Where was he the past couple days? Isn't it like throwing pebbles at King Kong at this point?

I just see Nunez as the mirror image of Endy Chavez. Last year Chavez stunk for the Phillies, now he's a decent role-player for the Mets. Last year Nunez was a decent role player for the Cards, now he is stinking for the Phillies.

There's a common thread here...

I would say getting one game back from the mets right now is pretty damn important. whether we successfully reduce the gap or we get make a run at a wild card, every game helps. And not getting swept by divisional opponents is a big plus psychologically.

Hey guys. What's up? What's that you say? Game in progress? Oh, gotta go.

Ya, it is pretty frustrating to see Endy hitting .300, is there some sort of vortex in South Philly that just sucks up Baseball talent?

Well, it was good old Charlie who decided to rest Pat last night. I think it would have made more sense to play him, especially the way he hits the Mets. Maybe Abreu or Rowand could have had the night off. Has Victorino even started a game since Rowand has been back? I can't think of one...

Alex Gonzalez: So bad, he retired.
Abraham Nunez: Hitting .167, rarely gets ball out of infield.
Julio Santana: Out for the season.
Ryan Franklin: Only starter signed by Gillick. Gavin Floyd, Ryan Madson, Eude Brito and Scott Mathieson, a double-A pitcher, all seen as better choices to start a game.

No trend here.

No, just some kind of perverse space/time singularity which turns ex-philly stinkers into warriors of the diamond for the brief period that they're in south philly. It all stems from experiments in the late 70s when the promotions team wanted to go back in time in an attmpet to get Ben Franklin to make the opening pitch of the season.

Hey yt, maybe that vortex is the coaching staff who can't seem to get very much from their bench players. They rarely get a chance to play, and since they never play, they hardly produce...

Thats what you get for messing with the space/time continueum, when will we learn?

Can someone clarify something for me, I'm following at work on the game cast here, and it looked like last inning Reyes hit the ball on the ground to 3rd. Somehow Castro didn't advance, and Reyes ended up out. How did that happen?

endy chavez is killing us. again.

looks like the Pat will get to face the Rat again. has Burrell ever hit 3 HRs in one game, college, minors or otherwise?

Ugh. Rain delay was the highlight of the game for the Phils. Guess I will tune into Mathieson start to just see how he pitches.

If PB can rake out a game winning 3rd HR off Wagner, it will make the net one game loss in this series worth it. It will also prove that Manuel is a moron for sitting Burrell last night.

It's time for people to realize Burrell cannot play 162 games a season anymore. He's having his leg wrapped like a mummy after every game. Looks like the day off helped. How would Burrell help Myers pitch or Abreu field yesterday? They lost 9-3.

another tense outing by rhodes, but to his credit, he's only given up one run in his last 9 appearances.

my bad, it's only the 8th. burrell to face sanchez.

Good point, Jason. If Myers was his usual self it might have been a different story.

I agree Weitzel, but would you sit your best hitter against a particular club? Burrell should start every game against the Muts unless he is on the DL. Even in the years he wasn't very good, he still torched the Muts. He could have started and maybe Victorino could have been in right and just maybe he would have caught that botched attempt Bobby had which should have been a three base error instead of a triple last night...

Or you could make the argument that your "A line-up" which includes Burrell and Abreu should be in there all 3 games against the Mets. You can give one of them, or both of them, a day off against the Devil Rays. Especially when you just had a day off on Monday...

1-2-3 go the big boppers. wags gets the bottom of the order in the 9th. if nunez hits against wagner, i'll be taking the rest of june off from watching until manuel gets canned.

Rowand, Nunez and Fasano v. the Rat, put a fork in us.

At least Delucci is still on the bench. If they use Bell to PH in the 9th I will pull my hair out!

I'm with you GR. Bring on delluci, please.

One more set of at bats to make me happy on my drive home...or to drive home my misery!

How awful is it when I'm jealous that the other team has a very capable 48 YEAR OLD bat on their bench??????

How aweful is it when the other teams 48yo bench player has a higher batting average then anyone on our team?

If he hits Bell over Dellucci, put me down for June 15 in the "When does Manuel finally get fired/beaten by a random fan after a game?" pool.

Amazing, in a sad kind of way...

Franco is automatic for a hit, while Nunez is automatic for an out. Wonder who plays for the first place team?

props to franco. Guy is worth every dollar he's paid. He's a met I cannot dislike.

Woah. Very big spot for Geary.

Damn, he can steal bases too!!

am I right in remembering that franco's other stolen base was off us?

Seriously!! Pat, pick up the phone. Franco is the next big thing.

Geary just walked Chavez with Beltran on deck...

Don't worry, the winning run scored in the fifth inning.

They just showed that the Mets have had 41 runners in scoring position in this series to the Phillies 15 opportunities!!

Thanks Sal, some pal you are.

I would hope that this last month has proved, definitevly, that fasano should not be catching for us. I'm tired of the passed balls. I'm tired of the bad throws. I'm tired of the lumber up first base. I don't care how bad ruiz's bat is up here. He's fast (for a catcher), he's alert, he's competitive.

And I bet their average with RISP is twice what the Phils was.

I'm going with less than 10 pitches for Wagner to end the game.

Willard preacher - mets avg with runners in scoring position is marginally below league average, but 20 points or so up on ours. League avg is about .265, they're at .259 and we're at .237.

(yes, I've been scouring stats today, determined to try and show that the phils situation is not insurmountable).

Geary struck out Beltran to end the inning. Here it comes...

What about in the series (in their 41 RISP vs. our 15)?

Poor Oisin...scouring stats to try to get his Phillies psyche working. He's suffering the Phillies hangover.

Yeah, here it comes... Chavez continuing to play like he is Ken Griffey against us...

ah. nunez. great. clearly charlie wants to win.

is nunez seriously hitting in this spot?

Pinch hitting for Nunez... Nunez!


They said on tv that the Mets have had runners in scoring position 41 times during this 3 game set compared to the Phillies only having runners in scoring postion 15 times.

lake fred - on the contrary, I'm trying to suppress the phillies misery within. Fighting hard to maintain perspective, and all that . . .

At least he's consistent.

Ooooh boy, David Bell on deck!! Ugh...

Nunez, that is (consistent).

At least I didn't use Bell, right?

No matter, Fasano failed before Bell got the chance. Big shocker there...

Oisin, I share your suppressed misery.

yeah, didn't see that coming. ok, everybody, see you after the holiday. i can't take it anymore. my job won't allow me to suddenly loose all sanity over poor bench management.

The dirt is on the coffin, folks. See ya next April.

Wait! Fasano is hitting and Bell is on deck?

Where is Delucci?

Kill yourself Charlie!

12 pitches. So I was off by 2.

With as predictably awful as the PP starting pitching is, its going to take more than 6 hits to beat a team like the Mets.

One more loss and one more day closer to Manuel being out of here. I really hope it is sooner rather than later. I wish it were today...

No joy. Fasano struck out to the Rat!

"Kill yourself Charlie!"

I will also offer up yt as the "random fan picked to assault Charlie Manuel after a Philly loss." Well said.

When does Eagles training camp start?

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