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Monday, June 26, 2006


What did Rowand just do? I'm not watching so i can't see.

He's 0-1 with an error in the field.

Error should have been on Abreu. Rowand is shown in replays clearing yelling he had it. It only clanged off Rowand's glove because of Abreu. It is getting hard to watch these guys. What else can go wrong? Have we had an intentional walk with the bases loaded yet?

Can Lidle hit for Bell? What a waste of space.

Situational hitting again... Runner on 3rd with less then 2 outs you gotta get that run home. Same thing every year.

In other news, Bell has left a small village on the bases today.

I *loathe* David Bell. He is the black hole that sucks in any kind of offense to vanish into nothingness. He is antithesis of offense. He is a cancer that is killing any chance of this team producing other than another year of heartbreak. I think last year he ended with the most errors for a NL 3B, grounded into the most double plays in the league and turned the fewest DPs of any 3B in the NL. But Cholly still runs him out there ... every ... single ... day. I *loathe* David Bell.

Uh... No. Kid is strugglin'.

I hate Bell. He's just terrible. There's just no other adjective to describe him. The Phillies should have ate his contract last season the way the D-Backs ate Ortiz's money. I know Polanco wanted to be a 2B, but if you signed him to a good enough deal he would have played 3rd.

Wade never should have signed Bell. He's terrible. I hate him.

Bell countdown's at 88 games left

Funny note: Boston has Youkilis batting 1st and Crisp, the preseason lead--off hitting 7th. Phillies: Rollins still leading off and Victorino, speedy guy with good numbers, sits at the 7 spot. Headache coming on...

That is why Charlie is part of the problem and not part of the solution. Axe him now!

6th inning...Lidle...wall...Lidle hits wall...Never saw that one coming...

Roll over, Phils! Good dog!

Rick, as a dog lover, I resent that.

I hear they're doing a remake of "The Man Who Fell To Earth". It's going to star Geoff Geary.

Lidle leaves after 5 2-3 innings and 83 pitches. Not a huge load. Would you pitch him Friday against Toronto instead of Madson?

Good afternoon, good evening, and good night. This series, and this season, are done. I'm a fool for thinking this team could have won 95 games. No team has ever leapfrogged over eight others for a WC spot.

The only ones that should stay are Howard, Utley, Rowand, Lieber, and Geoff Geary, because he had that hit a few weeks ago and he finally made it up here. All else must go. Let the selling commence.

Geary is the MAN! 3 hits, no outs. Go Fultz!

I thought Madson was getting skipped...oh, does it even matter at this point? Give Cormier a start, what the hell.

Manuel, the American League hitting guru, really has his offense amped up and ready to play these interleague games: Phew, five hits today ...

Madson is getting skipped Thursday by Myers but Friday's pitcher is TBA. Could be Lidle, could be Madson, could be Coste.

Can someone watching the game clarify Loretta's infield single to third. Was this legit? It seems to me that there is player going home, a player going to third and a player going to first, how can we get none of them?

Just curious if anyone saw the play and wants to share.

Yeah, Geary has to go, too...

I hate this team right now. I hate the manager even more. I hate ownership the most. They don't even have to go hide their heads anywhere cause no one knows who the hell they are. I am so glad they, like Brett Myers, are held accountable. What an effin' disgrace...

Jason, your previous post makes a great point. Lets shop Gordon right now. It makes no sense to keep him around.

As bad as the pitching is, I knew it was going to be horrible. The fact that this offense has been pathetic this month tells us that this team has given up.

Something needs to be done to shake this lineup up. If Charlie is unwilling to do that he needs to be fired immediately.

Very, very poor indeed. This is as bad as it's been since the Francona years, and those teams had half the offensive talent. Starting pitching stinks for sure, but the manager keeps trotting out the same tired lineup for weeks and weeks. I agree with everything said above, about the leadoff hitter, about Bell ... all of it.

We'd like to announce the players returning for the '07 season. Ryan Howard, Chase Utley, Cole Hamels, that is all.

BLOW IT UP!!!!!!!

Amen, goodnight, and goodeffinbye to the rest other than those three!

Bases loaded, none out, Coste at the plate. Smells like a triple play to me...

I don't even want to wait til the deadline. Axe the no good manager and get rid of some of these crap players we have before their value drops even more!!

Dear managers and GM's of MLB,

Everyone in the Philadelphia Phillies organization is available for trade with the exception of Howard, Utley, and Hamels. Let the bidding begin!!!


Pat Gillick

Oh boy, here comes Charlie... He continues to talk to the ump with a crap-eating grin on his face while he questions a fair/foul ball off the bat of Rollins. What a lame-ass manager...

Damn, Jimmy... Where have you been??

Can someone please call 911, I think I have a head injury.

It looks like J-roll just hit a 3rbi triple. I restarted the computer and threw cold water on my face, and it still says the same thing.

You know, someone with that kind of pop might come in handy to drive in runs closer to the bottom of the order.

Heaven forbid they try that Weitzel...

hahaha Weitzel.

so what are the odds on stranding Utley at 2nd with one out?

and where did 5 phillie runs come from without a HR? that's more amazing than anything to me

Swing and a miss, stuck him out... Didn't see that one coming...

Has Burrell made contact this series?

Just give up already... Ryan Franklin in to pitch the 7th...

Game over, Franklin comes in for short relief, exactly what he's there for Charlie. Good Job

Somewhere Jim Leyland is lighting up a smoke and laughing at the Phillies...

"and where did 5 phillie runs come from without a HR? that's more amazing than anything to me"

They came from the abortion of a pitcher that is Rudy Seanez....

Damn, almost hit Franklin! Mirabelli, do us a favor and aim a little higher next time...

Can someone explain the logic behind not starting Burrell, but having him pinch hit for the DH? Was he running late to the game or something? Hell, he had a day off yesterday, so Manuel can't use that excuse.

What's worse. Losing 6-0 or 6-5? These Phillies are phrustrating. I hate these close games.

I agree with Jason, trade Flash Gordon while he still has a lot of saves. He won't get many more this season because the team has to win to get a save. Not many wins around here lately.

And yes, I'm fully aware of the lefty/righty logic. I still think you need PB in that lineup if you have any intent to use him at all.

They didn't want to start him against a knuckleballer due to his recent struggles, yet Charlie defies logic once again and brings him in only to have fastballs blown by him during his pinch hitting appearance. Granted, he may have been the best option there, but we all knew what the results were going to be, so why not let Delluci take a few hacks. At worst, he strikes out, just like Burrell.


David Bell popped up! Shocker. You could tell he was frustrated at the plate; unable to figure out how to ground into a double play in that situation.

Nice one Steve Jeltz! (Damn, I don't think I ever said that before).

Coste is having a spectacular game. Here's a good question for debate. Who goes when Lieberthal gets back from the DL, Fasano or Coste? This isn't something that will make or break the season, but it's interesting.

It has taken CC a little while to warm up, but given his versitility, it's a no brainer. Sal can take his funny stach and I don't care where the door hits him on the way out. As long as someone remembers to lock it behind him.

Yeah, I too will give Coste credit. He is playing well the past couple of games. I would take a chance on him over Fasano, even though I still believe the right move would have been to call up Ruiz when Lieberthal went down. However, if Ruiz isn't going to get another look until September, I would ride with Coste over Fasano. Of course the Phillies won't do that, because they are in love with Fasano and his tiresome fanclub...

To management's credit Jon, they may realize that in another month, the only people stupid enough to buy Phillies tickets, will be people stupid enough to join a Sal Fasano fan club.

Sad but true yt!

Top 9, Utley, Abreu and Howard.

We all know this season is over, and yet I can't help but feel a certain excitement in a moment like this, down only one.

I should seek professional help.

We can only hope Bobby will swing the bat...



The good news is if Burrell comes up to bat and the Phils are still losing, the bases would be loaded.

All I can say is Ryan Franklin better not be back on the mound if this game remains tied! Hopefully the Phils take the lead and bring in Gordon!

Burrell k's (again)...

Someone tell Burrell the All Star break ins't until 2 weeks.

Chase playing like the all-star that he is today!! Sweet play on Ortiz!!

Burrell has moved to the upper echelon of Gillick's "Must Trade" list!

Man oh man did Utley need that.

Glad to see Chase breaking out of this funk. He needs a game like this.

You know what we need? A bases loaded 2-out David Bell strikeout, where he reaches first on a wild pitch.

Gordon in a tied game, I never thought I'd live to see the day.

Phils are currently carrying 13 pitchers. When Lieby returns, I keep both Coste and Fasano as Phils only have 4 bench players now. One of the relievers should go.

Considering Coste is now hitting 273, maybe it's time he saw some work at 3B.

Bench players (Delucci, Victorino, Coste) are 6 for 11; Regulars are 5 for 32.

Glad that Pat's late entry hasn't prevented him from having the most men LOB (4) along with Howard and Bell.

If Delucci was still in the game it would be over already. Just an opinion, but I feel it is correct.

That a boy, Bell. Imagine that, a PRODUCTIVE out.

Well, our pal Davthom may have a point with Coste; he can play other positions, and he is probably a better hitter than Fasano. So, I'd be in favor of keeping Coste. Actually, I'd be in favor of calling up Ruiz.

But of course, they'll stay with Fasano. Why ask why?

Glad that Pat's late entry hasn't prevented him from having the most men LOB (4) along with Howard and Bell.

Don't be... we need to trade that guy. I was hoping these AL games would be his time to shine but it doesn't look like it so far...

I'm still on my 30-day probationary period on withholding my criticism on Burrell, so I can't say anything. But it sure is nice to have the rest of you finally come around on him.

Speaking of criticism, though, I hope today's game stifles the ripping of Rollins a little. The guy's a good player.

And very valuable in the trade market, too.

I'm with you, RSB. Saw Ruiz up in Scranton two Friday's ago. Played a very, very sound game.

J-Roll has come through twice. That's a pleasant change.

Game just got tied. Got to leave work and sit in rush hour traffic. I'll catch the final score when I get home.

Damn you Condrey!

ouch. a perfect end to a perfect series.

Sad Ending, but Congrats to Coste. His first 3-hit game of his career. Please ditch Big Sal, and call up Ruiz. I'd love to see Ruiz/Coste catch this failing season . . .

"Dellucci wouldn't stand there with the bat on his shoulders," would be the title of my game summary.

Lack of situational hitting, blown opportunities in almost every inning. Brutal, horrible, get-your-hide-chewed-out inexcusible hitting. It hasn't been this bad in years.

Burrell - pathetic. Just pathetic. Enters game late as PH for the DH and strands four baserunners, including two strikeouts. I'd trade him for half of what's left on his contract, but no team would even do it. Clueless hitter, a reflection of the clueless GM who made the terrible mistake of signing him through 2008.

Howard - hitless. Strands four baserunners.

Bell - shouldn't be out there to begin with. Strands four baserunners.

Utley - still pulling everything. Strands four baserunners.

Victorino, Coste, Dellucci, Nunez all start the next game for any manager with the stones to put his foot down, and I wouldn't give a damn whether it's a left-handed pitcher. The regular lineup hasn't won a game weeks. It's a joke.

I am so glad we got Rick White. Man, he was lights out today. Wait, Uncle Chuckles didn't even have him warming up in this game. Anyone out there who actually thought Condrey was going to get Ortiz out? Didn't think so...

What will it take before Manuel is fired or a trade is made? Things can't get much worse than the Phillies have been this month. What is it now, 13 out of the last 16 are losses? Next up, Erik Bedard who has been lights out lately. I can see it now, Hamels pitches a gem, but the Phillies don't score off of Bedard. Ugh...

Here's the lineup of the Weitzel changes:

Watch the newswires and the sports tickers tonight, gentlemen. Changes have to be afoot.

There is no doubt in my mind that lineup would smoke the O's tomorrow. None.

Yeah, but here is the line-up Charlie will run out there yet again:



Changes?!? I doubt it. I just read where Gillick won't trade Abreu to Detroit even though they are willing to pick up most of his contract. They actually have some young pitchers to spare. I know that I said I'd have to give this guy at least a year, but I'm losing my patience quickly.

And I agree with Weitzel's lineup, hell, the regulars aren't doing squat, bench 'em.

Oh, but Elmer won't do that will he, that might upset the poor players.

Elmer and most of this team MUST GO!!!

So many questions...Oh why am I a Phillies fan? Why do I put myself through such torture? Why does Burrell do so bad when the game is on the line? Dittos for Bell. Why can't we have a real competant starting pitcher? How did we win 88 games last year? Smoke and mirrors? Witchcraft and voodoo magic? Will we win 78 games this year? 68? Arrgghh!

Weitzel, I didn't believe it, so I looked it up. The regular lineup (with Fasano in for the injured Lieby) has not won since June 6 in Arizona.

So the record of the regular lineup in June is, what, 2-14?

I'm already starting to think about McNabb, Westbrook, and the ferocious defense...

I should clarify:

The last game they won with the "regular" starters, including Fasano instead of Coste, was over two weeks ago in Arizona. They won June 10 in Washington with the regulars and Coste. So of the three wins in their last 16 games, two came with two bench players starting, and one was with Coste catching. I missed the June 10 game earlier.

Since the 6th of June? You mean 06-06-06. This team is indeed cursed...

Regular lineup is 0-8 since West Coast trip. If one sub starts they were 3-5. Also that is five straight series' losses including two sweeps. (Nats 1-3, Mets 0-3, D-Rays 1-2, Yanks 1-2, BoSox 0-3). Can you say 'June Swoon'.

To summarize and hypothesize: The Phillies have lost 13 of 16 games. Two of their wins came with two bench players starting. The last game they won was the 4-2 game against New York in which the manager was buried for sitting Howard and Abreu. The last game they won with the "regular" starters, including Fasano instead of Coste, was over two weeks ago in Arizona.

There's a pattern, and it's crystal clear why this team underperforms for Charlie Manuel.

It would be a travesty to trot out Jon's lineup (see above) tomorrow against the left-handed pitcher, but that's precisely what Manuel will do. He will play Burrell, who went 0-3 with 4 men left on base. He will play Bell, who stranded 4 men on base and hit into a rally-killing DP in the second inning.

This will reinforce to players that failure is acceptable, and success is meaningless. Yet this has been Manuel's pattern for two seasons.

When you lose at the rate the Phillies are losing, you don't sit the few players who show you something.

Now take a look at this again: This is the lineup I would go with tomorrow, rewarding all the top performers of today and sitting the flunkies:


Once again, there's no doubt in my mind they would smoke the O's tomorrow with this lineup. And if they would, I'd start 'em the next day.

Is it OK to give up?

It might make the summer less painful.

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