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Friday, June 23, 2006


Not good.

His wife posted bail?

The Sox fans will be all over him tomorrow.

I love the guy, and he's a Phillie, but I'll never be able to support someone that hits his wife.

The news about Myers reminds me of the comment about him on Swing And A Miss the other day by RickSchuBlues:

Myers is such a putz. Really, I can't stand the guy. I'm willing to tolerate him when he's winning, but he just is so dislikeable. He's the kind of guy who makes his own problems and then wants to glare at the fielders and umpires. That's real class for you.

Naturally, we are compelled to hear the evidence and presume Myers' innocence, but his on-field histrionics suggest the worst here. That, and his background as a boxer, suggest this is a guy who is forever looking not only for someone to blame for his troubles, but someone to take them out on.

If the news reports are true, what we have here is a big, brave man.

ugh. I don't expect players for my team to be saints, but domestic abuse is something I have zero tolerance on.

That's good commentary, Goodman. It's awfully hard to presume innocence here all things considered. Let me guess, Brett: The bartender was making your drinks too strong.

Oisin, you capture the essence of it. There are very few taboos in the modern world. Domestic abuse is one. Another is the reason Jeffery Jones will never appear in movies again. We need to understand the whole story, if possible, but if this is true I can never root for Myers again.

This is sad, but not isolated to one player. Today's New Orleans paper has a new story about the Saints first round pick, Offensive Tackle Jammal Brown got arrested for domestic abuse. His bail was $5,000. I think today's athlete gets lots of money and pretty much everything they want. Dealing with others, including wives, sometimes is something athletes can't handle.

Maybe Selig can have Myers attend the same anger management classes he's making Ozzie Guillen attend.

Let me guess, he threw her his car keys and she dropped them and he went off. Excuse the English, but Myers is a straight up p*ssy.

Zero tolerance for domestic battery and abuse is a standard for all professionals, let alone athletes and managers. But why is Bobby Cox held in such high regard? I never understood that.

BTW, the Braves? Still in last place...

"BTW, the Braves? Still in last place..."

Mike H., your posts always show things in the best possible light.

Totally agree Mike H. Bobby Cox can beat up his wife, but can't fire up his team? Maybe he needs to kick the Jones boys in their a$$es!

This is now my new favorite Phillies blog. I saw Brett playing with his daughter on the field last year with the Phillies annual father-child thing. She's adorable. This is really, really sad for her and his wife, if true. And to think Myers turned in a fantastic performance against the Yanks just days ago. Unreal.

I can't say I'm surprised one bit. Myers has always struck me as having a low character. I hope with all my heart that the Fenway crowd boos the ever-loving crap out of him - AND that he gets the same treatment back home. And I hope the Phillies, pitching-starved as they may be, are at some point moved to get rid of him. I can't root for a person like that.

What a classless drone. He should be suspended by the team. No excuse for this type of behavior.

Ya, it is a sad commentary on the state of pro sports to be sure.

If this were Cory Lidle or Chris Coste, their bags would likely be waiting for them in the lobby when they returned from posting bail.

Instead we'll likely get a wishy washy statement from the Phil's PR dept. stating the teams contempt for domestic abuse, while encouraging fans and media not to jump to any conclusions until Brett has his day in court.

And of course his wife will never testify, so the chances of a guilty verdict are slim. My guess, plea bargin; probation, anger management, community service (talking to kids about violence, not picking up trash on the highway).

There will be no plea bargain, because it will never get to that. His wife will drop the charges ( she will have been compensated by the Phillies FO) and he will make a atatement apologizing and agree to anger manangement classes. Done, over! This is not a disparaging commentary on the Phils' FO, this is a disparaging comment on all pro sports FO's. Just my opinion.

hrm, perversely this could work in the phils favour if they wanted it too. tell me you can't put together a decent trading package involving brett meyers that a desperate team/teams jumps at come the deadline? As an organisation, the phils would have sent a clear message and done themselves a bit of business.

call it the unacceptable provoking an unthinkable response.

Goodbye season, Mets will win the division by 30 games.

YT, I am the "Dave Cash" of the Phils blog message boards - ever the eternal optimist. There's enough negativity to go around, and I would not say wildly optimistic things about the 2000 Phillies, for example. This year's Braves, without a doubt, are in last place, and that is a good thing. I wonder if they're talking about the wild card on their blogs... lol...

Yeah, its pretty damn low to strike a woman. She probably told him like it is, and he couldn't handle the truth. The word denial comes to mind with this team.

Yeah, its pretty damn low to strike a woman. She probably told him like it is, and he couldn't handle the truth. The word denial comes to mind with this team.

I'm with RSB. Always thought he was a total douche. I almost hope Bobby keeps that hole in his glove for the rest of Brett's starts. What? It's not like we're going to win a division or anything.

On a different note..... Todd Jones wrote a piece about how stupid Philly fans are. It's up on yahoo sports now.

Not exactly the kind of the news the Phils needed. Another element to add to the aura of negativitiy surrounding this team right now.

This team really needs something positive to happen on this road trip. Can't really think of any positive highlights over the past weeks except Howard's 2 HR, 7 RBI game.

That's horrendous. $200 bail? What a joke. Myers needs to be locked up for a few days. I wonder why he plead not guilty--sure as hell doesn't seem like he's going to get off on anything, given that testimony, unless his wife is too scared to talk.

Cut him, damn the consequences. Let the Yankee's or some other morally bankrupt organization sign him.

I'd rather see them lose with dignity then win with this POS.

My precedeing post is predicated on Ms. Knight's account being accurate, but the quote "I'm not going to let you do this to me anymore" speaks volumes, and I am not cynical enough to believe Ms. Knight is in this for a payoff, not at this stage.

We'll see how this all plays out. Let's not forget that this is the same PD that shot a girl after Boston won the ALCS in 2004.

But that eye witness account above sounds pretty bad and there's no excuse for him hitting her and dragging her around, of course. As far as criminal charges, it sounds like that witness should be enough to convict and the police shouldn't need the wife to testify, depending on the domestic abuse laws in Mass.

Well, at least Bobby A. wont be the focus of the fans ire.

There really isnt a good option left for Brett here. He's a fragile headcase as it is, and won't be effective when the fans, both home and away, really start to get on his ass.

if the season wasnt toast before, it sure as hell is now.

His life will only get worse. He faces Schilling tomorrow.

I guess I'm in the minority here, but I as a baseball fan, I separate the player's persona from his performance. I like Brett because he's the best starter we have. The thing is, I like Bobby Abreu too, but I have no idea whether he beats his wife. Personalizing these guys too much brings only grief to the fan. Now if Myers's personal makeup limits his development or performance, then that's a baseball issue to be taken into account. I still have a soft spot for the great Ed Delehanty. But if he's on my team today, & I think his drinking is going to compromise his game, maybe I consider trading him. Is that overly crass?

wow... she must have really pissed him off!

I lived in Boston when Wil Cordero got arrested for punching his wife in 1997. He played for Boston again for a few weeks, and the fans absolutely killed him during games. He was waived from the team a few weeks after the incident.

If I know Boston fans, they will give it to Brett Myers in a big way.

I hope so.

Steve, I was also living in Boston when the Cordero incident occured, and I remember how the fans there responded in kind. It was absolutely appropriate.

In a lot of organizations - the better ones, like LA and St. Louis - Brett Myers would have just written his ticket out of town, regardless of ability. But you watch - the Phillies won't even consider such a thing, for a second. This is the organization that just signed on another Trouble Man, Kyle Drabek, while several other teams passed on him based on his makeup. The Phillies aren't a team that values character, and that's a real shame for all of us who follow the team.

Well, if the Philly FO want him gone, there are moral clauses in all MLB contracts. If convicted, the team wont eat the contract.

Sad for his family. I hope the wife is ok.

Hey Brett Myers throw in the direction of the catcher not your wife's face

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