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Saturday, July 29, 2006


I would like to see the Phils give a chance to one of the Triple A third basemen and see if their is any chance the position could be filled from within. Both Bobby Scales and Brennan King are holding their own and deserve a shot

Amen! They could have gotten no one in return, and I would be happy. Symbolically, this is awesome. What a great way to wake up this morning and hear this news. Today could not possibly be a bad day for me! st

"I can't say that I'm going to hit for sure, because this is a tough game," said Nunez, who's batting .157 this season. "But I think if you get some at-bats in a row, you'll be able to produce."

Doesn't this statement sound like a guy going through the motions. I mean he's NOT sure if he's going to hit WTF does that mean?

Well Aby I'd hate to tell you but your .157 is the worst among position players and there is a significant number of pitchers hitting higher than if you have any respect for yourself and the YES MILLIONS of dollars in which you're being paid then you better hit.

I actually stayed up to watch the 12:30 edition of Baseball Tonight, so I got the news before sleepy time. Needless to say, the trade of Bell gave me one of my best nights sleep in months! I don't understand why people still try to maintain that Bell was quality. His recent hot streak only made his batting average look better, overall he still sucks and will continue to do so in all aspects of his game, unless you like 3rd basemen with no power, poor fielding, that hits into endless double plays and wussy popups to infielders!

Best trade all season.

I take back the "zero trade value" statement. Looks to me like Gillick wants to assemble some young, cheap power arms for the 'pen and sort them out next spring. This approach seems to work out quite well for teams like the Angels.

Is it too much to dream that the next move is Abreu to the Yankees for good prospects, including Eric Duncan?

At least there's one less thing to bitch about in these parts because of the Bell trade.

I am with JZ. This has to mean we're getting a 3rd baseman in another deal. I know the season is over for the Phillies, but will they really play Nunez every day!? I think if not Eric Duncan from the Yanks perhaps Hinskie from the Blue Jays. He had a couple off years after his good rookie year, but he's playing well this year and Toronto doesn't really need him. Lidle for Hinskie seems good to me. Eh?

In the (probably apocryphal) words of Lenny Dykstra, upon being told that the Phillies had traded Von Hayes:

"Greeat trade! Who'd we get?"

I don't care about what the "value" is to be gotten for Bell, Abreu, Lidle, Cormier, et al. All I know is I'm sick to death of watching the Phillies running them out there year after year. The point is to break it up. That precedes anything else. I'm not the one getting paid hundreds of thousands to come up with a "plan". If Gillick's worth his salt, he'll come up with a way to get this team back on track. If it takes a year or two, I'm perfectly willing to deal with that. In the meantime, there's plenty left to work with. There's Myers, Hamels, and Wolf in the rotation and you can always stick Mathieson back in there or find another young, cheap option. Victorino's no long-term solution in the OF, but short-term he won't kill you and you have a player with actual energy in there in the meantime. I'd be surprised if Nunez doesn't have a good last two months playing every day. There's still Howard, Rollins, and Utley in the infield. Back up the truck, lose the retreads, and I'll guarantee you this team's won-lost record is none the worse for it.

I love it RSB..."Bell, Abreu, Lidle, Cormier, et al."

Abreu, though down from previous years, has been very good this season, getting on base 45% of the time and getting clutch hits (.320 w/RISP) He does not belong in this group! I wouldn't mind trading him for value because we already have two young power LH hitters, but to simply give him away is crazy.

Also, happy to see Bell gone but this was about 2 1/2 years too late AND we now get Nunez everyday...I agree with Seth, I don't think they can seriously consider playing him everyday.

In the respect that he is has been with the team for a long period of time without yielding winning results, yes, Abreu belongs in the forefront of that group to my mind.

I really don't care about Abreu's wonderful statistics. I don't think he makes the Phillies a better team. I am tired of his passive approach to the game. The divide here, kdon, clout, etc., is that you see Abreu as a shining offensive beacon whom the Phillies cannot do without. I see him as a barrier who leaves the franchise entrenched in the morass of same old, same old - one which *must* be removed in order for it to progress.

Aside from that, he has slipped greatly from the player he was two years ago. A .280 player with 15 homeruns is nowhere near the standard that Abreu set in the past. To me, he's not all that far above average offensively, and needless to say his defense doesn't exactly help a team win. If you want to concentrate on the OBP and all the walks, I'd argue that the walks are as much a negative attribute of his game as a positive. It's one thing if you're Barry Bonds and they don't ever pitch to you because you're scary. In Abreu's case, he just looks like he doesn't want to swing the bat. Are the Phillies paying him $12 million a year to stand up there and walk, or to be an impact player? The walks give him at least one highly impressive statistic that still leads people to believe he's this offensive force. But he's not, at all. He's nothing special at this point in his career. When he was hitting .335, hitting 30 homers or 50 doubles, that was one thing. That's not the player we're seeing in 2006.

Incidentally, why would the Phils be so remiss in letting Nunez play everyday in the final eight weeks? One, what exactly do they have to lose; and two, do you really believe his performance as a regular with St. Louis last year was a total mirage? Even if he's somwehere between that and what he's shown this season, I can live with it over having to watch Bell.

" you really believe his performance as a regular with St. Louis last year was a total mirage?"


In four previous seasons before '05, Noonerz had the following OPS marks: .662, .631, .667, .594. He had more than 180 at-bats in each of those years. Last season, his "career year," he had a .704 OPS largely driven by batting average, where luck comes most into play.
Nunez MLB stats

Want to go back further? Old Abe hasn't even broken .700 in the minors since 1995, when he did it for the Blue Jays' Dominican League entry at age 19.
Nunez minor-league stats

So what's the "fluke"? Last year, or his whole freakin' career?

RSB- you said, "I wouldn't be suprised if Nunez has a good last two months of the season". What do you consider good? Because Nunez on his best day is maybe as good as Bell, but overall isn't even to Bell status, and Bell sucks! What success with St. Louis last year are you talking about? He simply filled in for Rolen, and not all that well. Go look at the #'s bro, he's wasn't that good last year and never was before then and hasn't been since then. So in my analysis, he's bad!

In regards to Abreu, this is an instance where stats are misleading. Yes he gets on base, but that's about it. Getting on base is important, but in this case it's over rated! He's not worth the money he's making, and his demeanor just doesn't work in Philly. I think Abreu is a solid MLB past his prime with diminishing qualities, time to move on!

Well, Dajafi and DQ, I guess we'll see. I'm not saying Nunez is an all-star, but he certainly did a servicable job last year - which I think is more relevant to his level of ability than what he did in, say, 2003, much less what he did when he was 19. It's obvious he is ineffective as a bench player, but my feeling is he'll be much more productive as a regular.

RSB- a career high .704 OPS is not respectable or productive, no matter what position you play. I know you're glad to see Bell gone, as am I, but don't mistake the fact that Abe "No Hit" Nunez really isn't good and never has been. And by the way, he's been so unbelievably bad this year that it would be difficult to not be more productive as a regular as opposed to a bench player. Seriously, this guy got a 2 year deal?!

For Whom the Bell Tolled! I was at last night's game and watched David as he ran into the dugout after making an out, I was thinking they should have traded him a long time ago when he had some trade value, I can't believe he made 4 million this year, I should have an agent like his! He's an average or below average ball player in my opinion and that's what kind of money they make?

See my post on this on my own blog:

The time to trade Bell, I've believed for years, was right after his best season in 2004. The Phils still had Polanco, Utley was ready to play every day, and it should have been clear that Bell wasn't going to put up those numbers again.

But Wade always went by wishcasting rather than logic. And we'll be paying the price for a long time to come.

David Bell was brought into Philly because he was a "winner" that "did all the little things to win ball games". Wow, what a load of crap!

ironically, with the dump of the mediocre bell for a class A stiff, the 3B position in philadelphia has finally hit rock bottom. those frustrated by watching bell underperform might as well not even watch nunez the rest of the way.

Hey, RSB: You should quit parading your ignorance on the subject of walks and on-base percentage. You don't know what you're talking about. "He looks like he doesn't want to swing the bat..." LOL. And just because you're willing to put up with a couple of years of serious losing doesn't mean most fans are. Management has gotten a good look this year at how little a new ballpark has meant for attendance; subtract the Yankees and Red Sox sellouts--and remember, the Yanks aren't visiting next year -- along with all the 2-for-1 ticket specials (I get an e-mail offer almost every home game) -- and they're staring at a big drop in attendance next year. That might be why there's talk of a $70M payroll, in which case let the losing begin. But don't expect Utley and Howard to volunteer to stick around for it. With Utley especially, you'll be looking at Scott Rolen all over again.

I still say RSB is a closet Mets fan. Never saw anyone so hot to have a losing team for the next 5 years. Dump Abreu & Burrell but play Nunez every day! LOL

Alby: Excellent post. Gillick has to walk a very fine line. He must deliver enough talent in the trades to keep the fans from staying home in droves and to avoid being shunned by free agents. If he fails, the owners will sharply cut payroll and RSB will achieve his dream of 5 or more losing years.

I'm going to ask you to lay the hell off, clout. Every single one of your posts is attacking me after I've explained my position quite clearly several times. Leave it alone.

As Joe Friday would say, "Just the facts, ma'am":

1. Nunez is a complete stiff who doesn't bring one positive to this team. Not on offense, defense, or in the clubhouse. At least Perez had one of the three.

2. Nunez is a well-paid stiff. Guaranteed that he is the Phils primary INF reserve again next season.

3. As Weitzel stated, the Bell trade was a complete salary dump. Nothing more.

RSB: Actually it was Alby who said you should "quit parading your ignorance," not me. My post was addressed to him.

MG: What's the basis for your comment about Nunez bringing nothing to the clubhouse? As for defense, I'd rather have him at 3B than Tomas. Yer right, no offense at all, but I think that's why Gillick will play him. He was worth something after his decent year filling in for Rolen, and Gillick will try to restore some of that value. Of course, they might keep him as the primary IF off the bench, but I think they'll cut bait if someone like Sandoval -- a better SS than Nunez -- shows he can play.

For the record, I think RSB posts the most even-handed posts on this blog and I find myself agreeing with him a majority of the time. And when I don't agree with him, I still can see where he's coming from.
I appreciate everyone that posts their opinions (as long as their not belittling others) and enjoy reading it all. But there is a lot of sarcasm throw RSB's way that is uncalled for.
I know I don't post a lot, but I do read every day, and it's only fun if everyone is being civil. Mr. Weitzel has a very nice page here, especially when drama free.
Of course, winning would make it all better.

Seth- can't be "drama free" when when of the posters is Drama Queen...hahaha. RSB and I have had our differences over the past few months, and it seems I either find his ideas completely foolish or dead-on. Questioning someone's opinion or logic is fine, calling names isn't nice...although sometimes funny. How do you think I ended up with this handle of Drama Queen. I came on this site right after that hot 13 out of 14 streak when the Phils were losing those late inning games to the Brew Crew and said that kills their morale and doesn't bode wel for the rest of the season. Almost everyone attacked my opinion/logic and some labeled me a "drama queen". Well, I am now proud to sport the name Drama Queen because I was right all along!

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