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Sunday, July 23, 2006


They ought to give Sal's hair a plaque on the Wall of Fame. Without it, he'd be forgotten faster than Tom Nieto.

You have to consider the possibilty that Fasano is Jim Croce reincarnated.

Jason-I see from Phloggers Pheeds that your Fasano post went up exactly two seconds before mine. Beaten to the punch again.

A real nice guy, it's too bad he couldn't play better baseball.

since when does playing better baseball matter when it comes to playing for the phillies? fasano did exactly what he was supposed to do when he came here. the reason he was sent down was that lieberthal is so god-awful, they don't need a back-up catcher, they need a starting catcher and now the club is banking on chris coste to continue his production. if fasano's and lieverthal's salaries were flipped, lieby would be shown the door instead. but like it has happened many times before, playing time will be based on salary, not merit.

Really who cares that much about Fasano? There are a ton of nice guys in baseball who get a cup of coffee with a team and are never heard from again. Only reason that Fasano got so much press is that he hammed up his Italian roots and his stupid facial hair for the Phils ' fans. Call a spade a spade.

I liked Sal, but I have to agree with MG on that one. He didn't really have much ability. Swing hard and hope it flies!

Life is harsh, as they say.

How many guys turn around and start a charity that quick?

There should be some sort of support network for displaced fan groups, so that Sal's Pals can grieve with the Padilla Flotilla and Wolf Pack.

Thanks for coming.

I just thought he caught games with an outfielder's glove!

I agree with the talent evaluation on Sal. However, exactly what is a journeyman reliever like Rick White going to do to get this sorry excuse for a baseball team to the next level. At least the Phillies could have appeased a segment of their fan base by keeping the guy around the rest of the season. Again, they fail miserably in the PR dept.

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