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Wednesday, August 02, 2006


I completely agree with your assesment. Coste is one of my favorite Phils because he has worked hard in the minors for over ten years before getting his chance and he is making the most of that chance.

Chris wrote a book "Hey...I'm Just the Catcher" and I have been trying to find a copy the last couple years. I would love to locate a copy. And now we all await the sequel. Keep on hitting Chris

MArtin: I believe that the Fargo-Moorhead Red Hawks (in the independent Northern League) merchandise shop has copies of Coste's Book, "Hey ... I'm Just the Catcher" for sale. That is where I got my copy. The team's website is: , and the merchandise link on the FM Red Hawks site is: . The contact information link, which lists club officials, telephone numbers, addresses, etc. for the Red Hawks is: . Good luck.

Great article, Jason! I particularly liked the sophsticated analysis you set forth, as derived from the specialized stats you accessed, relative to Coste's performance. Very revealing.

Good for Coste. Good for the Phillies. He must be smart if he writes books. Maybe he could become the Player-Manager next year.

Actually, I think Coste has written *two* books, but I am not sure whether "Hey . . . I'm Just the Catcher" is Coste's first book, or his second book. The latter is the only one that I have, and I don't know the title to the other one, but I believe the other book also relates to Coste's long trail through the minor leagues.

"He must be smart if he writes books."


My Prison Without Bars by Pete Rose

Treason: Liberal Treachery from the Cold War to the War on Terrorism by Ann Coulter

Britney Spears' Heart to Heart by Britney Spears

At the risk of sounding negative, I would point out that the weak point in his statistics is a tendency not to walk much.

Thanks davthom73, but no luck on the Red Hawks website. I have even tried some Fargo bookstores with no luck. Always "out-of-print." At some point Chris had a website and sold the book. I'll keep trying

You waxing negative about Chris Coste, or for that matter, on virtually any and every other subject, Alby? Nah, say it ain't so. Coste did walk last night, though, and has a couple of walks in his last few games. Either way, I'll take Coste's spate of home runs of late over walks any day, though. But if there was a reptilian negative to be found under a rock about Coste, Alby, you and Clout can be relied upon to: (1) inhabit that dark statistical micro corner; and (2) to pipe up accordingly on thnis board. For my part, I wager that the vast majority of Phillies fans will opt for the great positives that Coste has laid down on the field so far. Hopefully, some day you asnd Clout will grow to the point of being able to find it in yourselves to admit that you were both wrong about Coste. And, based on Jason's insightful piece leading off this string, please stow the "small sample size" stuff.

meh.. so he doesnt walk much... he's beating the leather off the ball, especially so with RISP.

he will walk a bunch more if he keeps hitting 8th. they are going to need to "protect" him better than having the pitcher bat behind him.

at this point, i would have to say i wouild much prefer to face pitcher than coste.

Martin: If you have not already tired this option, you might call the Red Hawks' general line and see if the merchandise chop at Newman Stadium still has copies of either one or both of Coste's books. From the Red Hawks' web site, the team's general phone number is: (701)235-6161, or toll-free, 1-800-303-6161. However, it may well be that Coste's books are indeed now sold out and out of print.

The other book is called "Roller Coster."

I hate to go out on a limb and say Coste should be the starter at C for next season, but let's say he gets another 125 ab's or so this season and manages to continue to produce and play solid D. Why shouldn't/wouldn't the Phils give him a shot at starting next season?

i sure as hell hope that coste gets enough atbats to qualify for ROY.

coste is a nice story. i'm glad he's on the team. he should never bat 8th.

No reason at all. That's a long way off of course, but it would make the story that much better.

By the way, I know I've said this before, but now that the team is officially in rebuilding (-tooling, whatever) stage, I think they really need to bring up Ruiz if possible. Let him develop along with Mathieson and the other young pitchers. I realize this isn't gonna happen, because they didn't succeed in getting rid of Lieberthal, but it just makes sense to me.

Wholeheartedly agree that Ruiz and Coste should be a two-headed monster behind the plate for the rest of the season. Ruiz needs experience in the bigs, and now is the perfect opportunity. Lieby leaving Philly is overdue. This is purely my own rumor, but he's going to the BoSox with Varitek out for the foreseeable future.

But Greg, does that mean we could replace Foghorn with Ann Coulter? She's sure be good at chewing out umpires. I'm not sure about Britney Spears. She's trash. Pete Rose probably wouldn't pass commissioner approval. He'd kick some butt in the clubhouse, though. I can see it now. "Let's get a hit Burrell! I got money on the game!"

If anybody reads those books and likes them, let me know, I'm interested.

IF Coste continues this torrid hitting, he's got to be the starter next year. However, the phils need to have someone developing because he is old and getting more than 2-3 years out of him might be tough.

The only Ruiz is going to find a spot this year is if Sandoval somehow works his way out, or, in a blowout, the phils put Coste at 3rd just to see. They can't demote Sandoval, especially since he has had some success too. As much as we want, realistically they won't demote Lieberthal ever, and Nunez almost definitely not as well. Also, they seem defiant about having 5 outfielders on the roster, so Roberson isn't going anywhere.

>IF Coste continues this torrid hitting, he's
>got to be the starter next year.

If coste continues his torrid hitting, he'll win ROY, and go to te all star game next year.

davthom: I hope I continue to be wrong about Coste. It has nothing to do with being negative. It has to do with reality. Very, very few 31-year-old minor league lifers suddenly blossom into productive everyday players, your absurd statements to the contrary. The record books back me up on this. But in the 2% of cases where it does happen, it's a beautiful thing and fun to watch. I just hope it continues. I should note that many wrote similarly glowing reports on Shane Victorino earlier this season when he was hitting .330. I caught quite a bit of heat then by predicting he'd end up at a level appropriate to his talent: A fast, good glove backup outfielder with a horrible BB/K no power and an average around .260. The posters who made those posts no longer mention them or change their names when they post about the subject. I sincerely hope Coste fulfills your prediction of a .300 season with 20 HR power because that's good for the Phillies. But past history on guys like this forces me to be skeptical.

You can buy my book "Hey, I'm just a beerleaguer commentator" at amazon as well. It is currently in 1,735,984 place, which puts it jsut slightly ahead of Pat Burrell's memoir "Hey, I wonder which groupie I will lay the pipe too tonight...whoops called third strike again"

And, assuredly, we *shall* see, Clout. But you know what, Clout, your largely reasonable post above (allowing for the fact that I strongly disagree with your foundational premise, and that Coste's numbers firmly support my position, not yours), in its own language, detracts from its own credibility, by being *needlessly* infected with your unsupportable hyberbolic reference to my supposed "absurd statements." Where, as here and now, Coste has proven *you* toi be wrong through this point in time, such demonstrably false overstatement makes *you* look the fool. However, from reading other recent strings on this board, it is clear that you are intrinsically and constitutionally incapable of re-assessment of your prior positions. Truly, I have never seen you admit you were mistaken in any respect. Amazing, and neither mature, nor beneficial to you, or your credibility.

I'm skeptical too, how could you not be? But I'm really enjoying this while it lasts. And it's fun to think of it continuing into next year.

Hey, I'm Just A Beerleaguer Commentator, by That Dude

Nice to know I'm relied upon, DavThom. As Clout noted, it's called "reality." (BTW, he's 33, not 31). When I was speaking about statistics, I wasn't talking about his MLB stats, which are indeed based on a small sample size (you clearly aren't familiar with the term if you think 79 AB is a much bigger sample than 53 AB). I was referring to his combined 10 years of minor league stats, which include 4 years in Indy ball: .306 avg., .359 OBP. Not knowing the park adjustments for all the stadiums, I can't give you precise major league equivalents, but knock about 20 points off each and you probably have his established level of performance. A stathead would tell you that someone who walks at his rate is overly dependent on AVG, the most volatile of statistics. Face it, if he finishes the year at .306, we all will consider it very successful, but his OBP probably won't top .340 (unless, as someone above said, he hits eighth, which would be stupid but can't be ruled out will Uncle Cholly at the helm). That's his record -- it's not negative, not positive, just what the record book says about him. I'm not sure why you find that so offensive.

If you don't mind me sounding positive for a moment, Coste's stats show, as Jason said, that he's better than anyone who has manned the position in Philly this year. If all you're concerned about is winning games -- and heck, why not, the wild card is there for the taking, and might be easier to achieve this year than next -- then Coste should be the starter as often as possible. In that regard, I already agree with you. My only point throughout our exchange has been that if the team is now building for 2008, Coste -- who will be 35 by then -- won't be the starter for the next playoff run.

Clout, You've been right on the money on several points since the start of the season. I know you were one of the most vocal against the Nunez signing -- when others were predicting he would be a good stop gap 3b for the team. Although I agree that it is way too early to predict Coste will be a starter let alone a productive backup, watching him play you must be impressed with his defense and ability to hit ML fastballs. However, I think you've been a bit harsh on Victorino. He's not a AAA player as you've asserted. I actually prefer him to our current rag armed centerfielder.

An aside -- chalk Coste up to Manuel. As I heard it, the Phils offered Coste a minor league job on Cholly's recommendation. They were together in the Cleveland organization.

Joe Roa, anyone?

I like the Beerleaguer commentor photo link. That was me last night sans beard. Due to Katrina, I don't have to file my 2005 taxes until October, but I thought I'd start working on it. I had my Mozilla running three tabs: the IRS site, Beerleaguer, and Fox Game Trax. Got to bed late.

Is Joe Roa available? And kudos to Cholly for Coste.

Greetings from Portland, Oregon...

A check of book search engines, including Abe, Alibris, Bookfinder, and Addall reveals absolutely zero Chris Coste books available anywhere in the world. If you somehow get your hands on a copy, hang on to it! If he has any kind of career in the majors, it could fetch a good price someday.

I love the look on Coste's face on that photo you posted. It looks like he's saying.... "I knew I was going to make it to the bigs !!" Hmmmmm..

Stop by for a listen to Philly Sports Talk Now, a weekly podcast on Philly sports, at

davthom: Your condescending and false post pretty much speaks to your credibility, as well. Your bias against traditional scouting and the ridiculous assertion about how many lifetime minor leaguers would be everyday studs if only given the chance is contradicted every year when a bunch of those guys get their chances and the overwhelming majority fail. But keep on fantasizing.

hey is it me or is Davthom73 in love with Coste?

J dub, that is fookin hilarious.

DavThom73 definitely has a man crush on Coste. Hope it doesn't develop into a situation. As for Coste, he has had quite a nice run but I want to wait to see how he does in Aug. & Sept. If he is still putting up decent numbers then he definitely has to be included in Phils' plans at catcher next season.

Great article on Coste, Jason! He's hitting well, let's enjoy it while it lasts.

Don't insult the poor guy by saying he looks like the creep in DC, you're gonna jinx him.

Better nicknames:

Chris Coste-to-Coste or my fav

Chris "East-vs-West" Coste

Its you Cuz, for sure. Evidently, you haven't been reading this board with any regularity since May 21st. Furthermore, your moronic "man crush" statement only makes you look like a 12-year-old, unsure about a lot of things about himself. A shrink likely would have more to say about that idiotic reference in your post. Maybe someday you'll grow up, and actually be able to talk about Phillies baseball on this board.

clout: I will say this much for you, bub. When you infest your posts with personal insults directed toward another poster, and you get the "high hard one to the head" back in return, more petty nastiness from you in your return post is as certain as tomorrow. At least some things never change in this world. So, after I take care to refer to a post of yours as "largely reasonable", but I put the hit on you for another of your all-too-regular insulting invectives, you then continue "in character", referring to my allegedly "condescending and false post." My post was neither, but thanks for reading, Clout.

Davthom- dude, you're the head of the Chris Coste fan club. Screw the insulting remarks and embrace the "man crush" comment. Just have fun with it. And please note, I am not trying to insult you in any fashion, because as I hope you have noticed I have agreed with you on many occasions and have even come to your defense.

Here's some more impressive stats:
Coste has thrown out 5 of 13 runners. Lieberthal 8 of 28, Fasano 8 of 37, Ruiz 2 of 8. The best of the bunch. fielding is limited to 168 innings 2 errors 2 passed balls 983 feilding pct. Right with the other catchers.

1. S Fasano PHI C 50 42 365.2 294 265 26 3 2 2 29 8 7.16 .990
2. M Lieberthal PHI C 37 34 295.0 269 246 20 3 2 3 20 8 8.12 .989
3. C Coste PHI C 23 17 168.2 120 110 8 2 0 2 8 5 6.30 .983
4. C Ruiz PHI C 17 13 119.2 104 95 7 2 0 1 6 2 7.67 .981

MG: Fess up to the readers of this string, pal. Your begrudging and understated admission that Coste "has had a nice run" much be considered within the context that you have been down on Chris Coste since he arrived in the Show in May, and it just kills you to be progressively exposed as having been ever more *incorrect* and *WRONG* about the guy, with each time that Coste takes the field. The bigger Coste's "sample" of work, the worse you have looked. You and I have been down this road many strings prior to this one, and over the course of that time, I am being proven correct, and you incorrect. Understand this. I never mind someone disagreeing with me, and conducting an intelligent discussion accordingly. In fact, I welcome and enjoy the discussion. Alby's exchanges with me, and most of Clout's exchanges, have been examples of the latter. But the homophobic stupidity manifested in the schoolboy phrase "man crush", etc., all because I have had the audacity to substantively and factually defend Coste in the face of baseless criticism such as yours, is out of line, on more than one level. Parenthetically, be on notice that as a lawyer who has been involved, in part, in civil rights litigation over the past 22 years, an attack on anyone, such as that which you employed above with your "man crush" comment, is unacceptable and outrageous. Discuss the merits of a baseball-related position with me any time. But if you and Cuz continue to go the route of ignorance and stupidity in your posts directed at me, I'll rip you in reponsive posts every time. For your mid-morning coffee: Coste's numbers this morning: BA - .347; RBI's - 17 (in only 75 at bats); slugging percentage - .573; HR's - 4.

DramQueen: I hear you and accept what you're saying. My post above, presented in response to MG's, explains the basis for my specific irritation with MG and theCuz. I have always respected and appreciated your posts.

DavThom - you need to relax just a little. I am surprised but what Coste has done and happy for him but it is still 73 ABs. Baseball graveyard is full of great short runs by annoymous players. If he is hitting .300 at the end of the season and alot more time behind the plate, then the Phils will consider him at a part of a solution next year.

A reasonable comment.

I feel a group hug coming on...hahaha!

4-5 tonight 2 RBIs. 375 BA good job - Oh yeah another baserunner thrown out.

He also can play 3B, 1B, LF would make a good 2nd Catcher who can play elsewhere. He may just keep going and be the starter contrary to what most say about him and his potential as a "career minor leaguer". Sometimes scouts can be wrong.
Keep going Chris

If he bats over .300 for the season and continues his stellar defense and game calling, he should be heavily considered for starting catcher next season. I know that seems funny because of him being a 33 year old rookie, but hey, take what you're given!

Drama Queen I agree with you. And then let Ruiz be the backup. They would need another C that is capable to play in the majors incase of injury or such.

I actually found a used copy of Chris Coste's book "Hey... I'm Just the Catcher" through an online seller (at about a week after he was called up by the Phils (at that point he was still in search of his first major league hit). It wasn't cheap and it sure was hard to find. I live in Akron, OH and Chris played for the Akron Aeros in 2000-2001 and I remembered hearing at the time that he had written a book while playing in the Northern League. Anyhow, I've read the book and will be putting it up on eBay soon because I'm a broke college student.

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