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Monday, September 04, 2006


It's been almost three years, and Burrell hasn't hit a walk-off homer at CBP yet. Promotional jinx.

The big mystery in regards to the Astros is, who designed that orange star with two sides missing, and why? If the bottom two sides were instead removed, the star would also look like an A for Astros, it'd make more sense.

Is the inside of the star supposed to look like Texas?

Also, game 3 against the Astros is a perfect example of why its ridiculous to blame a player like Abreu for a teams struggles.

Raise your hand if you remembered Abreu hitting a crucial two-run homer in the most important game of the season. I'm one of his biggest fans and I only barely remember it because of this post.

Wagner and Bell lost that game, and possibly the season...better performances from other players and Abreu is remembered last year as a clutch player leading the team to the WC. Bell makes an error and Abreu's effort is forgotten.

I actually remember that homer, and that game, very well. At the time, it seemed to me like Abreu was stepping up, he looked like more of a go-to guy, seemed somewhat more intense. He then went on to have an injury-plagued and unproductive September...and then came the walk parade and umpire-snitching of 2006. Anyway, the point being that of course he had his share of big moments for the Phillies. Even days before he was traded, there was that 2-run double in the ninth off Trevor Hoffman. I won't remember him as a poor clutch hitter. My issue with him is purely that his approach to the game was not team-oriented in general, and in my estimation it did not have a good effect on the players around him, particularly as his tenure with the Phils grew longer and with greater stature.

So the inside of the star is Texas. I guess that's it...pretty abstract though. Lame logo.

Ramon Ortiz had a no-hit bid going into the 9th against St. Louis but lost it on an Aaron Miles hit. That would have been right up there with Jose Jimenez.

nice start by hamels. Ye guys probably a)take this for granted and b) get bored of me saying how rare it is for me to enjoy a game like this, but having the mlb tv going in the background whilst I cook dinner is a joy. Harry, LA and my tomato sauce. pretty damn fine.

Jason: Don't forget Bud Smith.

I sure don't take it for granted, Oisin. Having access to Harry Kalas and the Phils anywhere in the country, or in your case the world, is a very comforting taste of home.

You beat me to it. The key to the Scott Rolen trade. Immediately tore his labrium, and never topped 85 mph on the gun again.

Watching Clemens - someone who has *completely* perfected his craft - is truly amazing.

Clemens v. Nunez...uh oh!

Sorry RSB, I thought you had referred to Abreu as unclutch before, but I may be confusing your opinion with other posters.

Not exactly a contraversial point but Joe West should have been fired a long time ago...he has such a big zone, and is unbelievably inconsistent.

C'mon Pat, start swinging when Clemens takes the ball back from the catcher!

Or, don't swing. Stinkin' bum.

Joe West is one of the top five most unfortunate aspects of major league baseball.

Wish they hadn't mentioned the P word just now. dammit.

Is it a jinx if we know...?

RSB that's something I never went to test enough to get a decent-sized sample.

I;d vote against mentioning anything (though I don't know what you are talking about!). No superstitious reason, just more fun to talk obliquely about things and keep some mystery alive.

Cheers the cuz. nice one.

Holy sh*t, that was a bomb...way to go Cole!!!...just bear down and worry about the W now.

Would jinx it, did jinx it.

I'll trade a homerun if it gets Clemens out of the game.

Hey cuz, the word is "intact", though it's not surprising an a**hole like you can't use a word containing "tact" appropriately.

53 and the lead!!!!!

Phew. howitzer's trajectory goes longer and further than the rocket. its like nasa's experiments in the 50s in reverse . . .

He's beginning to carry this club. It could be all the way to october if we're lucky.

They really have to hold on and win this game. I'm tired of teams pulling off dramatic late-inning wins in the Phillies' yard, they have to start winning these close games at home. Plus, it'll get the Astros' win streak against them off their backs.

I'm pissed about that homerun. a poor hitting club, a ump with a generous strike zone, a day game where the shadows are interfering - hamels will be waiting a while before it all comes together like that. Suppose next time he'll know better.

Its the Phillie way is'nt it? A perfect game broken up by someone having his 1st ML AB and he hits a homer. Still Hamels is killing it today!

Hamels is averaging 11 pitches per inning. We could be lucky and not see the bullpen tonight.

I would've liked to see Geary or White facing Ensberg there. Fortunately Hamels was able to keep that run off the board.

Hopefully Gordon will be his old self and yet another late loss can be averted. They really need every game right now the way Florida is playing.

Flash is finally back eh? Phew. Good news.

Rollins has to try to steal this base. If he gets caught, he gets caught. You have to try it.

the last thing they need is another extra innings game after the weekend just gone. Not good at all.

Perfect pitch right there. The beat goes on for Utley. I think we're looking at another heartbreaker here.

33rd steal(17 straight)in 37 attempts for Rollins

Yep, I'm giving up now so I can eihter be surprised or not totally disappointed and deflated.

Normally I like Gordon here, but I have a bad feeling...tough spot in your first game back.

Never mind, it's Madson

Here we go with the ninth inning patchwork again. Matt Smith? Good luck, man, it's only Lance Berkman. I don't know about this move here.

Ummm...while I like the idea of turning Berkman around, why waste a guy like Madson for two batters? Manuel obviously knows more than we do about who is tired, available, etc., but this is a VERY curious move.

I just don't think this team is good enough to be able to afford to have Charlie Manuel as its manager. When all is said and done, he probably loses us 2-3 games a season. Good guy and I'm sure he's great for "cohesion" and "chemistry" and all that intangible nonsense, but he makes bad decisions.

Holy crap is Smith slow to the plate!!! Not good for a LH reliever

Matt Smith looks a bit like Jeff Conine. Good luck buddy.

Good job Smithy!

Nice job, it worked out. Phew, for now. Would it be too much to ask for a walk-off win?

Alright Matt Smith!!! Even though I don't like burning Madson in what could be a long game, Manuel deserves credit for at least thinking about creative ways to help the team win.

I criticized him a lot because he just used to throw pitchers out there according to his rotation regardless of the it possible for a manager his age to still be learning?! C'mon Pat!

oh, please, someone score howard. but now thurston is pinch hitting for burrell? Wrong move.

I was wondering why they had a right-hander to face Howard...I don't blame them, especially with the 'protection' the Phils have coming up.

Oh! Thurston hitting for Burrell! Wow...that's even more stunning, to me. But I like it.

WTF...Thurston for Burrell...have you lost your fucking mind Charlie?!?!?!?

Oisin, I imagine he'll be bunting?

Ok, he'll probably bunt

doh. should've thought of that. this is why I don't try to second guess manuel for a living.

I still don't like the move...Qualls is nothing special...Burrell can hit him

Ah Christ. Where's Greg Gross when you need him.

awful bunt. can conine give us our money's worth?


please, charlie, put up someone for nunez. please. I don't want to see a dp here.

Clutch Conine! Load 'em. Astros are scared!

Nunez? Isn't there *anyone* else on that bench? Hernandez? Dellucci?

Cmon Looch get out of your slump right here

someone hold victorino down. he's going to go off like a badly opened champagne bottle.

Dellucci has turned into Dale Sveum. What happened...

dammit hernandez. lean into that ball. would it kill ya?

dellucci's average is plummeting towards his career average. why you pinch-hit with one out with someone who strikes out so frequently is beyond me.

done, we're done. sigh. This ain't a wild card team.

That's awful. They deserve to lose this game, and I'm sure they will. Why this team can't win tight games at home is an eternal mystery.

scratch that. this isn't anything but a .500 team.

What an inning. Bonehead move by Garner to walk Howard, but Manuel decides to make up for it by taking out a guy with a .900 OPS so he can bunt, all while leaving Howard on the bases and not pinch running.

The bunt play is so complete Manuel, never going for the kill, always with the conservative play...he just doesn't get it.

Sure glad we had Dellucci & Hernandez up there with the bases loaded instead of that bum Abreu. He would've just stood there and walked. RSB is right, what a bum. This team is way better without him. And hitting Thurston for Burrell? Charlie is a genius, right?

Now we get White and not Gordon? Manuel wants to lose this game!
RSB, when a team can't win close games...look to the guy in charge.

kdon, in Manuel's defense, Burrell's bat has been super-slow of late, and he wasn't going to do a thing off Qualls. If they get the bunt down, they win the game.

Into extras. We are done. Bye bye win.

I bet they squeeze here.

Geez, maybe they should have.

I see RSB is beginning to realize having Dellucci in there instead of Abreu really does cost you games.

We can only hope that the Astros are just as pathetic, but this game is probably as good as over.

I don't know how you can say that Burrell wouldn't get a hit of Qualls, RSB, especially considering Conine ripped a you really think Conine is a better hitter than Burrell? If we are talking Lidge or Clemens, I agree that a bunt might be called for, but Qualls is nothing. Burrell is a mistake hitter and Qualls makes mistakes.

Great job by The Beard. Win or lose, this has been a great game.

kdon, check out Burrell's bat speed the past several games. It's nonexistent. Qualls is throwing mid-90s. Normally, I wouldn't advocate removing a guy with extra-base power, but I haven't seen extra-base power from Burrell in a long time. I think they wanted to go with a bunt there, and it's not a bad idea.

Also, you can of course fault Thurston for failing to get the bunt down, but this is a perfect example of how Manuel puts players in positions to fail. He basically tells the entire world he is going to bunt, so Ensberg is about two feet away and the 1B is charging. In addition, there is a very slow runner on first, so Thurston knows he has to be absolutely perfect to adavance the runner. Manuel put him in a position where failure was likely.

Yeah, as if that was even Abreu's turn in the order. Dellucci is a pinch hitter there, ignoramus. That's such an asinine comment.

Burrell should have been given the chance. Imagine his confidence boost if he did do it. If he does'nt nothing changes. He's an everyday player who could do with a boost. Just by taking him out his confidence plummets. Charlie is thick.

Just because it's an obvious bunt situation doesn't mean a guy can't get one down. The Phils apparently have no one on the entire team who can bunt. Maybe they should have sent a pitcher up.

I agree with BloosStripes. If Burrell is so bad that he can't take swings against a mid-inning reliever, he shouldn't be in the game to start with. I'll trust your scouting report RSB, but Burrell has gone the opposite way a lot recently and he draws a lot of walks, either way it puts pressure on the Astros

RSB: Hey you're on the record as saying Dellucci and whoever else is replacing Abreu is better.

I'm not talking about that particular at-bat, obviously. Odds are Abreu would have made an out as well. But over time, having Delucci in there instead of Abreu is going to hurt your offense. He's been playing over his head all year and he's going to revert to his averages. Did you really think he was going to hit over .300 all year?

Is Pat that bad of a bunter?

this game is turning into mental torture. lets see how many phillies can't hit average relievers.

kdon, bloodstripes: I'm with you. Burrell could've done way more things to advance the runner, walk, hit, grounder, than Thurston, who's basically a Triple A player. i mean if it's the bottom of the order, maybe, but batting Joe Freaking Thurston for the guy who bats 5th in your lineup? Again RSB now feels obligated to support every move Charlie makes. In for a dime, in for a dollar.


excellent. my whinging reverse curse loosens up utley.

damn, he's getting a good backrub from jimmy.

You rule Chase!!!! More respect for Howard, he absolutely grooved that 3-1 pitch.

Chase Utley!!!! Hero swing!! Phils finally beat the astros!

Damn, the signal from MLBTV went out, I love those interviews right after the game!

Uts breaks his slump big time!

I love surprises and love it when the Phils prove me wrong after I had given up. I'll swallow my pride. I was wrong! Phils are tough! Woo hoo!

No, I'm not on record as saying that, Clout, so stick it up your ass.

kdon, right on, Utley got that pitch because Howard was on deck. Amazing how he affects the game even when he's not even the batter. But how about Utley coming through? It's awesome to see him come around and get such a big hit, and for the Phils to win another game they looked like they were going to squander.

Now for Colorado to beat the Padres

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