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Saturday, September 23, 2006


Just a hunch, but I think two of the three contending teams lose today. Unfortunately, I think one of them is the Phils.

Just a hunch, but I get the feeling a lot of the people who post here have a bad case of the Philadelphia blahs. By the way, MAW, you should look at the pitching matchups -- I haven't checked the Vegas odds, but I'm guessing both the Dodgers and Pads are favored today.

By the way, someone last night wanted to know if another team had a trio of young stars to equal Howard, Utley and Hamels. Perhaps not in terms of three-man total wattage, but remember that Florida has Cabrera (only 23), Uggla (not far behind Utley in stats, though he's not the clubhouse leader Utley is) and a whole platoon of young starters. None might be as good as Hamels, but Anibel Sanchez, Scott Olsen and Josh Johnson are both the same age he is (22) and Ricky Nolasco is 23. We should be happy the team's stadium situation makes it unlikely they'll keep Willis and Cabrera, because they would be a perennial contender otherwise.

I don't have the blahs, but there are a few people who wear the red pinstripes whom I do not trust with this season.

Unfortunately, one of them is pitching today, and another is managing. That's a deadly combination.

If we make the postseason, I'd run a three-man rotation of Hamels, Moyer, and Myers, and leave Wolf and Lieber for situational work. I don't trust Lieber at all, and I think Wolfy would make a great reliever.

Geez, lay off Lieber a bit. He did throw in a bone last time but he was excellent in his eight starts before that and was great down the stretch last year.

Alby makes a good point about the pitching match-ups for SD and LA...Phils will probably have to win today just to stay where they are.

The Phils have a good shot to either tie or go 1/2 up today in the WC standings. Both pitching matchups for the Dodgers and Padres are pretty even and won't be easy for either team. The Phils have the better of the pitching matchups of all the contenders. The Phils actually have a shot to have the 2nd best NL record as they are a 1/2 game behind the Cards as well.
They may as well run a 12 game win streak to end the season.

Who's announcing the game for Fox today? Is it Graham? Reason I ask is that Harry and LA are doing the radio broadcast.

I won't throw Lieber a bone or any other type of food. . . he is liable to try and eat it.

I don't know if it's Harry's enthusiasm (great to hear this late in the season) or the crowd, but it sure sounds like the good Lieber decided to show up today.


Wow, all three of those hits were LOUD on the radio.

MAW, I noticed that too. The excitement really comes through better on the radio broadcasts. It's awesome. And it sounds like the Phils are finally responding to the crowd.

Where I am, the Mariners-White Sox game is on Fox. Great, thanks.

I've got the sound off right now - how much was the crowd booing burrell?

And how much are they cheering chooch?


Oisin, they were booing the living tar out of Burrell. As loudly as they cheered Howard, that's the way they booed.

Great first inning, though. I've been waiting for the Phils to jump out to a lead like that. That hit by Ruiz was just incredibly big after it looked like they weren't going to make 'em pay for hitting Howard.

It was a little check-swing hit by Ruiz. Intentional or not, it goes to show what can happen when you shorten up and put it in play.

Lieber looks a touch driven today. Determined to get his outs. I think he's plenty pissed at the way his last game went (well, we know that - the way he left and didn't say a word to anyone).

Hm, didn't know that about Ruiz's hit, all Kalas said was "Ground ball, base hit". Sometimes luck does indeed trump ability.

Girardi will lose this game for his team if he starts getting too wound up. The whole thing of pitching howard inside, the determination of the phils, the crowd - I wouldn't be surprised to see a brawl if the manager keeps mouthing off.

Blessed. It feels like we're blessed to have a hitter like howard. Even when he doesn't get a homerun, I'm cheering.

It'd be great if Loria was in the stands and yelled at Girardi not to get on the umps so much.

To quote RSB:


Carlos "Cool Breeze" Ruiz, I LOVE this guy!! Nothing lucky about that one.

RSB, I'm liking your thinking. Anything to get that pressure cooker blowing. Seriously, how much fun would that be in a wild card game?

(Sorry - also reading article against roy keane. Prone to get the blood rushing).

We called for him many a moon ago RSB. I like the "Cool Breeze" for Ruiz. Nicely done!

It worries me that Florida are taking their hacks against lieber. Maybe it will work in his favour, but I hope we get some more runs on the board now.

More runs are surely needed. I also worry that the Phils tend to sit on their leads when the other team doesn't score for awhile...they seem due for a late-inning ambush if this trend continues.

Nice to see (hear) Victorino hitting the ball with some authority today.

How long until Howard gets an IBB with the bases loaded?


That's some poxy luck right there.

Nice defense by Howard's butt.

Innings 4-7. These are the trying times for a phillies fan. Always with the lurking fear present.

And also - is that the third double scored on looch's arm or the second? They're starting to merge into one. ugh.

In the past two innings, stellar infield defensive plays have been followed immediately by extra-base hits. If the Phils win, Lieber might not deserve quite so much credit.

That hit was equally as freaky as chooch's first. Amezega looked like he was falling away from the plate in slow motion whilst hitting the pitch tight and low in on him.

Attaway, J-Roll!

gotta leave the game now, but nice to leave on a high note . ..

Its so nice to have someone clutch like Conine on our team finally.

The boos for Burrell really come through on the radio, too. When he comes up to bat, and when he grounds into a inning-ending double play.

Phillies really getting after it today. Marlins cut it close, Phils immediately widen the gap.

It would help if they just let Conine hit behind Howard every game. He's the best protection they've got for him.

Did we need to take Leiber out? He had only thrown 91 pitches..

Probably not. They said on radio that Manuel needs to get Madson some work.

No, not Madson. Anyone but Madson...

This would not be the time to give Madson some work... Cabrera, Willingham, and Jacobs are up!

I tend to agree, but hopefully he'll have one of his Jeckyll outings. 2 up, 2 down so far.

Uh oh.

BobD says: "Both pitching matchups for the Dodgers and Padres are pretty even and won't be easy for either team."

Let's see. Brad Penny (16-8, 4.13 ERA) is 5-1 with a 1.71 ERA in 10 lifetime starts against Arizona. At home this season he's 9-3 with a 3.88 ERA. Arizona counters with Miguel Batista (10-7, 4.40), who has not won in his last seven starts. He does have good numbers against the Dodgers this year in three starts, but then the Phillies had great numbers in their first four cracks at Dontrelle Willis this year, before he shut them out last time they faced him.

In San Diego, Jake Peavy is only 9-14, 4.25, not great numbers, and Zach Duke has been lights-out for the Pirates three starts in a row. That said, Duke's got a 3.94 ERA at home, almost 3/4 of a run lower than on the road. Duke, meanwhile, is 9-3, 4.11 at home vs. 1-10, 4.90 on the road, and Pittsburgh is an East Coast team playing on the West Coast. So is that the game you think is a guaranteed loss for the homeboys?

Let me put it this way: If you feel that strongly about your prediction, you ought to call your bookie, because that sounds like a helluva parley bet you've got there. If I were he, I'd be happy to take your call.

There's one thing I would agree on: neither team can count on an easy win. In a pressure-filled playoff race, few are.

And there's Mr. Hyde.

Manuel pretty much has to reconcile himself to the fact that Madson is probably his sixth-best reliever right now, and needs to stop using him in the later innings. Too many walks, too many homers.

I think they should just forget about Madson for the rest of the season. Just work with Geary, Smith, Fultz, and Castro. Once the playoffs come around you can use Wolf and/or Lieber as well.

Sixth best of how many? Five?

Madson's just not really a good pitcher. At least at this point in the season/his career. I cringe everytime he enters a game, unless it's a mop-up job. Please Cholly, don't let him pitch any more meaningful innings this year.

I'd rank him ahead of only Brito and Castro as viable late-inning options right now.

Fabio is insulted.

Out of curiosity, is Rhodes done for the year even if we make the playoffs? Any chance he makes the playoff roster?

Pretty sure he's done, and that's absolutely fine with me.

Man, take your eyes off the TV for a few seconds and look what happens (by the way, in my above post it's Peavy who's 3/4 of a run better at home, not Duke).

As for Madson, Cholly unfortunately believes, as do most managers, that bullpens MUST designate an 8th-inning "set-up" man for the closer, so he wants to try Madson in that "role." God forbid someone actually manage the bullpen as if the 8th inning were just like the other middle innings and let pitcher-batter matchups dictate which pitcher to use. Someday a manager will have success ignoring this conventional "wisdom," but until then this ignorance will prevail.

Goodbye, (Yellow Brick) Rhodes.

I like what I've seen from Fabio, Tom, but after that homerun to Matt Diaz, Castro isn't going to see a seventh, eighth, or ninth inning the rest of the way.

An afternoon of seeing-eye singles for the Phillies.

It should be fairly simple, based on how they've been pitching of late: Geary's the eighth-inning guy, White's the seventh-inning guy, Smith can be inserted in either inning, Madson or Fultz are the sixth-inning guys.

Thunderous boos at a Phillies game can only mean two things in September 2006: a) Ryan Howard is being intentionally walked, or b) Pat Burrell just poked his head out of the dugout.

Oh, forgot about Sanchez. We can leave Madson ranked ahead of him.

Is my point about Conine taken? He is the only one who is punishing all these intentional walks to Howard.

Can anyone remember a better deadline trade the Phils made than acquiring Conine? Except maybe acquiring Moyer.

Gillick deserves some serious credit for those moves.

RSB, why should the inning matter? If Rick White can get guys out under pressure in the 6th, why does it matter if it's the 8th instead? I understand the difference between no-pressure situations vs. pressure situations -- that's why Fabio won't pitch again except in blowouts -- but really, I see no improvement in relievers' ERA over the last 10 years, which I'd expect if pitchers really were "best" in some particular inning.

RSB: You are problably right about Fabio, though I think at a minimum he should be used for mop up instead of some of the more proven arms. Too often, Charlie falls into that rote 7-8-9 syndrome of his.

Holy crap. Is Madson still in? How is that possible?

Holy crap. Is Madson still in? How is that possible?

Olivo is the Marlin's new answer to Conine. What, by the way, does Flash have over Fabio? Just kidding. Flash has this tendency as we all know too well. Frankly, I cannot see why Charlie would use him with a four run lead. A waste of an outing. Absolutely a waste.

This is no longer amusing. Not only was it a mistake to use Flash here, his confidence will be shot now and, more to the point, so will Charlie's in him.

Hey, this laptop in lap, in-game commenting ain't bad...provided they hold on.

i can defend burrell, madson is another issue. at this point, no lead is safe with him in the ball game.

I'm fairly comfortable with the lineup and bullpen use. Conine has been coming into the game for Dellucci about halfway through, and stays in. Always seems to come in as a PH in a big spot. I didn't have an issue bringing Madson into the game up 6-2. Didn't think the pitch he got burned on was all that terrible. I don't think using Madson today has anything to do with assigned bullpen roles. Geary sits, Smith sits. Should be fresh for tomorrow.

Nice game by Lieber - no walks, no homers, 11 groundouts. Another big, insurance hit by Rollins with the leadoff homer. J-Roll never stops.

You can basically use Fultz, White, or Smith 6 through 8, but Geary has pitched his was into the primary set-up man, and there's plenty of sense in using your best options in the bullpen later in the game.

Anyhow - another win! And even though Florida scored a lot late, to me it was the most convincing win of the homestand.

I agree TG. Now if the next 2-3 games are tight in the ninth, what do you do? Not the most efficient or economical use of your closer, especially with his fragile shoulder.

Oh well, at least Flash didn't blow it.

I think at this point we have a better chance than the Dodgers. 3 games at Coors, 3 games at San Francisco vs. our 6 road games against Washington and Florida.

He didn't blow it, but those stands sure got quiet after the Ramirez homer. The Olivo homer was inexcusable. Lieber got him out all day by getting ahead with a fastball, then throwing him breaking stuff outside off the plate. No excuse for changing the pattern there.

Looking at the box score, it's nice to see that Girardi is daring everyone but Howard to beat them, and others are doing just that. Four hits each for Victorino and Utley, backed up with a 2-for-2 by Conine.

J, you're right about Conine coming in halfway through the game. It usually coincides with a pitching change to throw a lefty at the middle of the lineup. If Conine weren't coming through in these situations, our record would look like Florida's, San Francisco's -- all those other teams that fell out of the WC race. You know, the ones that lacked character. ;-)

And just when I thought I wasn't gonna have a heart attack today.
Still, I'm happy! Loved everyone's performance today, except of course for "Lighter Fluid" Madson and Flash clogging my aorta.

for the people listening on the radio: Burrell wasn't booed that badly when he came to bat. It was 75/25, cheers/boo, but the low sounds of "boo" travel further and better.

However, the double play ball did induce some major boos.

that being said, burrel had 2 great at bats, 1 terrible call on a called 3rd strike, and a double play ball that wasnt hit badly, just unlucky.

Joe either way it wasn't a very good for Pat.

...good day.**

pat's day was fine. nunez and dellucci looked like crap.

madson looked good, and then seemed to not concentrate for the HR. still needs seasoning.

Phils are gonna take the WC!

I watched the entire game and am not sure what the radio announcers said about it, but at least 4 hits and 4 runs by the Phillies were the direct result of misplays by the Marlins. None were called errors. I can't remember the last time I've seen such bad defense. But we'll take it.

yes but Nunez & Dellucci aren't getting paid 9.7-ish million dollars.

3 thoughts:
1. I defend the right of any fan to boo. Burrell's personality and game are not what Philly likes, so he gets his share. I just hope management looks at his final stats before giving him away for nothing, as they did Abreu.
2. It's now apparent that the Phils will be just fine with a Ruiz/Coste tandem behind the plate next year. This allows them to focus on real needs: 3B, OF and pitching.
3. Lieber is the single biggest reason why the team has righted itself since late July. Not only the way he's pitched (5-2, 3.24 ERA in August and September), but taking pressure off Myers and Hamels.

Maria: There is a direct correlation between payroll and results in MLB. There are a few exceptions (the A's for example) but over the past 10 years the winning pct. and budgets match up quite nicely.

Agree Clout. Through Moyers guile and experiance in and Wolfy's just hangin' in there stuff and this rotation is doing a very good job. Definitely a big thumbs up for Leiber. He got over his injury and was effected by the trade talk, but since then has excelled.

*** throw .....

I was at the game today and it was an awesome atmosphere. The offense did enough to win the game, and Lieber pitched decently. His line would have looked better if Burrell wouldn't have misplayed that ball.

*Nunez is the real deal with the glove at 3rd, but can not hit. Luckily teams have been walking him.
*Howard getting walked is now hurting the other go ahead and walk him.
*Conine was a great pickup!
*There are some hot-looking Phillies fans!
*Utley is hitting again.

*Ryan Madson is just bad. If we get the Wild Card I don't even want him on the roster...although he will be.
*Flash should have never been used in the 9th. I'm so tired of "well, he warmed up, so we might as well bring him in"...dumb, dumb, DUMB!!!
*Burrell- he's just LOST!

I just know somehow the phillies will figure out how to blow it this season and miss the playoffs ;-(

watch some injuried occur, howard, utley, its bound to happen

Nice start today from Lieber. If the starters can keep going 6 and 7 innings, the Phils have a great shot at making the playoffs. Continued kudos to Conine. Came up huge today.

Somebody to answer for teams pitching around Howard. I doubt if Howard will see alot of fastballs the rest of the way. It will shock me if any team actually pitches to Howard in the playoffs considering that Burrell has been so ho-hum lately.

This bullpen has more holes right now than Swiss cheese. Basically dial-a-diaster. The Phils don't have a single reliever that can guarantee you an out. This will become a critical issue if the Phils make the playoffs. So bizarre how the bullpen and the start pitching have basically done a 180 over the past month.

Smith, Geary, Flash...Charlie just has to know when and in what situation to use them.

Good morning. Phillies is sole posession of first place in the NL Wild Card! A win today cements that lead.

Woo Hoo! Go Phils!

back in the lead. A win today does double duty, as it would knock off Florida.

Hey Weitzel, make that heading read "Phils with half game lead in the Wild Card race!" turning back now my friends!

I agree with that headline by Carson...Phils with half game lead in the Wild Card race!" turning back now my friends!

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we are mobilephone dealer,we sell various brands of a very cheap
price,our phones are of international standards and brand new and also
carries a one year are some of the phones we have in stock:
$160, P800 FOR JUST $140,
MOTOROLA MPX 200 ..................$125USD
Sony Ericsson S700i $140
NEXTEL I860 AT JUST ...............$100
NEXTEL I930 AT JUST .................$125
Sony Ericsson K500i, Z1010 $150nokia 6630 at just $130
samsung E700 AT JUST $140
NOKIA 9300 AT JUST $180
NOKIA 7280 AT JUST $130,
NOKIA 7610, AT JUST $120
nokia n90 is $190
nokia n91 at just $200
nokia 9200 is $170
sony ericsson W800i is $180
interested buyer should contact us with the following email for more
informations,,,, or

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