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Friday, October 27, 2006


Rhodes sucked this season, for sure.

I'd throw in any of the games that we had a shot to share the WC lead and then promptly lost. I think it happened 2 or 3 times in august and early september.

Howard's 7 RBI night. Early in the season, I know, but that was pretty much the story the whole year right? Didn't win the ones we should have had in the bag

The one I'll remember that cost the Phils is that extra-inning loss at Florida where they left something like 18 men on base. That's when I knew for sure this team couldn't be trusted. The other one which still disgusts me is that flat, raid-delayed 3-1 loss to Washington which officially chucked everybody's hopes out the window.

But contrary to be the consensus that had the Philles gotten in the playoffs, they would've gone far - I would bet anything they would have been swept in the first round. The Phillies, respond to playoff pressure? They would've been meat. It's never mattered how good the Phillies appear in relation to other teams. It's how they play when it counts.

...uh, that would be 'rain' delayed. As far as I know there was no raid.

I agree their post-season trip would have been short lived. They weren't going anywhere with that bullpen.


Most of us have our bar set so low. I know I do. All I ever hope for is a post-season appearance.

isn't the real question how many games would we have won had charlie manuel stopped running rhodes' sorry ass out there?

you could also ask the question of how important were those games against the cardinals to start the season, in particular the opener where scott rolen hit a grand slam off of julio santana.

Ah, yes, that makeup game vs. Houston. That was a killer.

For some reason the ones I remember are the three-game home series vs. Cincinnati in early August. Thre Phils had just taken two out of three from Atlanta and came home to face the Reds against whom they promptly lost two of those three games. After Cincinnati left town, the Phils took three of four from the Mets. Had they played better against the Reds they would have put together quite a winning streak that might have propelled them to greater things. They just couldn't put together a monster streak at any time in 2006.

How bout that crappy series to open the 2006 campaign? Nothing like getting swept by St. Loius in our own stadium to set the tone for yet another horrible April...

We also lost 3 of 4 from Washington during the beginning of June, along with the Howard 7 RBI game that we coughed up against the Yankees. Losing 2 of 3 from Tampa (at home nonetheless!) and the doubleheader sweep by the O's also hurt.

Also, as mentioned earlier, the Cincinnati series at home and the Astro make-up game were terrible. The game that started so late against Washington during the last week of the season was also a joke. Thanks, MLB...

Bottom line, this team won't do anything with Manuel at the helm. I don't care if he has 500 ex-managers on his staff.

Jon: I agree with you, losing that opening series to the Cardinals certainly set the tone for April through June and should put to rest the notion that it's a long season and there's always plenty of time to catch up. The Cardinals winning margin for the Central Division (and their margin over the Phillies when looking at an entire season's total wins) came that April.

although i was at both the astros game jason talks about as well as the post-midnight game here in dc the final week, i can think of two other least favorite moments of the season: ryan franklin thowing the game down the leftfield line in milwaukee and job lieber throwing the game down the rightfield line at shea. pitching killed us, as usual.

My least favorite stretch of games was in June. They had a tough 11 game roadtrip with a West Coast swing and had just swept the Diamondbacks. They proceeded to go to Washington and lose 3 out of 4 from Washington. The Sunday game was an end of roadtrip "mail it in job" where they were shutout 6-0 and managed just 2 hits off Nats starter Shawn Hill. They then lost the next 7 straight series.

The series that sticks out most in my mind is the one against the BrewCrew in Milwakee. Remember the bullpen blowing games in the last inning? I do! I remember coming on here as saying that's the type of series that deflates a team and doesn't bode well for the rest of the season...they completely fell apart following that, and didn't pick themselves back up for a good 2 months afterward in early August.

by the way, bloggeratti? next thing you know, we'll be part of the bloggeist.

Those Milwaukee games were brutal, brutal, brutal. And I never quite understood the decision to not only start Lieber in the first game of the season, but set him up with Lieberthal, who does not catch him. Lieber had a terrible spring. This year, it needs to be Myers.

Thus ends one of the crappier World Series in a while. Besides Carpenter's great pitching performance, this World Series was marked by shoddy defense, mental blunders, and erratic offense. The only thing that people will remember in 10 years is Rogers' pitching scandal.

The St. Louis is arguably one of the worst teams to ever win the World Series.

DVD title for this year's World Series should be: "Somebody Had to Win . . . "

I agree with Billy Mac. That stretch in June was the killer. They came off a decent western trip heading into DC 3.5 games out. I attended the Sunday game there that weekend, but I'm not sure the Phillies were in the house. They looked like cardboard cut-outs standing around in the field. Then they came home and proceeded to lose to everybody, including 2 of 3 to the Devil Rays who won only 20 road games all year. By the end of the month they were 12.5 out with another month of bad baseball ahead before they would begin to turn it around.

I always had the feeling that something happened to the team on the road between Arizona and Washington that week. It just looked like the lights went out and they didn't come back on until August.

Even though I participated in this thread, it's hilariously sad to look at us all grousing like old men about the worst moments of the Phillies' season, while the white noise of the Cardinals' latest world championship plays somewhere far in the background. Oh, to be a sports fan in Philadelphia.

I have to give the Cards *some* credit, if no one else can bring themselves to. They played the best baseball in the post-season. And I'll even give LaRussa his due. His team was impressive and didn't make many mistakes. I doubt anyone outside of the prairies gives a good goddamn that they won, but as much as an 83-win team can earn it, they earned it.

DVD title for this year's World Series should be: "Somebody Had to Win . . . "

Timing is everything. In the last 6 weeks of the season into the post-season the Cards were great, mediocre and horrible at different times.

8/17 to 9/3: 10-6
9/4 to 9/16: 6-6
9/18 to 10/1: 4-10
10/5 to 10/27: 10-5

The Cards winning the Series pisses me off...83 regular season wins gets you there? Phils need to step it up next season and get into the playoffs where anything is possible.

If they gave an entire playoff MVP, it would have to be Weaver. He won big game after big game for them and even when he lost, he still pitched well.

The Cards may have only won 83 games, but they do have the best player in baseball, one of the best third basemen in baseball, a near-HoF CF, and a Cy Young winner on the team.

Then again, they had Juan Encarnacion hitting 4th a week ago, so who knows?

Also, if Pujols can hit 3rd for the Cards, I still don't know why Howard can't hit 3rd for the Phils.

Cause Charlie says so! Stupid is as stupid does...

Those who do not learn from the past are doomed to repeat it. Yes, even you Charlie.

OK, enough quotes for the morning.

I'm just bracing myself for the endless columns about the little guy (eckstein) and the little things (everything the tigers didn't do). Not to ignore the downright stupidity of some of the errors, but as ever they will be hyped out of proportion. Still, this year at least we won't get the re-hashed pitching wins post-season cliche . . .

In fairness to the Cards, they are a more talented team than the Phillies. The 83 wins is largely due to the loss of SUBSTANTIAL time to injuries of 3 of their 5 best players: Pujols, Isringhausen and Edmonds. Had those guys been healthy all season the Cards would've won 7 to 10 more games.

C'mon Clout, don't rain on my parade.

I hardly think that the Cardinals are a more talented team than the Phillies. They are better managed, and they do have a distict advantage in being in the Central Division. All teams have injuries and your argument doesn't consider that the Phillies would have been a better team with a healthy Randy Wolf to start the season.

If you consider that the Cardinals overall record is worse than 13 teams and that they play the Cubs, Pirates and Brewers while the Phillies play the Mets and Braves, You can easily remove the 7 - 10 games you think mean anything. Remove interleague play too. lets play KC instead of the Yankess, Red Sox or Orioles and see how that compares.

The Cardinsals have an unfair advantage due to the divisional and play off structure. Put the Phils in the Central and the Card in the East, and Guess what, the Phils would have made the play off the Cardinals would not.

Cardinals went a combined 26-24 against the Cubs, Pirates and Brewers. That ain't good.

Of course, the Phils went a combined 9-10 against those same three teams, which was also their record against Washington.

The logical conclusion is here that the Phils ended up where they did on merit--and the Cardinals, probably not so much.

The stretch of games after winning 13 of 14 or something like that back in May, when we proceeded to lose 6 of 7 to noone special. That kind of self-obliteration should have let us know that nothing changed.

Randy Wolf? The guy with the 5.56 ERA?

No doubt Cards division opponents were weaker this year (not last year), but go down their roster one by one and see how many Phillies you'd take over the Cards at each position, in the rotation and in the bullpen.

In any event, the argument is settled by Won/Loss. The Cards in the past 3 years have won 105, 100 and 83 games and made the World Series twice. The Phils have won 86, 88 and 85 games and haven't even made the playoffs.

keep in mind, clout, that the guy with the 5.56 era would have replaced one of the guys with an era over 7.

Randy Wolf's ERA wasn't pretty last year, but he looked like Cy-freakin-Young compared to Madson and The Headcase Known as Gavin Floyd.

Agreed, DQ.

And if you want to get really picky, Vicente Padilla and his 15-10, 4.50 ERA would have looked like Cy Young compared to all three.

And in case you didn't know, Padilla's coming back to the NL East next season. Mark it down: Atlanta or New York will sign him. Buster Olney rated him as the No. 1 undervalued free agent, and I agree 100 percent. I'd take Padilla over Lilly or Wolf in a heartbeat. A team like New York, with its strong Latino leadership, would be the perfect place for Padilla.

Jason: Right on! You nailed it, as usual.

I never wanted the Phillies to get rid of Vicente Padilla, especially when getting nothing in return...pointless trade.

I took the weekend off, and a story in the Monday morning news gives the real reason the Cards beat the Tigers in the WC. The list of the most dangerous cities in the US came out and St. Louis ranked no. 1 and Detroit was no. 2. Until crime gets worse in Philly, the Phillies are doomed to disappointment. Even Reading, Pa. ranked higher in danger than Philly!

Here's my solution to make Philly more dangerous: take in more Katrina evacuees. Houston, TX has a bunch they want to get rid off. The projects have not reopened in New Orleans. If you have room in Philly, take the cream of the crop. Have a recruiter outside the Orleans Parish courthouse and sign up newly arrested offenders that are released due to lack of jail space and give them a plane ticket to Philly. This will guarantee the WC next year!

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