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Wednesday, May 23, 2007


Well that was easy. Wonder who gets to pitch the 8th.

Why would Cholly make a double switch when supposedly the pitcher (geary) would be coming up first. Now its Helms and the pitcher is in Dobbs place. Does Cholly expect Geary to pitch another inning? Now we lost another pinchhitter if needed

I don't know if any of you follow "fangraphs" but the win probability for the phills in that inning started at 75% moved to 50% after Geary gave up that double and the sac bunt and moved back to 75% after the last out. I think a lot of people that don't get baseball miss the fact that the innings without any scoring are sometimes the most intense and important.
By the way the FG link is

What happened the damned gametracker is stalling?

I don't know either Parker, but Alfonseca is in now

Gametracker hasn't been able to figure out what Cholly is doing to the lineup.

someone tell me why Victorino swings at the 1st pitch after Werth walks on 4 straight balls. God damn...give a friggin take sign if these morons can't figure out simple baseball.

Rollins needs to be put in the leadoff hole before his head explodes. Looks like he figured if they're going to move me to 3 then I'm going the swing for the fences everytime up.

With Alfonseca in the game I think the odds of our winning drop to 70% at best. On a totally unrelated note, when people argue about whether Selig should be there when Bonds breaks the record, I don't understand, is Selig supposed to attend every game he's one shy of breaking the record? What if it takes him a while? Bonds hasn't hit a home run in 12 games, what if it takes him another 12 games to go from 755 to 756, does Selig have to travel with the team?

I was wondering the same thing Tray. The media is acting like Bonds hitting 756 is a scheduled event.

Is there a rain delay or something?

Ugh -- is Gametracker something the Marlins had to cut to meet payroll. Again, no way to know what's going on here.

would've been nice to do that 2 innings ago Utley. Gotta Friggin get this run in NOW!

No delay. Top 9 no outs and Chase just hit a triple.
The bottom of the 8th was a solid inning for Alfonseca. He gave up a bloop single and mowed down everybody else. As I'm typing rowand hits a double and Rowand scores.

At least Utley still has a pulse.

Matthews: "You actually get your triple from the very first time you hit the ball, right at home plate - that's where it starts!" I'm lost...

utley triple and rowand double to start off 9th

Utley scores not Rowand. Sorry for the confusion.

Krub that is impressive by rowand. Scoring on the double. J/K. Thanx fot the update.

Big Bag Nunez with the Intentional walk!

I don't know what exactly Matthews said, but maybe he was suggesting that hustle out of the box makes or breaks a triple?

Sarge is saying you have to come out of the box trucking to get the triple.
I keep defending Sarge and I don't want to sound like DavThom with his man-crush but Matthews really is pretty good.

Intentional walk of Nunez! Mark your calendar.

Curt, a pulse? He is batting over .300 and has 3 hits tonight. I may be misinterpreting what you are saying here though. are you saying he is the only guy?

You know how that guy collects all the things that Bush says into "Bushisms"?

Somebody from Beerleaguer should be in charge of compiling "Sargisms" for the end of the year.

No problem Parker. Have you tried the Fox sports game tracker thing?

How many outs?

2 out pinch single for Wes Helms. 6-3 good guys.

parker -- yeah, the only guy - he had 1/2 of our hits at the time. But Nunez deserves a shout out too -- on base 4 times.

Someone posted a link to Sargeisms in the last thread, some pretty shockingly awful stuff. I thought it was hilarious when they decided to walk Nunez and they show Barajas in shock. It's as if it never occurred to him that he's an awful hitter.

Thanx, again. Also fox thing is working. Appreciate that as well.

7-3 . . . it's Yoel time!

Lets see what Rosario or Yoel can do wuth this one.

no save opportunity for Myers - I wouldn't put him in now

i cannot believe they gave a free pass to nunez!! the end is nigh!!!!!!!!

I'm usually in Pittsburgh for the games so I feel your pain when gamecast doesn't work.

Wow, Cholly is getting Rosario up to pitch now that it is a four-run game! Has he finally learned that you don't need Brett Myers to prevent 4 runs in one inning.

It could get interesting though, with Ramirez and Cabrera due up 4th and 5th in the inning.

Oh, never mind, it will be Myers. Not a terrible move, because of the big bats that are comming up and Myers has had at least one day off.

MG - I was arguing Rowand's outfield positioning and general defnesive skills a few days ago with you but last night was pretty good evidence in your favor.

never mind, it *will* be a save opp for myers :-(

Why did they use Myers? He better bare down now

We're now seeing the result -- much earlier that I thought -- of the overuse of Myers in the closer role, in Myers' first several weeks in that role.

woohoo, these are the phillies that i know and love!

gosh, its a good thing that myers is even tempered, otherwise, i'd expect cabrera to mash one here.

Ugh. Why do you throw to 1B on that play?



5 pitches, 3 runs. Only the Phillies.

Ummm Greg? You there buddy?

We deserve to lose this game.

God damn it Cholly. Myers totally looked mentally unprepared to come in since it went from being a save situation to a non-save situation in the top of the 9th.

Why the hell does Cholly use Myers up 4 runs? 4 runs?! Cholly is a moron. Pure and simple.

best clutch hitter in baseball at the plate

Davethom, it figures that you chime in now. Myers got raked by the Fish the last time he pitched against them, so you better have more evidence of overuse. Honestly I think that has nothing to do with it.

This is ridiculous...

Classic Phillies choke.

I agree with you Parker, he only threw one well-hit pitch and it's understandable that he'd be rattled after Dobbs's play.

This inning is a lot more relaxed if it isn't for Dobbs. It's not Cholly or Myers here.

He's the F'n closer - bad plays should not rattle him.

Good thing Aaron Boone has never hit a clutch home run to win a big game...oh wait.


Horrible, HORRIBLE block by Barajas.

barajas must go.

I cannot believe - no, wait, I can believe it.

Of course this happens.

Of course.

I'm fucking sick of this.

Every time this team makes a mistake, it always comes back to haunt them.

Unbelievable. How did Barajas not block the plate?

For who for what?

There's your defensive stud Barajas -- failing to get down the third base line to block the plate so that the baserunner couldn't make a close play sliding under the tag -- questionable call as it was. The great throw only beat the runner by a full two-count. Don't talk to me about Barajas' great defense as a catcher -- that was an A-ball mistake.

Like why, WHY did he bring in Myers? What the HELL was he thinking? Please, PLEASE fire him. PLEASE.

Head to the showers you loser Barajas. Cholly can join you. Just pathetic.

Anybody want to defend the vaunted defensive backup cathcer now? Anybody?

No hit, no defense.

To afraid to get hit. P...y!

lovely. myers over threw.

Anybody want to defend the vaunted defensive backup cathcer now? Anybody?

No hit, no defense.

Too afraid to get hit. P...y!

Barajas was not ejected for anything he said or how he reacted after the play. He was ejected because no catcher who does not block the plate on an advance throw like that does not deserve to remain in a Major League baseball game.

On a positive note, Matthews offered some really solid and even grammatical analysis for once.

Is the game over?

Keep Coste...and actually play him.

And now Brett hurts himself because the Big P...y didn't get the tag down.

And it just got better. Its hard to be a Phillies fan.

what the hell, let's bring in cole hamels.

it can't get worse at this point.

That was an embarrasing play. An embarrasoing inning all around.

And Myers is hurt, comming in to a 4-run game. Unbelievable, not to be alarmist, but this may be the season.

Brilliant Charlie...fucking brilliant...

4 run MFing lead!!!!

There goes Myers...

Trust your other pitchers!!!!

Yeah AWH and davthom you're so right. If only Coste was in. Maybe he can pitch. I wonder if he's going to have a Scranton Wilkes Barre hat or a Phillies hat when he's inducted to the hall? You guys are ridiculous.

Dobbs you're an f'n idiot!

Manuel is an f'n idiot for bringing Myers in to begin with.

Myers is an idiot for pitching like crap. Now he's hurt.

Rod Barajas should be released immediately, and I'm not exaggerating. The fat ass weights about 250 and he pussy-footed on a dead out at the plate and cost the PHils this game.

count this game as the most pissed i've been all season.

the phils suck!

I'm beginning to wonder why my wife and I bought a six pack of tickets. Mission accomplished, Gillick: fill the seats with an underachieving team.


a-will, you make too much sense for the Phils.


Forget Coste...I guess the season's over now.

This team is a douchebag.

I'm done.

To the comments about Myers being "rattled" after the Dobbs play, I beg to differ. After that play, he struck out Cabrera and Hermida. He wasn't rattled at all.

this game is a nightmare

Bad teams find countless ways to lose, and this remains a bad team, badly managed. Cholly's fear of losing has now cost us Myers.

What the hell is going on, the damn stat tracker is screwed up agian.

And too much sense for all the idiot Barajas dubbed 'morons who don't know baseball'.

Yes, Dobbs and Barajas screwed up, but Charlie screwed up long before that by continuing to use Myers over and over again when it is not necessary. Any closer will say they can go any given day. It takes the manager and pitching coach to realize when he can best be utilized, even more so if they are new to the role. Manuel, you sealed your own fate dumb ass...

Oh, and we can now usher in the Antonio ALfonseca closer era. Unbelievable...

There's only one thing Gillick can do. He must release Barajas immediately. It is unacceptable to do what he did.

And he must fire Manuel. A stand must be made. This was unacceptable. Losing this game was absolutely unacceptable.
If he does not do this... Monty must fire Gillick et al.

Season over.

Mad Dog for Closer!

All this is great, but WTF happened? Where is Myers? what happened? Is the game over?

I'm listening to the game and just saw the Barajas play. Embarassing. Why did we bring in Myers??? I hate baseball.

Yeah I hate those Barajas defenders. The worst part about them is how they wait to make their points in select situations throughout a 162 game season. Those guys are morons.

Watch these assholes win this game now - 1st extra inning victory of the year.

That's true -- Charlie kept using Myers in non-save situations because he was afraid if the bullpen blew a big lead, he would be fired.
The result is an under .500 team with no closer for the last 75 percent of the season.
So, he should be fired for managing to not get fired.

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