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Monday, July 16, 2007


Thank god Sanches is gone! Even if it is for Gordon and his half an arm.

Jason: Happ pitched 4 innings on Saturday (and got shelled again), so I think you can rule him out for a Tuesday start. I was thinking it might be Condrey, but then he pitched yesterday. Looks like it's going to be Durbin.

This will be a long series. Brad Penny going against us tonight & Durbin on the mound tomorrow.

I could see this West Coast swing being the nail in the conffin for the Phils. If they end up going 2-5 or even 1-6 (god forbid 0-7) I think it's time to pull the plug on the season and start finding trading partners. And this time I hope managment can get something good for who we have left. With Burrell's bat coming somewhat alive it may be possible to finally move him out to the Dodgers or even San Diego (barring his approval). If tehy aren't going to sign Rowand they need to trade him for prospects, and good ones too! No one will want Eaton but i'd love to drop him, he's been nothing but terrible and just really wasn't a good fit for the ballpark or ball club to begin with. Knowing my luck they will go 3-3 and the Mets and Braves will manage drop a few just to keep the Philly fans hopefully. I hope i'm wrong, I say tank this season and start over (again) they obviously don't have the pitching to make anything of this season.

4-3 on the road trip in that last post. I believe it's a 7 game swing.

"If they aren't going to sign Rowand they need to trade him for prospects, and good ones too!"

When will people stop fantasizing about this?

Happ is not a major league pitcher. And never will be.

I would sooner call up Maloney than Happ; at least Maloney is in rhythm and pitching 6-7 innings most chances.

There has to be something Gillick can find from the outside. Even Lohse would be a significant upgrade over what they have.

Agreed, Jason. Though given the results Kendrick has achieved, I wouldn't be averse to giving Maloney a chance.

On another note, am I the only one worried that Gordon should get more rehab work before tossing him into real games?

"On another note, am I the only one worried that Gordon should get more rehab work before tossing him into real games?"

Tom Gordon doing rehab in real games might not be much worse than Brian Sanches pitching at 100%.

I Mitch Williams is noticing that your mechanics are off under pressure situations maybe it's time that more focus should be placed on Dubee. I know he's not exactly a favorite on this site but seriously, Mitch freakin Williams notices this and our pitching coach doesn't? Shameful.

Matchup for the 7-game West Coast swing:
Tonight: Moyer vs. Penny
Tomorrow: Durbin vs. Hendrickson
Wednesday (day game): Kendrick vs. Billingsley
Thursday: Hamels vs. Young
Friday: Eaton vs. Germano
Saturday: Moyer vs. Wells
Sunday: Durbin vs. Peavy

The weakest opponent is Hendrickson and that's the game Durbin starts. Hamels vs. Young will be great battle and Moyer vs. Wells should be fun. I'm not wild about the other matchups, although Billingsley can be beat when he walks people.

Hawk, you're right about Gordon at 35% being better than half the bullpen, but I wonder if a couple of games against low A hitters is really evidence of even that level of readiness.

YC, I have been pleasantly surprised by Mitch Williams' work as an analyst -- not his knowledge of the game, though that too, but his ability to articulate it. He's the second Phillies broadcaster -- Larry Andersen being the first -- who I think would be a better pitching coach than the one in the dugout.

Clout: What, no comment on the ironic matchup of Eaton vs. Germano? Wonder what the betting line on that game will be...

That is one ugly rotation. Even though Gordon will be around to pitch an inning every few days, I'd have to say we're favored in none of those games.

Unfortunately, as I no longer live in the Philadelphia area I have not been able to hear "Mitchie-poo's" analysis. I too have been very happy with Larry Andersen's work when listening through MLBtv and Gameday audio. I think a large portion of that is because he was able to learn the fine art of pitching under Verne Ruhle and Johnny Podres.

Here's hoping that Gordon can stay healthy and contribute. Even Gordon at 80-85% with usage limitations is an upgrade over Sanches.

Sanches has shown me that he doesn't deserve to see another shot with this club anytime in the future.

Chris Wheeler would also be a better pitching coach than Rich Dubee "ous distinction of sucking".

Three wins would make this road trip wildly successful. I think it's more likely that we're looking at two.

Assessing Adam Eaton's stats are a good guide to assessing the Phillies. If you look at the 8-6, you think, okay, not so bad. If you look at the 5.98 ERA, you know what you're really getting.

If you look at the 5 GB, you think, okay, there's a chance - but the inversion here is that the Phillies' W-L record is what is truly revealing. .500 teams don't make the playoffs. The Phillies do not have the ability to become anything other than what they have been.

No playoffs. No chance. Expect nothing. Win two, lose one. Lose two, win one. Enjoy watching them bash the ball around. See if Utley can win the batting title. See if Rollins can get 30/30. That's the drama left to this season.

AWH: regarding your post on team ERA rankings, you are far too generous in determining that the Giles era began in 1987. This is the guy who made the 5-for-1 Hayes trade, the guy who lost so many good front office people and Sandberg and Matthews to the Cubs, the guy who grossly overrated what was left of his farm system, and who either shut down, skimped on, or was grossly negligent of various aspects of the minor league operations *well* before that year.

That Eaton/Germano match-up is perfect.

Durbin vs. Peavy might be the three most depressing/hilarious words of the season. Whatever happened to that rumored Weathers/Lohse deal?

Tim from Williamsport:

We've been over this many times. There will be no market for Aaron Rowand. He's a rent-a-player now because he's about to become a free agent. No team is going to offer anything close to the sandwich pick the Phils will receive for letting him walk.

Aaron Rowand will finish the season with the Phillies. Period.

(There's only one caveat... he's thrown into a deal to sweeten our side. Of course, that would only happen if this team was trading for the now and not for the future. And there's little chance of this scenario being a positive one for the Phillies.)

Starting Durbin is basically conceding a game. If Gillick continues to let Durbin start, then he is giving up on this season by default.

As for Eaton, I am just totally disgusted with him. It wasn't like he just made a few mistake pitches yesterday or had bad defense behind. He got shelled. That Pujols HR was ridiculous and I couldn't believe how few swings/misses the Cards had yesterday. Bet it was less than 6 or 7.

Plus, with the exception of April, Eaton has gotten relatively unscathed by the media and fans. As Weitzel pointed out, Eaton has been the WORST STARTER IN THE NL this year.

The worst part is that the Phils are stuck with this dud for another two years at significant money. Two things I guarantee about Eaton:

1. He is going to be at least the Phils No. 3 starter next year
2. Eaton will still be on this team after Gillick's tenure as GM ends

Even Sir Alden can't defend Gillick on the Eaton acquisition.

clout, those pitching matchups are enough to give anyone nightmares for months. How do the Dodgers and Padres lose more than once a week? Could you imagine if we had anywhere near the back end rotation pitchers like those two teams have? We might be 8 up on the Mets and Braves.

BAP mentioned JA Happ got rocked over the weekend and one would venture to guess his arm is still not 100% sound.

Somewhere I read the Phillies altered his mechanics in the last year and it helped increase his velocity into the low 90's. Just makes you think what the downside to that decision might be - TJ surgery?

CJ - The YANKEES might be desperate enough if they get back into contention to perhaps take a run at Rowand (and Barajas).

They could use another steady RH bat and Damon has struggled mightily lately plus has had nagging injuries all year.

Maybe we could get some relief help and some decent prospects and knowing the Phillies they might not want the sandwich pick as it might cost them more money than an existing prospect(s).

It would be a sign the Phillies are out of contention and then they can make their run like usual.

The fact that we currently employ J.D. Durbin and Jose Mesa on our wonderful pitching staff speaks volumes for just how sh*tty this season's pitching has been.

Adam Eaton disgusts me and so does Pat Gillick.

CJ- I beg to differ with you on the Aaron Rowand front, I believe if put on the trading block he could land a high quality prospect and maybe more due to his breakout season thus far.

A 2 win West Coast swing should about solidify the Phils as "sellers." Maybe its for the best.

In one of the ESPN montages "highlighting" the Phillies existence on the way to 10K, there was a good shot of Phans with bags on their heads that said "There's always next year." Funny, how time changes things - no need for the bags this time around, but the message is the same.

A question for all the trade speculators: in or out of contention, what do the Phillies have to offer - which they're *willing* to offer - that anyone wants?

I don't think they can trade Michael Bourn because of the uncertainty regarding Rowand. And Rowand himself will not be traded.

Okay, who else? J.A Happless?

No buying. No selling. No playoffs. What you see is what you get.

Carson: "I believe if put on the trading block [Rowand] could land a high quality prospect and maybe more due to his breakout season thus far."

Do you also believe in the Tooth Fairy?

The Phills will be lucky to go 3-4 against LA/SD. The scary part is Durbin is scheduled to pitch 2 of these games. How great would Germano look in our rotation. According to Phillies "lachey aka pool boy" Rubin Amaro on a broadcast a few weeks ago He bascically told Chris the Phills didn't misevaluate him.
"paraphrasing" He said that they stand by their evaluation of Germano & his stuff was average & management believe's hitters will catch up to him.
I know it's not going to happen. But for the Phills to have any shot at the postseason Myers needs to eventually go into the rotation for the last 1.5 months of the season. Gordon needs to be healthy(Very questionable). Carrasco should also be promoted. As Jason stated-I would also give Maloney the last start vs San Diego. Peavy will most likely shut down the Phills-why not see what Carrasco or Maloney can do?

sheesh.. we win a series, and we're suddenly doom and gloom for the rest of the week?

at least let's play the games before pronouncing them dead.

as for eaton - i like his stuff, i like his bat and attitude.... but good lord the first three innings are brutal. his bat is the sole reason why he's got as many wins as he does.

i wonder if coste could squeeze a little more out of him than barajas.

as for the barajas/rowand trade to the yankees, i could see that, but only if the yankees pick up a couple games in the next couple weeks. they're very close to dead for the year.

I'm sorry, you guys are delusional if you think the Phils will get anything worth anything for Aaron Rowand.

I seem to remember the last time we sent the Yankees an outfield bat... not only did we get NOTHING in return, but we had to send them a servicable pitcher. Sure, there was that pesky contract issue, but is this situation is much better for the Yankees?

We'd be sending them a player they'd be renting for 3 months with NO chance (or desire, frankly) to retain him after the season ended. And the funniest part of this rediculous scenario: The Yankees are further out of the playoffs than the Phillies (9 in the division and 8 in the WC).

Now someone explain to me how we get anything of value for Rowand from the Yankees or anyone else...

"sheesh.. we win a series, and we're suddenly doom and gloom for the rest of the week?"

Don't bother, joe... self-loathing prevails on this list. I think clout threw a party for the Phils 10,000th loss!

Walter, I don't agree about Happ being a non-prospect. Over his first 2.5 years in the minors, he had a total ERA of 2.49 and more strikeouts than IP. And he pitched well at literally every level, from the Rookie Leagues all the way up to his brief time in Triple A last year.

He has had a dismal season and there's no question his stock is no longer what it once was. But, based on on his past performance, plus the fact that he spent some time on the DL this year, I can't help but wonder if he has ever really been healthy this year. The thing to do might just be to shut him down for the year & start over in 2008. But the Phillies handle injury situations about as well as Wes Helms handles tough ground balls to third.

RSB, I picked 1987 not as an arbitrary year, but because I feel after 5 years a teams drafts should start to show at the MLB level.

You must understand, I am one of the most critical posters on this site when it comes to Giles, Montgomery & Co. So much so, that I fear I'll be viewed as irrational if I don't temper my criticism.

If you feel I was far too generous in my criticism, then...mission accomplished.

To add to that post I'll state this:

How Giles, Montgomery and the rest of ownership can look at the lack of success of the pitching staff the LAST 20 SEASONS and not feel a MAJOR shake-up is required with regard to how they evaluate, draft, develop and coach pitching talent...???

These people have to be living in a fantasy world if they think they've been successful.

If they tried to make the case that they are competent doing it, no rational person would agree with them. They'll throw guys like Cole Hamels, Ryan Madson, and Kyle Kendrick (and SirAlden will toss Joe Savery) at you to try to make their case, but based on their track record I could ask this question:

Have those pitchers made it to the MLB level IN SPITE of the development and coaching they got (and get) from the organization?

This thread involves everyone's current favorite Phillie, Adam Eaton. While Gillick is ultimately responsible for signing him, his being here has Mike Arbuckle's finger print all over it. Remember, it was Arbuckle who presided over the draft when the Phils picked him, and probably was the one who sold Gillick on signing him. So, give Mike a some "credit" too.

It really is pretty simple. While platitudes can be orated, kudos printed in the media, tough questions avoided by the resident talking heads on the radio or by writers on the 'beat', the overall track record of this organization, AS ULTIMATELY MANIFESTED AT THE MLB LEVEL, in evaluating, drafting, developing, signing and coaching pitchers has been one of INCOMPETENCE. Period.

Comparing Aaron Rowand's trade value to Bobby Abreu's last season is retarded.

1st Rowand is having a bettter year than Abreu was.

2nd Rowand is younger than Abreu and probably at the peak of his career rather than the decline like Bobby.

3rd Rowand's 4.35 million dollar contract is easier to pass off on teams than Bobby's 10+ mil last season and this season.

My previous post begs this question for all of you:

Is this organization so broken that even a Pat Gillick can't fix it?

Can someone explain to me why you could not get a prospect for Aaron Rowand -- not that I advocating trading him ?

A team gets someone playing All-Star caliber CF for the stretch drive at a reasonable salary along with compensatory picks for next season if you cannot resign him.

AWH - since when is Gillick the gold standard in GMs? or are you being sarcastic?

Billy - I think it's more possible than some posters think, but it's still fairly unlikely. you'd have to find exactly the right team in exactly the right situation, and you'd have to have a skilled negotiator on your side. not sure I like the Phils' odds in that situation.

Rowand would bring a prospect. Just 1. But such bad PR - your average fan would freak out if we traded the "AllStar" CF for a prospect.

Anyway, even if the trade makes long term sense, do we really want to suffer through 2 months where Howard never sees a strike?

Alot of experts here at Beerleaguer.

I merely suggested the YANKEES could consider Rowand if they make a stretch run and it was possible.

If I said we might end up picking up Jose Mesa, Garcia gets one win, and Myers is closing I would get hung up the Beerleaguer flag post.

CJ: You have an awful lot of trouble with definitions, don't you? How do you define "self-loathing"? How does criticism of Phillies management equal self-loathing?

kells: Amaro is correct. Germano does have average stuff. But his command and poise are pretty good, just like Kyle Kendrick, another average-stuff righty.

BAP: I'm with you on Happ. He's a decent prospect and he's been pitching hurt this year.

There was a time when Gillick WAS a well thought of GM.

ae, partially sarcastic. Gillick was used as a foil.

The real question is: Is the organization so broken that no GM could fix it?

How many Gm's have the Phils had since 1987? Woodward, Thomas, Wade & Gillick. Four different GM's in 20 years and the piching hasn't gotten any better.

You decide.


Not that the GM's have done steller jobs, but it's the ownership, or more specifically, the budget.

And I am sure that Gillick is still well thought of as a GM in many places, he is just not well thought of by the reactionary posters at Beerleauger.

I, for one, refuse to evaluate a GM after only a couple of seasons. Every GM makes terrible moves. Every GM makes great moves. that's nature of baseball -- the inexact science that it is.

I don't see how anyone can blame the budget anymore. Teams with smaller payrolls get consistently better results.

If the Phils were willing to spend $150 million per year on salaries, could they outdistance more of their personnel mistakes? Probably. But that's true of any team, and the early-'00s Mets and Dodgers could tell you that stratospheric payrolls are no guarantee of success.

The difference between those teams and the Phillies is that they cleaned house. We've changed GMs, but otherwise it's pretty much the same crew of demonstrated imbeciles, reporting to a guy (Montgomery) who's proven his cluelessness.

You can still blame a budget, when this team will go out and sign Jose Mesa b/c the Tigers are paying his salary, instead of offering Troy Percival a deal. That's just one little example, but $ is a factor in every decision this team makes. They will not take on additional payroll. It's a big deal.

/But I do agree with the clean house argument too, but that goes along with the ownership problem.

"Reactionary", district? How many years do we have to wait before we conclude that Eaton, Barajas, Helms, Garcia, Nunez, et all, were flat-out bad moves borne of poor decision making?

Be sure to tell us all in 2012 how you think Gillick worked out for the Phillies.

The answer to AWH's question is, yes, the organization is so broken that no GM can fix it. This team needs a different farm director, better scouts, and a clean sweep of management/ownership philosophy more than it needs a better GM. But have Gillick's moves helped? Other than Rowand and Moyer, the answer is a unilateral NO. He has not helped and the team is getting worse under his watch.

from the district: Based on his 2 years so far, how many great moves has Gillick made? How many terrible moves? I have a list of all his personnel moves if you need it.

Rosenthal believes the Rangers will bid on Torii Hunter this winter unless they acquire a proven center fielder this summer. He mentions that Jon Daniels set his sights on Shane Victorino but the Phils would rather trade Michael Bourn. Unless the Rangers get a proven guy they will still go after Hunter.

you can conclude that they are bad moves whenever you want. I am talking about making a conclusion about Gillick's overall tenure.

If the draft picks that the Phillies saved this year by not going after type A free agents pay off, or the money we didn't spend pays off in the coming years you will forget all about Eaton, Barajas, Helms, Garcia, Nunez (who I believe was an Ed Wade move).
again, every GM makes bad moves, and mostly every GM makes several bad moves a year. But just like the sport itself -- its about the cumulative effort. We will always have players like Helms, Barajas, Werth on our roster regardless of who is our GM. EVERY TEAM HAS THESE PLAYERS.

I will not judge a GM until I see the cumulative effect of all his moves, or lack thereof. And since nobody posting on this site has every won a world series as a general manager, than the benefit of the doubt is owed to the man that has, not you.

from the district: I too am talking about Gillick's overall tenure. I too agree that every GM makes bad moves. I too agree that every team has weak players. But I'm sure we can all agree that a GM is judged by how his moves impact wins and losses, no?

Gillick has now been here since November 2005. He has a track record here, both on personnel moves and on wins and losses. You can ignore that track record. You can pretend it never happened. You can hope it gets better in the future. But that won't make it go away. His track record for his first 2 years is here for all to see.

It's nice that he won a World Series, but irrelevant. It's what he does for the Phillies that counts.

ftd, the problem with your analysis is that Gillick was brought in to get this team into the playoffs NOW.

In his own words: "we need five more wins".

The team is going backwards, both in overall performance (W-L), and pitching proficiency.

The difference he was supposed to make should be happening NOW, by his own admission.

BTW, Nunez was a Gillick, not Wade, move.

So far, "cumulative effect of all his moves" has made the team worse.

His track record is that, in two years, he has neither helped the Phillies nor hurt them in the present or in the future. (I say this because the team record hasn't changed, and the only potentially hamstringing contract signed would be Utley's and though no one knows for sure it looks like a good move so far)

But there are unforeseen consequences to every move made and not made. Therefore, I personally think it is impossible to really judge a GM until years after the fact. I know that doesn't bode well for the blog business, but that's just how I feel.

And I also don't think that previous success is irrelevant. It tells me that he is good at what he does and is the only indicator we have as to whether those unforeseen consequences will be good or bad, and it is why I give someone the benefit of the doubt. 2 years is simply not enough time for me to make a judgment of work -- good or bad.

FTD, if it's about how you "feel", then it's not about logic and unemotional analysis.

As I replied to RSB earlier, I try to keep how I "feel" out of my posts, probably because I would call for the deportation of this entire ownership group.

Then again, it must be about how you "feel" because, while you are correct in holding out for the future, no rational analysis of this team would conclude that Gillick's moves have "neither helped the Phillies nor hurt them in the present".

ftd, you still haven't responded to my point that Gillick's charge was to win NOW.

from the district: So, is it too soon to say that the Garcia trade was a bad one?
Is it too soon to say that the Padilla trade was a bad one?
Is it too soon to say that the Jose Mesa signing was a bad one?
Is it too soon to say that the Alex Gonzalez signing was a bad one?
Is it too soon to say the return for Abreu and Lidle was not equal to their value?

Your claim that in two years Gillick has neither helped them nor hurt them flies in the face of reality and logic. He's made moves that have helped and moves, far more, that have hurt. Again, if you'd like a list I've got one.


If, 5 or 6 years from now, a bunch of Gillick's draft picks have turned into good players, then I will acknowledge that Gillick made some good draft picks -- just as I acknowledge that Ed Wade made a lot of good draft picks. But making good draft picks is only one part of the GM's job. Ed Wade didn't make the playoffs a single time in 8 years. Should we deem his tenure a rousing success because he had some good draft picks along the way?

As AWH notes, Gillick did not take over a full-flung rebuilding project. He took over a team with a good young nucleus of everyday players. With the right moves, he absolutely could have turned them into a playoff team.

No, this team is not so broken that no GM could fix it. To be sure, there are a lot of things wrong with the way the Phillies' ownership group conducts business. And, to be sure, no one would ever accuse the Phillies' ownership group of being lavish spenders. But there are plenty of very capable GMs out there who would be chomping at the bit at the opportunity to take over a team with as good and as young a nucleus as the Phillies have, plus a $90 to $95M payroll to work with. In fact, these are the very things which attracted Gillick to the job in the first place. Remember, he was wooed by not only the Phillies but the Dodgers, as well. He chose the Phillies because he knew he wouldn't be taking this job on a long-term basis & he believed their situation provided him with the best possible opportunity to win now.

In short, he took the job because he believed the team could win now and with a job description of doing exactly this. Therefore, it's perfectly fair to judge him on how well he has performed that task.

District, You don't consider the Adam Eaton contract a hamstringing contract? What about the Tom Gordon contract?

By your criteria, there never be a GM who would deserve to be fired because, in your own words, "is impossible to really judge a GM until years after the fact."

district: you do have a point about not being able to fully judge a GM's performance until years after the fact, only then being able to consider the long-range effects of his drafts (and his ability to retain the rights to draft picks). But what clout & AWH are saying is that there is also a short-term basis of evaulation for which Gillick (or any GM) is answerable. Like SirAlden, you are too willing to give Gillick a free pass on the assumption that it's impossible to judge this soon into his term. But it is a GM's responsibility to build for the future *and* the present. Consequently, there are some aspects of Gillick's performance it is not yet possible or fair to gauge - but there are some aspects which are.

Clout:I agree that Germano has average stuff but he was very effective in Spring training & he should have put on theroster.-Gillick went North w/ a bunch of proven bums in the bullpen.
On Daily News Live Rich Hoffman had an intresting stat in regards to the ratio of home/away HR's given up this year by the Phills staff.
48 Road HR's allowed
81 Home Runs at CBP
*Haven't confirmed he is correct but that's disturbing

What I love about Beerleaguer is that it's like debate team. You'd better be able to back up what you say around here.

kells, not to worry. I figure there's only about 25 years to go until the Phillies decide CBP is obsolete, and they need another ballpark.

Last comment on this point. Yes, I suppose it's too early to grade Gillick's draft classes but, based on early returns, which of his draftees look like blue chip prospects? Cardenas, perhaps. But who else? Drabek, when he hasn't been injured, has been pretty underwhelming. Savery still isn't signed yet & he looked pretty ordinary in the College WS. D'Arby Myers has gotten a lot of hype but, when I look at his present numbers, I see a guy hitting .280, with no power at all, hardly any walks, and only 4 stolen bases in 7 attempts. Against less than Single A competition, I might add.

Someone will inevitably jump down my throat & accuse me of rushing to judgment on these guys, but that's not what I'm doing. I'm merely noting that, whereas Gillick's critics can point to numerous demonstrably bad moves he has made at the major league level, his defenders can engage only in the wildest of speculation about the merits of all his draft choices. And if you're going to play that speculation game, it's fair for the critics to turn around & point to D'Arby Myers & Kyle Drabek's middling minor league statistics.

Like the Yankees with Abreu, I'm not sure Rangers fans are in love with the Padilla trade either. He's worse than Eaton.

Savery signed. It'll be announced tomorrow.

Drabek wasn't doing too bad. Jury, of course, is still out, but he was doing better than his numbers showed.

During the ESPN broadcast last night, Jon Miller said that Burrell had the highest average in the majors for the month of July.
Perhaps we can unload his sorry ass now, "while the iron's still hot" and while someone else might pick up 10% of his contract.

Kells - good point

They need to change the dimensions of that stadium now. The need to build the whole organinzation around Hamels and hopefully Carraso with hundreds of sinkerballers.

As much as I agree with the angst towards Gillick, the stadium is really not helping. I wonder if the O would agree? They would probably be willing to give up some stats. To me, they have looked umcomfortable there - pitching and O. It's like Arena Baseball. Maybe Jaws and Bon Jovi will buy the team.

"What I love about Beerleaguer is that it's like debate team. You'd better be able to back up what you say around here."

Touche, RSB! Touche!

Crasy John,

Burrell's stats for July:

.458, 3HR (in 24 AB), 10 R, 10 RBI, 8 BB, .588 OBP, .875 SLG, and a whopping 1.463 OPS.

sheesh, the other team has to pitch in that stadium as well....

but yes, concentrating on sinkerball guys may be the best solution...

In regards to the Hoffman HR stat:

Phils pitchers allowed 81 HRs at CBP this year.
The opponents yielded 64 at the same venue.

Same park, right?

one team has Rich Dubee

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