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Sunday, August 26, 2007


Well, have you ever read Carchidi's articles? Brett has a point.

KYW... News Radio... 1060... Sing along now...

That's just precious. Wow. I thought Sam Carchidi was the south Jersey high school sports reporter. Now I can understand why.

Mr. Weitzel, please... when the Phils ask you to fill in as the beat reporter on Saturday nights, you say "YES!"

Have to assign all blame to Myers on that one.

"how do you spell retard"

That should be the last we hear from that reporter. The Inquirer should be embarrassed.

Myers may have "cut right to Carchisi's core," but don't you think that elitist snob did the same thing? He's acting like a guy who didn't get into the jock fraternity.

I do think Myers should take most of the blame there, but Carchidi's "how do you spell retard" wasn't helpful, to say the least.

Myers is a known "prick" as J said above. I remember hearing Marzano on 610 say Myers isn't well respected in the clubhous by his teammates (he game no examples). I can see why.

He's an elitist snob because he suggested that Myers can't spell? He's a spelling snob? How is that elitist, and what's wrong with it?

On a completely different note, some people in a prior thread were suggesting that Bob Melvin should be the manager of the year because they have a negative run differential and yet are winning their division. Now I haven't watched many Diamondbacks games so I couldn't tell you how astute Melvin is in general, but I do notice that they're batting Chris Young leadoff - a guy with a .286 OBP who has just 20 hits this month for an average of .208 - 9 of which are home runs. Now on the season the trend isn't as extreme, but he's still a .236 hitter who leads the team in home runs with 28, and 23, thanks to his spot in the lineup, are solo shots. He can steal some bases, but all the same he's got to be the worst guy on the whole team to bat leadoff, except maybe for Miguel Montero and Tony Clark.

Tray, so apparently, and contrary to other posters ideas, we don't have the only manager who stubbornly sticks to his guns in the face of armchair criticism.

Wickman: This is for all those who are clammoring for the Pickup of Bob Wickman. Have you seen this guy pitch lately? Not only has he been innefective, the Braves are tied for the League lead in blown saves since the allstar break. One might ask, who was the closer? Bob Wickman. If you want Wickman because he kind of looks like Rick White, say so, otherwise there is just not much reason to bring that much more lard into the bullpen.

I think you guys are interpreting Carchidi's "how do you spell retard" remark incorrectly. If you listen close he says something to the effect of, "How do you spell retard? Because I'm a retard, I don't know how to spell it." He wasn't making any statement about Myers' intelligence.

When I first read about this altercation my reaction was, a reporter has to be professional and take the high road to not bait his interviewees. But listening to the recording, it's clear Myers overreacted to Carchidi's honest answer in a big way.

When you are a sports celebrity, a microphone is in your face and you've got a bad history, you can't respond in this way. Cut off the interview, abruptly even, but do not spew personal cuts and expletives at the reporter while the recorder is still running. That's just plain stupid.

By turning the questioning back on the reporter, Myers was just trying to pick a fight. And all the reporter said, from what I could hear, was "I didn't think the second one was out." Hardly worth the vitriol that Myers spewed.

Personally, I liked the reporters comment, "You sure are a class act." The whole spelling thing was a bit much. The reporter, too, could have just walked away. That being said, I like anybody who can stick it to Myers. What a jerk.

I just hope Myers didn't take out his anger at home, if you know what I mean.

Myers: Did anyone expect any different from Myers (or anyone else that just gave up 2 HR to lose a game). I don't spend a lot of time inside MLB locker rooms, but my guess is that being PC is not high on the priorities. This strikes me as a rather lame attempt on the part of a newpaper to revert to parasitic form in the face of a lack of news stories. I imagine that any beat writer hears things that are much worse than this on a nightly basis, but never reports them. Why? Because typically, it is not directed at the reprorter. This is about as big of a story as Cole Hamels not properly disposing of his grass clipings. If beat writers want to start reporting on every non-PC comment they hear in locker rooms, fine, until then, and even then, this is a non-story. I don't get it, high strung athlete gets mad at reporter. Is that new/news? Or is it the term that he used referring to him? Is that the story? It is not entirely clear to me, but either way neither comes as a shock. Well, maybe once I discuss it with around the bridge table it could be, or maybe at wednesday night Bingo. When did news stop being news? When was it ever? I think I'll go turn on CNN now and get the latest Britney Spears/Paris Hilton update so that I can get the inside scoop before it hits the front page of the Inquirer.

From a PC perspective, Myers was wrong. Otherwise, he blew up on a reporter. Would it matter if he had called him a bungling idiot/one ink cartridge short of a Xerox? But alas, we are talking about an MLB locker room, not exactly your Sunday school/People for the Advancement of Political Correctness metting environment.

It's outbreaks like Myers and the way Bradley acted all weekend when we all need to take a step back and wonder why is it that we through money at these ignorant idiots. He's nothing more than a hick, piece of trash that has never lived up to his potential cause he is an emotional roller-coaster. Starter or reliever, the fact is this guy has blown saves, lost us ball games (3 in the last couple of weeks) and doesn't help the team nearly as much as he thinks he does. You compare this fat punk to someone like Jamie Moyer and it is like one is from another planet. Sure the Phils won today but listening to Myers trying to fight a writer makes me pretty damn happy I sold the rest of my season tickets.

So I can't spell. Obviously I meant "throw money"

Well, we "through" money at these "ignorant idiots" (hmmm) because they have talent. Milton Bradley has a 1.000 OPS, ergo, he's helping his team make the playoffs. Nevermind what parker thinks. I mean, that's like asking why any franchise was willing to retain the services of Ty Cobb.

And another thing who said Brett Myers got to choose who was able to report on baseball. "outta here", you get the f--k out of here, you prima donna jerk.

Slocs, anyone else, I don't know what you do but I wonder how you would react after a particularly bad day at work and someone comes up to you and starts asking you seemingly scarcastic questions about your performance. Myers should control his temper, but perfection is not of this world. He has made some mistakes, but for the most part, I think that people felt he had learned from them at least on the surface. THis incident is (to use your language), not on the same planet as his one other incident. If he had another situation with his wife, he should be publicly chastized/serve jailtime. This is not near the same thing. He may be a hothead, but he did not commit the same acts as before. Roger Clemens throws at Mike Piazza's head but he is still a media darling. Why? 300 career wins. Myers is only subject to this type of scrutiny (or at least it is not overlooked) because he is not a big star athlete. Maybe to certain fans, yes, but not the public at large.

Final Tally:
--Myers: wrong
--Media: inconsistent
We knew it all before.

Parker - I totally agree. This is much ado about nothing. The only way this story would have any substance is if Myers had verbally or physically harmed Carchidi. That didn't happen.

Plus, both parties were to blame. Carchidi chided and goaded Myers. He came close to crossing the line between a reporter and acting like a fan. He should know better as a veteran journalist.

As for Myers, he rudely dismissed a legitimate question and tried to pass off his culpability in last night's loss. It was Myers' fault that they lost a crucial game and he has got to face up to that. He didn't do his job and he has to face up to his critics (in this case the fans & media). I am sure he was frustrated with himself but Myers demonstrated that he is still an immature, hothead.

Personally, I could care less about this story. I am more much interested to see if the Phils can somehow manage to split the series with the Mets without Hamels.

Parker: um, yes, we all know the media looks the other way for Barry Bonds, too. But then again, I guess he isn't too big a star. And Roger Clemens is a 'media darling'? I don't think so.

You're making excuses for Myers' petulance because 'perfection is not of this world'? Saying he gets a raw deal because he's not an all-star? That's even weaker than Myers himself.

Tray, from the previous thread: "RSB, did you ever admit to being wrong about Werth and what a void in the lineup he is?" Yeah, sure I'll admit it - as soon as the rest of you do the same. For four months, no one on this damn board could type his last name without adding the word 'less' to it. The timing of my particular criticism was poor, but damned if all y'all weren't saying he should be released through the entire first half.

Parker - You bring up some legit posts about Wickman but have you watched Mesa or Gordon pitch in the last week? Neither of these guys are going to contribute much in helping the Phils make the playoffs.

I can see about being stuck with Gordon due to his contract but I have no idea why Mesa is still on this team. Probably a combination of the Phils & Cholly's preference for veteran arms out of the pen/lack of alternatives in the minors although I find it hard to between there is not someone more capable than Mesa at this point.

RSB - You are right about Werth. I really thought he didn't bring much to this team and he has been a pleasant surprise while Victorino has been out.

Still should be used as an everyday OF but he has shown he is capable of being a reserve outfielder or a platoon outfielder against LHP.

MG: the story here is not so much that Myers is a piece of trash (no news flash there), but that he, as you put it, 'tried to pass off his culpability'. *That's* the kind of thing that gets noticed by more than the media. It gets noticed in his own clubhouse, and in every other. If Marzano asserts that Myers doesn't get much respect from his teammates, KYW is broadcasting some primary evidence which explains why.

And if you think reputations do not matter (except perhaps to the Padres, who scooped up problem children David Wells, Michael Barrett and Milton Bradley this season) then it might explain why some of you aren't able to read between the lines of Gillick's 'uninterested' statement. Of course he knows that Wickman is a better pitcher than Jose Mesa. I have to believe that, despite MG's point about picking up part of Wickman's salary, they're passing on him because of what the move says about Wickman. Did anyone pick up Tyler Houston for the stretch drive when he was jettisoned by the Phillies at exactly this point in the season four years ago? It makes for a hell of an indictment against a player if you flat out ditch him in the thick of a playoff race.

Gosh, sorry I discovered this site so late. I always thought acquiring Werth was a good idea. I had him pegged as one possibility back when they were looking for "someone to protect Howard." I also thought he didn't have enough power for that. But before his injury he projected to having above average power and above average speed and acceptable defense. But, since I didn't say that I/m not going to say told ya so. Needless to say, at this point we like him a little.

RSB - Maybe but as Deepthroat said to Woodward and Bernstein - "Follow the money." Time and time again, the Phils demonstrate that fiscal concerns are their primary motivation and there are about a million ones in regards to Wickman.

If the Phils are so concerned about "attitude," then why did they trade for Mateo and allow Myers to start last year after his domestic abuse incident in Boston?

Oh. I forgot. On Myers - Ted Williams; someone needs to bring up Ted Williams here, and make some salient points.

Wow, I forgot all about Tyler Houston.

Ted Williams dealt with writers in Boston who clearly had personal vendettas against him and did everything in their power to turn the fans against him. I don't think there is a valid comparison there.

MG: They traded for Mateo, but why haven't they brought him up? A mystery on both ends.

RSB, I'm not making excuses for Myers. I'm saying the media is inconsistent, and not worthy of being taken seriously at certain times. Saying he is not perfect is not an excuse for him, it is a statement of fact. And the media does selectively look the other way when it comes to big athletes. Ex. Ray Lewis: Gods Linebacker (SI). If Roger Clemens is not a media darling, I don't know who is. This is the same guy who not only threw at (And hit) Mike Piazza (Nice guy) in the head with a fastball, but later on threw a splintered bat at him in a game. Not to mention the fact that he has all the redeeming/not so redeeming qualities of Bill Romanowski (Also former media darling, until he ended some guys career and fessed up to steroid use. At which time it was easy and practical to turn away from the glorification of his workout regimen). How many reports were there about "The Rocket" sweepstakes. Clemens is the same type of hothead as Myers, the only difference is, he says the right thing in interviews, and buys bigscreen TV's for minor league clubs. If you dont think he is a media darling, we must be operating under different definitions of the term.

MG: Gordo and Mesa have been equally horrible and overweight. I kind of thought Mesa may have been tanking it a bit the other night in mopup, but who knows. He had been effective before, but I never thought he was any good to start with. Gordon on the other hand is without a doubt worthless. I thought Alfonseca had earned 8th inning duties until he messes it up a few times. Had a bad one against the Pirates, but so does everyone else at some point.

Bottom Line: Wickman is Gordon with more lard, more facial hair, more whining. He got cut by a team in desperate need of bullpen help, that does not bode well for his abilities (or attitude) at this point.

Wagner: I haven't seen anybody post about this but I heard that Wagner has dead arm and Heilman is the Mets closer. HEilman got the save last night. This is a good thing, very good.

Werth has done a real nice job filling in, and what's impressive is that he's getting hits against RHP. I don't recall why RSB has been singled out. Pretty much the entire board was down on Werth.

It's not uncommon to see it. Often players that had been sitting most of the season get chances this late and produce. Dellucci was a great example. They'll roll for a while and eventually get exposed and regress to the mean.

Okay. Just actually listened to the tape. No one needs to make any salient points about anybody. Brett Myers needs counseling.

Copied from the last thread:

During the month of August, Wickman's August totals are listed below:

8 G, 7.1 IP, 8 H, 2 ER, 1 W, 1 L, 3 SV, 1 BS, 6 K, 5 BB, 2.57 ERA

His WHIP is high, but he still has gotten the job done. I'd still gamble on him.

Parker: Some of your points make sense and some suggest you know nothing about the media. What is your definition of a "media darling"? I'd love to hear it and especially hear you support your bizarre view that Clemens is a "media darling."

I think both Myers and Carchidi behaved unprofessionally, so you and I agree on that one, but you can't possibly compare this situation to an every day person. You wrote: "I don't know what you do but I wonder how you would react after a particularly bad day at work and someone comes up to you and starts asking you seemingly scarcastic questions about your performance." Professional athletes deal with this every day. IT'S PART OF THEIR JOB!In fact, teams school them in how to deal with the writers. Unless you're a Hollywood star and it's part of your job, there's no comparison to the regular Joe.

As for whether it's news, Brett Myers is a man who had to take an anger management course because he beat up his wife. A year later, he goes nutso on a reporter, has to be restrained and you don't think that's news? Are you kiddin' me??? I guarantee both Philly papers will be all over this tomorrow.

This might sound like heresy. I love the Phillies and I want to see them do well. But part of me really enjoys watching Myers getting his ass kicked. He just deserves it.

I've said it before but they are choking and the pressure has gotten to them big time. Just as we get the share of the WC lead they absolutely fall apart at the seams. Add in a reporter who asks a difficult question and you have WW3.

There were some rumblings on another site early last year in Florida that perhaps something like this came up when abeu misplayed a ball allowing it to go over his head.

Weird Beard and all GReatness (please include sarcasm here) is clearly losing any goodwill he has made with fans after the episode with his wife in Boston last year.

By no means was the reporter right to act the way he did but to his credit he asked a friggin question which those other lame ass but sniffin' beat reporters are afraid to ask. He asked a question which backed Myers into a wall and you see how he reacts...pathetic...these guys are pampered babies and simply I've about had enough of them.

You know alot of blame has been targeted at Manuel all year but like i've said before the guy's not the brightest but he's playing with the deck of cards delt to him and the management. Gillick by all accounts is a lackey and his replacement in waiting (amaro) is chomping at the bit to get his shot. The owners are cheap, as evidenced by their cutting of the payroll despite one of the highest attendance % of capacity in all of MLB.

Not just the Philly papers. Talked to my friend in SF and all the sportswriters there heard about it, too. Maybe the Phillies won't have to worry about which role Myers fills next year -- maybe his next team will make that decision.

Dude, good point. Carchidi's game article was pretty lousy, but Zolecki never would have asked that question. To be fair, though, it's precisely because Carchidi *isn't* a beat writer that he probably felt he could be less restrained in his questioning (though by no means do I think he 'baited' Myers). Beat writers have to keep the peace in order to get cooperation and quotes all season.

Why are you wasting effort on this non-story. A second-rate personality (Myers) getting into it with a second-rate reporter. BFD!

Jason, you are correct. While RSB was the one who used the most memorable line about Werth (the void one), that doesn't make him the valid whipping boy. Almost all of us slagged him. Who was it who reported him saying his wrist still hurt when he was rehabbing in Florida? If that was true, he must have gotten a cortisone shot since then, because it sure doesn't look like it hurts any more.

AWH, this is not a non-story. Reporters will see to that. They tend to stick together, and with good reason. You rarely see a reporter or columnist rip a player in that way, for the same reason -- if you do, the player's colleagues will team up against you. Same goes with the reporters.

Hearing that makes me question once again why I spend my time and money rooting for people like Myers. The guy needs anger management.

I listened to the Myers-Carchidi interview. This is nothing. The reporter asks a stupid question and gets told he's a bleeping retard. The whole interview was spoken in low somber tones, no out of control anger from Myers. To me, the whole thing is blown out of proportion. From the other comments, I expected a lot worse. This was a dud, not a bombshell.

Fred, thank you. My point exactly.

Jesus Christ LF, did you happen to hear the entire second part of it, where everyone was shouting 'whoa, whoa' and they had to bleep out every other word?

Also, it's another case of a second-rate reporter trying to BE the story.

I wouldn't really call that a "low somber toned" discussion. Perhaps it wasn't THAT bad, but it's embarrassing for both of them.

I see the Mets are losing and their Ace - Maine - got rocked. Braves lose, too. Good day for us.

Dennis Deitch of the Delco times writes out this in his blog. He does not lay the blame soley with Myers.

"First of all, there is a history involved. Many players - Brett being on of them - don't like the style of interviewing Sam often uses, particularly since he is a backup writer who is there once in a blue moon and oftentimes digs at issues that have been addressed in the days before he shows up. Personally, it can get on my nerves, too. For example, before Saturday's game Sam asked Charlie Manuel with a tinge of exasperation in his voice what was going on with Tadahito Iguchi and the possibility of him playing some third base. That was an issue that Manuel and Pat Gillick both put to bed days earlier by stating that such a move would require a spring training's worth of practice to pull off. Yet Sam shows up and asks questions as if nothing has changed since the last time he was at the ballpark, which was weeks ago.

Pretty annoying, right?

That said, both parties were in the wrong Saturday night. Brett clearly wasn't happy about his performance, and he allowed whatever prior headaches he received from Sam to remain exposed. You have to be better than that.

Sam, meanwhile, should have just let it roll off his back, at least for the moment. If he felt he needed to confront Myers on the matter, do it one-on-one - and if he doesn't understand why he should wait, all he has to do is go to KYW's Web site to figure it out."

AWH - that second rate reporter that you are referring to works at one of the most highly recognized newspapers in the country and has been a reporter for 31 years...while his normal assignment might be to cover HS sports you cannot call him second rate by any means.

I'm not saying this is the case but if you were a reporter would you want to interview today's moronic athletes or cover overachieving teenagers who for the most part are not petulant babies and play sports because they actually like it rather than consider it a chore like being told to rake the leaves.

As for you Werth bandwagon jumpers, when he went on the DL on June 28th, he was hitting .235, slugging .353, with a .686 OPS. At the time the criticism was well founded. At the time he hadn't proved he was a good acquisition or that he belonged at the MLB level.

Fred - give it up man this team will and always will break your heart.

They had let 2 winable games slip through their hands in Pitt then come home for 10 games which were built up to be the make or break games of the season. Well how has that started - DISASTER with a capital D. Think long and hard and honestly, unless they are up by 10 runs do you feel the lead is safe???

They collapsed when it counted the most despite the outcomes of tonights games. By no means will they will win this division and the only shot they have for the WC is for everyone else to choke more than them.

Dude, the first rate guys don't get assinged to high school sports.

Eh, pretty much anyone who works for the Inquirer sports section is second-rate. But I don't see what this reporter did that was wrong.

RSB, I replayed it. With dial up, I had not let it fully download. I did miss the second part. In that, between the bleeps, it sounds like mostly the reporter calling Myers an idiot with other voices telling him to leave.

Not the best time for either of these guys. I still vote "Dud."

Dude, BTW, since you brought up "the entire country" on that scale the Inquirer is a second rate paper.

It really does seem to be a fine line between having that "edge" that allows someone to be a closer at a MLB level and being totally arrogant. At the beginning of the tape, Myers makes excuses he shouldn't, realizes that the reporter is calling him on it and then is left trying to defend himself. At the same time, he was bound to have been frustrated by an extremely tough loss. After not pitching for ten days, he got shellacked by a pretty arrogant team, on the end of a four game losing streak. AND, he's never had very good control of his anger. What happens is predictible.

There are two parts that are very troubling to me.
The first is the making excuses part. "just a pop-up" sounds too much like an echo of Bradley's statement the night before - almost like the Padres think they just need to hit pop-ups and Myers has bought into that way of thinking. He could have said something along the lines of "I made good pitches and they hit them out." Could shoulda woulda. I worry that, if he's gonna be a top starter OR top reliever, he needs to be realistic when people hit him. And not make excuses when they do.

The second troubling part is the escalation at the end. It sounds like both Carchidi and he want to get into it for real and need to be held back. I don't know the extent to which that's just posturing, but they certainly shout the part. Neither one should be aching to fight. My first take was that Myers still needs counseling; I'll stand by that. Carchidi may need some anger management, too.

Incidently, the way I heard the "How do you spell retard" is that Carchidi was pointing out to Myers how totally inappropriate it was to call a reporter a retard. It was not the best way to do it, perhaps, especially given Myers volatility.

It's a troubling tape. Another example of how sports has lost its sportsmanship over the years.

you know i have to agree with LF on much as it got intense it was just the wrong questions at the wrong time. im sure myers was already down on himself after blowing the lead. his questions didnt help it was 50/50. this will be smoothed over easier than thought. do anyone of you guys hang in that club house? no ones knows how he is respected and treated in the dugout till seen firsthand.
there are still quite of few games left in the season and only 3 games back of the wild card. utley is back soon, hamels will be back that means durbin to the bullpen, and please god stop putting gordon in the 8th put myers back in the rotation and let there be a closer by matchup. not to much to ask right?

on a another note-

Werth is hitting .368 (25-for-68) with three homers and 17 RBIs in 23 games since coming off the DL on July 31.

Now my question is: assuming he has been hurt for a long time now, and now, it seems as if he's finally healthy-what is he true median?

Obviously I do not expect him to hit .368 but...

Where does he project, and further more, assuming he stays healthy can we pencil him into RF for 08'(assuming Rowand walks and Vic moves to center) or do we just werth keeps hitting and dangle him in the off-season?

What's y'all's take?

Myers is way too exposed in the reliever role.

There will be many more days like this in the land of the Phillies bullpen bloopers and the kitchen and Myers temper will get hotter.

If the Phillies are smart they will move him back to a starter.

It will still be one of their needs albeit it not as high as closer for next year but this experiment has blown up in the lab.

Myers is a powder-keg and lets the moment or situation get the better of sound judgement, way too risky for this market and team.

His lack of dedication sets a bad tone and it sounds like he would not draw too many tears if he is moved but his stock is very bearish right now.

Werth isn't a good everyday corner OF, and isn't anywhere particularly close. But if he's cheap you could get decent production out of a Werth/Bourn platoon, with whoever isn't being used on a given day the designated Burrell replacement, should that continue into next season. Unless they're going after Fukudome I don't know if spending extra money on a FA would bring in that much better production than Bourn/Werth.

I should say that he's performed since he came off the DL but, my post was in response to mm, I don't think anyone expects his performance to continue.

Another aspect to the Myers/Carchidi spat -- Carchidi has to be at least 50, and possibly older, if he's been writing sports for 30+ years. Once again, Myers turns his wrath on an inappropriate target.

I vote "No" on Werth as our everyday RF for next year.

You probably know all of this.

At age 25, in 2004, Werth had 290 ABs, hit .262 with 16 HRs. He struck out a lot then (85), and showed that decent baserunning speed (3 triples, 4 steals out of 5).
In Spring training 2005, his wrist was broken on a HBP and there was, evidently, ligament damage as well. He was incosistent all that year, (but stole 11 out of 13), and missed all of 2006.

He has baseball "lineage" with a grandfather (Dick Schofield, middle IF for the Pirates and Cards in the 50s-60s) , uncle (Dick Schofield, SS for Angels in the 80s) and step-father (Dennis Werth, 1B for Yanks in the 80s) all playing in the Majors.

Based on his last year (his "bad" year) baseball reference gives him some interesting similarity scores.
#1 Ricky Ledee, but he's passed all of Ledee's best years this year already
#2 (my favorite) Wes Chamberlain - which, if he is the fourth OF, I'd take. Wes Chamberlain would have been a fine 4th OF
A few like #4 Devil Ray Greg Norton, who would not be a top choice
#8 Jim Northrup, hmmm, maybe

My personal read is, he steals successfullty more than he gets caught. He can hit it out. He appears to have developed his plate discipline. I truly like him as a fourth OF, with many ABs and ability to fill in for extended periods in case of injury/slump.

I get the idea he's capable of .280s with 20+HR and 10-12 steals a year.

This on the incident from Michael Radano on his blog at the Courier Post:

"Here are some post-game notes that didn't make the paper but I'm sure you'll here about soon.

Brett Myers did indeed have a run-in with a reporter. Myers and many members of this team have long considered this reporter to be confrontational and when pressed, Myers called the reporter a name and questioned his knowledge of the game.

At which point the reporter turned confrontational and the two got into a shouting match.

No punches, no blood, really no big deal.

My feeling is if Myers really was angry enough to hit someone he would have and then we'd really have a story. Instead, we had a heated debate which we have several times a year.

Should Myers apologize, probably but it's not as big a deal as some will have you think."

Link here:

Caveat: Werth is capable of those numbers in a good year. I think he's probably also capable of .240s many fewer HRs and a few steals.

Vote: try to keep him as a fourth OF.

That's two writers that have gone out of their way to smear Carchidi. Maybe the reporters aren't going to 'bond together' after all.

This is such a non-story. Myers and Carchidi are like oil and water. They just don't go together. Myers can go back to being a hothead and Carchidi can cover high school girls' soccer and the world will be a better place.

I thought it was hilarious Deitch kind of criticized Carchidi credentials on covering the Phils and brought up Carchidi asking the "Is Iguchi going to play 3rd?" question a few days when it had already been a mute point for days. That stupid question has been a personal bone of contention for me.

RSB, maybe they don't think Carchidi is that professional. Maybe that's why Carchidi has been relegated to HS sports despite his vaunted "experience". Maybe Carchidi has an attitude problem just like Myers does.

Do you think Carchidi gets tough with dictator-like high school coaches or overzealous parents?

My bet is that you find a lot more lunatics and nuts near a high school playing field than on a professional one.

I've got major beef with the line of comments and the set of reporter blogs which both seem to hold Carchidi's beat against him. He's assigned to report Phillies when Zolecki can't, I assume.

The rest of the time he's on another full-time beat: high school sports. It's obviously different in a large market like Philadelphia, but I know from experience that if it wasn't for scholastic sports, I'd probably be out of a job. You could argue Carchidi has the more important beat going forward in newspapers. How many sources provide what the Inquirer provides when it comes to the Phillies? How about South Jersey basketball?

So the players and apparently the other reporters get annoyed if Carchidi asks redundant questions even though everyone knows he's filling in.

Yeah. That annoying Iguchi thing. Because no one is talking or thinking about it because Gillick "put it to bed." No one will say a word when Iguchi and his .300 BA sits and someone like Nunez starts.

Yeah-good points on werth. Do like him as a 4th outfielder as well.

I know this sounds really dumb(please forgive me as i live in chicago and all i hear about how wonderful it is "we"-meaning chicago- have a team thats two games above .500 and only cost 300 million), but I completeley forgot about Bourne.

Yeah, Bourne definitley is who we should be grooming for the corner outfield spot so that ideally we can have(for 08)--

Burrel(for 08)

sorry, our man is Bourn, not Bourne right?

Damn you Matt Damon!

Myers: "It's insane you've got a job"

Gee Brett, kind of like its insane you are a closer when you give up homers to lose a game and then take it out on other people.

Myers: "You're a retard, you're an idiot"

Gee Brett, kind of like asking someone their opinion and then freaking out when they give an honest response?

Myers: "I'll knock you out"

Gee Brett, like your wife? Or like your pitches?

Weitzel - Point taken. I didn't mean to knock Carchidi and his job covering the high school sports beat. I guess my point what that the concensus from his fellow reporters and players is that Carchidi tries to be controversial. There are many possible reasons why he might do this including his general personality, possibly compensating for not being perceived a credible reporter, etc. Can't really know for certain.

As for the "Iguchi to the 3rd" question I do consider it kind of ridiculous. Besides management and the manager dismissing it now, Iguchi never played 3rd before in professional ball. You don't make a change of that magnitude in the middle of a playoff race in late August.

they are running on fumes and life support in their chase for a playoff. I mean could it really hurt to try out Iguchi in one game. Plenty of players move positions, and desperate times do call for desperate measures. Could it be any worse than having no contact nunez in their or hitless helms?

Like I said yesterday, I believe Brett Myers should be fined an undisclosed amount by the Phillies, and today I'm adding the newspaper for which the reporter works for should fine him too.

Brett Myers is more concerned with looking the part of a closer, with the silly facial hair and the big deal about what hard rock music to come out to, rather than what his actual job is- to get outs!

GSL: Does Myers say "I'll knock you out?" It's hard to tell. It almost sounds like a second player steps in and mixes it up with Carchidi.

Carson: Not likely the reporter will be fined. His union would go crazy.

RSB: I don't know anything about the guys working for the two smaller papers -- maybe they're as old as Carchidi -- but there's a big difference between being a baseball beat reporter for Camden and being a HS sports reporter/baseball fill-in (a fill-in job Carchidi has had for years, BTW) at the Inquirer.

This is perhaps best illustrated by my experience covering rock concerts for the Wilmington paper. All the mid-sized paper guys hung together, and none ever spoke to the Inky's Tom Moon (or his fill-ins, for that matter). As I said, I don't know the two blogging reporters, but I'd be surprised if they didn't view Carchidi with the same mix of contempt and envy I saw so often.

OTOH, Carchidi is a union reporter. Unless he's known as a major jerk, big-paper reporters around the country will sympathize with him.

brett myers, what a douche bag. wish we traded him for rios when we had the know, before he torpedoes his value by being such an ass.

Once again, if they reported half of the things that happened in an MLB locker room this would seem like nothing, a non-story.

RSB: I'll give you my non-technical (doubt there is a technical one) definition of "media darling": Someone whose name is constantly making appearances on ESPN or other large media outlets. Someone who has entire segments of certain shows devoted to them in a non-negaitve light.

Clearly one can distinguish between the Micheal Vick situation and the media drooling over Roger Clemens. Vick has entire segments devoted to him because he killed dogs. Clemens hasn't done anything recently, and the fact that he beaned Mike Piazza in the head is all but forgotten. Any chance ESPN or other media outlets get to show Clemens throwing BP to his son, or publicise his coverup acts of gratuity (buying big screen TV's for Houston's minor league affiliate), they take full advantage. I don't think one has to look at Clemens too long to understand that he has a lot of similar characteristics of Bonds (Bloated, old, and on an extreme workout regimen). There is no proof of Clemens steroid use, but he has been accused indirectly on several occasions. Nothing ever sticks, and it becomes a non-story because he is what I call a "media darling." Dirt falls off Clemens almost immediately despite his past history of being an extreme hothead. I, for one, put throwing a baseball at another persons head at 95 MPH right up there (If not higher) with any act of physical violence against another human. That can kill a person, or seriously injure (Look at the guy from the Cubs, which was accidental). Clemens pitch was intentional, but it is all but forgotten today. Why, ESPN/major media outlets drool over him without questioning his past.

If Myers is "Lights Out - Game Over" for the rest of the season - I don't care if he almost fought a reporter be it Carchidi or S. A. Smith. But that's just me. Yes it is embarassing but so was giving up to homers to the Padres in the 9th.

Win and most people will forget about it.

parker: It sounds like you have a problem with ESPN, which is part of but not "the media." Even the New York newspapers have been critical of Clemens' notorious selfishness and they were all over him for the Piazza incident. He may well be an ESPN darling, but he absolutely isn't a "media" darling unless you don't consider newspapers part of the media. And, let's be honest here, ESPN is all about entertainment. Journalism occurs only accidentally on ESPN.

After thinking about this incident a little more, I have come to the following conclusion. The most offensive part is that Myers didn't blow up on Jon Clark. Now that would have been deserved.

Did Myers go home and beat his wife after this?

Anyone calls you a retard in any profession you don't have to sit there and take it. Good for the reporter. I still need an answer as if to Myers can spell retard.

I agree with Jason's comments about Sam's beat, although I'd like to note that while high school coverage is important to local papers, it's not typical that the best reporters are sent to cover them. Perhaps this is true for neighborhood papers (i.e. Northeast Times, South Philly Review) but not for national local papers such as the Inky.

In other words ... there's a reason that Sam has so much experience, but is stuck covering high school sports except when called in from the 'pen when Zolecki gets a Saturday off. And we probably saw that reason in the locker room on Saturday night.

Did I miss something? Chase is supposed to be activated tonight. Does anyone have the info on how his rehab start went or his DH appearance and whether or not he'll be a starter tonight?

So, now we've learned that Myers is a violent, classless, hot-headed jerk. Didn't we know that already? As for Werth, based on his history, I vote a big "No" on giving him a starting job next year. But in the short term, Cholly has to keep playing him until he cools off -- which probably won't take very long.

Enough of this crap about Sam's credentials. The man is doing what he loves, and he's doing it by choice. There were probably a couple of times during his career that Sam could have had the Phils beat if he had wanted it, but that's not where he wanted to be. I applaud him for that and it just reveals the deep ignorance of Brett Myers that he felt bringing up Carchidi's high-school beat was an insult.

I also wonder about the beat writers who have written less-then-glowing comments about how Sam does his job. Did I really see one of them say that Sam could be "confrontational," as if that's a bad thing? There's nothing wrong with asking a hard question at a hard time, guys. Is there maybe a little bit of Inquirer-envy there, too? I'd guess yes.

all sports journalism should and can only be about entertainment. One cannot transcend the subject about which one reports.

now you see why this organization is all about guys the fans love because when this stupid story comes out everyone gets all worked up and wants him gone. give me a break this is such a pointless story. like he's the first guy to ever get into a reporters face. everyone always screams about wanting firey guys, and now one does it and its a big deal. wow he yelled at a guy from some small time newspaper, who gives a sh*t. in my opinion there are more deserving reporters for him to scream at like conlin, hayes, 90% of the wip "personalities", etc...

i take back the small time newspaper part. i thought he was from a different paper not the inquirer. my mistake.

On giving Werth the job next year. Hmmm... maybe (if he's around) he can come to Spring Training and try to earn it. If he comes out of Spring training with .450 BA and a .700 SLG and 6 or 7 steals, I wait another year on Bourne.

And mm isn't that Matt Damone?

Clout: I totally concur on your ESPN sentiments.

From the District: Also great point.

Myers (some more): What I find fascinating is that an incident like this seems to cut right into his ability on the field. I do not consider one performance in a non-save situation to be indicative of his capabilities as the closer of this team. Someone posted the stats on Myers in save situations on this post or an earlier one, and I don't have time to recount them at this point. They were, however, very good. I am not saying that a players performance should be completely based on performance in a certain situation, but alas, that is what he is paid to do. I don't know if the stat is available/attainable without arduous research, but I wonder what the other top closers stats are in non-save situations. My intital thought is that they are not as good as their save situation performances. I may be wrong, but it seems that much is made of closers being used in non-save situations. Most often when I hear about this, it is in a negative light. Perhaps that is selective criticism, but I have a feeling the stats would suggest that closers often underperform in non-save situations. There are countless ways to refute any statistical information that those stats may or may not provide, but it would be interesting to know. My take is that I like Myers as the closer. He may have problems, but so did the Nasty Boys. As long as he does not have more problems with his wife, or harms someone else physically, I am not as concerned. If he blows up on a reporter, that is as old as sports and sports reporting collectively. Once again, wrong, but, not news.

The real problem is the constant post game interviews. It is too much. I never even watch them. If I see a game I don't need to hear these long winded interviews. Think about how many dumb questions are asked over and over. Let's base our judgements on what's done on the field not at a stupid podium. If the athletes are running for public office I would care otherwise I don't care what they say.

very true and well said
but he's gotta get over that "just two pop ups" mentality
he's gotta be more Tug McGraw: if someone hits a grand slam offa me, who's gonna care in 100 years?

Incidently, the elite closer of all time, forget the stats, was Dennis Eckersly. Is there anyone else in their prime that you'd want if your team was ahead 1 - 0 and playing the devil's for your soul?

Nobody claims this is a major story. I think this is getting the attention it has because of Myers' past anger management issues.

Alby. Yep.

But he would benefit from on-going pastoral psychotherapy.

"Incidently, the elite closer of all time, forget the stats, was Dennis Eckersly. Is there anyone else in their prime that you'd want if your team was ahead 1 - 0 and playing the devil's for your soul?"

As long as the devil isn't sending Kirk Gibson to the plate...

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