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Thursday, August 30, 2007


I'd like to reiterate that I love this team.

Whatever happens from here til the end, it won't change how much I love this team. Playoffs or not, I love this team.

I hope you all join me in saying: I love this team.

funny that for all the handwringing about the Reyes IBB, nobody really mentioned the Rollins IBB that much (IIRC). arguably a much worse move.

WOuld have been outstanding to hear Scott Graham belt out a "Put this one in the win column for the fightin phils" after this one. Hard to understand what Franzke was even saying (same for last night).

What a win.

Wow...they best make this september one to remember.

Keeler: Gotta agree. For me, Franzke is a worse hire than Sarge; at least Sarge brings a hitting coach's sensibility to the game, even if he's hardly more articulate than Uncle Cholly. Franzke is just a radio voice, and not a particularly good one.

There. As a diehard Phillies fan, I just had to find something to criticize on this best day of the season (so far).

You Gotta' Believe!

ae: Why is the walk to Rollins a bad move, other than Wagner has better career numbers against him than Utley? The winning run was already at second base.

ae: I agree...

I'm not sure the Reyes walk was as terrible as people say. The pitching was god awful but the strategy may have been sound.

I suppose the Rollins walk made some sense, too. It brought up a lefty instead of a righty and gave them a shot at a double play... but it also meant anything but a DP would bring Burrell to the plate.

i would like to bookmark this article, as it's got one of the best headlines in recent memory.

@Jazzcat et al
I appreciate your enthusiams and agree wholeheartedly with your sentiment.

But...can we come up with a different saying. "YGB" always feels "Metsy" to me. (Yiiich) (It's a visceral, irrational thing.)

Someone please come up with something that expresses:
1) Faith
2) Incredualousness
3) Rabid joy
4) that has not been used by Mets fans as nauseum

For those following the proceedings on Gameday this afternoon, tune into CSN tonight at 7:30 pm for a replay. I've got my DVR set.

Alby, agreed...have to find something to compalin about.

Franzke has showed a tad more emotion as of late, but is sometimes seems like he is just there to show up, call the game, not care who wins or what happens, and then head home.

I never thought any game would top that win in Cincy in Sept. 2005 when David Bell hit that HR in the 9th to cap the comeback. I was wrong.

Wow what a day for Philly-N.Y. meetings, lets see.... Phillies-Mutts, Eagles-Jets, Nutter meets Bloomberg and finally M.Barkann at the U.S. open.... uh New York you can have him!

Get and you won't have to wait to relive this unbelievable win!
(All 4+ hours of it -- a quick check on BR shows this to be the second-longest game of the year, only about a half hour shorter than the 14 inning win against the Nats.)

Somebody, I think CJ, mentioned the now-forgotten Burrell in the 3-hole debate. His stats for August, which pretty much are the same thing (I seem to recall there's one game difference):

29 for 97, 6 doubles, 10 HR, 23 RBI, 14 walks.

BA: .299
OBP: .387
SLG: .670
OPS: 1.057

So those of you who predicted he would walk less were correct. His OBP is about 20 points below his season average.

Prediction for the Labor Day holiday weekend- The Phils will be tied for the NL lead when they go to Atlanta on Monday.

Alby: Utley is a much, much better hitter than Rollins. Jimmy's great, but that's not even that close. and like CJ said, it nearly guaranteed Burrell would come to the plate (barring a very difficult DP with three good runners going), and Minaya should have been trying to avoid that at all costs.

kd bart wrote this on MetsBlog: "The Mets are in the midst of a 9 game losing streak. Book it. They don't have a chance of winning game this weekend. An easy Brave sweep. We are looking at a 1-9 road trip. They will be a game out when they come home."

We got them reeling! I love it. Others are calling for Willie Randolph's head.

mike bloomberg can take this sweep and stick it!!

Burrell's surge has to be the most unexpected story of the season so far in a season of unexpected twist and turns.

Yeah, he is supposedly healthy again but what explains how he magically has been on fire the last 2 months after doing nothing for all of May & June. I don't think anyone can explain this totally - even Burrell himself.

Few other random thoughts:

*I'm not sure what else can be said about Pat Burrell. He can hit .200 in the month of the season and wouldn't deserve the boos he'd get. His last two months have meant everything to this playoff push. In 50 games since July first, his line: .355 avg, .464 OBP, .711 slg, 1.175 OPS, 16 HR, 45 RBI. His 8th inning home run was a HUGE psychological boost to a team needing a comeback.

*Role players...
Jayson Werth 2-4, 2 runs, 2 huge stolen bases
Carlos Ruiz 2-5, 1 run, 1 RBI (huge 2 out RBI at the time)
Shane Victorino 1-1, pinch hit RBI single
Tad Iguchi 1-1, pinch hit RBI single and game winning run scored
Clay Condrey 2 scoreless innings in relief

*The big bats... Rollins, Utley, Burrell, Howard and Rowand in this game:
11-24, 7 runs, 8 RBI, 4 HR.

Another MetsBlog gem written by jbean: "August 30 2007: the turning point of the season. The Mets are not making the playoffs. The Phillies will be a game up on Monday after the Mets get swept by the Braves. I’ve never seen a worse bullpen in all of my years! Not 1 reliable arm. Wagner is a complete joke. Give me 1 big save he’s ever gotten in this uniform or in his career. This is as bad as it gets.....kiss the year goodbye. This team will not recover."

ae: OK, I see. That's the common sense approach, and I agree, I would have had Wagner pitch to Rollins, or at least pitch around him, see if I could get an out. But at least it was, by the book, not an indefensible move, since it didn't advance the winning run.

Fred: Wow, Mets fans after a 4-game losing streak sound as emotionally unhinged as -- well, gosh, as us after a four-game losing streak!

I couldn't be more impressed (or surprised) with Werth's delivery this week, but I don't like Victorino for Byrd/Benoit. Benoit seems to be having an anomaly of a season, and I just don't think Werth can keep up this kind of production OR match Vic's defensive or baserunning abilities (he already has 35 SB, hasn't been caught since I think May 3rd). Plus, doesn't bringing in Byrd indicate a resignation to the (unnecessary) loss of Rowand?

So where have you guys heard that Fuentes cleared waivers? Tim Dierkes ( says he hasn't heard anything and that it would seem unlikely.

I would HATE a Vic for Benoit/Byrd trade. I hope that was just something someone made up for the hell of it.

Another huge reason for the sweep...

Jose Reyes came into this game with hits in 9 of his last 11 games. He also scored 13 runs in those games.

In this four game series, he was 1 for 15 with 1 run scored, 1 stolen base and 2 caught stealing. His only hit was a bunt single and his only stolen base and run came after he was intentionally walked.

Vic shouldnt go anywhere

Billy Wagner gets owned again. He was a choke here, and he continues this trend in filthy NY. I just remember the series vs. the Atros not so long ago when he was giving up bombs in the ninth. He'll be crying about Pat the Bat incesantly all weekend long. Bye bye Mets! LET'S GO PHILS!!

i was at the game and i can confidently say i haven't felt this good in a long long time. im shaking and my voice is gone.
i mean, im spent. i literally feel like i just had the best sex of my life for 4 hours straight. can't beat that

It is unbelievable the scenario that could have happened. Walking Pat Burrell to get to Ryan Howard. If anybody would have thought that plausible 2 months ago you are insane.

Werth's steals were unbelievable...

That took Chutzpah...

J-Roll was right. The Phils are the team to beat

trading victorino would be short-sighted, as shifting him to center and putting werth in right field would be a reasonable solution to an offseason departure by rowand. then, in a utopian universe that doesn't exist, the phils could ink a-rod and become the most terrifying national league line-up in memory.

pokey if they keep playing like they did this series, they already are the most terrifying NL line-up in memory

I wouldn't complain about the Phils getting A-Rod, but he doesnt seem like a Philly type player. But no, I dont think that would happen anyway

Mark, especially that steal of 3rd. Amazing!

Assuming this has not been mentioned in the 1000+ comments below, I encourage everyone to watch/listen to the replay of Utley's winning single on Harry's his excited self, but Wheels and Sarge throw neutrality (or even feigned neutrality) out the window. I love it. What a win.

who says j ro's not a MVP. to me and everyone else in philly he is as well as my pics for golden glove awards this year, w/o a doubt chase, and victorino who has 10 ass. if we keep playing like this theres no doubt my playoff tickets i bought already wont have to be refunded. being that we just swept the mets, who is this reyes anyway he was like 1 for 15 in this series .
also id like to add go BIRDS!

Well what if we think this year is our window? Victorino isn't helping us any right now and Benoit (and to a lesser extent Byrd) would. I don't know about us being the team to beat though. We're still 2 back in both races and have a godawful bullpen. I like us to catch Arizona though.

Ae: You're right about the intetional walk to Rollins. Made no sense. I guess it was lefty-righty logic, but Chase is hitting better against lefties than he is against righties this year. Besides, when the pitcher just throws 99 MPH fastballs, lefty-righty analysis doesn't really apply.

I didn't like the intentional walk to Reyes either. Reyes was pathetic this series & I always think managers are a little too reckless about walking the bases loaded. Puts a lot of pressure on the pitcher to make him pitch with the bases loaded.

Someone in the organization (Lopes perhaps?) deserves props for figuring out that, if you can reach base against Wagner, you can steal bases on him with impunity. Though I must admit, I'd probably be spewing vitriol at Cholly right now if Werth had been thrown out trying to steal third base. That move definitely took some guts. It was one of those moves that looks brilliant if it works & stupid if it doesn't.

Victorino isn't helping? Huh?

Vic had a huge pinch hit single today and just two nights ago, his punch base running helped tie a game.

Just because Vic isn't currently starting that doesn't mean he isn't helping.

I will be P*SSED if we trade Victorino. He is the friggin man, and a huge part of this team.

Absolutely, CJ and Brian. Couldn't agree more!

And Clout, you know why we won this game today? that's right...


I love all of you.

That New York Post article is a hell of a lot more fun to read now than it was 4 days ago. :)

Just got home from work a little bit ago. Like many of you, I live far away from PA, but there's no internet at work either. So as soon as I come in I fire up the laptop, espn game page waiting for me. The seconds tick by as I wait for the results to load. When the box score comes up, I stare speechless. I'm still staring at it--it tells me all I need to know. I see that good ol' the Bat is still killin' Mets. I see that we raised El Duque's ERA by a third of a run. I seet that the Octopus got deep-fried. I see that everybody hit! except Dobbsy, who hasn't gotten in on the Big Bench. And I see that Chase hit the winna. But sweetest of all, is this line:
B. Wagner (L, 2-2; B, 4)
I don't even need to track down grainy, bouncy YouTube clips of this one. I am fulfilled.

I love this team.

From The New York Times:
"Throughout this series, Rollins has outplayed is counterpart in almost every facet..." Got that right!

Today's unappreciated player - Clay Condrey.

While the rest of the bullpen was getting lite up and walking batters left and right, his two scoreless innings were huge today.

Condrey's overall numbers are nothing special this year but he was found his niche as the long-relief guy out of the Phils pen. Not withstanding a few outings this year where Condrey took a couple of beatings for the team, he has been fairly effective.

who else feels like our phils are gonna take this sweep and turn it into a 1-2 effort against the marlins? i'm being realistic - the mets can only get better, it's gonna be an interesting finish

eh, I don't know if they will go 1-2 against the Marlins, but I don't think any game against any team is a gimme at this point.

i was at the game, it was like a roller coaster of ups and downs. Mets fans really came back after the 5 run inning. Though people were going nuts in the 9th. It really felt like the playoffs. People running around screaming, cheering, clapping. Oh and I sat two rows back from the left field wall. Was taunting Anderson the whole time he was out there along with a bunch of others fans. It was real fun/

wow what a series - wright just did not let down for those mets. glad we got the sweep, should be interesting tho - the mets looked pissed

ira, were you a fan back in 93? just saying because you claimed it was a playoff atmosphere and well philly hasnt had that in what? 14 years? i'd assume the streak will live through 2007, sweep be damned

Mets Fan, whether the Phils win or lose, you have to admit it wasn't a stellar performance by the Amazin's this week

jd, i cannot disagree. one thing i can take away from this series is that we showed fight today, and wright is really looking like A) he's going to be the real deal for a real long time and B) he is undoubtedly the leader of this team. mets fan have a debate about how to make wright captain while not dissing reyes - this series showed it all. is reyes a better player than jroll? without a doubt, but he didn't bring these 4 days and jroll did. wright has carried this team in august (look at his numbers). i still have total faith in this team going down the line that we will win the division - it's 4 games, but baseball is a game of ups and downs. today was rock bottom, tomorrow is a another day. every dog has his day, today was pat burrell's (vomiting). we'll see you boys again in september - i'm thinking we should be ready to tie a bow on the east right around then

I agree about Wright, but not about J-Roll.

jroll is not reyes equal - i'll tip my hat to jimmy for this series, but he can't match him in overall talent. he's 4 years older and if it weren't for CBP, and mammoth shea for that matter, his hr's would be way down. defensively he can't touch jose, i just wish we had seen the 2007 jose reyes this week rather than the 2004

Reyes is a hell of a player. but don't cry about Shea hurting his stats when his career splits are actually better at home than in NY (.789 home OPS, .736 away OPS).

was relegated to "watching" the game on my palm pilot this afternoon. Still exciting.

As a Philly fan living in NYC, you have to give credit to SNY (local Mets station) who is replaying what must be an agonizing 4hours on this PMs broadcast. For the NY sports fan it is either meaningless football game #1 or #2 or the Wagner crumble.

I love living in NYC today.

ah, meant "away from NY", obviously.

If you think J-Roll can't touch Reyes defensively, you haven't seem much of J-Roll.

You're right, JRoll is not Reyes' equal. He's better.

ae, has less to do with reyes at shea than it does with jroll at CBP - 15 hrs at citizens, 9 away - that says it all. either way, was a great series. i'll admit to all of you that i'm furious, but at the same time, as the eternal optimist, i'll find a silver lining in our guile and the faith that being 2 games up, is always better than being 2 games down

It isnt just homers with J-Roll..It's singles, doubles, triples, bunting for hits, everything. For a leadoff guy, the homers are gravy

Gordon's outing today was overlooked too but he pitched alright.

I seriously think it really is a game-by-game situation. Some days his arm will feel ok enough to rear back and let him rip at a fastball at 93 and 94. More importantly, he will be able to get that curve working and get close to a 12-6 motion although it won't be his best vintage stuff.

Other nights though, it is going to be a total disaster and Gordon won't be able to get his curve over for a strike and not have enough late action on his fastball to get swings and misses.

Must be a hell of a thing for Cholly to go with Gordon not knowing whether it will be a total train wreck each time out. Not exactly what you want out of your primary setup man.

Yes, Gordon did look good today. You still get gray hair every time he pitches

I'm not going to argue that Rollins is better than Reyes because I don't believe it's true - although I think it's fairly close (I would give Reyes the nod based on age and better OBP; I think defense is essentially a push).

but Rollins isn't a one-dimensional hitter created by CBP. in a bigger ballpark, he'd hit a ton of doubles and triples and probably steal a lot more bases (being presumably on a team that relies less on power).

Wright will be a good player for a long time. I wouldn't mind having him on the Phils... I'd trade y'all Wes Helms straight up!

What are you guys talking about with Franzke - I listened to a replay of the ninth inning broadcast (because I just can't get enough of this game), and Franzke made terrific calls on both the tying and winning hits. He sounded like he was going to cry after Utley's. And you could understand every word.

Anyone who thinks that Rollins is being helped by CBP should look at his splits. .288 at home, .292 on the road (through last night). Yes, he hits more HR's (15 to 9) but his doubles and triples stats are pretty close at home and on the road.

If I were to pick one Phil to support for MVP, I have to pick Rollins at this point. Utley's been great and has done a lot for this team but Rollins hasn't been hurt and has played every game.

Adding to the quote pile; from Mets Merized:

"This was hard to watch. Jimmy Rollins is the best shortstop in the NL, Pat Burrell is easily the Mets fans worst nightmare.

We didnt even face their best pitcher Cole Hhamels!!

I would trade our infield for the Phillies infield anyday!"


"And by the way, as much as I love Jose Reyes, he's definitely the third best shortstop in the NL right now behind Hanley Ramirez and Jimmy Rollins. Rollins definitely made his superiority to Reyes an open and shut case in this 4 game sweep."


"And why the hell is Kevin Berkhardt interviewing Jimmy Rollins on SNY?????? Is this the Mets station or what? oh wait-after this series, it turned into the Phillies station.

See yas next year because we have big problems this year and Pedro is not going to save us."

Anyone up for some sarcasm backfire?

I"m really nervous about this series. We're facing 4 ridiculously inept pitchers, in a hitters ball park that we love to play in, with our offense finally clicking for the first time all season. Glavine's been very good in 5 of his last 6, we're 9-0 in El Duque's last 9 and he has a 2.16 era since the allstar break, Ollie seems to be finding his groove again as well as his fastball, Lawrence stinks, but this is his last start before Pedro gets here. Oh yeah, and we've got some guys coming off the DL as well. Oh baby, I'm shakin' with anticipation. Bring on the Phanatics.

Posted by: metsblog275 | Monday, August 27, 2007 at 04:24 PM

I hope the Daily News has this headline on the back page, the one I was hoping for when he threw that homer to Biggio a few years back that screwed the team in the wild card chase.

After watching today's miracle finish live at the park, I just listened to WFAN's end of game call on the internet, as well as the NY TV replay available on, and was pleasantly surprised to see both interview Phillies immediately after the win (as Comcast Philly was doing the Chase Utley interview on the field). TV interviewed J-Roll, radio, Pat Burrell. I don't recall the Philly broadcasts interviewing opposing winning players at all, except maybe back as a kid in the 70s. Am I right, and if so, why don't we do that. I actually think it's good to see opposing players being diplomatic good sports after breaking our hearts. As opposed to Lo Duca, who seemed really bitter and childish after today's game (of course, we were really in his face this afternoon, and his rag arm).

Just got home from work a little bit ago. Like many of you, I live far away from PA, but there's no internet at work either. So as soon as I come in I fire up the laptop, espn game page waiting for me. The seconds tick by as I wait for the results to load. When the box score comes up, I stare speechless. I'm still staring at it--it tells me all I need to know. I see that good ol' the Bat is still killin' Mets. I see that we raised El Duque's ERA by a third of a run. I seet that the Octopus got deep-fried. I see that everybody hit! except Dobbsy, who hasn't gotten in on the Big Bench. And I see that Chase hit the winna. But sweetest of all, is this line:
B. Wagner (L, 2-2; B, 4)
I don't even need to track down grainy, bouncy YouTube clips of this one. I am fulfilled.

I love this team.

And let's hope I turn out to be wrong too...

I wouldn't be too cocky Metsblog. The Phillies will take AT LEAST 3 of 4 in this series, possibly even sweep. This past weekend against the Pads was supposed to convince us the Phillies are done this year. Naturally, they'll go on a winning spurt to pull us within a game or two of the wild card or the division. It won't be until the mid-September series that you crush our hopes. Trust me. As everyone here likes to say.. we've seen this movie before.

Posted by: Brian G | Monday, August 27, 2007 at 06:54 PM

Wow, it's nice to actually see a Phils team that has a set. They really stepped up this series and I finally feel justified in having hope in this team this season.

I have been reading this blog long enough to know that it isn't a popular opinion, but I really think Manuel is the right manager for this team. We don't need a hot head and we don't need someone who is going to bust heads when things go wrong. The players are developing their core (as you have seen in the celebration clips led by Pat the Bat) and they have their leaders in the clubhouse. Charlie makes some gut decisions that are going to get questioned (only letting Romero pitch to 1 guy tonight then pulling him), but he has managed the line up really well, even if Jimy Williams is helping out. I wouldn't mind having Chollie back next season on a 1 yr extension. It's obvious Gillick and the players like him, and any players that don't won't make it in Philly (cough Garcia cough)

Whoops, reposted my last comment (tho it bears repeating that I love this team).
Here's what I meant:

If there's one thing I can't stand, it's when people use Citizen's Bandbox to write off the Phils offense. It seems, for example, Mets fans seem to be writing off Chase's MVP bid because of CBP. Then how does he hit so many doubles and have an OPS over 1.000, all with only 18 bombs? And same again with Jimmy, Ryan, the entire lineup. For all the haters, consider this wreckage from PETCO: 7, 12, and 9 runs.

One thing to worry about is strength of schedule. Compare the Mets (19 games in September against losing teams, FL, DC, Houston and Cincinnati) against ours (12, all Florida and DC). And I think any intradivision game against a losing team has a bigger spoiler-incentive factor.

Franzke and Anderson are the best radio combo they've had in years. Don't know what the detractors are talking about.

Hey Scott Graham sighting! I just flipped from the Iggles game to the CN8 and UD happens to be on (I'm a Delawarean FYI). Scott Graham's doing play by play. Hopefully Delaware beats William & Mary and I hear put one in the win column for the Fightin' Blue Hens!

The Mets showed fight today, all right. They showed ALL their fight. They still came up short.

Winning percentage of teams the Mets face is .464, a laugher. The winning percentage of teams the Phils face is .481.

J-Roll and Reyes are still a close 1-2 in the league when it all averages out.

Wow nice timing by me after that (hopefully) sarcastic comment from Bob.

I just realized how much I like Charlie Manual. Maybe it is because every time I think about the last two innings of this game I feel like my hair is pulling a Buckwheat, but those decisions at the end of the game were huge. One can easily claim that the stolen bases were Lopes' decision, but that doesn't happen unless it goes through Cholly. It seemed like that bullpen blowup just ticked Cholly the hell off. Those moves in the 9th seemed like he was saying: "Screw it, were either winning this game or were losing it going balls to the wall." It worked, and by golly (Using Cholly lingo) I love it. Manual seems like the perfect Phillies manager. The history of this team just does not seem to fit the personality of someone like LaRussa or a Torre. They are too uptight and serious. Manual has a certain "good ole boy" charm about him. When he goes to the mound, he doesn't need to say anything, he wears it on those pinstripes. He manages baseball in the only way that it can be managed, with the gut. There is no gut I'd rather have sitting in that dugout. Those players love Cholly. They would run through a wall for him, and today showed that. Peter Gammons said: "The Phillies play harder than any team in baseball, and Manual is the right man for the job." I respect Gammons, and Cholly is my guy. I still wish he had beat the crap out of Eskin, but you can't have everything in one season. Cholly get er done and give em Hell.

Dobbs: Did Dobbs really audibly say "Take that MF-er?" If so, that totally redeems the O-fer today. The guy is on the team for 3/4 of a season and he has already developed that kind of resentment for Wagner, I love it.

Mutsfan: CBP or no CBP, Reyes is in single digits in HR, and is going to have half the RBI's of Rollins. On top of that he leads him in every other catagory except steals and bonehead plays. Reyes is a slap hitter. Mets fans you should get a good look at what Reyes will be like in a few years, you just traded for him. Louis Castillo. How's that working for you. Should have known not to get those old Marlin position players. Sure worked for us last year with Conine. Oh, wait, you did that too. Muts, how does it feel to have your face shoved in your waste?

I really don't think Reyes is second and Rollins might not even be first. Hanley Ramirez is a ridiculously talented shortstop who will never get his due until he moves onto a better team in a bigger market ala Vlad Guerrero.

Scott Graham update: He claims to be a voting member of the Mascot Hall of Fame.

oops, got caught up reading comments from the game that i missed while at work and driving home that i didnt see this new topic. this game almost got me killed on the schuylkill driving home. awesome.

@parker - To put it simply, Charlie went all in during the ninth and, coincidentally or not, saved Iguchi for the ninth by hitting Helms in the 8th.

Watching it again on Comcast... it's just as good this time around.

Here it comes! Can't wait!

I didn't have quite the same audible reaction...but it still brought a smile to my face.

I still think Burrell started wearing contacts or had Lasik surgery during the all-star break.

But whatever the cause, I have to tip my hat to the man--he has been superhuman at a time when the team needed him the most.

MG: Why is Pat Burrell's recovery such a shock? He got off to a bad start and has heated up to where his final stats will be close to career norm. Unles you were one of the many posters here who thought he was washed up.

RSB: I agree with you on Franzke. His critics miss the syrupy sweet nothings of Scott Graham.

Dunno if anyone posted this earlier, but it's kind of funny: "He has a one-path swing and I just put it right in his path."
-Billy Wagner in June, after giving up that huge homer to Burrell at Shea. I guess Billy needs to keep it out of that path.

MG is absolutely right about Condrey. He found his niche.

Funny enough: My co-worker started complaining when Condrey was brought in. I bet him $5 he would go 2 scoreless innings. Woo hoo!

Interesting stat: Won-Loss records for the past 30 games.

Padres 18-12
Dbacks 18-12
Cards 18-12
Phils 17-13
Mets 16-14
Rockie 16-14
Braves 15-15

Sorry, gotta disagree about Franzke. What's he bring to the table? And I think he and LA are dreadful together -- always cracking inside jokes that might be funny to each other, but mean nothing to those of us listening. I only hear them when I'm in the car, so it's not like I listen often, but I haven't liked what I heard. And no, it's not because I thought Graham was great. It's sort of like Gillick letting White and Fultz go this winter -- I wasn't sorry, because they were mediocre, but they blew the opportunity to upgrade the position.

Clout: Wow. That's NFL-level parity.

This line from the Garcia surgery story...

The 31-year-old Garcia will be a free agent after this season, and the Phillies won't bring back perhaps the biggest bust in team history...

suggests an interesting thread, to wit:

Name the five biggest busts in Phillies history.

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