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Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Really, Bruntlett deserves much of the credit.

I asked the Mets trolls early on what the biggest lead the Mets have blown this year was.

Didn't get the answer from them as they gradually disappeared from BL-ville, but it turns out it WAS 4 runs. (They previously ALMOST blew a 10 run lead but didn't).

Repost: Even if Kendrick can pitch tomorrow, bring up Benson. The bullpen needs a night off (and I think we all agree they deserve one).

Together, Kendrick and Benson can go 9.

How many times has that phrase been written around here?

The beat writers have to find out whose idea it was to stick Ruiz at third in the 9th so Bruntlett could bat for Lidge in the bottom of the inning.

"Really, Bruntlett deserves much of the credit."

Thats what I was talking about.

One thing I don't understand: Why didn't Coste play 3rd with Ruiz catching? Hasn't Coste -- you know -- played third?

Actually, here's the best comment from Metsblog:

"sad part is that is was over at phillies nation watching some mets fans calling the game over after the third and talking a whole lota garbage, whose got egg on there face now, WE DO!!!!"

if coste played third, and ruiz caught, then coste would have been pulled in the next inning (for Bruntlett) and ruiz would have caught all 13 innings (actually, the game still could be going on)

Lidge is so good that you can literally put anyone at third base--nobody is gonna get a hit. That allowed Bruntlett to hit next inning, which turned out to be the biggest play of the game. Charlie made a really smart move with that one.

AFish - you're right. That must've a hilarious conversation to be involved in.

Manuel: "Carlos, you ever play that there third base before?"

Ruiz: "Si, coach. Little League. Was 8."

Manuel: "Perfect. Get in der"

Ruiz: ".........."

Just listened to the highlights on the radio. Simply amazing. Let's bring out the brooms tomorrow night!

Nothing makes my blood boil more than seeing the Reyes' little dance routines in the dugout...but nothing makes me happier than seeing him walking dejected and alone into the clubhouse after his team chokes up an astounding loss.

it's taken a little a couple months, but the '07 feeling is starting to re-emerge.

Simply amazing.

Time of game -

5 hr - 17 min

Pitchers Used: 16


Coste could have played third for one inning and then moved to catcher when Ruiz left the game.

Many posters on this site - either out of anger or frustration - were ready to throw in the towel after the 3rd inning tonight.

The most important lesson that the 2007 Phils taught us - and that which the 2008 Phils are in the process of perfecting - is the fact that this team can simply never be counted out of a game. Ever.

here here, diggitydave

Deja vu all over again.

A year ago today, the Muts blew a 7 run lead and lost to the Phils.

As for who will be available tomorrow out of the pen, Romero only threw 1 inning. Eyre didn't throw many pitches, so he should be fine. Seanez will be available. So will Lidge. And, if it goes extras again, whoever's turn it is to throw (I am guessing that is Blanton) would likely be able to throw an inning or 2.

I'd say the only 2 that probably will get the night off, will be Madson and Condrey.

For the Mets, everybody but Heilman should be ready. I hope both of those lefties are still available, after the strong performances they gave tonight.

Bruntlett still would've hit in the same spot if he came in to play third. They could've double switched and taken out Coste. The reason it was a good idea was because they were out of bench players, so if the 6th batter the next inning had come up, we would've had to use Hamels then. Possibly in a bases loaded two out do or die situation.

Muts apologists whining about the ballpark again on SNY.

Hey fellas, check the stats. The Phils score the same amount of runs at home as they do at home. And, their starters pitch better at home.

The ballpark plays the same for both teams anyway. Suck it up, and get some outs.

Obviously hindsight is 20/20, but you gotta LOVE Manuel's no-swing call to Ironpig Myers.

DiggityDave...You said it better than I did on my post, but I agree 100%

?This game should remind those who don't know that, weather permitting, game are 9 innings (at least). Can't give up early."

I am totally hoarse and still wired from this game. Simply put, the best game I've ever attended. The crowd hung in there and there was a palpable energy in the 8th and 9th that we were going to pull this off. Amazing game.

Question, how bad was that replay in the 3rd inning? From section 105 it looked pretty clear that the ball Tatis hit before the HR hit the runner in fair territory. Blown call? This umpire crew isn't the same one from the LA road trip, is it?

Yeah I was there. That's right. Greatest game I've ever been to in my life. This game had it all but you already know that. When it was 7-5 you could feel the momentum in the Phillies corner and I knew there was no way they were going to lose. I didn't think it would take 13 though. There is nothing like walking down that ramp from the 300 level after a game like this.

Very important win too with Santana tomorrow and then four tough ones vs. the Cubs. They needed to win this one and they did. The magic is back.

How about that J-Roll. Great to have him back in form.

This was epic, a classic for the ages. Hell yeah.

MPN it was pretty clear it was a fair ball

MPN - definitely blown call. Larry Anderson was still talking about it in the 8th inning. That's how upset he was about it. I think the thing that threw everyone off, including the ump was the bat flying out onto the field. Still, it's a bad call to miss.

The Ruiz at third move was pure genius. The Mets had two lefties up, and batters on both sides were having trouble getting around on Lidge's pitches.

I just got back from the game. I managed to preserve this incredible moment:

love the pic furnstein. talk about a ballsy move that easily could've backfired

Werth, once again with three hits (off righties I believe) including the important two out single in the ninth.

Come to think of it, what were the mets thinking with two outs in the ninth. Why weren't they playing "no doubles defense". If the outfielders were all deep, no way werth scores on bruntlett's hit. I guess they just figured like all of us: no way was he hitting a gapper.

Talk about a true TEAM win...

One play that cannot be forgotten: The Clay Condrey double in the 5th inning, down 7-1 against Pedro.

Just think of that for a second: A middle reliever, who never hits, starts a 4 run rally, to get your team back in the game.

And, now if you can win another game against the 119 million dollar man tomorrow (and you have already won a game this year, that Johan has pitched, with JA Happ making his 2008 debut), you will have put a crushing blow on the Mets.

Just wanted to split this series anyway. And, with the Kendrick/Santana matchup, you knew Wednesday would be a toughie to begin with. But, if you could ever get this one....could be a tough one to take for the Muts.

I actually like the fact, that guys like Werth, Burrell, Coste, Feliz and Victorino will be facing a left hander tomorrow. This new lineup, looks much better against left-handed starters. And, with Rollins doing his thing, its a completely different looking team.

KK needs to give them 6 solid innings tomorrow, and the Phils need to keep it close again and get the game into the bullpen. Once the game becomes a bullpen game, we know who that favors. Both lefties, should be ready for tomorrow and both will likely be needed. A Kendrick/Eyre/Durbin/Romero/Lidge order looks like the way Cholly might like to see it go tomorrow, if he could realistically script it.

Furnstein: Great photo. Captures the absurdity of the night perfectly. Hope you don't mind me using it up in the header. It's fitting.

Condrey's contribution was huge to this game. He has really stepped up his performance from last year when he was in between the majors and minors. Charlie has really tested him in some big situations and he has largely performed well in these situations.

Is there any informal ranking of "mop up guys" in baseball? I would imagine that Clay would be near the top of this unique heap this year.

Oh, without a doubt. Sorry that the quality is a bit crummy, I had to zoom in on the image from section 234. I am sure you can clean it up some.

I just want to add that a win like this makes all the frustrations of the season seem ok. It is like we've been down a 10 week road to this game, especially on the heals of sweeping the Dodgers. This is why we watch sports. You go through frustration after frustration and failure after failure for a payoff like this. The payoff was there tonight.

Just got back from the game. Bought a $14 standing room ticket for the game. Best $14 I've ever spent. That was the greatest game I have ever attended, and maybe ever seen. I was dejected after Moyer's start. The Phils kept chipping away though. Jimmy was a superstar tonight and all the controversy has to be dead now. The crowd was cheering MVP! MVP! for him tonight. Unbelievable job by Bruntlett to get the clutch hit, last guy I would expect to do it. 1 Run over 10 innings for the bullpen, and none in the last 9 innings. Great job by the bullpen. Coste was unbelievable, coming in the 8th inning and going 4-4 with a walk off. I cannot understate how electric the stadium was. Unbelievable game, one to tell the grandkids about.

What was the view on that Tatis grounder that hit Beltran in the third inning? It looked like a fair ball from my seat, which obviously would have changed Moyer's night significantly. He was pitching poorly tonight, but that seemed like a huge moment.

greatest game i've ever attended. and i was at the game on april 15th, too. apparently i need to get to more games.

I gotta keep going, I'm on a 4 game winning streak with 4 great wins. Win against the D-Backs the day before the break with Hamels pitching, Myers last two starts, and tonight. Hopefully we finish the sweep tomorrow. Lotta talk on the ride home and on the radio about whether Kendrick will start tomorrow. He was really throwing out in the pen tonight. I would personally start Hamels tomorrow and Kendrick friday. You want your best against the best tomorrow, a game that could really devastate the Mets and put us in the driver's seat in the division.

B-Mac: I hope they push Hamels up a day too. You gotta build on this momentum. It is gut check time and Cole can handle it. I know the Cubs are incredible and we could really use Hamels against them, but if we are able to get a win over Santana tomorrow it'll really kill the Mets' spirits. We need to kick them while they are down. We know how this team can collapse and we can add to our momentum and kill theirs at the same time. A win over the Mets is much more important than a win over the Cubs for the momentum reason. I have a really bad feeling about Kendrick vs. Santana, but Hamels vs. Santana is a pick 'em. Time to go for the kill.

I've been to a lot of great baseball games in my life.

Tonight was the best game I was at this year. Just absolutely tremendous.

I'm too sleepy to recap all my thoughts from the game...

But Chooch on third turned out to be a genius level move. @MG will call it luck I'm sure (I haven't gone back to read the thread) and @clout will use it to prove his point about 3rd base defense, but that will go down in history. Ruiz looked so tiny out there. His warm up throws barely reached Howard.

Tremendous. Just tremendous...

whew... we'll analyze it more tomorrow.

I just watched the game the second time around and the Tatis grounder hit Beltran in fair territory, blown call. But it's better this way it makes the win much sweeter. I'm thinking Santana is going to get shelled tomorrow. The Mets have no moxy, this win might crumble everything they built up the last month. They had this date circled on thier calender, the begining of the end last year.

The best game I can remember. Seems like those unwatchable Phills have left the building.

This has to be the greatest box score I have seen. Three double switches, Ruiz catcher and third, Condrey with a double and run, two pitchers pinch hitting, Coste 4-4 after entering in the 8th, and Jimmy's unbelievable night with 5 hits and 3 steals. I am still in ecstatic disbelief thinking about this game.


The Kotsay-to-Phils talk can end...;_ylt=AigPRFKrVoCc42CJj3hx0Tmpu7YF?slug=ge-kotsay082508&prov=yhoo&type=lgns

This team, the WHOLE TEAM was clutch last evening. Taking another today would be super. It's like I've been saying, the Mets 'pen is a walking disaster. The Phils' 'pen has been nothing short of incredible, Unbelievable.

As one of the fans who 'gave up' early, I could post that maybe some were going for the famed reverse BL jinx...

Pedro Martinez says the Phils don't give up, especially in 'this bandbox'.

As if their HRs didn't count there, or that he hasn't seen the Phils rip the Mets' hearts out in Shea either.

Coste added: "You forget that you get paid to play the game. It was almost like we felt like little kids."

Jerry Manuel says it's not time to worry about his pitchers' arms...

"In the course of winning a championship, there will be some damage to some folks," Manuel said before the Mets fell a half-game out of first in the NL East.

"That's the sacrifice, that's the cost, the price. Organizations come up with all kinds of data and stuff, but where we are, in New York, the bottom line is wins. Somebody has to do something that they haven't done before."

6-1 since Campaing Cheer...just saying.

Holy Cow!

I went to bed early last night. What a humdinger!!!

I'm off to read more...Go Phils!

By the way, 2007 AL MVP Alex Rodriguez is getting booed heavily at Yankee Stadium. Yes, the same A-Rod batting .308 with 28 hr and 78 rbi with a nice .980 OPS. Booing happens everywhere to almost everyone.

Oops, I got so excited I forgot to say:

Good Morning!

Carson, the A-Rod ripping is even worse than that.

The NY Daily News has an online poll asking what fans think him. One answer is "He's a Bum".

It's amazing how national writers and commentators ingore that kind of crap, and unphairly label Philly Phrontrunners the way they do.

BTW, if you haven't learned yet that the BeerLeaguer reverse jinx is a living, breathing true phenomenon, I offer these examples of it's existence:

"Please don't make this any worse than it has to be. Bruntlett...oh no.

Posted by: JMS | Tuesday, August 26, 2008 at 10:51 PM

Ha. Harry doesn't seem thrilled with Eric Bruntlett's chances here. I don't blame him.

Posted by: John | Tuesday, August 26, 2008 at 10:51 PM

Yeah Bruntlett. Game over.

Posted by: MG | Tuesday, August 26, 2008 at 10:51 PM

*%&$#&% Bruntlett...what a JOKE.

Posted by: RSB | Tuesday, August 26, 2008 at 10:51 PM

John - Because Harry knows a stiff when he sees one and Bruntlett is done as an useful MLB-level player.

Posted by: MG | Tuesday, August 26, 2008 at 10:52 PM "

And to their credit, JMS and MG offered immediate apologies to the Gnome:

OH MY GOD. Eric Bruntlett, I apologize. BEA-U-TIFUL!

Posted by: JMS | Tuesday, August 26, 2008 at 10:53 PM

Holy $hit. Bruntlett season highlight right there.

I will not rip Bruntlett the rest of the season.

Posted by: MG | Tuesday, August 26, 2008 at 10:53 PM

And LEF immediately identified the phenomenon:

"The reverse BL jinx strikes again!

Posted by: LEF | Tuesday, August 26, 2008 at 10:53 PM"

Which clout immediately dismissed with his usual aplomb:

"LEF: It's not a reverse jinx. It's that Beerleaguer posters are almost always wrong.

Posted by: clout | Tuesday, August 26, 2008 at 10:56 PM"

So, I offer this little item a a testcase going into tonight's game:

" guys wont touch santana tomorrow though so it will be like this series never happened"

Posted by: mr. met | Wednesday, August 27, 2008 at 12:44 AM

A great and needed win THIS MORNING.

To add to the BL reverse jinx, Heilman was a perfect example in last night's game. It's almost as if we posters were so giddy about him coming out of the bullpen last night that our hubris caused him to essentially blow the Phillies away for three innings.

I am so upset that I couldn't find a way to watch this game. Apparently when 57 is Philly airs it, but Lancaster's CW15 doesn't we're plumb out of luck. Lame.

Still, even without being able to see it it was exciting just from Gameday (and when Gameday started erroring all over the place in the 11th, ESPN's Gamecast).

Anyway, I've been a fan of both Brutlett and Condrey, so it was good to see them both get some accolades in this game.

It was the loudest game I've been to.
Much louder than the playoffs last year for some reason. Also one of the slowest every pitcher threw 20-30 pitches every inning.
Still, if they can find a way to beat Santana today the mets will feel their throats constricting again...

Do any of the stat heads out there know how to find Cole's numbers on short rest? I doubt he'll go (he would probably refuse to do it), but I'm just curious.

I wouldn't be surprised if we still still see Kendrick start tonight and if not him a revived Kris Benson looking to wreck havoc on his old team.

Someone should direct JRoll to Metsblog so he can see how other cities treat their superstars-lotsa hate on David Wright, and of course, the rest of the team.

"This game's not over. Last Phils/Mets game I was at was the game Pedro pitched and the Phils came back from 9-1 down to lose 9-8. Pedro already has 60 pitches - he'll be in 2 more innings max and will have given up his token 1 or 2 solo shots." -Diggitydavve when they were down 7-0 last night

Gotta give you sure called it.

"Do any of the stat heads out there know how to find Cole's numbers on short rest?"

In the majors, Hamels has never pitched on less than 4 days rest (according to

The bandbox comments are getting really tired, and they aren't really relevant when discussing how players perform in a single game. It's just a lazy excuse for a team that has to rely on excellent starting pitching to get over its horrible bullpen and an offense that falls asleep after the fourth inning. Pedro should have manned up and admitted that he's a former ace he couldn't hold a 7 run lead for his team. The Phillies did a great job of capitalizing on mistakes last night (Rollins homer after the Condrey double; Howard's "bandbox shot" after the Utley walk).

Huge win obviously. Takes all the pressure off tonight. I loved the Ruiz at 3rd move. Very smart actually.

Don't see how the 'bandbox' means the Mets can't score for 9 innings against our 'we're down 7 runs in the 3rd' relievers.

Both teams hit 2 HRs. Both teams have players that can hit HRs.

If I was a mets fan I would leave before the 9th inning. I almost felt sorry for them hanging around to whoop it up in the ninth when things fell apart again. I said almost. Jose Reyes empitomizes what is wrong with their fans.

Another great trend last night: hearing informed Phillies fans delight at the entrance of Mets relievers. The entrance of Heilman received more cheers from Phillies fans in my section as the Lidge appearance. Fans were just yelling the names of the terrible Mets relief pitchers while standing at the urinal after the ninth inning. It's pretty incredible that a simple name from an under-performing bullpen is an instant joke in CBP.

did wright think he was playing soccer last night? karma got to him - tossed out at second and fell on his @ss later too

Lots of credit going to players but the one person who isn't getting a ton yet (unless it happened in the game thread more-which I have not viewed yet) is Charlie Manuel. The gut was in full swing last night and he pulled the right strings all night long.

For those that were questioning it- if you go to see batting practice and everything, many days Carlos Ruiz stands out at third and takes grounders. So they felt confident in him for a few batters. Great move though as it saved Bruntlett.

Also, the move to have Myers just stand there and take pitches was great. Without that, the Coste liner is a routine out.

The most important thing is, the whole team (other than Burrell) pitched in last night to win that game. The Mets are this close to being broken.

Burrell was atrocious last night. Horrible.

I doubt Manuel is thinking of pushing Kendrick's start just because he warmed up. The guy's only 24. If he is, though, I'd expect him to move Blanton up, not Hamels. They are coddling Hamels as much as they can and it is likely Blanton's day to throw on the side, anyway.

How awesome has Jayson Werth been? I don't think he gets enough credit.

front runners

The best thing about being a front runner-- is being back in front.

murph, we may be phront runners (not), but at least the vast majority of us confine our comments to our own team's blog, and don't troll around on Met sites to gloat.

Nice comeback Metsfanmurph. If that makes you feel better, have at it.

Don't know if this has been mention yet:

After the big comeback, after the Phils erased a 7-0 deficit and beat the Mets by 8-7 in 13 innings last night, Phillies shortstop Jimmy Rollins strongly suggested that some unspecified-but-premature celebration by the Mets worked to ignite the Phillies' rally from oblivion.

"The other team gives you inspiration -- let's put it that way," said Rollins, who had five hits in his first five at-bats in the game, including a home run. "And when you're able to take that and keep yourself motivated, it helps."

What did the Mets do?

"You've got to watch them," Rollins said.

Something they said or did?

"Just watch 'em," Rollins said. "Just watch 'em. If you were a player, you're looking over in that other dugout, you'll feel a certain type of way...You try to find something on any team, but especially these guys."

Body gestures? Something like that?

"Rewind the game," Rollins said. "Rewind the game."

The other shortstop (Jose Reyes)?

"Just watch the game," Rollins said. "That's all I can say -- watch the game."

Maybe I'm old school, but I don't understand why Reyes and/or Tatis haven't taken a pitch in the back yet.

" The Mets are this close to being broken."

Truth, be very careful with comments like that.

The Mets are a good and dangerous team.

We found that out the first 4 innings last night.

I actually like their lineup a lot.

Reyes, Wright, Delgado, Church and Beltran are all very good players, as good or better than their counterparts on the Phillies.

I think they learned from their collapse last year, and, despite last night's game, are determined that it won't happen again this year.

I posted this earlier this season when the Phils were ahead and the Mets were below .500:

This is going to be a seesaw battle - a dogfight into the last week of the season.

Gonna be fun.

BobbyD, where did you see the Rollins' comments?

great to see Scruntlett come sure it was mentioned, but how did the Mets outfield let that ball get so far into the gap with a speedy runner on first with two outs in the 9th?? amazing.

anyone see or read the comments from pedro, jerry manuel and D Wright?? sour grapes if you ask me...all saying how "this ballpark" played into the comeback....well fellas, how could "this ballpark" hold you down for 9 innings in a row??? and im sure you were liking "this ballpark" just fine when tatis hit the 3-run bomb in the 3rd...

what are we gonna get out of KK tonight??? he may give up a load of runs and charlies gotta leave him in there...4 at wrigley is looming...............

Regarding the premature celebration, after Tatis home run... he slide stepped into hope beginning about 10 feet before home. It was egregious and un-acceptable.

The Phillies dugout was livid. Bret Myers was pacing up and down the dugout afterwards and after the inning ended. It almost looked like he was campaigning to come back in the game.

Fortunately the game became too close to take care of business on Tatis.

He's pathetic.

The Rollins comments:

regarding the "bandbox" I didn't think either Phillies homer were bandbox style shots. Howard's was crushed opposite field. And Rollins ball was listed at 390, it was a smash.

The hardest ball hit last night was Howard's shot to center that was caught on the track.

Metsblog post suggests that Phillies are the new evil empire, particularly that evil vampire Jamie Moyer:

I must be the only person who isn’t distraught over losing last night. Disappointed? Sure but whatever. I actually honestly expected them to try and make some kind of dirty play and give Church another concussion. I mean if Victorino has no problem headbutting a catcher and Moyer shoving an umpire out of the way what’s to stop them?

They said on the radio last night that Ruiz is a converted 2nd baseman. So, he should know how to field a ground ball. Of course, he was converted for a reason.

Like I said I really don't understand why the Phils let Tatis and Reyes get away with that crap over and over again. The situation probably didn't allow for retribution last night, but it happens all the time.

The Tatis celebration is too much. I know other fans dont like Howard watching HR's, but a slide step, twist, and point up to the sky is a little much.

Act like you've been there before.

"Fortunately the game became too close to take care of business on Tatis."

KK is not afraid to plunk somebody (one of the lead-leaders in HBP).

I'd say Tatis takes one in the ribs tonight (if he is in the lineup) from KK. And, the crowd will roar when it happens.

Thanks, Bobby!

I'd call up our hardest throwing guy in the minors to put one in Tatis' ribs...then demote him after the game. Could Carrasco come up and toss a 96 mph FB at him?...

If anyone would like to save that oh so beautiful box score, I pieced the screenshots together into a PNG file:

If the phils used Tatis' actions to fuel a comeback that's beautiful. But they got their revenge. Plunking him isn't necessary and not a great idea with one of the league leaders in WHIP on the mound.

You have to laugh at the lack of insight involved in chalking up the comeback to the ballpark.

"They said on the radio last night that Ruiz is a converted 2nd baseman. So, he should know how to field a ground ball. Of course, he was converted for a reason."

apparently as the story goes was when the phillies were scouting him they asked if he ever played catcher because thats what they were looking for and he lied and said yes, when he never caught, because he felt that was his best chance of the phillies signing him. sorry i couldn't find the article for reference.

I don't recall the Phillies as the ones to injure Church in the first place, so don't know what their fans are whining about.

There was some scuttlebutt earlier this season that the Mets were stealing signs, so maybe it's their players they should worry about as being dirty.

I'm reminded of a quote from a former Met: "They’re dancing around the field now, but we’ll see what happens when the time comes." Sounds like the Mets should heed their own advice on advance celebrations.

All the comments from Wright, Martinez, etc. on the "bandbox ballpark" need to stop. That's tired. Both teams play in the same park and have the same HR/hitting advantages. And if your pitchers can't hold a 7-run lead, regardless of the park, you've got bigger problems.

That being said, we needed that one last night because Kendrick vs. Santana is not a favorable matchup for the Phillies. I hope he can give us some quality innings tonight so the BP can get some rest before the big Chicago series.

Coste last had significant time at 3B in 2005 and his defensive numbers weren't very impressive. Rather than shift him to 3B then back to catcher after Bruntlett took the field, Charlie probably figured Chooch, whose faster than Coste and probably has more range, could handle it.

Best moment on Beerleaguer last night (besides Clutch Coste's wonderful game-winning hit): Hugh Mulcahy praising the tough, rally-killing DP turned by the Phils in the 8th inning and crediting Feliz for the play, even though Feliz wasn't in the game. The play was made by Dobbs.

There's perception and then there's reality.

If that's the case, he's done very very well behind the plate.

clout...why do you hate Feliz so much? He's a decent guy who's doing exactly what he was signed to do... I could see it if he was having a horribly off year but he's meeting expecations.

What happened to Met killer Burrell last night?

I still can't believe that Bruntlett delievered in the 9th with an XBH to drive in the game-tying run. Everything (his mediocre PH stats, horrendous stats vs. RHP, lack of XBH this yer, horrendous numbers since the All-Star break) pointed against it but he still delievered.

Hate to say it too but lack of Wagner made a world of difference yet again. Maybe Bruntlett drives that ball to the gap against Ayala but against Wagner?

Second time this year the Phils' have had a historic comeback against the Mets and both times Wagner wasn't available. Statistically closers might be overrated but psychologically they play a pretty big role at times.

As giddy is everyone is over last year, I was glad the Phils won for the simple reason of guaranteeing a split. Tough, tough pitching matchup tonight and the only thing the Phils really couldn't have afforded to do was have the Mets leave CBP with a 2 1/2 game lead. Now, at best they leave a 1/2 game up and the Phils still breathing down their necks.

NEPP: I don't hate Feliz. I'm just amazed that you and half a dozen other posters love him so much that you jump to his defense any time a negative word is uttered. It's automatic with you and several other posters who make up ridiculous stuff to build him up and tear down Dobbs. The comment last night was just the latest example. Feliz gets more love on this board than Rollins, Howard and Burrell combined. I happen to think that Dobbs ought to start against all RHP.

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