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Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Who was it that described the Vet turf as a bedsheet stretched over concrete? I want to say Eric Allen or Troy Vincent ...

The one fielder I'm not worried about is Rollins. He grew up on turf. I expect a few of those Rollins trademark slide pivot and throw plays on grounders up the middle that he made a living off of when he first came up. I'm much more worried about Howard and throws in the dirt. Luckily, between Rollins, Feliz, and Utley, he hardly ever has to worry about that. In all of major league baseball, is there a SS, 2B, 3B combo that makes cleaner, more accurate throws to first than this phillies team? Given there first baseman, is there a team that needs it more?

Random thought: Would there be a better way to win this thing than a So Taguchi walk off? Perhaps a Brett Myers 14th inning pinch hit walkoff blooper...

Did you know that the Phillies have only let one starting pitcher get past the 6th inning in this entire postseason? Kuroda.

Olney was saying that offensively they've worked the opposing pitcher very well and it could be a key for them to win the Series...

Even though he's picking the Rays.

Closing in on 31 hours until first pitch.
Jeez, will it ever get here.

I vote this stadium as the ugliest in MLB. When I saw an blimp shot from above, I assumed that this stadium had a retractable roof, but no! It's just plain ugly.

The stadium looks like it's sinking.

Good article about the DH.

The stadium smells, too. It's not like the roof makes it cool and comfy in there. It's just a giant Easy-Bake Oven.

I'm seeing a lot of smack talking coming from Rays "fans," who feel the WS is just a formality for them as they've already played the best in their opinion. Man, I really hope the Phils shut their suddenly present pie holes.

The Rays represent some of the worst ideas that baseball has ever had:
1. baseball in a dome
2. MLB with a DH
2. MLB in Fla.

Sad considering they're playing right around the corner from Legends Field. Couldn't they just set up some portable bleachers in the outfield?

Agree - ugly ball park.
The Rays looked unbeatable in some parts of the ALCS, but then Boston took their bullpen to task in other parts.

Chase Utley give me 2 most memorable quotes of the season:

"Boo? F*ck You." and
"Get the rubber duck out of your butt."

Guy doesn't say much but when he does it's a gem.

Anybody else watch Phils press conferences so you can count how many times Hamels uses "you know" or Vic "no questions asked"? Nope, just me, huh?

I always get a kick out of "no questions asked" from Shane. No one has the heart to tell him he means "no doubt about it."

Mike: Yeah, or to say to him, "But I just asked you a question..."

How ridiculous that this much time and energy is required by a Major League Baseball team to get used to playing in Tropicana Field?

It's like they are playing on an alien planet.

Way to go Bud Selig!

regarding the article posted by GPG:

I'm not pro- or anit-DH... but I am against both leagues playing baseball under two sets of rules. I've said it before, but until both leagues DO play under the same sets of rules you will see the AL continue to out-play the NL. Maybe not in isolated series (World or otherwise), but the trend will continue to be that the AL has more muscle than the NL.

"How ridiculous that this much time and energy is required by a Major League Baseball team to get used to playing in Tropicana Field?"

What else are they going to do with their time? Sit on the couch eating potato chips and watching re-runs of Everybody Loves Raymond?

IMO, were a better team than the red sox and the sox took 3 games from the rays

why cant we take 4?

Chase Utley is awesome!

Nice to hear gripes about somebody else's ball park for a change.
Go Phillies.

I agree regarding the DH, except that I hate it. I'm not old school by any means, I'm only in my mid-30's so I've never really known baseball without it, but I just don't like the rule. I believe every baseball player should be able to hit, field and throw. If you can't hit a baseball or hurt yourself simply running to 1st (ahem, Chien-Ming Wang), perhaps you aren't fit enough to play the sport. Period.

However, if we MUST have it, both leagues should adopt it. They never will, though, as there are many ballplayers, including pitchers, who never want to play for the other league for the same reasons (pro or con). It keeps the AL teams better because you can never take a batter off, so subsequently the pitching has to be better, etc.

@The Theory -- I don't mind infield practice or pop-up practice or any of that at all.

If we were playing in Fenway,I'd expect the outfield learning to play the walls etc...

But Tropicana is like those video games where you can "build yoru own stadium" or "golf course". This is Major League Baseball, not SimStadium.

Pity our neighbors to the north. The humble Mets fan must now choose between watching Rollins or Kazmir celebrate...

Everything about the DH is wrong, but I guess they felt that more offense would bring more fans. In fact, it takes more away from the game than it brings in terms of strategy and actual in game managing.
Besides, why shouldn't pitchers learn how to hit?

It was fun watching guys like Drysdale swing the bat, and I remember when Tony Cloninger hit 2 grand slams in one game for the Braves. Eat your heart out, Myers!

Beyond the Box Score is ranking the leagues best players by position according to various offensive and defensive metrics. They've done 2nd base and centerfield so far, and we've got the top 2nd baseman (Utley) and the 5th best CF (Victorino). Not too shabby...

The Trop isn't a baseball stadium. It's a television studio. Everything about it looks fake, even by dome standards. I keep expecting to see Johnny Carson throw out the first pitch or something. The lighting is so awful, I can't believe it.

Dude, the Backstreet Boys are going to sing the National Anthem tomorrow night?

We can't draw anyone better than the Backstreet Boys???? Is Fox just trying to punish us for beating the Sox and Dodgers?

We do get 2 or 3 games at home where the Rays pitchers will have to bat.
Thanks again Clint Hurdle for giving away home field advantage and abusing our closer in one exhibition game.

John Donovan compared the Upton to Vic on and here's what he had to say:

"Shane Victorino is a frenetic blur, a fielder who dashes to spots, turns around, adjusts, lunges, jumps when he doesn't have to and, all in all, makes an adventure out of a lot of fly balls that shouldn't be adventurous. He doesn't have Upton's arm, or his range, but he catches the balls he gets to and he makes fewer errors than his young counterpart."

Just shows you how much these writers really don't do their research before they write their puff pieces. He doesn't have Upton's arm or his range? Umm, didn't he lead the league in OA for much of the season?

Joe Maddon just gave a live press conference on ESPN.

He's a class act, a very respectable human being.

Hats off to Tampa Rays manager.

Lets Go Phillies!!!

Vic's trademark line is "like I said". The Trop reminds me of the Kingdome. This is not a compliment.

Couple threads back, AWH had this to say about my post:

"Your evaluation of Myers is also a little off. "a very poor outing in the postseason, followed by a very good one"?

2 R in 7 IP vs the Brewers and CC Sabathia is a poor outing? Hmmm.

Followed by a Game 2 win against the Dodgers in which he gave up 5 R in 5 IP, with one pitch to Manny Ramirez that almost no other hitter could've handled. This, after he admittedly got gassed running the bases going 3 for 3 with 3 RBIs. Hmmm."

Obviously, AWH, I got the outings in wrong order. The second outing was poor, the first outing was very good. And, Jason, I agree that they're all at least a little above average, but reliable and dependable just aren't words I'd use to describe these guys.

Has it felt like an entire offseason has gone by since the last game to anyone else?
Tomorrow is my wedding anniversary, hopefully my wife won't mind me taking the night to watch game 1 (like she has a choice...)!
So will it be Coste to DH against the lefty?
My vote would be to ban the DH, never liked it...just think if we had the DH in the NL, we would have never experienced "The Plate Appearance" by Myers in the NLDS!
I always thought that baseball involved fielding your position or running the bases, but that just might be me...


Wasn't there a guy who used to yell that at the Vet?

kbless: Yes, Everybody Hits, Wooo! He was always near the cameras, too, so you could hear him clearly.

I hate the DH rule. As painful as it is to see guys like Sydney Ponson and Bartolo Colon with a bat on their shoulder, hitting AND fielding are part of the game. When I was little and my dad used to do batting practice with my brothers and I, we always had to switch off and take our turns shagging down the fly balls before we got to bat. Its the way baseball is supposed to be.

doubleh: Yeah... I heard Keith Law on the radio today talk about how the Phils have mediocre range in CF and RF with Victorino and Werth.

Really? Am I missing something there?

Yech! Turf with dirt. The field looks awful, and I'm surprised that after the terrible astroturf stadiums like The Vet from the 1970s, MLB would allow a field to be built without it being 100% grass.

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