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Wednesday, October 15, 2008


I have a game 6 ticket, but I think I'd be just as glad to lose 8 bucks in fees this series as I was when my game 5 NLDS ticket became worthless.

I'll be there tonight, 3rd baseside, representing Beerleaguer as we win the pennant.

After this, it's time to revenge Steve Irwin's death.

The Phils need to get to Billingsley early, just like they did in Game 2. Billingsley has electric stuff but he proved he can be rattled. Plus, I've heard reports that some members of the Dodgers are angry at him for not responding to the Manny knockdown in Game 2. I think he'll try to throw the ball through the backstop early and hopefully he'll leave a couple of pitches up in the zone for the top of our order to jump on.

Any Lancaster, PA beerleaguers watching the game out somewhere tonight? I think I'm going to The Brickyard.

Mc-B: I agree 100 percent with the idea that the Phils need to get to Billingsley early and get the crowd out of it.

World Series lottery winners were notified today... sadly, my inbow had one of these:

One of the great things about Phillies in 5 would be how wrong all the Dodgers in 6 or 7 "experts" were.. especially Jayson Stark.. who picked the Cubs over the Dodgers.

My husband and I each got the "thanks, but no thanks" emails this morning, too. Meh.

This game is somewhat pivital because the matchups, homefield notwithstanding, swing the dodgers way.

The Phils have found some remarkable ways to pull wins out of their butts, hopefully the magic can continue tonight. Or maybe Rollins and Howard will show up to provide a classic smackdown.

Hmmm... I don't think it's remarkable at all how the Phils have won in this series. That's the way they've won all year.

And I try not to get too caught up in what some perceive as "matchup" advantages. Wasn't Lowe supposed to beat Blanton?

I missed out on the NLDS, NLCS, and WS drawings...

My only thing about tonight's game is the psychological aspect of it all--if the Dodgers can beat our best pitcher, it gives them a mental boost and lets them back in the series (and undoes a lot of the psychological harm inflicted in Game 4). You don't want to give them any confidence now.

The Phils have got their foot on their throats; it's their series to lose now.

I was lucky enough to win tickets.

The only down side is I got Game #3. (have to work a football game here in New England on Saturday)

Anyone win Game #4 or Game #5 and want to trade?

"Any Lancaster, PA beerleaguers watching the game out somewhere tonight? I think I'm going to The Brickyard."

Unless you're a fan of the brickyard I might recommend finding some place that isn't going to be absolutely chaotic and obnoxious. In fact, depending on what I'm doing this evening I might slip down to Annie Bailey's... since the game is on FOX they should be showing it.

According to that accuscore projection thing that's NLCS page has, the Phils had just a 32 percent chance to win game 4. They have a 53 percent chance to win game 5.

Hittin' Season.....Hats for bats.....insert your favorite cliche here........

This would be a great night for the Phils to put up some serious offense and show Cole how it feels to pitch with a lead.

My work group had a team meeting this morning where they gave out some service awards. After all the business talk was done, the boss talked about the presidential debates being on tonight. A few workers made some comments about the debate, then I proudly announced that "I'll be watching baseball on Fox tonight." I'm sure that will cinch me my next big promotion!

(I work in Houston, Texas, where they don't care about this series.)

I'm a little conflicted in that while I like the Hamels/Billingsley matchup, it seems like the Phillies have a tendency to make things "interesting", which points to a loss tonight.

I too have Game 6 tickets and I would gladly relinquish them for a World Series berth tonight.

Don't know if you guys like Conlin or not--he is a crusty dude, but I like him. Anyway, he had a good article in today's DN and he refers to the hack writer in L.A. as "T.J. Slimer". Nice.

Howard is going deep twice tonight.

I saw this on the left of my last comment: Weitzel is unafraid to admit he's listening to ... Michael Jackson!!!

Get real, man! If you feel you need to put in a dance funk beat CD, say you're listening to Earth, Wind & Fire, or the O'Jays, or James Brown! ...not the child molester!

I feel terrible about this. This is my first post ever to critize the Great One, the Grand Beerleaguer Poohbah. Please accept my comment as advice, not as criticism. Go Phillies!

Tonight, won't be about Hamels... It's about the Offense hitting for Hamels. Hamels will be Hamels. But the offense needs to open the door for him right away.

In 3 Post Season starts for Hollywood, the Phillies have scored a total of 8 Runs.

They scored 8 for Myers. Of course Myers was responsible for 3 of those runs himself.

I scooped up 3 standing room only tickets for Game 5 of the World Series this morning. If they make it to the Series and Game 5 happens to be a clincher for them, man, do I go to the game or sell them at a premium?

CW says weitzel needs to come through with a sweet photoshop header tonight. maybe i haven't been paying close enough attention, but it certainly seems like the phils find ways to win more often when there's a sweet custom picture.

Michael Jackson "Dangerous" could be released tomorrow as a Justin Timberlake album and nobody would be the wiser. The King of Pop is timeless and "Dangerous," the first album I ever had on Compact Disc, is a classic.

Fearless music list. I dig James Brown, Fred.

hippo: that is also my perception of the situation.

So... dare I ask...

Pedro or Dobbs tonight?

I have two graphics to prepare tonight ...

CJ--Pedro. Lefthanded pitcher, because, you know, every single ball hit in play will go to third base.

Glen Campbell has a new CD?

Nothing could possibly beat "Rhinestone Cowboy." I love that song for the sheer cheesiness of it.

"I have two graphics to prepare tonight ..."

Gives me goosebumps.

Matt: That is correct. In fact, they don't even put out fielders 1st, 2nd or RF when a lefty pitches.

Dobbs. Dobbs. A thousand times, Dobbs.

Let's hope you get to use both of 'em Jason.

Based on the way the Rays are crushing the Sox we're going to need the heart of the order to look like a heart of the order.

Howard, Patty B - how about smacking the crap outta the ball tonight??? And Jimmy lets reak some havoc huh bud!?! Let's get the machine firing on all cylinders!!!

Lake Fred I hope you get the promotion and the Phils win tonight.

Okay, Jason, you are off the hook, as it was your first CD. Timberlake has always been a Michael Jackson imitater, as were all those other boy bands that my daughters used to like.

JW: Maybe you can use the 1978 Topps background for tonight's graphics? Would be a nice 30 year revenge message.

Another J-Roll leadoff dinger would do nicely this evening.

It's difficult to believe that anyone could still be undecided about the presidential race at this point. I think the differences are pretty clea by now.

Perhaps that's just my rationalization for being a baseball-watching cretin...

LF: Like the guy or not, there's no getting around that "Thriller" was the defining pop album of the 1980s. And maybe it's my criminal defense lawyer instinct, but I followed the trial and came away thinking that the prosecution's case was pretty flimsy. Of course, that's not to say that I would take my kid to Neverland.

Message for Phillies:

BAP: Are you a PD? or do you work in a firm?

Just a curious 1L avoiding work right now and awaiting the Phillies! :-)

Back to more germane topics. As playoff games go, I suppose tonight's game isn't really a "must win." After all, the Phillies do have two more chances to close out the series at home. Still, going to a 7th game would be absolutely harrowing and, if it happens, the Dodgers would have all the momentum plus a significant advantage in the pitching matchup. That means that, if we don't win today, Game 6 will definitely be a must-win game -- not to mention, a must-win game against a pitcher who absolutely dominates us

To sum up, then, the only way to avoid a must-win Game 6 is to win today. And, since must-win games are games I would like to avoid at all costs, that kind of makes today's game almost like a must-win. Does that make sense?

Yeah, I'd be surprised if this wasn't the most watched game of the playoffs yet due to no one being interested in watching those two debate anymore.

tbex: Neither. I work for myself and I only handle criminal appeals. That's how I manage to have enough time on my hands to post on BL all the time.

Mike Greenburg of Mike & Mike was so despondent that the Phillies and Rays were close to making the WS, I thought for a second that I was listening to Colin Cowherd this morning.

He even wondered if the Phillies were really better for FOX than the Brewers because of CC Sabathia.

Where was all this gnashing of the teeth when the Tigers and Cardinals played--two boring Midwest teams, one of which almost had a losing record?

Not sure if someone else mentioned this unimportant bit previously, but I couldn't help but laugh a bit. From this mornings entry by the predominantly uninteresting "Gonzo":

During his appearance on Fox, Kalas introduced Pat Burrell as "The Bait," then said that was a story for another day. That day has come. Here's that tale: During Burrell's first few years with the club, before he was married, the older players used to command him to make appearances at the bar while the Phillies were on the road. They dangled him as "bait" to attract women.

"Can you imagine how many hearts Burrell has broken?" Kalas said.

Comparing Justin Timberlake to Michael Jackson is like comparing Tomas Perez to Ted Williams. If you judge the artist by the crime you better throw away anything by Phil Spector, Leadbelly, Ike and Tina Turner (or at least Ike), Robert Johnson (and subsequently any white blues guitarist who covered him), etc. Robert Johnson made it a personal goal to screw the wife of the owner of most every club or bar he played. Talk about biting the hand that feeds you. Maybe that's not touching little boys, but I'm pretty sure Phil Spector has Michael Jackson beat in terms of heinous crimes (and I'm not even talking about the butchering he did to Let It Be), and that doesn't mean we all have to "lose that loving feeling" or stop listening to "Proud Mary", John Lennon's "Plastic Ono Band" or "Imagine" or George Harrison's "All Things Must Pass." Enjoy the music. Proudly listen to Michael Jackson JW.

msb: Greenberg's still depressed because his beloved Cubs choked. Can't take him seriously.

He's a writer, so he's always thinking about the damn "angle" instead of the best teams making it to the show.

It's not like the Phillies are filled with a bunch of nobodies for sh*t's sake.

My grandfather had '15, '50, '80 and '83
Dad had '50. '80, '83 and '93, and me also.

So this may be a magical time for some Phillies Phans. Some of us may be the first ever in the history of the Phils and our families to actually witness 5 appearances in the World Series. Maybe there is a Phils Phan still alive born in 1915, but hard to believe their play hasn't done them in already.

Yes, I believe we get this done and get it done tonight.

I love ESPN radio, but at least on Mike & Mike, you'll get baseball coverage. Cowherd's fantastic when it comes to football, especially collegiate, but he already pretty much said not to expect virtually any talk about the World Series if it ends up being Phils-Rays. Then again, you have to be fair and look at his audience. I could be way off base, but at least NYC and probably a lot of other areas of the Northeast don't get Cowherd's show. He also rarely gets northeastern callers. Well, college football is not that big in the northeast comparatively speaking. He's almost more concerned with the audience in Norman, Gainesville, Baton Rouge and Lincoln as he is NYC, Philly and Boston.

Really excellent article about Matt Stairs on SI.

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