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Monday, October 27, 2008


~ Pat Gillick is a Genius - clout is a Fool ~

Ahhhhh, this thread is more like it. Thanks JW

"coonhound scat on Kentucky Joe’s bill"

Classic. A wonderfully turned phrase.

I hate to be a debbie-downer but I get the impression that people are too eagerly looking past this game tonight.
The Phils are hot, they're playing at home, they have the greatest post-season pitcher in years on the mound. But the series is NOT over. You can't start making parade plans, celebration plans for tonight, etc.

At the outset of this series, I thought Kazmir would pose the biggest challenge to this squad (especially to Utley and Howard) of all of the Rays' starters. Besides one mistake to Utley, he pitched exceptionally well in game 1, and I have the full expectation that he will be stellar tonight.

Fellas, I can't even tell you how excited I am for this game tonight. I've been a die-hard fan for over 15 years and I've been waiting my entire life for this moment. I personally think they're going to win, but everyone just needs to keep a level head heading into tonight: the Rays are a good team, Kazmir is a helluva pitcher, and we're going to need another Lefty-esque performance from Cole tonight.

That being said, I can't focus at all today and can't wait til the game tonight. Let's go Cole and let's go Phils!!

By no means do I think, or do I think others think, this series is over. However, we are anticipating our staff ace, King Cole, will give a helluva performance and the offense will eek out enough runs to let the streets of Philadelphia spill over with joy.

"Win today, and we walk together forever"

The bottom line is that the Rays would need to win three straight to prevent the Phillies from winning the championship. Given that the Rays have been outplayed in each of the four games thus far (they only won game two because of bad umpiring and some coincidentally bad hitting when runners were on base), that seems highly unlikely. Even of Hamels doesn't win tonight, we've got two pitchers the next two nights who performed well against the Rays and a lineup where the key hitters, Rollins and Howard are feelin' it.

Anyway, it doesn't make any difference whether we're overconfident about the Phils' chances. What could matter is whether the Phils might be overconfident, and I don't see that happening.

Carson - here are some snippets from the post-game thread from late last night and early this morning:

"I've spent two and a half decades reading about 1980...enviously wondering what it could have been like to know the Phillies were going to win that Game 6 with a Series lead and Steve Carlton on the mound.
Now I know."

"On Monday night, we will win Game Five and the World Series because we're home with the best pitcher in the world on the hill.
This year has been magical and it's going to have a happy ending tomorrow night in South Philly after king Cole makes history with his 5th post-season victory and brings a World Series title to Philadelphia. Go Phils!"

"My fiance works for the Mayor. If the Phils win tomorrow, the parade is expected to be on Thursday, just so you know."

Just to be clear, should the Phils win tonight it would be the best moment of my life - I will be in Center City at either Mcgillans/Fox and Hound/somewhere else (by the way, any ideas on a good place to watch the game in Center City) ready to celebrate.

Just need to remind everyone we have a tough game ahead of us and the series isn't over yet.

Jack and Coke is now called a Blanton and Coke in my house. This guy has a lifetime pass in my book.

Did anyone else see "Chief" hamming it up on NBC10 after the game interviewing Kalas? That guy is an absolute joke. Howard, we know you hate the Phillies and love the Eagles. You are the epitome of the fruntrunner attitude that J-Roll spoke of. I say good day to you.

Diggitydave: Tavern Misconduct (1511 Locust) is a good place, too. But small. If you go there, I'd recommend getting there by 5 or 5:30. Seriously. I went there at 7PM last week for game one and the bar and table were totally full.

tables that is.

Sir Alden's day of reckoning has almost come.

Any Phils fans in the UK watching tonight? I'm in Cambridge, but will travel as far as London for good craic. Yay 00:35 start times.

Eskin is scum, you should've seen him trying to get to Thome after Thome's interview on the field with Leslie Guidel.

Eskin's been on Cholly's and the Phillies' case forever. The "Burger King" is not allowed on the bandwagon.

the city is brimming with overconfidence this morning, which, as a classic philly pessimist, scares the bejesus out of me.

diggitydave: Um... Scott Kazmir didn't pitch exceptionally well and over the past month, he hasn't been a helluva pitcher.

The Phils let him off the hook time and time again. He gave up 6 hits and 4 walks in 6 innings. It took him 110 pitches to get that deep in the game. Hamels got through 7 innings in just 102 pitches.

After the 2 run bomb in the first, Kazmir put the first two runners on base in the 2nd and then loaded the bases with one out for J Roll who flew out with Vic getting doubled out at home. In the third inning, Werth lead off with a double and the Phils failed to get him home from third with one out. In the fourth, the first two hitters singled and were moved to 2nd and 3rd with a ground out where the Phils got just one home on a groundout. The fifth was his best inning. Then in the sixth, he again allowed the lead runner on.

Kazmir was lucky to get out of the 6th giving up just three runs. He put lots of runners on and the Phils just weren't hitting. I don't expect him to be so lucky tonight.

I just spent $400 in addition to the $300 I spent to change my flight which was scheduled for tonight back to Detroit until tomorrow night. I used 2 vacation days and now have to cut my X-mas break down.

It can all be worth it if 25/28 years of waiting can come to an end tonight.

I told all you fools that the Blanton trade would end up working out.

BREAKING NEWS: Series is not yet over!!

but it's set up well. let's just try and enjoy tonight, and hope cole has got his proper sleeve length going before he gets out there.

i'll be at the Bayou in Manayunk for the game, should be another crazy night.

Eskin has always been a joke...why do they even give him a presspass for CBP?

Dammit, diggitydave: I'm tired of being an 'Eeyore' (as the conveniently resurfaced SirAlden put it). I'm going to this game and I'm saying: caution to the f-ing wind. Anticipation is part of the experience which will make this an unforgettable day. And if they lose, so be it. This is no Game 7. There's no real pressure here.

I have no doubts about this one. I don't believe the Rays are suddenly going to find their bats and moxie while facing Hamels.

Anywhere specific to watch in the Harrisburg area? Be nice to be watch with some other phans.

I don't have a ticket for tonight's game but I'm planning to head down to the park around 5 this afternoon to see if I can get lucky. Or, failing that, to try to organize a little gate-crashing, a lost art in postseason baseball.

Any thoughts on what I could expect to pay for a ticket to the game? Any ticket at all. On Saturday night, I stood out in the rain for two hours and got a few offers for face value $225 tickets. I get the feeling the asking prices tonight might be quite a bit higher.

If the Phillies win tonight, I can't help but consider this the greatest weekend in the history of Philadelphia.

Friday: Flyers beat longtime rival and nemesis the New Jersey Devils for their first and long overdue win of the season.

Saturday: Flyers beat the Devils back-to-back. Penn State win on the road and on national primetime TV, ending longtime drought against the hated OSU Buckeyes to remain undefeated. And of course, Phils win a nailbiter in the bottom of the 9th to take the Series lead.

Sunday: Brian Westbrook returns to the backfield, looking strong, and the Eagles beat the Falcons. And of course, Blanton mows down the Rays, putting the Phils one win away from glory and the chance to end a 25 year curse.

(Too bad I woke up in Boston this morning... )

Here's what's NOT going to happen:

Coleywood Hamels is NOT looking ahead to a parade. He is our ace. He's been the best pitcher in the playoffs. He knows what's on the line and he has exactly the right temperment to go out there and get it done.

The rest of us? Well, I'm looking ahead. I'm giddy. I can't help it. And me looking ahead ain't gonna help the Rays suddenly learn how to play better.

9 = 08 = Philadelphia Phillies

Time to lace up the cleats for one final ride at the CBP tonight. It starts 0-0 in the 1st so it's anyone's game.

I managed to function for about 3+ hours at work, so I'm treating myself to an extended lunch break with a trip to Modell's for a Phillies World Series jersey.

Let's go bats! Let's go Cole! Let's go Phils! Bring it on home...

I'm trying somehow to get through another couple hours of work before driving up 95 for game five tonight. think I might have a massive coronary before the afternoon is thru.

Dickie Thon

I will be watching it at home, get about 2 hours sleep then back to work tomorrow morning. Bad planning!

I am sure there must be at least one American sports bar in London though whether it is open all night I don't know.

@diggity -- i think all of us fans (especially those of us heading to the ballpark tonight) are very concerned about walking the bataan deathmarch out of the building tonight.

I think it was there last night, too, the waves of emotions that I described early this morning as turning "from jubilation to consternation to contemplation to jubilation." Even while up an insurmountable lead, when Romero fails to get the first out, you can feel the 25/28 years of heartache, a stain that we wish could have washed away with the rain from Saturday.

Each game I've gone in this playoffs has had a different state of passion. During the NLDS when Victorino hits the grandslam there was as sense of disbelief. When Lidge gets the final out in game two there was a sense of relief and "what's next?". Last night had 45908 people walking out of the stadium who wanted to explode, but they thought better and said, "not yet, we've got ONE MORE." I'm expecting a different crowd tonight. There will be those who will be overconfident. There will be some who will bite their fingernails and if their neighbor has any left, there's too.

But as @phillper mentioned, it doesn't matter what we as fans think, it's what Hamels or Utley or Rollins or Howard think. Regardless if the big man and JRoll do what they did last night. You won't need to worry about anything.

And for a guy like Cole Hamels, it's the confidence that makes him who he is. A left hander on the mound on a day you can clinch the World Series. That just feels... right.

My only fear is that everyone not named Cole Hamels shows up a little anxious (Cole's got ice water in his veins). I fully expect Ryan Howard to be flailing away at offspeed stuff from Kazmir. My hope is that Pat Burrell is not.

I agree with Ricky Botallico's statement last night. Never thought I'd say that but Pat Burrell is going to have a huge game tonight to end his Phillies career.

Let's not forgot... the Rays have had serious trouble with LHP. Their team OPS is 50 points lower against lefties.

Hamels, Moyer, Romero and Eyre have thrown 17.1 innings and allowed just 5 ER on 10 hits and 3 walks. They've also struck out 15.

Re: parade plans, I think it's less of looking past winning and more of those out of towners trying to arrange our plans to celebrate with everybody. This is Philly, nothing comes easy, but we just want to be prepared in case it happens.

Cole will be locked in tonight. He seems to be able to handle the emotions of the big moments better than any of our other pitchers. Most importantly, he enjoys these big moments and will no doubt step up and throw a gem tonight.

Even with Hamels on the mound tonight, it's not over quite yet. The Phillies don't match up especially well with Kazmir and Hamels could be overdue for a bad game. Plus, if there's anything this season has taught us, it's to expect the unexpected.

That said, it's hard not to like the Phillies' chances tonight. But, even if they somehow lose, they're still going to win this thing in Game 6. I've been telling everyone all along that we have nothing to worry about, but no one would listen to me.

Bernie: I agree--greatest sports weekend ever. Even weird things that normally would screw Philly teams instead happened to our happless foes. For example, if I told you the refs would screw up an obvious call in an Eagles game and the coach had squandered his timeouts and couldn't challenge it, we'd all be bemoaning Big Red's lack of time-out management and calling for his head--but in Bizzarro Weekend, it happened to the Falcons.

So we're either being set up for the biggest collapse ever, or a Parade this week! I picked the Phils in 6, so I won't whine if they don't win tonight, but I'm sure hoping. For some reason, I see a 4-2 score tonight.

CJ: Hamels has reverse lefty-righty splits, so I'm not sure the Rays' difficulties with left-handers really gives him any added advantage above and beyond the advantage he already has by being a dominant starting pitcher. The fact that he is unfamiliar to the Rays doesn't hurt though.

Least interesting angle: Anything having to do with Jim Thome.

By the way... here's how LHP from Tampa Bay have fared against the Phils:

11 IP, 7 ER, 10 H, 7 BB, 11 K

Pretty obvious that we've fared much better against Kazmire, Price, Howell and Miller than they've fared against Hamels, Moyer, Romero and Eyre.

anybody read Rosenthal's article on Moyer's stomach virus?

Karen (Moyer's wife): ""It was so bad I had to change the sheets twice," Karen said. "He ruined two pillows. Our comforter is at the cleaners right now."

How does a guy feeling like that make that diving play to get Crawford at first? Amazing.

Absolutely unable to concentrate at work today.
Burning my nervous energy by reading BL and playing Free Cell. Completely non-productive.

Moyer is just superhuman. I could read that he had a leg amputated before the game and simply WILLED it to grow back and would only be mildly surprised.

If my math is correct... the Phils are 38-16 since J-Roll called us frontrunners.

My brother in law picked the Phils in 5& I picked them in 6.

I hope he's right.

I just started to wonder who we traded away when we got Moyer: Andy Baldwin and Andrew Barb. They now seem destined to ascend to the revered height of "historical footnotes".

for all you Tim McCarver junkies:

I'm in harrisburg as well and curious to know of a decent place to go watch the game. any ideas anyone?

Especially heartening is the way the Phillies have finally warmed to the idea of playing great baseball at home. In the first few years of CBP, it seemed that the park and the home crowd worked against them at times. Now they're feeding off the energy instead of shrinking from it. I think a big reason so many are so confident is because of the way they've played so confidently in pinstripes the last couple of years, and especially the last couple of months. You expect them to take care of business tonight, because you sense that *they* expect it.

Jamie simply plays the game the right I posted in my Blog yesterday(before I knew about him playing sick...Dude is a warrior)

I really wish that Fox would key in more on the crowd noise instead of their multiple mics...its sad that we had to hear those dumb cowbells but they are basically muting the Philly crowd so the country can't hear how intense it is there. Oh and if they could give McCarver a lobotomy that'd be great too....or perhaps they already did.

Blog Link Below (has cool photo of the botched play at first by ump Tom Hallion)

Was at the game last night and the place was rocking - hard to focus today, and hard to not be giddy for what may happen! Waited 28 years, but now 8 hours seems far away!

For the person who asked about ticket prices - you are better off sneaking in old school style be/c tickets are going for over 1,000 EACH

One of the best things about this series is that everyone up and down the lineup has contributed. Even the 2 lowly iz's have more than pulled their weight. They should all be confident during whatever is left of this series. I'm expecting crooked numbers all over the place. But then again, I expected Moyer to get shelled...

I'm not a very experienced scalper, does anyone have any tips for trying to pick up tickets tonight? I just want to get legit tickets and get through the door.

Great Quote from Shane Victorino's Blog:

"Being from Hawaii, I never really understood what the passion of this city was like, in terms of its sports teams. I get it now."

hey guys
From York PA
i would love to bring my son to philly for the parade. anyone know where to get information when it comes available?
If parade is on Broad? wheres a good spot to be?

B-Mac...I dont know if you will have much luck for the game tonight unless you are willing to put up $$$...but your best bet is to get them from someone who is scalping closest to the stadium and out in the open. The parking lot, alley way scalpers scare me.

I've been complaining about Eskin's treatment of Charlie and the organization for a long time. I have called the Phillies front office and told them that as a season ticket holder I'm outraged at the fact that he is even permitted on the premises. Jason, if we win tonight I think it should be a BL "mission" to insist that Eskin formally apologize to Charlie and the Phillies on the air for his behavior. Time and events certainly vindicated Charlie as the better man.

I was in Philly in May and I wish I was there tonight having a couple of Tony Lukes cheesesteaks and a beer. I tried to recreate the meal last night, the beer was great. The cheesesteaks so-so.
Go Fightins'!!!
Carlitos Ruiz for series MVP!! He deserves it for his bat, glove and his brain!! He's been calling some great games the last few days!

Where is everyone watching the game tonight? I'm driving down from NYC to be with my brethren.

Let me know...

B-Mac - Obviously, check that the ticket is for tonight's game (as opposed to game 3 or 4).

Also, since the tickets get scanned (as opposed to ripped), it's possible that a scalper could try to sell you real tickets that have already been deactivated. The safest approach would be to tell the scalper that you'll pay them for the ticket once it scans. Show them the money, if needed, so that they don't think you're going to try to screw them over. If they're not comfortable walking up to the gate with you, be very suspicious about the ticket.

FYE purposes only. There is no guarantees on any of this information. This is for fantasy and entertainment purposes only

@phanatic's brother -- no official word yet. someone posted here a rumor about Thursday. The Guv, yesterday mentioned it could be as early as tomorrow or Wednesday (My guess) because the players probably would want to head to their homes. I'm not sure if (supposing a baseball game was won in this town tonight) the fans could wait until thursday.

As far as the route, it all depends on where the "finish-line" is. If the parade ends in the stadium as it has in the past, it would probably start at city hall and head south. Big intersections like Washington and Oregon would be good spots.

Another likely scenario would be one that starts somewhere on broad and head to the parkway. Considering the SHEER amount of people that would NEED to be there, the Parkway would be a good spot, with the Art Museum steps as the back drop. I can only imagine what the players would think watching a sea of people.

A bad spot would be a city hall ending. The dilworth plaza was fine for the rally last year. But for the amounts of people it will be hard to control that intersection, especially with the awkward structures on the plaza.

End Supposition

My biggest worry about scalped tickets would be if they were fake or already scanned, I'm not sure how you would guarantee good tickets. stjoehawk's advice sounds the best.

Anyone know where to go for Harry's audio clips of yesterdays game? I hear his Blanton HR call was a beauty.

Can we use "p****e" instead of the actual spelling for the gathering of the multitudes that might occur following the possibility of a world series victory? That would make me feel better. :)

I need some major help. My friends girlfriend of a couple years just broke up with him. i do I keep his mind off of that and enjoy the game tonight? I have no idea how to handle this.

RE: pre-scanned tickets. what would be a sellers motive for selling a ticket that was already scanned? i don't think it would make sense if i was trying to sell a ticket to walk into the stadium to get my ticket scanned, then leave and try to sell my ticket... anyone?

Anyone know of a good place in the quakertown general area to go and watch the game tonight?

Matt B. get a ton of singles, alcohol, and go to a BYOB gentleman's club that will broadcast the game.

Show and Tell sounds like the perfect place. The scummiest girls doing most disturbing things ever and also watching a Phillies victory.

phanatic's brother:

I'm a York, PA native... 1994 York High Grad. I'd sure love to be in Pennsylvania right about now. Instead, I'm enjoying this from afar, in Evansville, IN.

@loctastic -- p****e


@Matt B -- Chicks dig the long ball. If there's a victory tonight... there will be plenty of exuberant women to meet. And a p****e will be like VJ day.>Consider this. If we head back to Tampa, there will be plenty of women to console.

The greatest element of the resurgence of sports in this town and the Phillies, is the sheer numbers of females who are involved. We have our resident regular posters like @phargo and @doubleh but at the ballpark there are tons of women who are not just there for the dudes. But really love their Phillies.

And finally, Matt if that doesn't work, be a good friend and listen to him. Than berate him and bust his ballz until he gets over it, like a man. :)

rmp - Suppose there's two people going to the game. One goes in & has their ticket scanned. That person then hands the scanned ticket to the friend who is still outside. The friend then says that he has one extra ticket for sale. Once that ticket is sold, he goes in using the other good ticket. I'd think this would work even better if there were 3 people involved (so that the scalper could sell two tickets).

The other possibility is for print-at-home tickets. A person could print out multiple copies of each ticket & sell then all. If they sell 4 copies of each ticket, one person gets in while the other 3 are left with tickets that are showing up as already having been scanned.

i like mike cunningham's approach. i'd recommend a good bar with a mixed crowd, if all things go well, ladies might be very.. friendly.

show and tell might be too distracting, but i get crazy focused on games.

Okay...Matt...coming from a female perspective:

If your friend cant be in a good mood for a home game 5 of a potential world series win - no wonder she dumped him!
LOL - kidding...
Take him somewhere that is crowded and full of fan frenzy...there are so many girls coming out these days for the post season plus the excitement will be a great distraction. I cant speak to the show and tell type places - but I think chickies and petes or something like that would be fun for him.

That approach is way too Belle and Sebastian, Matt's friend needs trauma care now, he doesn't need to be the guy in the PG13 movie we're all pulling for right now. He needs to be distracted enough to watch the game without wallowing in self-pity.

rmp: The theory is that people go into the game and then someone get their ticket back outside to a scalper without leaving.

i will say that the Bayou in Manayunk has a pretty balanced m/f ratio for games, which i've always found surprising. so that might be an option for you guys. mcgillin's by city hall is a good one too.

I'm going with lots of beer, a couple packs of smokes and even more beer. I can't believe that she did it today. atleast wait until friday or the end of the week.

I have another adjective to add to Ryan Howard..."healer".

I had great plans to leave New Orleans, six hours before game time, to arrive at Houston and watch Game Four. Unfortunately, I am suffering from a painful sinus infection and am on antibiotics. I slept through much of the Saints game and began my drive 3½ hours late. In the football happy south, no AM radio station carried the World Series. I was dependent on my daughters to give us updates. I'm driving down the dark road in agony and pain from my illness and my wife fields text messages and calls. When we got the news of Howard's three run dinger to make it 5-2, my pain quickly faded.

The best part of the trip was when we were told that "Blanchard" hit a home run...who?

I can't believe that the Phillies are in such a driver's seat right not, World Series game clincher at home with your hottest pitcher, the Zenmeister from the West Coast. Who would've thunk this, when we were 3 games behind the Mutts and 4 behind the Brew Crew with the Ed Wade's Astros breathing down our neck??! We live in a blessed time. Thank the Lord, Hallelujiah!!

Thank the Lord for Jason Weitzel and Beerleaguer! Hallelujiah!!

I had an eerily similar situation occur when my good friend missed our fantasy baseball draft to console a dumped friend (both dudes btw).

I told my friend afterwards that his dumped buddy was an inconsiderate jerk who deserved to get dumped. What man would ask another man to miss his beloved fantasy draft to console him? "(friend's name), I am in really bad shape right now, but I know you have been looking forward to this draft for a long time, and I'll tell you what: I'll go grab some beer, dip, cigarettes and all and wait until you're done. Then we can hang out and I can maybe vent about my ex."

That's what you do. If your friend seriously asks you to miss or ignore a clinching game 5 with COLE HAMELS pitching, a chance to win 5 games in the post season and enter the lore or World Series history, a chance to break a 25 year curse of no championships, then he is selfish and you know all you need to know about why his girlfriend left him. I can't believe this was even a serious asked question.

For anyone coming into town for the game:
I'm assuming Chickie's and Mcfadden's will be PACKED for the games so I'm not even bothering to try and head over there.

I went to Fox and Hound (15th and Spruce) for the NLCS clincher, and though that bar is usually an out-of-towners bar, it was ALL Phils fan - an unbelievable atmosphere and I might head back there again tonight.

Also Mcgillans at 13th and Drury (in between Chestnut and Sansom) is great for Phils games - the upstairs section of the bar has a bunch of large TVs and a couple projection ones too. Either way, you can't go wrong wherever you are tonight.

By the way, is anyone getting anything done today in Philadelphia? The sense of anticipation and excitement in the city is unparalleled by anything I've ever seen before.

CJ- nice ta meet cha!
York High eh? York Catholic over on this side. 87.

Mike Cunningham- thanks so much for the info on the "supposed parade" that someone said something about maybe possibly happening.

Any ideas where to be looking for info when it comes available?

thanks guys

there was no question about watching the game. that was going to happen. im trying to keep him from thinking about it during tonight's game.

stjoehawk and cj... thanks, i wasn't sure myself. I just assumed someone (security?) would be able to see if people were passing tickets back to people outside the gates. the email tickets would definitely be the hardest to catch. i guess stubhub is your best bet, with their fan guarantee where you would at least be able to get your money back if the ticket failed huh?

Matt, I take the contrary position. Forget your friend. He needs to feel sorry for himself tonight by himself. Don't let him drag you down. Go do what you would normally do, without him. Enjoy yourself. I write from experience. I had a buddy, going through a divorce come and visit me in New Orleans for Jazz Fest. It was okay for me, but he was miserable the whole time. It's not worth it.

I just heard from a good source that the p****e would be on Wednesday. I'd trust this guy, but who really knows

Speaking of which, does anyone live/work in Center City? Because a grand-scale "Let's go Phillies" chant has just broken out on broad street with cars honking their horns to boot. This is insanity, madness!
2 in the afternoon and we already have cars honking and people going crazy in the streets - I love this city.

Audio Clips from last night

EastFallowfield - Thanks for those!

We just won with Moyer and Blanton , still have our bullpen in game ready condition and King Cole on the mound tonight.
Gotta love our chances.But it ain't over 'til over.

6 hours of waiting followed by Game 5.
Go Phillies

this is the last part of john donovan's article today:

"The Rays will have their famed resiliency tested like never before on Monday. They get one shot at this now. One last opportunity to save this Series.

And if they don't ... well, nobody outside of Southeastern Pennsylvania, and maybe scattered parts of the Tampa Bay area, is going to remember it, anyway."

moral of the story: unless new york, LA or boston teams are in the WS, no one cares, so it really doesn't matter if you win or lose. in fact, once those guys are eliminated, the games are merely an exercise in obligation from the viewpoint of the MLB. the truth is, there will be no WS winner this year. the annuls of history will merely record a blank spot on the ledger.

Are we permitted to talk Hot Stove on this day? I mean, probably not... but I gotta figure something out to keep from going crazy.

The Rockies have put Holliday on the market. The Phils have been suggested as a suitor. Any deal for Holliday would include Carrasco, right? The Rockies say they'd rather trade Atkins... whom I think would be great for our infield, but we're stuck with a guy there for next year.

Also, most articles about Manny suggest the Phils are one of only a few teams with the money and the OF spot for him. I can't imagine signing him. They won't spend the money he wants nor give him the years he desires.

Oh... and it sure seems like we won't go into 2009 wondering who our 8th and 9th inning pitchers are going to be!!!

Something just struck me.... the Phillies' sent me a calendar last offseason because I dropped a big dime on tickets in 2007 after my return from Iraq.... The prophetic thing about the calendar is the man who is on the October page: Carlos "Chooch" Ruiz.

Whew...been a while since i've had a real chance to post on here. Through, extremely busy work conditions, travel, getting married, honeymooning, I finally am back.

Pheels great to be a Phan!

Was in Maui for my honeymoon and there was a nice amount of excitement for the Phils, mostly for Victorino, since he's from there. Everyone I spoke to had a story about him from his High School sports days and how fast he was. His dad is running for office, so there were "Elect Victorino" signs everywhere. Good times.

Feliz strikes me as the perfect 3b backup for next season. Bring me Atkins.

I'd think the Phils also view Manny as a concessions cash cow. Don't discount that.

Looks like rain tonight. Hopefully nothing too heavy.

I'm still recovering from Saturday night's game, so haven't been able to post. What a day/night/next day--what a game. We got there at 5:30pm because we didn't want to get stuck in Flyers traffic and we had no idea what the weather would bring. We spent the entire time in the park. Once the crowds started coming in it was packed in the concourse with people trying to avoid the rain (it was coming down in sheets and blowing in--just a soak to your bones kind of rain). My section had a fair amount of sourpusses (one girl in particular who didn't even seem to like baseball) that just didn't seem that into the game until the HRs. I stood practically the whole time, and thankfully, didn't have anyone behind me to tell me to sit down. What's up with that anyway? It's the WS. If you can't get up and be excited for a WS game, then you should stay home and give your ticket to someone who gives a crap.

It was fun chanting "Eva," "Garza," and "Melvin," I don't care what anyone else says. I was freezing and exhausted and the chanting and screaming kept me warm and awake. Welcome to Philly, boys.

We were p*ssed that the ump screwed us on that call, but it was funny watching the First Base side chant "safe, safe" whenever anyone ran to first after than on a groundout. They were on that ump the rest of the game.

When the Rays tied the game, I was pretty mad and started feeling the old Philly "pessimism," but then they played "Welcome to the Jungle" before the bottom of the 9th and it just felt like we'd do it. I can't explain it, but when Bruntlett got HBP it all happened in a flash. My boss says to me "If they can't get the runner home here, they don't deserve to win, call or no call." Sho', 'nuff--Ruiz gets the biggest, little hit of his life. The place went absolutely bonkers. Good times.

I told you my boss was undefeated. And he's going again tonight. Hope he can keep his record perfect...

RSB- Hope it's not another 2am game.Though I think I would stay up all night and suffer for it tomorrow.

Heading out now. I'm loving all the parallels here, so I'm calling a 4-1 Phils win. Take this on-the-verge-of-world championship and savor it, because you all deserve it!

bay_area-phan has officially said nothing to worry about, so...there it is. I'm going with that vibe tonight.

The team seems very well focused. They seem to be enjoying themselves right now, but at the same time realizing they are on a mission that isn't quite wrapped up.

Plenty of time to fret if they do lose tonight somehow.

Also have confidence in Hamels. He has been in a zone, the Rays have only had one real look at him (and they did not like what they saw), the ability is there, and I think the confidence is there also.

And don't think he isn't aware that he will own the keys to the City and to baseball's kingdom if he puts on another sterling performance tonight. He well knows that he will be a legend forever if he wins, and that the lustre will be a little dimmed if he loses.

BTW, this is not a knock on him at all. Every world class, true superstar athlete has to have that little bit of swagger/arrogance to get to the very top of the pyramid. I wasn't sure of his mental makeup prior to this season, but this postseason I've become convinced that this seemingly mild mannered guy is one of those rarities who is at the same time level-headed and focused, but who would at the same time crawl over ground glass to win. Or better yet, make you crawl through ground glass while he's beating you.

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