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Thursday, October 30, 2008



I rarely post here, but I always read. You've never written anything more perfect. Enjoy the parade tomorrow. We'll all let those bits of disappointment break away from ourselves, to rest in the dust after the floats roll by and the jubilant throngs disperse.

I was 15 when we last won it all, and Schmidt was my hero. I got into the Phils in 76, when they were starting to show some promise, and I was an 11-year-old looking to latch onto a team. Bowa, Maddox, Boone, Schmidt, Carlton, Luzinski, and the McCarver that everyone seems to hate now. Lots of heartache then, courtesy of the Dodgers, Reds, and Pirates, mainly. 1980 was a special team. Then the Dykstra, Kruk, Dalton gang of the early 90s that came so close, though steroids have tainted that team. And now this one. I'm so proud of this bunch, and Howard, Utley, Vic, seem like genuine good guys. Lots of decisions to make about next year, but for now, I'm letting 28 years of frustration wash off my back and appreciating the efforts of a never-say-die bunch that, even while winning ugly, went an amazing 24-6 down the stretch. Hats off to the 2008 Phils, and special mention to Cholly, who showed that loyalty to players -- the opposite of the Bowa approach -- gets results. And losing his mother in the middle of all this, pretty remarkable stuff.

Yo Weitz,

Great post man.

As a Pirates fan, I just wanted to say congrats to you and all the Phillies fans!

Also, nice photo for the blog. You've certainly done a world-class job these past few years creating a place for fans to congregate electronically and root for your hometown team. Your world-class championship team. Enjoy the parade.

That's perfect.

Have fun tomorrow.

from last thread...

" Anyway, a spokesman for MLB even admitted the league is happy the Phillies won, because Phillies fans are going to spend way more than Rays fans ever would"

Just read an article on that claims that the sudden boom in Phillies apparel rivals that of the Red Socks boom after their '04 title. My guess (unsubstantiated though it may be) is that while the immediate rewards are similar, we'll see the Phillies sales die off much sooner than the Socks sales did. Of course, the Phillies will definitely sell more than the Rays. So yay for that.

Now, all I need is for some retailer to get those awesome gray Phillies Playoffs '08 hoodies back in stock... gah. My aching suspicion is that those were a fairly limited run and no more will be made.

how many days til pitchers and catchers??

Feb 14th, 2009

stevek- Ha, ha. I was thinking the same thing, I didn't know what to do what myself this evening. I miss baseball already, I've watched the highlight clips on 7 times already.
Does anyone know if the parade is going to be streamed live someplace?

EspNews said last night (Wed nite) that they'd be showing the parade on Friday. Its not showing up on their tv listings, but it sounded like they'd be carrying the parade as opposed to just showing 90 seconds of highlights. If this isn't accurate, I'd also like to know where its streaming online, as I'm in Los Angeles andcan't see local tv.

Enjoy the Parade.
I was wearing my Phils hat last night at a restaurant (California) after Game Five-Part II, and the waiter asked me, "So, how many years has it been since Philadelphia won a World Series?"
And I said, "Zero, man. Zero."

Great stuff, J.

A parade sounds like a wonderful way to spend an October Friday in Philadelphia. It. Will. Rock.

Nice post including the nice touch of the blogger sitting in front of his computer with the 1979 Phils retro hat.

I was wearing mine last night and it isn't quite that maroon color anymore. More like a sweat-stained light maroon.



Here I am, stuck in Dennis, MA while my adopted home town prepares for some well-earned celebration. It's not the sort of thing I usually do, but if I were there in Philly today, I'd be downtown for the parade. I hope my kids go.

I moved to Philly in 1993, and got to watch Lennie Dykstra and John Kruk win the pennant; wasn't that just the ugliest team you've ever seen? This year's team seems like a great bunch of guys, and I don't remember a series of games in which so many obscure players contributed big plays at just the right time. Counting the division and league series, we had games that turned on great at-bats by pitchers, games won on infield hits by .200 hitters, one game won by a 40-year-old who does nothing but occasionally hit pinch-hit home runs. The winning RBI went to Pedro Freaking Feliz. That's a great team.

Enjoy your celebration, Philadelphia. It's been a long time coming, and you deserve it this year.

In 1980 I sat on the couch with my 1 month old daughter in Swarthmore and watched the Phillies win it all - and I cried...In 2008 I sat on the couch in Arizona with my 28 year old daughter and watched the Phillies win it all - and I cried. Priceless. I'll be at the parade in spirit. Have fun Philadelphia!

I know it sounds corny, but I agree with Weitzel in that this championship can change, or at least slightly alter, your outlook on life and make you a better person because of it. I love the Phillies!

Cole on Letterman last night.

Read the Top 10-
10. "Maybe I'll get to be on 'Dancing With The Stars.'"

9. "Can I wear my cup in the offseason?" (Letterman: "Well, sure, you know I'm wearing one right now.")

8. "The Rays collapsed faster than my 401(k)." Hamels then improvised with an expressive "hi-yo" -- clearly making sure Evan Longoria et al know he's joking.

7. "How cool a name is Cole Hamels?"

6. "This must be how the Yankees used to feel." (Letterman: "Hey, wait a minute ...")

5. "Is the Phillie Phanatic hitting on my wife?" Hamels was referring to another former CBS personality, the former Heidi Strobel, who was a contestant on "Survivor: The Amazon."

4. "Seriously, how cool a name is Cole Hamels?"

3. "How can I celebrate when the nation's economic output is the weakest it's been since the third quarter of 2001?"

2. "I hope John McCain will start calling me 'Cole the pitcher.'"

1. "Now maybe I'll get to appear on Leno."

Good Morning!

I will go out and march around the parking lot at 11 am and think of you all...

Hundreds upon hundreds of posts about the game on Beerleaguer yesterday and praising some of the best plays, deservedly so.

Yet not a single post on what was probably the most important play of the game, the one that, to me, was the turning point: The play Utley made up the middle to cut down Bartlett at the plate in the 7th with the game tied 3-3.

That was the series right there. Yet not a word (except buried in one long post mentioning lots of other stuff by RSB).

Strange. But it ought to be remembered.

Alby (from last thread):
1980 (midpoint/high point of '76-'83)

The timing of the Phillies' World Series appearances is amazingly consistent if you give them credit for '64 -- gaps of 13 to 16 years from peak to peak."

Your theory about the Phils making the World Series every 13-16 years or so from 1950 onward does work by including the near-miss of 1964 (which you did), but doesn't work if you include their actual Wiorld series appearance in 1983, just 3 years after 1980. It would be more accurate to say the Phils field a contender about every 13-16 years.

Mets fan here ... you guys earned it. Enjoy!

Glad to see you guys win. If we had half the heart of your team I'd be happy.

Excited...going to the parade today.
I'm patco-ing in from South Jersey. But my schedule is such that I am unable to arrive at the parade route until noon sharp.
Does anyone have any insight as to how screwed I will be because I am unable to arrive early and stake my claim to a good spot on the route?

From the Phillies Insider-
Congratulatory E-mails
"Congratulations to the Phillies for their hard work and dedication; the fans for their loyalty and patience and the owners and front office for building a world class organization. I've never been prouder to be a Phillie," Steve Carlton.

"Congratulations to Charlie, the coaches and players. The Philly fans were fantastic. When a team wins the World Series, everyone contributes, including the fans. When does spring training start?," Robin Roberts.

"I would like to congratulate the Phillies on winning the 2008 World Series. It was very exciting to see my ex-teammates celebrating a championship victory. The Phillies were a courageous team during the entire season and they certainly deserve this title. Please express my joy to all the players, the organization and most specially the fans for waiting faithfully for so many years to celebrate this well deserved triumph," Bobby Abreu.


"The Phighting Phillies are the World Champions, the team of my childhood and my entire life. The names and numbers on the uniforms change but somehow that name on the front of the uniform stirs our very soul," Joe Bonsall / Oak Ridge Boys. (Born and raised in Kensington!!)

For those fans no longer in Philly like myself, Comcast Sportsnet is planning to stream the parade live online starting at noon:

I'm at 20th and Market. At least 50 people out here at 8:00AM, at least 100 here now, and a bunch of kids have started a whiffle ball game on the empty lot next to Blue Cross. How cool is that?

my wife has to bail on the rally at CBP today. i have a few friends who might take the ticket, but they're not sure yet. so there's a chance that i'll have an extra ticket by the time i head in to the park. rather than just give it to someone off the street, i figured i would mention it here.

if anyone is interested, mail me at with your contact info and we'll try and coordinate. once i know if the ticket is up for grabs, i'll just go through whoever gets to me first.

bonehead - try Broad and Washington, there's not as much development by that intersection, so you might have a better chance there. i've done that for the mummer's parade and it's worked out well.

that's my advice anyway. if it doesn't work out for you, i apologize, but just know i'll be bit by it too. :)

For those in the Philly area, they just said on the radio that regional trains are running an hour late due to over crowding from folks coming in for the parade. 'Nuff said.

loctastic - sounds like a good idea. Thanks for your response.
Have fun today!

I was driving back to NYC after Game 4, and got pulled over for doing triple the speed limit on the Comm Barry Bridge.

Cop asked where i was coming from and I said Citizens Bank Park. He looks at me and goes "Good game huh?" I replied "How about that Ryan Howard?"

He let me go.

Officer, if you're reading this, THANK YOU!!


clout: equally conspicuous is your failure to acknowledge the delicious irony of Pedro Feliz's game-winning hit off a RHP.

Enjoy the parade, everyone. Couldn't ask for a more perfect day. It's not always sunny in Philadelphia, but that just makes you appreciate it more when it is.

trains are over an hour late, parking by the stadium is already filled up.

i'm giving up and biking it. should be interesting!

I was in second grade when the Phillies won the World Series in 1980. I remember watching the parade on the television in Mrs. Nicol's second grade classroom at Comly School in Somerton. Then, like now, I wonder why school district's do not close to let the children go and see something truly special. The argument of education comes first is a joke. No education is going to take place when 75% of the students and most of the faculty members are absent.

I currently work as an administrator in a school district and lobbied hard to get our kids and faculty the day off. It fell on deaf ears. Our absentee list is longer than the United States Constitution today.

I will be watching the parade as I did 28 years ago from a chair in a school, while 75% of our students and most of our faculty are absent watching the parade on Broad Street.

My own children will not miss this. My oldest son in second grade will not be in school. He will be on the parade route with my wife and his two younger brothers.

Everyone who is going to the parade, be safe, and have the time of your life. You and this city deserve it.

Stand up for the champions!!!

clout - Thanks for posting it. But when I think about why the Phils were the better team, in September and throughout the play-offs, that play in particular is the one which will stick in my memory. It's almost as if his brain was working twice as fast as everyone else, processing the situation and coming up with an amazing analysis combined with perfect execution. He grabbed the ball, absolutely faked the jock off of Bartlett with his phantom throw to first and fired to home for a very, very easy tag. It was not just the game, but the epitome of the season.

clout - Agreed on Utley's play; it becomes increasingly stunning with successive replays. I'm not sure whether it was somebody nationally, or just somebody that I've talked to since the game (or maybe somebody on BL), who pointed out that if Derek Jeter makes a play like that, it's immediately heralded as an all-time top play by the MSM.

Jason, that is a beautifully written post and a perfect photo. Thanks on truly amazing coverage of an unforgettable season. Thanks for letting us congregate here as our rambling, bizarre selves. And have fun at the parade.

For every fan out there today, there's one of us across the country (or the globe) that can't be there.

Just know we're cheering our hearts out too.

Have a great day all.


Long time reader, first time poster. Just want to say thanks for all you did this season. It was a pleasure to have a refuge on the net where I could feed my Phillies cravings. And I appreciate the thoughtfulness you put into each post, kudos, keep it up next season!


septa was insane this morning at 7am. i have no idea when im ever going to get home.

Haven't posted much since they won because, frankly, I had to catch up with all the work that I'd been too distracted to get done earlier. But, actually, yesterday was my most productive work day in a long, long time. Coincidence? I don't think so. Life just goes smoother when the Phillies win the World Series.

I would agree about Utley's play being the key -- although I'd disagree with Andy's characterization that it was an "easy tag." It was actually a very good tag, as Ruiz was standing well off home plate & had to wheel all the way around & make a lunging tag of a player who was doing everything he could to avoid him. I'd also rank the BJ Upton DP as a close second to Utley's play in terms of importance. When Crawford got that leadoff hit, I was utterly disgusted because a single for him is as good as a double, if not a triple. Without that DP, the odds of Crawford coming around to score that inning were incredibly strong. It wasn't as spectacular as Utley's play, but it was nearly as important.

BAP: absolutely right with the Upton DP. What was he doing swinging at the first pitch anyway!? He's got to give Crawford a chance to steal second in that situation, right? Oh well, it worked out well for the Phils.

Heading to the parade now. I hope to see some of you there!

Optimus: I would love to see the Utley play on MLB playoff promos for the next decade (ala the Jeter flip), but we both know that won't happen.

Even if the wanted to use it, could they? After all, the camera man bit on the fake throw to first.

For those attending the parade, have a great time!

Being the potential last game of the WS combined with the odd length of the game, the importance of every play was magnified adn they all mattered. (Even Madson's homer to Baldelli)

Extremely well said. Thanks.

@BAP -- absolutely that DP was HUGE. Monstrous. But because the play at home assuredly prevented a run, Utley's play, in beerleaguer hyperbole style, might have been the greatest defensive play in World Series history. And that means YOU Willie Mays. I'm talking to you Pete Rose-Bob Boone.

that 3 inning sprint to the title, might just have been the greatest baseball played ever.

In case you're stuck at work (like I am) the parade is being broadcast on (Right now, they're playing the 1980 WS game 6. It's 4-0 in the 7th.)

I feel a little bad for Aaron Rowand, who (you could argue) pretty much wrecked his career by selling his spot on a World Champion for a few hundred K.

I would love to think that would drive home to other players that the Bora$ approach is not always in their best interests. I'm not optimistic.

What was awesome about Utley's play was that it's one of those things that rec league baseballers and softballers do. It works surprisingly well because runners instinctively take off when they see the ball thrown elsewhere. Anyway, it's a fun play to pull off and the players who do, you just know their head's in the game.
See y'all at the parade.

I ran into the bathroom and heard the DP called from there. I know I missed the bowl. Cleanup on aisle 5, I guess.

Speaking of Rocco Baldelli, How would everyone feel about having him in Left next year (if he's healthy enough to play every day)?

"if he's healthy enough to play every day"

He probably won't be.

Hopefully they're showing the parade highlights on for awhile this afternoon. I won't be able to grab an internet connection again until 3:30.

I used a wrong adjective. Substitute one that means: "difficult to make but not really close at all."

On the Upton DP, my wife, who follows NO sports (but will occasionally watch baseball) turned and said, "They're good!" (I just nodded knowingly.)

Some random thoughts:

1) Screw Aaron Rowand. The money was more important, so he got what he deserved: a .444 team with a seat on his couch watching the Phils win the WS.

2) In watching the '80 WS while I worked, it's amazing to me how far off the plate hitters used to have to setup; pitchers have really given up on brushing guys back, etc.

3) That play by Utley was one of those huge, pivotal moments that will be lost because it didn't score a run. But it was as big as any RBI the team got this year – right up there with Jimmy's play up the middle to clinch the division.

4) I sooooo wish I could be at that parade today. I truly envy all of you who get to see it in person. I'll be trying to watch it streaming via as I work, but it's obviously not the same thing. I'm really, really hoping that it's made available on iTunes or some other outlet, because that one would truly be a keeper for me.

I'm watching the parade online. This couldn't be a better Friday. Thank you Phillies!!!!

Great to see the parade online!

Andy, while watching the game, my wife said "I'm so tired of Upton!" (I just nodded knowingly)

I am in Anacortes, Washington overlooking the San Juan Islands. It's foggy and raining, but I am overjoyed that my team, the Phils, have won it all. I remember 1950, and the thrill of beating the Dodgers. Although I left Philly 46 years ago, I have been a devoted, unwavering Phillies fan. When Scott Rolen departed, and lots of Phillies supporters were ticked off at him, it was an insightful moment. He left, as you may recall, because he felt that the Phils' ownership was not committed to winning. I agreed with him and was not among his detractors. After many years of extreme mediocrity or worse, ownership gradually and reluctantly got the message that fan support does require something in return. We are not a small market team. When they hired Pat Gillick, they got someone with the gravitas to affect the perspective of the ownership. His impact has been immense. Going forward to next year, I hope this incredible accomplishment and the astounding level of fan support sends a clear message to Monty and Company: We want to be here again next year!

RSB: Not necessary to mention the winning hit since it was mentioned in 500 posts. But the play that stuck in my mind, was the tremendous play by Utley to nail Bruntlett at home and it had only a brief mention. It's nice to see some of our savvier posters agree with me that it ought to get greater recognition, even if you don't agree.

So I called up, and there is video playing, but there are still no players going by, and it says it's live...wasn't the parade supposed to start at noon eastern? All that's on right now is filler.

I was working in Taiwan during the '93 season. My brother sent me a World Series t-shirt. I received it after the Phils lost, and I swore I'd never wear it until they won. It's quite wrinkled after 15 years in a drawer but it wears very well.

phargo, I was watching it and they showed the players before. (PtB was in the front).Not sure about now.

Text message from my brother:

"Babies born yesterday are wondering when they will ever see a title."

This is amazing.

Kevin: I harbor no animosity toward Rowand & we definitely missed his bat for about the first 4 months of the season, when Jenkins was getting 2/3 of the starts in RF. But once Cholly figured out that Werth needs to start full-time, our outfield became much better than it would have been with Aaron Rowand (whose 2008 season could charitably be called average). I always believed that all that leadership crap was vastly overrated.

If a World Series Championship isn't enough, how about some Schadenfreude?

On Utley's play, which was completely and utterly awesome (and Chasely) in every way, McCarver said something like, "Looks like Romero was blocking the runner..." or something to that effect.

Other than the victory itself, my favorite part was the five minutes of silence that awful Fox booth gave the World Series Champions.

And God bless Charlie Manuel and his swagger. "I know I'm that good."

If you listen to the national media we are a city full of hooligans. Here's a story from the parade today that won't make any papers: A mom had her little boy in the Broad Street median to take his picture before the parade got down to where I was standing at Broad and Lombard. He was maybe 18 months old. She kept trying to get him to raise his arms up like he was cheering. When he finally did the whole crowd erupted into applause. The noise scared him and he put his hands back down, but a few seconds later he raised them up again. The crowd once again went crazy. It was hilarious. He kept it up for at least 5 minutes. What a town.

I love Schadenfreude!

I loved EVERY second of being at Game 5 - both Game 5s. But what I think I loved most about being there was that I didn't have to listen to McCarver and Buck. In fact, Joe Buck's name was mentioned during the trophy presentation and the crowd around me (third base side) chanted, "F--- Buck!" These chants were quickly changed to BOOOOS for Bud Selig. (Another favorite moment of mine.)

I also want to thank Jason and all the regular posters on Beerleaguer. I've been lurking for well over a year, but just got the nerve to post in the past few weeks. You guys never cease to amaze me with your knowledge, insight, and ability to find a stat for EVERYTHING! Thanks for adding to a wonderful year.

Thanks Blee357! I mean, sure we can admit we have some rowdy fans - who doesnt!? There are idiots everywhere, but it seems like that is emphasizd so much more in Philly. And Kutztown fan...I too was at the Game 5s and I LOVED when the crowd shut down the horrible Joe Buck and the even more horrible (or I guess equally horrible) Bud Selig!

Aahhh....I feel like a kid at Christmas who has his very own personal set of elves to make him any toy in the entire world today and it is fantastic!

This is bizzaro Philly - David Mongomery was just cheered in Citizens Bank Park.

Hey, I just read that article from I can't believe all the Mets players who didn't watch the World Series. I don't understand that. They are ball players. They are supposed to love the game. Are they that bitter or jaded or envious that they didn't watch any of the post-season?

Look, I've been a Phillie fan all my life and thus have a great amount of bitterness and envy, but I haven't missed a World Series game EVER. And I'm not a player.

What's wrong with those guys? They should be ashamed. And MLB should smack them. If their own players don't watch the post-season, how can they expect the general public to do it?

Funny, I don't think Utley's play has been overlooked. In fact, I think it's the talk of the town--at least among my circle of fans. Just because it wasn't picked apart ad nauseum here doesn't mean no Beerleaguer noticed it. On the contrary, the plays/at-bats and situations that tend to get talked about here are those that are bad.

Nearly equally as important to me was the double play in the eighth. Before it happened, I turned to my friend and said that it was time for another of the double-plays that were so key during the playoffs. Then boom. I think I remember at least four key DP's, including that 1-2-3 job in game two of the first round. I didn't re-read every game post, since I was there, but was the double play in the eighth given its due credit?

Point is: I don't know and I don't care. We won, and that's all that matters. Right?

Chase Utley, just now: "World Champions. WORLD F###ING CHAMPIONS."

sportsnet did not bleep it out.

that was awesome.

Chase: "World Fvcking Champions!"

"World Champions. World f*cking champions."

- Utley

Best quote yet. Edges out Hamels' "Again, and again, and again..." quote.

World F*cking champions! Obviously, Sportsnet is not on a tape delay. Oh man, that was great.

So which was better? That, or "Boo? F*ck you!" What's with the language, Chase? Lol.

I'm really sorry I missed the show today. Being here in Va., I couldn't get the parade during my lunch hour as I needed software installed to view it and we are not permitted to install any unauthorized software. My thanks to J. Weitz for the site and all of the great phans and posts. You guys are the best phans in the world. Way to go Phils!

That was eff'n shocking.

In addition to his other accomplishments, Chase now leads the entire rest of baseball in dropping F-bombs on national TV, two-to-nothing.

Hey Genome, guess what? World F*cking Champions, bee-yotch!

I can't wait to get the Youtube video of Utley saying "World F*cking Champions". I'm going to put that on play on a continuous loop on my blog.

Weitzel, I hope you start a thread for today's celebration. I also hope that the only reason there isn't a thread for today is because you were there enjoying it. What a perfect day. Chase Utley is the man. If you write up a thread I'll have more on my experiences on Broad Street and the stadium today.

Utley's swear also made it onto Fox.

Naah, you know what's truly pathetic - having your team take the apple two straight years and watching the Phils kick the crap out of every team they went up against in the postseason. World Fracking Champs!

btw, here's the clip:

Inferiority complex????? HA!!!!! We're the fucking WORLD CHAMPIONS!!! WE're inferior to no one! Especially loser Mets Fans!!!

For those wondering about replays of the parade and rally, check out the bottom of this article from

Who cares if the Mets watched the series or not, that does nothing for me. I was over them after we won the division. I'm about tired of hearing about them, but I'm sure JRoll's dig during the celebration will catch their ears and the cycle will continue.

Why don't the Mets sign a few more high priced losers so it will be even sweeter when we beat your asses again next year!!

YOu know the funny thing about "The Play" by Utley? My post when it happened was this "Utley doing his best Derek Jeter impression right there".

No one commented on it at the time and then I find out everyone in the national media picked up on it. Awesome!

The Mets are the best team in baseball for the first 150 games.

What's that buzzing noise in here? Oh, it's a mets fan who can't quite get over it, an entire month after losing.

Two in a row, baby. That's pretty lucky.

"You guys got lucky. If you guys didn't go 24-6 in the last 30 games, no way would you have won the Series."


Actually, f*ck the mets, those are my true feelings.

Envious (perhaps) of Santana'a money, not the team he plays for.

World Champion trash, if you please!


It doesnt matter there is nothing anyone can say that takes that away from us. WE WON THE WORLD FVCKING SERIES!!!!

Jeeeez! Which is it hyro? LOL

did anyone notice an absence of chooch during the ceremony? did i just miss him?

Oh man who thought we'd get more trolls on here after we won the World Series?
The Mets were winning all of '07 and gloated the whole time but we won it in the end. They were winning mostly towards the end of '08 but choked again and we won it on the last weekend of the season.
Then, on the happiest day of my life, Mets fans want to bring me down.

I WILL HAVE NONE OF IT. We are the World F*cking Champions, and it feels so, so good.

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