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Saturday, June 27, 2009


Pretty hard to bench Jimmy and have the offense actually suffer ... but that is what the Gnome brings to the table. It almost begs the question, where is Abe Nunez?

the #2 starter? :)

is happ the new #2 starter?

go A.J. Burnett!!

beat the muttrepolians

Romero's altercation was with a Rays fan, not a Blue Jays fan.

Another Eaton bites Philadelphia in the ass...

Can anyone come up with statistics that support my belief that Werth has the tendency to just explode in particular games? 4-4, 2 HR today.

I remember him going 9-9 or 7-7 or something over a stretch of two games a year or two back. I also remember at least one other 4 hit night for the guy. Are there other Phillies that do this too and I just don't notice?

Did the closed-door meeting work, or was this domination just a coincidence?

Well at least Happ is a serviceable starter at least. After 66 innings he has a 3.00 ERA, pretty good.

Happ should get some consideration for Most Vaulable Phillie, for the first half of the season. Or maybe, nicest surprise of the 1st half.

5-0 with a 3.00 ERA (and should easily be 7-0) and didn't get into the rotation until May.

Not bad for a 4th or 5th starter.

When are we going to find out who starts on Wednesday in Atlanta? Even if healthy, they can't go back to Bastardo again.

Here is how I would play it the next 2 weeks:

Tuesday at Braves- Blanton
Wednesday at Braves- Carrasco
Thursday at Braves- Hamels

Friday vs Mets- Happ
Saturday vs Mets- Moyer
Sunday vs Mets- Blanton

Monday vs Reds- Carrasco
Tuesday vs Reds- Hamels
Wednesday vs Reds- Happ
Thursday vs Reds- Moyer

I like going with Carrasco before Hamels, because there is a chance a rookie pitcher (and 5th starter) may get nervous and get knocked around in a start and with Hamels (who last night withstanding, usually goes deep into games) starting the next day, it can help save the pen.

Plus, you put Carrasco into 2 situation to start his career, he could do well in. 1st game in spacious Turner Field, against a offensively challenged team. 2nd game against another weak hitting team in Cincinnati. Plus, you keep him out of the 4th of July weekend series against your arch-rivals.

But Happ is tradeable and Bastardo is untouchable.

Anyone know why Savery only pitched 1 inning today?

This isn't a popular or politically correct opinion, but good for Romero. I can't stand people who think they can just say whatever they want to a pro athlete because they assume there's some kind of wall between they and them. If you want to run your mouth, then man up.

I'm sure some BLer will come along and tell us why Happ's outing today wasn't really all that good.

can then make Cholly hold meetings before every game?

Jack: I believe the Reading game is a continuation of a game from last night. The game was suspended after one inning (which Savery pitched) due to rain.

Savery pitched the inning yesterday. Game was suspended after one inning. Resumed today.

Savery was so unhappy about the umps trying to start the next inning in a downpour that he chucked a ball into the stands.

Ah, thanks guys. I was wondering if maybe he was pulled early and there was either an injury or a trade in the works.

BobbyD: The mulit-million dollar a year contract is what keeps you from responding to some yahoo fan.

On a side note, i do think that fans who verbally abuse a specific player, especially when they player can hear what the fan is saying, should be ejected from the stadium.

I remember as a kid sitting in the 2nd or 3rd row of a Phillies-Giants game at Candlestick Park. Some fan was mercilessly hounding Greg Luzinski all game long. Luzinski ignored it, but Dick Allen stopped & stared the fan down and some teammates had to come over & prevent him from going into the stands to beat the crap out of the guy (which would have been richly deserved).

I generally agree with mm about verbally abusive fans, although I would make an exception if the target of the abuse were Eric Bruntlett.

Good sign that the Phils responded to the managers' meeting today. Phils come out and just take care of business today for one of the first times all season. They scored early and often against a marginal starter and got arguably the best pitching performance by a starter (except for Hamels' start in LA at the beginning of the month) all season.

When Happ has good command on that fastball like today, he really can look strong out there. I definitely could see why teams would want to trade for him - a starter who has proven in limited usage that he can stick at the MLB level and would be under a team's control for the next several years at relatively low dollars. Even with the depressed FA market this offseason, a back end rotation guy was still running you at least $7-8M/year.

Manuel looked at the upcoming starters list and decided it would look good to have the meeting before today's game.

Bruntlett is worthless... they should cut him and try my dog Sadie as a right handed bat off the bench, SHE would prolly be more productive

I don't know want I would love more...

1. Waking up and reading the Phillies have traded for a decent #2 starter.

2. Finding out that the phillies have finally cut Eric Bruntlett and Jack Taschner.

Clay Condrey used to be the luckiest man on earth, now I believe it has to be Eric Bruntlett with his 900,000 dollar contract and baseball pension.

If it is possible that Bastardo and/or Carassco can get them through to late August or early September, I wouldn't mind if the Phils considered signing Sheets for the end of this season and 2010.

Trading for any available pitcher would be a foolish decision. There isn't really a "difference maker" on the trading block that's worth giving up a prospect that could either cheaply produce for the Phils in the future or bring in someone worth having in an off season trade. If they've resigned themselves to add salary for a slightly above average starter with a potential injury downside (Penny, Washburn, Bedard, etc), they might as well keep what they've got and sign Sheets (or Byrd, or Pedro).

JP: You are at least the eighth person I've met/known/communicated with who has a dog named "Sadie."

Great outing by Happ. It took long enough for him to get a chance. Wonder if Carassco will get a chance in a Phils uniform. Zimmerman and Martis with the Nats(as bad as they are) are proving it pays to give players a chance.

"If they've resigned themselves to add salary for a slightly above average starter with a potential injury downside (Penny, Washburn, Bedard, etc), they might as well keep what they've got and sign Sheets (or Byrd, or Pedro)."

Bedard should'nt be lumped in with Penny or Washburn. Erik Bedard, at the top of his game, is as good as Hamels. Penny is a #3 o#4 at best, at this stage of his career. Wasburn is a high priced #4 or #5.

The best aspect of Happ's 5-hit complete game walks!

Happ threw 74 4-seam fastballs (his riser), 9 sliders, 7 changeups, 4 curves and 3 2-seamers (his sinker or cutter). Key to his success, however, was pitch placement in the 4 corners inside and just out of the strikezone. According to PitchFx he threw nothing belt-high, middle. Most of his strikes were high on the inside part or outside part of the plate. Almost all non-strikes were high and unhittable (though batters swung and mades outs on some of them.) The average speed of his fastball was 89.7 mph.

It's all about location.

jr: Zimmerman or Zimmermann?

Mets lose, 5-0. :-)

As for location, Romero has now thrown 207 pitches since he has returned: 105 strikes and 102 balls. Basically thrown more balls than strikes his last 5 appearances. That is really weak for a MLB pitcher.

Explains why his K/9 is at 6.1 (well below is career norm of 7.2) and his BB/9 is at 10.5 BB/9 (well above his career norm of 5.6).

Romero basically can't locate to say his life right now and you really don't want to see him in a game with inherited runners.

Lidge was definitely the most important guy in the bullpen last year but Romero has been a huge lift for the Phils the last 1 1/2 half or so. Just have to wonder if it will be one of these years for him where just struggles to find the plate with any kind of consistency as he has been prone to do before in his career.

I thought we weren't allowed to mention that Romero has control problems? Didn't some poster tell me that?

Jack: Well, I think it's pretty obvious JC has control problems. I mean really, some guy in Tampa makes a comment about the PEDs & he attacks the fellow ...

Oh. You meant control problems as in pitching. Nevermind.

****Bruntlett is worthless... they should cut him and try my dog Sadie as a right handed bat off the bench, SHE would prolly be more productive***

Why I love BL summed up in one sentence. Your dog probably has better range in the field too.

@mikes77: lol and so true. how is this guy on a mlb roster? somebody can correct me if I'm wrong, but if a semi serviceable guy like Geoff Jenkins can get released and not picked up, where exactly would Bruntlett land if the Phils released him? AA for the Pirates? Coaching legion ball?

On the other hand-call it unreal circumstances or luck- (i.e. simply being inserted as a pinch runner in game five) but it's truly mind boggling he scored two game winning runs in the World Series.

pblunts: He also hit a Gnome Run in Game 2 of the World F*cking Series. If I were Bruntlett I'd call it a career, 'cause it obviously ain't gonna get any better for him.

good god how did i forget that, it was the only bright spot of that game.

Happ going a complete game was huge today and can't be understated. This is the current status of the Phils' pen:

Madson - Best stuff in the bullpen right now but people were right that he didn't hack it as a closer. Hasn't quite been the same in June too as he looks he is going through a bit of a dead arm phase himself.

Lidge - It was only one outing but man it was painful. Just have to hope that he can be somewhat effective as he pitches with a bulky right knee but I have a feeling that at some point he is going to get shutdown for either a really extended period/year. Just like when Wagner went down last year for the Mets mid-season, the Phils don't have an answer if Lidge is out for the year.

Romero - As documented above, he just has had no control on his any of his pitches this year. Walking guys at an astounding clip and already walked in one run this year with the bases loaded. Cholly has heavily relied upon him in key spots in the 7th & 8th innings the last two season and you have to kind of wonder if Eyre won't take over that role if Romero struggles to keeping throwing strikes.

Park - He has been "okay" since going to the pen but has a pretty bad bruised knee. It would be ideal if he could not be used tomorrow, have an off-day on Monday, and hopefully be ready on Tues. for the Braves series.

Durbin - Serviceable but he has struggled with his command all year including getting hit hard of late. Last year he was a lynchpin in the bullpen until his arm tired in August.

Walker - Fine with him pitching mopup duty when the Phils are up or down 3 runs but just not a guy you want to see in there with a close score.

Taschner - Somewhat effective earlier on but he has gotten so bad that Cholly won't use him unless he has no other alternative. Lucky if he gets used once a week now.

Things should improve slightly when Eyre & Condrey get back but unless Romero and Lidge really turn it around it is hard to see this bullpen being a strength this year.

Everyone keeps mentioning a starter (and they desperately need another arm) but I frankly wouldn't mind seeing them see what shakes loose on the waiver wire or try to make a deal for another bullpen arm.

Eric Bruntlett is underrated

It was nice to watch Bruntlett rip David Price's heart out of his chest in Game 2. Even though we lost the game, the fact that their can't miss phenom got brutalized by a garden gnome was a great sign for the rest of the series.

Dear Dad: Your son has made it in MLB. That is a major achievement in and by itself. Last year he made significant if occasional contributions. I am afraid this year I and others can't think of any.

On the other hand the manager agrees with you.

guys / gals..just got back from Trenton after watching Me Taylor go 2 for 3 in the nightcap after going 3 for 3 in the opener. The athleticism this kid shows is remarkable for somebody 6'6" and 250 lbs..His is a pleasure to watch. Also Worley threw great tonight.. Gave up 2 runs in the fourth on 3 jam jobs..Good looking prospect..It was a pleasure watching the next wave of phils stars and not thinking of Bruntlett and the boys..have a great night

DeRosa to Cards. Despite some ridiculous speculation, there was never a chance he was coming to the Phils this year. The best chance for a competent utility man still remains Jason Donald getting healthy and getting into a groove at the plate.

Drew Carpenter throws his hat into the ring...

7 IP, 5 hits, 0 ER, 1 BB, 7 K's.

100 pitches, 70 strikes.

He is now 7-1 with a 2.75 ERA.

I'd still go with Carrasco, since his ceiling is much higher and his stuff is better, but I'd think about bringing Carpenter up later in the year, to pitch in a bullpen role. That might be his future spot (a Durbin-like guy) in the majors as a pitcher. Especially, if Park went down at some point and needed DL'd. Carpenter might be be a solid long-man.

From my post above, Carrasco would make 3 starts before the All-Star break, if called up. Next Wednesday at Atlanta. Monday July 6 at home against Cincinnati. And, Saturday July 11 at home against Pittsburgh. Give him 3 starts and then re-evaluate at the break. I think that would be fair.

Other minor league stats of note tonight:

-Marson with 2 hits and RBI's for LV.

-Taylor with 2 hits, 2 runs and his 13th SB for Reading.

-Worley goes to 6-4 on the year, with 6 solid innings at Reading.

my bad ..Taylor was 0 for 3 in the opener and then 2 for 3 in the nightcap..sorry for the typo..

Susdorf went 4-6 and is now 14-28 on the year. He's my favorite non-prospect in our system.

no excuse at all for what Romero did. Unless the player is physically in danger-that would be self-defense-to lose control and hit a fan is criminal. Just think what, for example Jackie Robinson went through; did he ever strike a fan? Romero is criminally liable-my hope is that they settle this and not see him lose more time from the team.

Even Dick Allen never did anything like that...and he at least had good cause to probably bludgeon a fan to death with a bat.

Romero will be suspended by MLB for a while if its found to be true.

I agree Romero was out of line in assaulting the fan. However, I don't have much respect for the fan, either. I mean, first he asks for autographs, then when he didn't get them he turns to insults - or maybe he thought JC would find his remark funny?

Can't believe the Cards got DeRosa. WE could have used him - but then, he'll get more playing time with the Cards. Guess that's why we have guys like Bruntlett off the bench, it isn't easy to find good players who are willing to be bench players only.

I'm not saying JC was "right" if he committed the act that this ahole alleges. However, the fan must accept some responsibility here. This guy wasn't screaming from 20 rows back. He acted like a typical ahole and would never have said anything like that... if the were at the mall or in a bar. But because Romero was on the field, in uniform that was acceptable?

As an aside, comparisons to Jackie Robinson are misguided. Robinson was well aware of what was stake and was chosen for how he would react to such fan taunts. This is a different era. And players shouldn't be held to a similar standard. Robinson was forced to take such abuse because of the barriers he was breaking.

No player should go into the stands. But they shouldn't have to deal with the aholes because they feel they have a right to say what they want. Romero should have just continued to the dugout. But asking for the guys removal would have been a largely ineffective gesture as the game was over. Security should have been on top of a guy like that. I doubt this guy was making reasonable autograph requests prior to this incident.

Has this been posted on youtube yet? Its 2009...everythign is videotaped... shouldn't there be video somewhere?

Obviously, DeRosa would have really helped the Phillies, but they were never going to pay a half year of DeRosa's $5.5M salary, just to get a guy who would be a utility player on their team. And, given their pressing needs in the bullpen & starting rotation, getting DeRosa would have been a poor use of resources. They don't need to pay $5.5M to upgrade over Eric Bruntlett. They could probably do it on the major league minimum.

ya now what ? I am drunk... f it.

phills win...

soap box:
I think this band should be on JW list of releases soon to release their 3rd cd and been played on the Wichita Rutherford Serius Bluegras channel program intl.

outta York Pa and serius Phils phans
Waitin On A Train
not just bluegrass but srius rockkaz


Phils need pitching - another starter (even a Garland-type starter would be a slight upgrade at this point) and another bullpen arm.

DeRosa would have been certainly given the boost a bench but where does he start on this team especially once Ibanez comes back? They do need an upgrade over Bruntlett but that is really a secondary issue at best and they likely will do that via the waiver wire or an early post-trade deadline in early August for a veteran utility INF type.

Hard to see Bruntlett being on this roster in any form in another 6 weeks unless he really goes on some kind of tear.

What is amazing though is that Bruntlett is on pace to appear in 130 G and have 200 ABs as arguably the worst offensive player in MLB.

Yes, Romero is far more prone to emotional outbursts than most. He is obviously very sensitive about the whole steroid issue and just lost a ton of money, not to mention a good chunk of credibility, over it.

But 'fans' don't have immunity. Let's stop pretending there's an artificial division, that civilians have the right to say any sh*t they want and the player's supposed to be a Royal Guardsman and not blink. Even if I was not a Phillies fan and thought Romero was an obnoxious skunk, I would be likely to take his side here. Particularly when the uniforms are off, that division is null and void. Fans are people, players are people. There's nothing written in the code of 'professionalism' which mandates that human beings have to subject themselves to unwarranted abuse. The person in question was reported to have been "shocked" that Romero would grab and shove him. In other words, if he'd had any idea Romero would react the same way any other person probably would when you scream insults in their face, he would have kept his mouth shut.

Currently in Toronto. I must say that there are some sore winners in this town. Friday nights game almost caused fisticuffs... but from Toronto fans... and only after the team went up 4-0. Ridiculous and totally uncalled for.

Happ was masterful today. What was the deal with Jimmy's third day of benching??? Off to bed.

"The person in question was reported to have been "shocked" that Romero would grab and shove him. In other words, if he'd had any idea Romero would react the same way any other person probably would when you scream insults in their face, he would have kept his mouth shut."


I, for one, found Romero's response to be refreshing. If you go to any stranger on the street and start talking smack to them, there's a very real possibility that you're going to get a punch in the nose.

He owes no apology. If any of our fathers did the same thing in the same situation, we'd probably pat them on the back and laugh about it...and they really are role models.

It's another non-issue blown up by a Tampa sports media that really needs something to talk about.

There's no doubt that the fan was an a_hole and baited Romero, but Romero just can't take the bait there. Now the word is out, and he'll be hassled even more in every park. He has to learn to keep his cool.

Even is Lidge doesn't need additional DL time, I'd be on the phone with the D-backs about Qualls. He's not spectacular but useless to them. Have no idea what his contract status is, though.

I think sometimes we forget how lucky we were last season that things really came together at the right time. Players have good years and bad ones and you have to hope enough players have good ones to put your team in the playoffs.

Brad Lidge lost the closer job in Houston 3 times in 2 years. J.C. Romero was cut by the Red Sox because he couldn't throw strikes.

Those are facts. We still don't know if we can get close to the 2008 versions of Lidge and Romero. But if we get the 2007 versions of those two, it is very hard to see the Phillies making the playoffs.

Well, Carrasco is the guy that denny b. and I wanted the Phils to recall when they recalled The Next Santana. It looks like we're getting our wish. From today's Inquirer:

"Hamels will pitch Wednesday, and the team likely will recall righthander Carlos Carrasco from Triple-A Lehigh Valley to start Thursday in Atlanta."

Way to go, Happ! Happy for him.

Happ is proving many BL'ers right and wrong. I've always liked him and thought he had the stuff to be a decent #3. He's the staff ace right now, which is both good/bad at the same time.

This JC Romero thing is bad news. JC was completely in the wrong. This Eaton guy only used words, Romero made it physical.

Who would rather have Cairo than Bruntlett?

We already had Cairo and he was a worse (if that's possible) version of Bruntlett.

JC pushed a guy in the neck. Whopdee d@mn do. If JC wasnt famous would the guy have called the cops even? Uh no.

If Carlos blows up on Thursday do we call him Carlos "The Fiasco" Carrasco?

Definitely time to give Carrasco a shot. It would have been tough to call him up before when he wasn't pitching that well, and Bastardo did a decent enough job for a few starts, but now that Carrasco is pitching better and Bastardo is hurt, its time to see what the higher upside guy has to offer. If Carlos pitches well it not only helps for this year, but gives the Phils a better idea of what they have/need for next year as well.

if everything went perfectly the rotation in 2011 would be

1. King Cole
2. Jay Happ
3. Joe Blanton
4. Kyle Drabek
5. Carlos Carrasco

P ersonally think we should not trade any of our pitching prospects (Filty Bastardo, Happ, Drabek, Carlos, Savery)...sometimes you bring them up early and live with it.

I absolutely loated Miguel Cairo during his brief Phillies career, but 17 ABs do not prove that he is a worse hitter than a guy who has batted .197 over his 274-AB Phillies career. In fact, Cairo's recent numbers, as well as his performance at AAA, all suggest that he is a considerably better hitter than Bruntlett.

Glad Carlos Carrasco is finally getting his chance. Hope he is successful enough to stay, so he can get his family out of Venezuela. Knowing your family is not safe and knowing if you pitch poorly you can not help them.
It can't be easy pitching with that kind of pressure.

Don't understand how people are siding with Romero if he did indeed use physical violence and was the person to initiate it. Doesn't matter if somebody is a jerk and mouths off to you. Working as a door man in college, that happened all the time. You just need to ignore it even if it is laced with profanity and other inappropriate language.

It would be a completely different story if the fan had try to physically assault Romero in some way but from all reports that was not the case at all.

Romero should get a lengthy suspension if the initial allegations prove to be true.

Lauber: Rollins not in Phillies' lineup again. Fourth straight game

You have to wonder if something didn't happen between Cholly and JRoll behind the scenes after the Tues. night game.

It is one thing to bench a guy a like JRoll for a game (like Cholly did last year twice to make a point) but to sit him for 4 straight games for a guy who is clearly struggling even worse at the plate in Bruntlett?

Charlie. Charlie. Enough. Bruntlett has no range in the field. Two games was enough to make a point. Three was more than enough. This accomplishes nothing except to weaken the team. Come on.

Er, make that "loathed," not "loated."

Agreed, enough with Bruntlett. Cholly has made his point. It's now beyond ridiculous. I swear, Cholly loves Bruntlett as much as any manager could possibly love a player.

I can't remember the last time a starter like JRoll was benched 4 straight games mearly because of a "slump." It was either because of health issues or because the guy have become a complete head case (e.g., Carl Everitt in Boston).

Begins to look like we can forget about ever seeing a happy & productive Jimmy in our lineup as long as Cholly is around.

MG: I've never seen a starter benched more than 2 games for a non-injury.

So its UC fault that Jroll has sucked this year?!? Okay. I agree that 4 games is a bit excessive but you have to assume that the players manager has a good reason to basically publically humiliate/call out one of his players like this.

About time that Carrasco gets a shot. His has always been the only arm at LV that has any chance of upgarding this staff.

What Jimmy is going through is more than just a slump. He won't work a count. He was swinging for HR's on every swing. He was'nt right. Maybe Jimmy told Manuel his head was'nt right?

Anyway, hopefully he comes back mad and ready to play, or Cholly at least, has the sense to drop him to the 6th hole.

Not coincidentally, Carrasco is no longer eligible for Super Two status.

I think I understand what Charlie is doing - 4 games and an off day might be long enough for J-Roll to feel like he's starting over. Hope so, because that's what he needs to do. As for Bruntlett, I look for him to get a couple knocks today because I refuse to believe anyone can be this bad. Though I'm wavering.

mike77 - Agreed but benching a guy who is a supposed lynchpin in your lineup and leader on the team for 4 straight games for a guy hitting a .138 who is a defensive downgrade too?

If JRoll was banged up, I could easily see resting him and hoping a couple of days off would allow him to heal up a bit. From all reports though JRoll is 100% healthy.

More and more, you get the sense that Cholly may be publicly stating that JRoll is his leadoff hitter, yada, yada but privately you have to begin to wonder if something hasn't begun to sour between the two over the last year or so.

Basically, Cholly has now benched JRoll a bunch of times over the past 1+ year even though JRoll supposedly has been healthy.

Could it be a precursor to a trade? I can't imagine that. It is too early and would be ridiculous.

I think Cholly is just trying to push the reset button in Rollins' head by giving him 5 days off.

Yo, new thread

Manuel and Rollins were laughing and joking after Rollins hit a line drive to right early in that game the other night. There must have been some kind of exchange after he failed to get an out on that slow roller by Burrell the other night.

Anyone know if you can get the PHillies on TV in Bethany, DE?

"Don't understand how people are siding with Romero if he did indeed use physical violence and was the person to initiate it."

How did JC initiate it? The guy mouthed off at him and he pshed him away. If he wasnt famous they never wouldve called the cops.

Curt, How do you know Carrasco can no longer get super 2 status?

Also, J Roll should bat 8th 'til further notice.

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