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Tuesday, October 06, 2009


Walker out too, Bastardo in. Wow.

So Kendrick, Bastardo, and Cairo made it. Walker, Condrey, and Bruntlett out.


Where is roster posted?

I gotta think Bastardo is in there because of their lefty-heavy lineup.

Walker being left off is a surprise to me, though.

Kendrick over Walker is a real shock.

Color me surprised about Condrey.

Color me not surprised about the Gnome. Cairo outhit and outplayed him, and rendered him superfluous.

I could have sworn we traded that Kendrick character...

Any reports on how exactly Bastardo has been performing in bullpen sessions etc.?

But if we make the World Series, who do we have to score the winning run?

Everyone keep in mind that this is only for the NLDS. We haven't seen the last of all three of these guys, I think...

...unless we lose. And then I pray we've seen the last of Eric Bruntlett.

So Bastardo gets to pitch in the playoffs while little Tommy Hanson sits at home. I think we have a clear answer on that question.

There is a GOD !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is the classic case of addition by subtraction. Bruntlett is out of my life forever. I can now enjoy the playoffs

This should have all Beerleaguers shouting from the rafters! The Gnome's unwelcome persistence on the Phils' roster was one of the most frequently recurring topics of conversation on this site all year, and really there was no one defending him.

I mean, we're only replacing him with Cairo, but Cairo still seems to be a vast improvement. I kind of can't believe it, the Gnome is gone!

This will not be a popular opinion, but I would've kept Bruntlett over Kendrick. Anyone wanna tell me who the pinch-runner on this team is? Does anyone think having a speed guy who can come in and pinch-run in a 1-run game isn't more important than the 12th pitcher who will only enter a game when it isn't in doubt?

So I'm a bit confused by the whole lineup...we seem to have...

Position Players
1. Ruiz
2. Howard
3. Utley
4. Rollins
5. Feliz
6. Ibanez
7. Victorino
8. Werth
9. Bako
10. Dobbs
11. Stairs
12. Francisco
13. Cairo
14. Lee
15. Hamels
16. Blanton
17. Happ (or Martinez)
18. Martinez (or Happ)
19. Lidge
20. Madson
21. Kendrick
22. Eyre
23. Myers
24. Bastardo
25. ?

Who's the 25th? Durbin?

John: Yes, Durbin.

Jack: Matt Stairs, pinch runner.

Francisco can pinch run in late game situations. He's faster than Bruntlett anyway, only he has to work on not sliding past second.

Bruntlett is a stiff! A celebratory drink is an order upon finding out he will not be on the playoff roster!

Pinch runner: Kyle Kendrick

Problem solved.

Wow.Now that Bruntlett is gone, the WS is a lock!

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