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Thursday, January 28, 2010


Good for Miguel.

On another note, if anyone has any doubts about whether the Braves think they can contend this season this article

about whether they might be interested in Damon has this little ditty at the end:

"Overall, the front office is quite optimistic about the team's chances this year. More so than they'll let on publicly for risk of creating unrealistic expectations. Whatever the case, I think the takeaway here is that it may be best to view whatever the team does this year as an act being taken by people who think that the Braves will be in the playoffs."

The division will be much tougher this season. Get ready for a dogfight.

The Phillies invited six players to their Phillies Prospect Education Program:

Gillies, Phillippe Aumont, J.C. Ramirez, Domonic Brown, Anthony Gose and righthander Trevor May.

Is this just a formality, or am I reading too much into it by noting Trevor May was an invitee?

From what I've read the Phils are extremely high on May, and a lot of people think he has more potential to develop into an ace than Drabek...They may view him as a fast-riser.

Since we're talking about utility IFs as well, I'm going to ask a random question. Does anyone know why Felipe Lopez has become radioactive this offseason? He had a great year last year, plays solid defense, and an fill in at 3rd, 2nd, possibly SS, and the OF. Is he a locker-room pariah? Or overpricing himself?

If the Braves acquire Damon, that would be a great addition for them. I agree they will be a good team, and the Phillies will have to stay on their toes.

I think a lot of what the Braves do this year is based on Hanson stepping in and producing like Vazquez did last year...If he can approximate Vazquez's production, the Braves will be a dangerous 85-90 win team. If he struggles or doesn't take that step forward, they're more like an 80 win team.

Several disasters would have to strike for Cairo to play a single game for the Reds this season.

Adam Rosales and Drew Sutton are both good young utility prospects, better both offensively and defensively than Cairo.

Damon is such a liability in the field at this point I'll be quite shocked if he ends up in the NL.

Even if Hanson doesn't become an ace, the Braves still have tremendous rotation potential. What if Lowe repeast his 2008 season? What if Hudson repeats his 2007 season? What if Kawakami is better now that he has a year of American baseball? What if Kris Medlen builds upon a very successful rookie year?

Things could go very right for the Braves this season because of their pitching IMHO.

article about Dominic Brown and the prospects' education thing:

Looks like I picked a good time to be away for a little while. Reading the past threads were both annoying and weasel-like.

-We spent the past week arguing over "Who the better GM is, Gillick or Amaro"? Are we serious, Amaro has been GM for exactly 1 year. How can ANYONE draw a logical conclusion in that short amount of time?

-Then it gets better, we then engage in an argument again started by clout over the Hewitt pick and whether it is actually a 1st round pick or just a supp. pick. Oh come on people!

-Another discussion was the weight and height of OF'ers (And people laugh at me??? This discussion was 10x more ridiculous)

Then clout finishes his attempt to increase the post count for JW by saying this regarding the BLer favorite topic of the signing of Raul Ibanez.

"That is false. My concern over Ibanez was his lefthandedness. I never said it was a bad signing per se or expected Ibanez to be a big flop. A number of other posters expressed concern about his age and length of contract. My only issue with his contract is that it wound up being above-market value since Rube signed him before the off-season market developed.
Posted by: clout | Sunday, January 24, 2010 at 10:43 PM"

How do I respond to this garbage! Really clout? "My only issue with his contract is that it wound up being above-market value", Really? I think you hated alot more than just that.

Also, once again note the weasel word "per se". So now since Ibanez had a good 2009 and can possibly have a good 2010 and 2011, clout is starting to backtrack when referencing this trade and use words like "per se". Once a weasel, always a weasel.

clout, the article I linked said the Braves feel the same way: Damon is in no way suited for the expanses of Turner Field.

Bocock to Cairo....It sounds like a BLer tour of the middle east.... Come on spring, we need some baseball.

*Should be "trade-off" between Burrell and Ibanez not "trade".

Why are people discussing Damon to the Braves? From everything I have read it is between the Reds, Tigers and Rays.

Getting closer to Opening Day... First the appearance by Chase, then Charlie, and now...(drum roll, please) - Roy Halladay has started working out at the Phillies Florida complex - Now doesn't that provoke some anticipation?

Here's the quote from Zolecki:
"Roy Halladay has been arriving every morning around 7 a.m. at Bright House Field in Clearwater to begin his workouts. Amaro said the training staff is raving about his workout routine. I think the word "animal" and "monster" is being used a lot."

In other notes from Zolecki, Romero and Lidge have begun throwing, and Jamie Moyer optimistically thinks he'll be ready for Opening Day.

Maybe Roy should call Heidi and ask if Cole is allowed to come out and play too. Maybe Cole could learn what it takes to be an Ace.

Though I do hear that Cole has been working his butt off all off-season too.

Glad we got Cairo out of the way. Give me an R.J. Swindle update!

What was the Phillies buzz word for awhile - "little splashes"?

Gillick was the master of this while his big splashes were those of the belly flop variety.

But the little splashes are difference makers (Werth, Durbin, CHP, etc) and one could hope Bocock (like Victorino but a stretch) with some time and instruction might have a little more value than simply org filler.

Cairo was a tiny splash and a pretty known commondity but how many posters would have put their money on him being on the post season roster?

"one could hope Bocock...with some time and instruction"

Time and instruction
Will make our brand new Bocock
Into Abe Nunez

Off topic, but the Mets are in "deep negotiations" with Tatis. If I were a fan of that team I'd jump off a bridge.

Pre-season doldrums
Where can we find some relief?
An Andy haiku

From MLBTraderumors:

"The Phillies officially signed righty Jose Contreras to a one-year, $1.5MM deal today. GM Ruben Amaro Jr. said he'll be stretched out in Spring Training as a starter but is best suited for the bullpen."

Hmmmm, so again is it between Moyer and KK?

This may be KK's best chance. As I have said this is KK's make or break year. If he can't develop another pitch and beat out the age-less wonder with an injury riddled offseason for the 5th spot then I wonder, who can he beat out for a spot?

Also on this slow newsday, an update to the 2010 & 2011 payrolls (After Contreras is included).

2010: We are sitting at $138.05 Million. With only renewals left. That will take about $3 million. Bringing the opening Day payroll to a very impressive $141.05 Million. Goodbye offseason, it was a good one while it lasted.

2011: We are already at $132.72 Million. With Renewals (about $3 million) and arb. cases for Kendrick, Francisco and Dobbs. The players hitting the FA market are Contreras, Moyer and Werth.

After the renewals (3 mil) and Arb./re-signings to those 3 guys (Kendrick $1 million, Francisco $1 million and Dobbs $2 Million) $4 million total. You are ALREADY at $139.72 Million. You need to replace Contreras with Mathieson/Escalona and decide the fate of Werth.

In a nutshell, this is really not looking good for Werth to comeback.

Well, if they go deep in the playoffs again, a temporary payroll bump to $150 million is not'd only be a 1 year issue as 2011 is a hump year as far as payroll goes.

I still have faith that KK and Roy will become inseparable pals and some of that Roar of Roy will magically appear in Kyle.

Yea, but then in 2012 who do you re-sign? You have basically everyone hitting Free agency between 2011-2014. What players do you resign then? Do you sacrifice Werth so that you can re-sign Jimmy and Howard?

As Rube says, you can't build a team on $15-20 million guys. And right now the Phillies have 4 or 5 of them.

Yeah, the Phils have certainly shown a willingness to increase payroll, so I would imagine that another successful year at the ticket office and in the post season might result in a payroll bump. I know we are supposedly coming close to maxing out our finite revenue streams, but with increased media and merch sales due to another good season and the obligatory ticket price increases next season, this team might have more flexibility than we now realize.

I'll take it one step further. KK and Hamels should move into Roy's house in Florida and get some Mrs. Halladay home cooking, play with the kids a little, then get to the gym with the monster man and find out what being a major leaguer and earning your millions (sorry, Kyle, your hundred thousands)is all about.

We thought they were learning this from Moyer in the past, but listening to big band music and eating porridge is not exactly the essence of major league baseball.

Lauber tweets that the phils are still interested in Pedro, though he wants $5M and a full season. I know money is tight, but if you can fit him in, I say do it. A rotation of Halladay, Hamels, Blanton, Happ, and Pedro, with Kendrick, Moyer, and Contreras rotating in when injuries hit or rest is needed, would be awesome. Great upside - especially come playoff time - decent stability, and lots of experienced depth. Would keep the pen full of good swing men and multiple inning guys too. Vote Pedro!

And because Rube says it, it must be true. Didn't he also say he wasn't going to trade for Halladay?

I'd give Pedro 5 million and a full season right after I extend Moyer. No GM would be insane enough to give Pedro that much money. If he can last 20 games, he'd be a nice mid-season pickup for a million. But he's no more than that.

aksmith: Didn't Rube say in November that the payroll would be "around 140 million". $141 million (which it will be) is pretty accurate, no?

If we re-signed every $15-20 million FA we will have, plus fill in the rest of the team, our payroll would rival the Yankees at around $170-180 million. Good luck thinking that will happen.

Phillies Red: Would be nice, I agree. But won't happen. Payroll is tapped out for 2010.

"We thought they were learning this from Moyer in the past, but listening to big band music and eating porridge is not exactly the essence of major league baseball."

Smitty that is pure gold. I'm just getting my breath back.

Tommy - Rube did tell everyone what the budget was. Then he ran right up to it. But that doesn't exactly make him a serial truth teller.

Thank you Mr. Smith. Kyle, Cole and Roy roaring through the season could lay waste to East.

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