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Sunday, May 23, 2010


I think Dice-K messed up our hitters with his humping motion...

Things that I still think that would be amazing if happened for a play off run that I think is only a 2% chance of happening aka very UNLIKELY to happen but isn't completely crazy.

A) Ed Wade decides to give Oswalt to Philadelphia for some middling prospects. And for those of you who say this is crazy, we just need a slight bump in payroll. We have the Moyer contract coming off the books this year to accommodate Oswalt's contract, we are a contender this year and next plus Ed Wade's trade history is awful/ good for us now.

B) The Mariners are out of contention and they want prospects for Cliff Lee. Since they already know about Aumont and Ramirez and Gillies, they end up taking two of them back for Cliff Lee. In effect, the Phils would have gotten a free minor leaguer for a half a season rental.

Both of these scenarios are VERY unlikely.... But a guy can dream...

"irrevocably untethered"...nice! Going to have to remember that for the next time Kendrick (or anyone else) crashes and burns.

Wouldn't trading for another starter be a giant admission by Rube that moving Lee wasnt the right move?

Trading for a quality starter will cost prospects which of course depletes the farm. So how can you trade a Cy Young winner to get prospects, to turn around six months later and trade prospects to get another pitcher? How do you posture that the future is a concern and then turn around and show that the present is a priority?

Ibanez being unable to get to that ball has really bothered me all night.

Today's lineup vs. BOS: Victorino CF, Dobbs 3B, Utley 2B, Howard 1B, Werth RF, Ibanez LF, Castro SS, Hoover C, Halladay P.

Zolecki tweet.

Re: the lineup...EW. Why can't we give just 1 guy the day off? I hope we're not hosing Halladay again by fielding 2 extra replacements.

dennyb will probably complain about this lineup on the ground that Utley & Howard haven't gotten enough rest & Gload & Valdez should be starting in their place.

I'm with Heather. We've already got one starter out of the lineup, being replaced by garbage. Do we really need both Dobbs AND Hoover in the lineup? That's a ridiculous drop-off at 3 of our 8 starting positions.

RE: the lineup.

Feels like a loss.

O ye of little faith.

Can't Charlie just get his bench players the at-bats they need WITHOUT removing starters.

I mean, c'mon.

Oh no...Dobbs is getting a start. Let's sound the loss alarm

I love Dobbs but as you pointed to JW, he doesn't produce off the bench anymore.

I love it... for months, everyone complained that our bench players weren't getting enough at bats and it made them bad pinch hitters.

Now that they've gotten some recent starts? Well, I'm sure you can guess.


Anyone else here have a plan B partial season ticket package? We have seen five home games, four of them pitched by KK. The other was the rainy Halladay loss to Pittsburgh.

Dobbs is a great guy but can't play anymore. Gload is your left handed pinchhitter. Dobbs can't field. Bring burrell back!

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