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Monday, May 24, 2010


Strings of stinkers happen and while Dobbs certainly will not be on the field as much as Manuel would link in the future, this seems to be a Rollins issue.

This team needs Rollins in the lineup to be a true powerhouse.

Just the annual reminder that we would not be a playoff team in the AL East.

And after that typically offensive display of offense and defense from our bench guys I'm guessing it will be at least 3 days before BL starts demanding more playing time for the benchwarmers.

so when are you going to break this news about the change to BL?

"Just the annual reminder that we would not be a playoff team in the AL East."

Really? If we were in the AL, Ibanez could DH and Dom Brown would be patrolling left by now.

More importantly, we'd see all these teams more than a three games a year. Ever notice how the Phillies generally don't handle unknowns very well?

The Phils lose a series to the Red Sox based on two fluke pitching performances (Halladay and Dice-K -- "fluke" based on their respective starts so far this year) and the sky is falling? It's Halladay's worst start of the season and Dice-K's best. It happens.

Get a grip. It's late May and interleague play. It's not like they split a two-game series to the Pirates or the Cubs. Oh wait...maybe there is something to worry about.

Maybe the Phillies stink in interleague play because they have all the NL teams signs, but not the AL teams.

If Jimmy is the key to our season...we're screwed. He's gonna have a nagging injury all season. That's the nature of a calf injury like his for a guy that depends so much on his legs.

LOL. Nice rationalizations. We're looking at the continuation of a very consistent multiyear trend. In the latest installment, Boston came to our park, played by our rules, didn't even use their best SPs or RPs, and took the series rather handily.

We're several arms short of being able to compete in the AL East.

While the focus in all the papers today seems to be on Halladay's poor performance, I think it should be on the affects of Jimmy's absense in the lineup and the poor defensive showing over the last couple of games. Halladay could have pitched lights out and we still would have lost yesterday.

****Really? If we were in the AL, Ibanez could DH and Dom Brown would be patrolling left by now.****

And we'd have been able to hang onto Thome and bring up Howard a full year earlier...and likely hang onto Polanco and Utley as well. Our offense would haev been ridiculous from 06-09 if that were the case...instead of just outstanding.

I believe the Phillies had the pitch signs but were off on the location. They thought the pitches would be an inch lower. This little flaw happens every year in IL play.

I'm with RK. If this group of players tend to struggle when they are unfamiliar with a pitcher, then it stands to reason that they will perrenially struggle in interleague play. It's frustrating, but the sky is not falling.

"Nice rationalizations."

What about when we went into NYC and took two of three from the Yankees last year (and should have had a sweep if not for TWO blown saves)? Does that mean nothing? Were the Yankees sitting around going "another reminder that we would not be a playoff team in the NL East."

The point is, what is there to get work up about? Whether or not the Phillies would be a playoff team in the AL East is quite irrelevant. They only have to worry about being a playoff team in the NL East. I just don't get the point of that post.

I wish we could get rid of Dobbs, but a wiseman once told me that he is the only LH on our bench who can hit a homerun.

We played a slightly more meaningful series with the Yankees late last year, and the only thing that stood in the way of a Yankee sweep was Seattle Mariner Cliff Lee.

The point is that it is silly to pretend that we consistently lose to AL East teams due to a series of bad breaks, bad kharma, etc.

The point is that it is silly to pretend that we consistently lose to AL East teams due to a series of bad breaks, bad kharma (sic), etc

I would maintain that it is equally as silly to pretend that the Phillies play in the AL East, and thus have to worry about being a "playoff team" in that division. That was my point. Not whether the AL East is better than the NL East.

Curt is on a roll today. He's reminding us that in LOST's alternate universe the Phils play and lose 100 games a year in the AL East. I'm sure glad these hypothetical situations- where you change one factor but keep everything else the same and assume you can guarantee the outcome- matter in the analyzation of the actual team in actual reality.

curt: the Phillies got swept by the Baltimore Orioles last year - so according to your logic they'd not only miss the playoffs, but be in last place as well.

Phargo ran a marathon?

We're 1 and 1 in the last two meaningful series we played against AL East teams. We lost to the Yanks lost year, and beat the Rays the year before. In those combined series, we have a winning record, too.

And the beat goes on. OK, I'm convinced - our record vs. the AL is just a freakish fluke.

You know, it's not a crime to acknowledge that the AL East is tougher. Obviously, and naturally, we're built to succeed in the NL.

"Just when I think the most negative posters on here couldn't possibly top themselves, along comes Bruce Ruffin and tops all of them and then some.

Posted by: Iceman | Monday, May 24, 2010 at 01:57 AM"

Here's the kicker, Iceman. If Mathieson does get recalled and gets rocked, "Bruce Ruffin" won't say peep.

cliff lee would have lost game 5 if we didn't score a billion runs for him. he wasn't good in that game. also, i am not surprised halladay lost to the sox. they hit him more than anyone and his last outing that short was last year against the red sox. not a coincidence

Have a bad homestand?
Listen to this carefully:
It's a long season.

NL went 22-20 vs AL this weekend, thus proving that no one in the AL is good enough to play in our league.

thephaitful: You misquote me. As usual. I simply said Dobbs is more likely to hit a HR than Gload. You disagreed, despite stats to the contrary. But we can both agree that Dobbs has shown nothing this season, albeit in just 39 ABs.

Can anyone imagine any conceivable situation in which either Charlie or Halladay would attribute a poor performance to being overused in the previous game?

That would never, ever happen regardless of the truth of the matter.

"I wish we could get rid of Dobbs, but a wiseman once told me that he is the only LH on our bench who can hit a homerun."

There is also nobody else on our bench who can play 3B. Polanco is too old to play everyday at 3B through the heat of the summer. Whether people like it or not, Dobbs has to stay. Unless you want to bring up Cody Ransom and his 10 ERRORS from AAA.

Why is Amaro wasting his time looking for another high priced reliever? The bullpen is not an issue for this team. Even without Lidge and Madson. Mathieson should be your "acquisition" if you need an extra bullpen arm this summer. Not a head case like Bobby Jenks (who has lost 5 MPH on his fastball in the past few years) or a extreme injury risk in JJ Putz. Don't need them and don't want them.

Halladay was noticeably not sharp yesterday. Was it the overwork from his prior few starts? Probably. Was it because Doc had to cut back on his preparation between starts (because of the overwork in his last few starts)? Most likely.

Cholly did the same thing with Pedro last year. Ran him out there for 130 pitches and then saw him not be anywhere near as sharp in his next couple of starts.

Cholly better realize that pitch-counts DO matter. He better realize that a guy like Halladay, as great as he is, IS human. He also has a TON of miles on that arm.

Wouldn't have mattered how well Doc pitched yesterday because the offense did nothing. But Doc had very little out there yesterday. And hasn't had anywhere near the stuff the past few starts as he had early on in the season. And that does get your attention.

""Just the annual reminder that we would not be a playoff team in the AL East.""

I kind of remember beating an AL East team (that finished first in that division) to win the WFC.

One would think that would qualify us as being competitive?

clout -
If either had to explain erectile dysfunction to his spouse, they might attribute it to overuse in the previous game.

"cliff lee would have lost game 5 if we didn't score a billion runs for him. he wasn't good in that game."

Interesting point of view.

>I wish we could get rid of Dobbs, but a
>wiseman once told me that he is the only LH
>on our bench who can hit a homerun.

Dom Brown is knocking.

I just hope the Mets didn't wear themselves out playing the Yanks on the weekend. I want to see a competitive series.

curt: The Phillies would do far worse in the AL East for one simply reason: They have no DH. Maybe next year, if Dom Brown is ready and they re-sign Werth, they could switch Ibanez to DH. But as the 2009 WS showed, the Phils had no counterpart to Matsui. Running Francisco and Stairs out there was an embarassment. And if they don't pick anyone up later this season and make the WS again, there will be another embarassment when they run Ross Gload and Francisco out there.

Meyer: You're worried about a competitive series? We are facing two starters the Phillies have never faced before and Mike Pelfrey who has a better ERA than Santana...I just want 2 out of 3. If it's competitive or not I don't care.

""Just the annual reminder that we would not be a playoff team in the AL East.""

I kind of remember beating an AL East team (that finished first in that division) to win the WFC.

One would think that would qualify us as being competitive?

Posted by: phlipper | Monday, May 24, 2010 at 10:18 AM"

philpper - you (like others) are confusing the ability to win a series with the ability to prevail over NY, Bos, TB, Tor, Balt. over a 162 game schedule; i.e. to be a "playoff team."

"Just the annual reminder that we would not be a playoff team in the AL East."

Then it's a good thing the Phils will never be in the AL East, huh?

Hey if Reds Rolen keeps rollin maybe we can get a rental on Pujols to use in the playoffs.

clout - I've seen your theory that the series turned on who was DHing. I disagree. I think it turned on the fact that the Yankees had better and much deeper pitching.

curt: Again, what does it matter? If the Phils can beat an AL team in a 7-game series (should they get to the WS, of course), isn't that all that matters? What does it matter if they hypothetically would not win the AL East?

you (like others) are confusing the ability to win a series with the ability to prevail over NY, Bos, TB, Tor, Balt. over a 162 game schedule; i.e. to be a "playoff team."

So if the Phillies win the NL East, they are not a "playoff team" because they wouldn't have been one in the AL East? This is getting more and more confusing. I thought a team that won it's own division, and thus made the playoffs, is a "playoff team."

curt: Without knowing, I would assume the Phils record vs the AL Central and AL West are quite awful as well.

The AL East is and has been the best division in the baseball due to boston/yanks payroll and tampa's decades worth of #1 picks. I doubt the Phils would be a division lock as they are in the NL, but I wouldn't call them noncompetive for the pennant as you suggest.

The WS turned on the fact that the Yankees were a better team. They had a better, deeper lineup and better starting pitching and a better bullpen. Not hard to see why they won.

Also, it's not crazy to suggest we wouldn't be a playoff team in the AL East. The Phillies are arguably the 3rd best team in baseball (arguably). The first two just happen to be the Rays and Yankees. So, no, I don't think we would be a playoff team in the AL East. Who knows though. The Rays, Yanks, Phils, and Red Sox are all about 90 win teams or better. It would be a bloodbath trying to find two playoff teams out of those four.

billingsley: Obviously it doesn't matter. The Phils play in the NL East. It's just a fun thought experiment to consider how we would fare in that division. Have some imagination, buddy.

Phils are 9 games over 500 and have the 2nd best record in baseball. Where "should" they be?

Just a few points. First, I don't quite understand the relevance of interleague records/statistics beyond, say, 2008. The Phillies have remained largely intact relative to many other teams since 2007, but even still: the 2007 Phillies were a very, very different team than this 2010 squad. For instance, the 2007 Phillies starting lineup included Aaron Rowand, Pat Burrell, Wes Helms, and--on the bump for game 161--up a mere one game after overtaking the Mets--Adam Eaton. When you consider some other 2007 teams--the 2007 AL Central champion Indians, the 2007 WS Champion Red Sox, the 2007 AL East last-place TB Devil Rays--the irrelevance becomes all the more stark.

Would the 2007 Phillies have made the playoffs, playing in the AL East? I doubt it. Would the 2010 Phillies? The team with the second best record in the bigs despite a rash of injuries worse than any other contender? I wouldn't bet against them, even in an alternative universe.

(As an aside, while Bruce Ruffin may not be a troll, it bespeaks the consistent nature and quality of his posts that he might be so easily taken for one.)

Lastly, contra dennyb, I don't believe the BP is fine. Let me refine that point: I don't believe the BP is fine for the playoffs, and I'm assuming that's why Rube is kicking the tires on Jenks and Putz. Now, whether Jenks and Putz are the sorts of relievers that we should believe would be assets in the playoffs is another question, but the idea that this team would or should expect Scott Mathieson to be such a contributer in October seems to me misguided. Moreover, this team's ability to find castoff BP arms and get mileage from them these past few years gives me confidence that they should be able to do it again, easing any worries about sunken costs in "high-priced relievers."

Billingsley - this isn't rocket science. Jason put up a post trying to explain the Boston losses because the moon was full, Doc was tired, Jimmy was hurt, etc. Having lost 16 of 20 to Boston recently (#4 in the AL East), I observed it was just the annual reminder that we would not be a playoff team in the AL East.

clout: the argument was whether Dobbs had any significant HR ability over Gload. Numbers indicated he had an advantage, but that advantage was not nearly enough to seperate himself from Gload.

Coupled with the fact that Dobbs has looked worse and worse ever since his 2008 World Series debut, and I thought dobbs' contributions to this team were much less likely to have any impact but negatives ones.

Its still the end of May so I won't write him off as a non-factor, but I will say that his skill set on this team is absolutely redundant - and therefore usually wasteful on a 25 man roster.

Not to pounce on curt with all the rest, but what he says is simply inaccurate. The Phillies have not lost 16 of 20 to a fourth place club. They've lost 2 of 3 to a fourth place club. Last year, when the Phils played the Sox, they lost 2 of 3 to a first place club.

It may not be rocket science, but it should at least be true.

I think Dobbs better be taking both fielding and batting practice every chance he gets if he wants to stay out of Charlie's doghouse and on this team.

The Yankees lost 2 of 3 to the Mets. Its obvious the Yankees could never win if they played in the NL East.

optimuspun - you got me there. I take it all back.

Old phan - Another great point. BL is sharper than usual today.

Let's take a poll. Who thinks that the Phillies would make the playoffs in the AL East?

I think it would be close, but ultimately think the Yanks and Rays are better teams, so we probably wouldn't.

I just don't see how interlague play has any bearing whatsoever on what the Phils would do if they were to play in the AL East. I don't think any rational conclusion can be drawn from the fact that the Phillies play poorly in interleague play. I just don't see the correlation.

I guess I'm an idiot. Thanks for pointing that out, guys.

Jack - Some sabermetric guy did a big study that determined that the Phils would not even had made the playoffs in 2008 if the best 8 teams had gone. They concluded that we were #9, I think. I prefer the reality.

Billingsley: I don't think interleague play has anything to do with it either. It's way too small a sample.

Just based on my observations of the teams, I think the Yankees and Rays are better, and thus the Phillies probably wouldn't make the playoffs in the AL East. What do you think?

It is a bit of a logical fallacy to think the Phillies would not adjust how they approach the DH if they happened to be in the AL East.

Before I put the Phils in the AL East, do I get to re-organize the roster so I have nine starters plus pitching? And, if so, do I get a free pick for who hte 9th guy is without regard to current salary structure?

How much Yankees baseball did you all watch last week?

A bunch of guys in the lineup you never heard of, a lot of shaky pitching.

We can only hope they are fielding a similar squad when it's our turn.

curt: in that study, i bet they had Tampa in the top 8...

look how much that matters...4-1 series domination.

2010 Attendance Home Road Overall
1 Philadelphia 23 1,037,638 45,114 103.7 20 29,997 66.8 43 38,083 86.2
2 NY Yankees 19 854,164 44,956 85.9 25 33,287 79.1 44 38,325 82.4
3 LA Dodgers 23 1,005,377 43,712 78.1 20 25,752 61.7 43 35,358 71.6
4 St. Louis 23 907,604 39,461 84.2 22 32,488 76.0 45 36,052 80.4
5 LA Angels 23 907,459 39,454 87.6 23 32,074 70.8 46 35,764 79.2
6 Minnesota 21 813,015 38,715 98.0 23 28,961 66.6 44 33,616 80.9
7 Chicago Cubs 21 810,030 38,572 93.8 24 30,756 70.5 45 34,404 81.0
8 Boston 25 937,989 37,519 100.6 20 33,806 76.4 45 35,869 88.8
9 San Francisco 21 760,639 36,220 87.2 22 27,658 62.9 43 31,840 74.4
10 Milwaukee 18 638,488 35,471 83.7 26 25,966 59.8 44 29,855 69.4
11 NY Mets 24 793,869 33,077 78.8 20 27,751 63.2 44 30,656 71.5
12 Colorado 17 520,342 30,608 60.7 26 28,497 64.8 43 29,331 63.0
13 Detroit 20 574,498 28,724 71.6 24 31,598 69.2 44 30,292 70.2
14 Atlanta 19 538,301 28,331 56.6 25 31,748 74.6 44 30,273 66.1

Attendance through yesterday...

In 2008, the Phils dropped a series 1-2 against the defending champion Bosox. We were told that we just weren't at that level, yet. Hmmm, didn't we win the WFC that year?

Dobbs error is an embarassment. Letting a ground ball roll under his glove, through his legs, and into left field is embarassing. It reminds me of Buckner's error in the 1986 World Series. I remember seeing Dr. Strangeglove, Dick Stuart, make a similar error years ago. I don't think Dobbs will be on the 2011 Phillies roster.

The Phils don't play in the AL East. What's more, if Halladay and Wakefield face off 100 times, Halladay wins more often the not. Phils got Wakefield on a good day (for him; bad for us).

The Phils have their best record 40+ games into the season in recent history and the second largest division lead in baseball, the highest RD in the NL. I'll look at that "reality" and feel fairly confident. The Phils aren't a perfect team, but they are the best the NL has to offer right now. With Doc and Hamels (who seems to be returning to form, a probably more important piece of the weekend narrative), I'd take the Phils chances against any team in the AL.

I like the 103.7% capacity figure. Extrapolating, I think we have some money to be a legit player at the trade deadline, if deemed necessary at that time.

I believe the Yanks believe that we Larusso'd against the Sox.

Don't get why people are so angsty today. Sophist is right - this is still best team in the NL right now even if they have a couple of notable holes (SS, backend bullpen).

The offense though has really cooled off the past week. Need to pick up if they are going to go say 6-3 or so on this semi-important 9-game stretch against their NL East brethren.

If the Phillies played in the AL, they would presumably have built their team differently. But they'd still have trouble competing with the Yankees & RedSox simply because of the teams' total payrolls. The Rays have done an admirable job the last few years, but the Phillies' key players are a lot more expensive, than the Rays' key players.

As for the DH, I agree that it was a significant contributing factor to our World Series loss. Realistically, though, how many NL teams have a bench player whose bat is on a par with even a below average American League DH? Maybe Colorado, but I can't think of anyone else. The rules do give a significant advantage to the AL team. But, of course, we can't blame those rules for what happened in this series with the RedSox.

Maybe Dobbs wouldn't be at 3rd in 1/3 of our games if we played in the AL East?

Maybe Kendrick wouldn't make 1/3 of our starts in that division either?

Hoover DFA'd, by the way.

"Don't get why people are so angsty today"
Because the Phillies had the audacity to lose 2 games.

So if Hoover gets picked up by someone and Schneider gets injured again, the backup catcher becomes Dane Sardinha? I mean, he does have about as much major league experience as Paul Hoover has, but he also has a .125 career average, with exactly 2 extra base hits in 80 ABs.

Wow, people on here are really no fun today, huh? I thought it would be interesting to see how people thought we compared to teams like the Sox, Rays and Yanks. But I didn't realize that no one on here has any imagination. Sorry to waste people's time I guess.

It has nothing to do with predicting who's going to win in a 7-game series. Obviously we can go 2-15 in Interleague play and then still beat a team in the World Series. The point was just an interesting thought experiment: How would the Phillies stack up over a full season with teams like the Red Sox, Yankees and Rays?

EF- Schneider off the DL ?

I'd almost rather have Hoover as the backup than Schneider.

~only half-serious~

Jack - I wasn't responding to that speculation but to the posts that attempted to take some measure of the Phils season based on this weekend's performance. The Sox are a good team that will likely turn their season around a bit (although they may have already played themselves out of the playoffs), but the performances they got from Dice-K and Wakefield were not the norm. Dice-K has a 5.76 ERA and a 1.6+ WHIP over the last two years. Maybe he's turned a corner, but you can divine about as much about the Phils season as you can about Dice-K from one day's performance.

Jack: "How would the Phillies stack up over a full season with teams like the Red Sox, Yankees and Rays?"

Kind of a flawed premise. As currently constructed, the Phils would like have some trouble, although they would certainly have a fighting chance at the division crown. But if the Phils were an AL team, they likely wouldn't be constructed quite like they are now... so it's kind of impossible to say.

Here's a poll: Who gives a flip how we would do in the AL East? We don't play there and it's a dumb discussion.

I agree with The Truth Injection. Hey, shouldn't your name be The Truth Injector?

We're 6-5 against the AL East in the playoffs in that past 2 years...that's good enough for me. Hopefully, after this year, we'll have at least 10 wins against them in playoff baseball.

The better question to ask isn't the hypothetical on how the Phils would/wouldn't do in the AL East but the question of just how competitive the NL has been the last couple of years. Always a hard thing to judge but look at the standings:

2007 - Phils win NL East with hust 89 wins. Other division winners that year were the Cubs with a measly 85 wins and DBacks with 90 wins. Rockies were the WC with 90 wins. Arguably one of the weakest seasons by the top teams in the NL in the last 25-30 years.

2008 - Phils won the NL East with 92 wins. Much better pitching staff especially in the bullpen but a weaker offense than the '07 club. Cubs won the Central with 97 wins & Dodgers won the West with just 84 wins. Brewers were the WC winners with 90 wins but were completely spent just to reach the playoffs. Cubs were a 'good tean' but just had the wheels fall off for a couple of games.

2009 - Phils won 92 games. Cards won 91 games & Dodgers won 95 games. Rockies won the WC with 92 games. Arguably the best top NL teams in the last couple of years. In retrospect, getting back to the World Series last year was more of an accomplishment by the Phils than possibly winning it in '08 because they beat a very hot team (Rockies) & another decent team in the Dodgers.

2010 - Things again look wide open for the Phils with some water-downed competition in the NL so far. Only matchup I wouldn't want to see them in so far is in a short series vs. Giants. Cards, Dodgers, Braves, and Rockies all their their flaw right now and hard to imagine that any one of these teams wins more than 92-93 games this season.

Am I allowed to mention that Kendrick still can't get lefties out at a major leage pace? And until he does, he will never be anything more than a AAAA/reliever/Spot starter? Or is it too soon? Is the pain too near?

On a different note:

- Some stats that jump out to me in the early going:

1. Phils' pitching staff leads the league in BB/9 at 2.7 but have one of the lowest K/9 rates in the NL at 6.6 which is 15th in the NL. Besides Hamels, Durbin & Contreras, this simply isn't a team that Ks many opposing hitters or misses many bats. Rotation is stocked with guys who pitch to contact (Moyer, KK, and Blanton) and a couple of guys in the bullpen who despite throwing hard just don't K anyone (Baez, Herndon).

While this hasn't been a 'bad' defensive team if you look at the various defensive stats, it is been fairly run of the mill. They miss JRoll in a big way at SS, Howard has been very erratic this season, and teh OF defense continues to be a general weakness. Matters on a team that has a ton of pitchers who don't get many Ks or miss many bats.

Getting Happ back in the rotation would give them a bit more K in the rotation but they really missed Lidge/Madson out of the pen. Despite the notion that the Phils have a bunch of guys who throw hard (and they do), they don't have alot of strike out guys in the pen either.

Seems that the pitching is better than expected and the defense is worse than expected.

If I had to label a 'most surprising disappointment' so far it would be the OF defense.

Ibanez has fallen off his injury last June and has been a below average LF since then. Vic may have won the Gold Glove last year largely on rep but there were better years by a couple of guys (Bourn, Cameron, Morgan). He has been kind of the same again this year. He always get hype as as 'Gold Glover' but the numbers doesn't necessary show it. He is good but not great. Werth has been a dud in RF this year. Don't know why but he just has made a number of miscues in the early going.

Jack: I honestly can't answer that question. As someone pointed out earlier, the Phillies tend to perform better against teams/pitchers they have seen before. I don't know whether it has to do with watching video, familiarity with players or what, but to the naked eye it does seem to be the case. If they consistently played the AL East, who knows.

I know it's a cop out, but I don't know how they would do in the AL East. I do think that they are, top to bottom, one of the most talented teams in MLB. Even with the current pitching woes.

Dan in Philly: Since KK's two disasterous starts to start the season, here's what KK's done in his last 7 starts:

4.12 ERA in 43.2 IP (6+ IP per start), 1.328 WHIP.

But, perhaps, you believe he should be doing better.

I think 20-25 teams would kill to have our problems when it comes to defense and pitching.

I remember Dobbs being a pretty good pinch hitter back in '08.

What happened to him since then? Getting old? Turned into a slacker? Lack of opportunities to stay sharp? Or he was just really lucky in '08? Or is my memory of his '08 performance inaccurate?

I'm done with Dobbs. Not playing Polanco irked me. Unless there's more to the story, show your Ace some respect by putting your best team out there. I understand Ruiz getting the rest, not Polly.

Since I dozed off shortly after Dobbs' error, I'm blaming him for all the runs surrendered by Halladay after that play. I'm sure he feels as bad about it as anyone. Still, I'm not forgiving him. That was an atrocious display of fielding. It gave me flashbacks to coaches yelling crap like "Stay down on the ball!!. If the ball's on the ground, your glove better touch teh f8&$ing ground!!" Anyway, not the first time a team took a day off the day before a day off.

Dobbs got tons of regular rep in 08, and was injured in 09 (calf strain). According to reports I've seen, he says he didn't feel 100% healthy until this year.

Isnt this 2 Doc starts in a row where he has the B-Squad behind him? Give you best pitcher a chance to win damnit

Schneider has been activated. Hoover DFA'd. I'm sure the Rangers will scoop him up. Our catching situation just got mad desperate again. Bako time.

MG: I'm not sure Happ helps those numbers too much. I'd imagine Halladay should get his K/9 over 7. It would certainly help to get Madson and Lidge healthy to go along with Contreras.

I'm curious. How do this year's K/9 numbers compare to previous years?

Does Hoover have to clear waivers or do the Phils have the option of reassigning him to the minors? I would have assumed the latter.

NEPP - last Halladay start, there were two bench players in the starting lineup (versus 3 yesterday): Francisco got his bi-monthly start, too. Castro started at 2B due to Utley's illness.

Hugh: Hoover was DFA a couple of hours ago.

2009 - 7.1 K/9
2010 - 6.6 K/9

NEPP: Thanks. Looks like Joe Blanton might be a bigger part of that than I thought.

Last year, he posted a career-high K/9 of 7.51. Since returning from the DL, it's just 5.06 which is the same as his K/9 in 2008.

Was last year a mirage?

G'Town: I caught that he got DFA'd. I'm not clear if he must clear waivers or, whether Hoover has the right to go on waivers.

****Was last year a mirage?****

Probably. Probably just a career year for him.

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