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Thursday, June 17, 2010


Utley hits second again.

Yankees go R-R-S-R-L-S-L-R-S against Kendrick. Seems like some of their better hitters are RH (Jeter, Arod) and then their weaker guys are LH and stacked at the bottom.

He's no mop-up guy/long man, that's for sure.

I don't think anyone wants to see him in a high leverage spot right off the bat, but I also don't want to see him in garbage time. I say work him in as a 7th/8th inning ROOGY and let him find his groove from there.

Isn't it kinda ironic that Mathieson's last outing was his worst in a year (which shot his ERA up a whole point) and now he gets promoted.

He's earned his promotion though. He's done everything he could have done and come back from a couple of awful surgeries.

You don't even have to be a Phils fan to pull for this kid to stick.

He's probably only here until Happ is ready. Lets hope Happ comes back healthy and ready to go and Scotty gives them a few good outings before he heads back to LV.

This isn't RJ Swindle coming up either. This kid has a really good arm. Fastball is a little straight, but he usually commands it very well to both sides of the plate. His slider has a lot of bite, but its still a bit of a work in progress. He can get swings and misses with it though, when he is ahead in the count.

Hopefully he sticks to Lidge like glue for the next few weeks and Lidge can teach him a few things about the slider. That will be the pitch that determines if Mathieson is a big league closer or not.

As for tonight's game, I think this is a important outing for Kendrick. Also very important outing for Blanton tomorrow. They are likely battling for the final rotation spot. They might only have 2 more chances to make their presentation to the club, to stick in the rotation. KK gets the Yanks and Indians. Blanton gets the Twins and Indians. We'll see what happens.

Baez has been up and down this year, and given that he's currently on a down I wouldn't be surprised if Mathieson takes some of Baez' time. Most of Baez' innings have come in the 8th (~15 IP). He doesn't have much business pitching to LHB. They've crushed him. Mathieson held LHB to a .213 avg in AAA.

Maybe its me but I don't understand all of the fascination with Mathieson coming up. Yeah he is a nice story about persistence & working-hard. That said, this isn't going to be a guy who is used a whole lot either. Cholly will bury him in the pen to start. Only way Mathieson doesn't dig himself out of it is a prolonged series of strong outings.

In his last 8 appearances Kendrick has a 3.35 ERA. 1.239 WHIP in 45.2 IP. He's more or less auditioning in every start he makes, but I wouldn't say this outing is any more significant than his others.

Even if Kendrick pitches well, he isn't likely to go deep into the game against this Yankee lineup. They are more than capable of fouling off a bunch of KK sinkers with 2 strikes and run up his pitch count.

So, best case scenario, Matheson and Romero will get a chance to pitch in the 6th or 7th before (hopefully) giving way to Contraras and Lidge.

Kendrick has been good this year, for hte most part. Much better than I expected. Even with the preponderance of right handers, though, this Yankee lineup grinds pitchers down. Phils absolutely have to find a way to put some runs up against Pettite, and get into the bullpen. And,then, they have to actually score some runs against hte bullpen. I enjoyed last night's game but, the performance against Logan and Gaudin was brutal.

MG, I agree that it will take Mathieson time to be used in higher leverage situations given how Charlie usu. handles these greener guys, but Mathieson isn't just a nice story. He's got some stellar minor league numbers (K9 around 10, WHIP around .99 in last two years).

Sophist - Maybe but who takes KK's spot anyt time soon? Everybody keeps touting Happ's return by I have a feeling he is hurt worse than the Phils are letting on. Hell, initially they said he would be out for a few weeks. Then it turned into 4 weeks. Now it is over 2 months later. Still no Happ.

MG, from what I've read Happ is still building up his arm strength/velocity. I don't think he's still hurt or he wouldn't be making his third minor league rehab start this week. Reports are that the elbow is fine but the velocity/strength is not.

MG, I do think he was more hurt than initially thought when he first went down and experienced a setback pain-wise early on. But from what I've read he's passed that and basically in a spring training situation where he's getting back to opening day shape.

Kendrick has really stepped it up lately. Looking forward to a strong start today.

Also, to answer a few questions from the Moyer thread:
1. YES (assuming he keeps it together for the rest of the year, which I have no reason to think he won't) the Phillies should definitely sign him for 2011.

2. YES Jamie Moyer is a Hall of Famer right now and DEFINITELY with 300 wins but that's a lengthy argument involving Advanced Intangible Mathematics and I'm not gonna make it right now.

If the Phils are serious about Lee, that tells me that they expect nothing out of either Happ or Joe this year. (I mean just 1 of them.)

Based on MG's comment on the state of the Phillies, I added Zulu to the instant queue. Four-star movie.

Petitte is due for a loss. Phils are due for a win against a lefty (their last three games against lefty starters have been losses).

Let's go KK!

Can anyone get Cano out?

A belated congratulations on your success JW.

I hope Mathieson doesn't pitch tonight. I'm stuck in class and following on Gameday.

If Kendrick starts pitching well, and with Happ coming back from the DL. Where does Pedro Martinez fit into the rotation down the stretch? Or is the old, better to have too much pitching than too little.

Can Pedro hit?

We better start looking at adding offense. The pitching is not the issue.

That's 8 straight innings without a hit.

The Phils have been playing Happless baseball for some time.

I think the offense is the problem, the only reason I bring it up is because it was in the news.

And for the record, I think Pedro can hit better than Castro

Mick, check the numbers. Kendrick's been pitching well for a bit now.

That is some wind out to RF. That Jeter ball just kept drifting.

Kendrick does look good.

I don't know if Utley is hurt, but I'm to the point where I hope so.

Sophist, He has been pitching better. I thought he was getting better but I wasn't sure.

Nice E5.

Are we sure Ichiro hasn't snuck into Howard's uniform? He's become a singles hitting machine.


Nice stroke Howard. Good to make 'em pay for the error.

Crushed that one!

I'd kill for an XBH...really nice to get the lead though.

Good to see Werth remembering its a contract year.

The Yankees batters don't seem to be grinding Kendrick down too badly. He's at 49 pitches at the end of the 4th.

I do enjoy it when Good Kendrick shows up.

Remarkable 12 innings from KK and Geezer, esp. on the heels of Doc's debacle.

curt, so you're saying that KK and Moyer are significantly better than Halladay?

Something tells me we might be seeing a few more of those catches with Werth laying out in RF of Yankee Stadium in the future. Might see Cliff Lee on the mound, too.


Who did NEPP kill for that XBH?

VIC !!!

Nice bandbox HR there, Shane-o. Gotta love Shane with RISP.

OH yeah, SHANE!!!

Bei mir bist du SHANE!

You bloody ripper!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hit and run play keeps Chooch on base and Vic goes yard. Good management right there Charlie.

According to Bobby Cocks, in Atlanta that HR is a grounder to 3rd.

Yay Shane!!

Not counting tonight so far...Shane with RISP:

1.131 OPS in 58 PA.

...and what a pleasant surprise to see Chooch running on Valdez's expected GIDP ball. Nice to see some smart baseball from the Phils despite their weak spots.

philwynk, Andrews Sisters!

Back to back run scoring innings. Keep it up Phils

Hard to believe that Vic - hitting leadoff - is still on Howard's heels for the RBI lead.

KK is actively helping this team.

I guess Ewing isn't watching game 7 tonight.

Apologize if this was mentioned already on the previously thread but the Yankees have clearly made a move here focused on the playoffs:

Bentz, that's big news!

A Beardless Bruntlett? Blasphemy!

So, that Raul hot streak is coming right around the corner, right?

I hate Andy Pettitte.

It's grand to be seeing so much more of Ben Fran.

I've gotten so good that I can judge balls and strikes while listening on the radio and that was obviously a ball.

A-Rod hastily calls a press conference to announce his retirement...

Ben Fran would be grander if he was good enough to play for Raul in LF.

That pitch could have been called either way.

Jack, coming into tonight Raul is 10 for his last 28 (.357/.419/.500). Maybe it is.

Poor Brunt. Well, at least he's got his ring.

Gnome had 2 game winning runs in the WS.

Well lets see how KK handles this.

Old Phan, nice to know somebody here is old enough to recognize an Andrews Sisters reference.

I wonder if he'll ever get back up to the majors.

KK's bleeding here...time to get the pen up.

Sophist, it's amazing. There's been like 15 different times this year you've posted some hot streak that Raul is on.

And yet, his season numbers are .243/.336/.383.


Wow. Brilliant play by Polly.

Great play, even better reaction by KK.

Good thing nobody sits in the first row out there.


Oh yeah Polly!!!!!!!!! Great defense tonight

Polanco IS tall enough.


What an amazing catch and play by Polly!

Good to see some D tonight.

Thank you Polanco. Nice to see really crisp defense the last 2 games so far.

Jack, I just find it funny that it takes 2 AB for you to question a guy who's actually hit the ball well of late. Ibanez' early season struggles and bad luck on balls in play are well known. If you want a longer period, he's actually hitting .265/.353/.426 in the team's last 50 games after starting the year 7 for 41.

Question is does Cholly try to push to get 1 more inning out of KK in the 7th with the bottom of the lineup coming up? Inquiring minds want to know . . .

1-23, and its an XBH, nice work Chooch

A-Rod took 3rd either on a bet that Howard wouldn't throw it, or in the hope that he would.

I think considering the opponent, the ballpark and the circumstances the team is in, maybe the best start of KK's career?

He had terrific command (up until the last couple of batters in the 6th) with all of his pitches. Change was working very well also.

I'd give him 1 baserunner in the 7th and then get him out. Let Romeo, Contreras and Lidge bring it home.

Wheels just said Polly has short arms.

small ball works for me in this situation. move the runner over.

Choooooooch even at yankees stadium. Wow us jerks travel well.
Girardi changing his number is amazingly douchey! Girardi is a Cub and a loser. No amount of rings bought with filthy yankee money can change that.


Cmon Uts time to step up. I do not think I have ever seen an IBB to get to Uts for an out.

IBB to get to Utley, I dont believe it.

IBB Vic to get to Utley. Wow.

Tells you everything you need to know about Utley's current slump, eh?

Make 'em pay Utz...

Utley has has a 3-1 count, where he can cut the plate in half and look for his pitch. Well he got his pitch, right on the inner half of the plate, and he just looked at it. Ugh..

sacrificing with a man on second and no outs is unspeakably idiotic.

Great AB by Chase. He did just watch that 3-1 pitch go by, but Ill take a walk to get to Polly.

Time for Polly to show everyone why he's such a great situational hitter.

Good patience by Chase there.

Nice AB Uts. Got him on the ropes Polly

Utley walks. He does that in that position a lot. I understand that walks are good, and that Utley is in a slump, but honestly, it feels like he's just voting "Present," you know?

Even the Yankee fans boo the catcher/pitcher mound meeting

Not so situational I guess. Still a chance for Ryno here.

Wasted inning. I just don't see Howard doing anything here... Boy, I hope I'm wrong.

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