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Thursday, June 24, 2010


Did the lazy cop who needed a tazer to do his job get an extra box of donuts?

And what sentence did the cop get for assault with a deadly weapon?

Good for him. That's about what he deserved.

I can't believe the first two posts actually are against the cop. The guy did his damn job.

Oh, and a tazer is not a deadly weapon...idiot.

Yes, you can die if a lot of things go wrong but that still doesnt make it a deadly weapon. Maybe less idiots will jump on the field now.

I tweeted this @beerleaguer, but this will allow a little more space and might be seen by different eyes. How is this "about what he deserved"?

The guy thought about it, called his dad, ignored his dads advice and still hopped on the field. He consciously decided that he was more important than the 44,000 other fans in attendance that night. And that instead of watching the game, made them watch him and his spectacle while he had his once in a lifetime moment.

Conservatively estimating that it wasted 3 minutes for those 44,000 fans (members of the community) my math the only fitting punishment would be 2,200 hours of community service. Or the same amount of community time that he wasted because he wanted to be the center of the communities attention. (I'm being generous and not counting all the people watching on TV or listening on the radio that he also felt more important than.)

Perhaps if these self-centered idiots had to actually pay back the time they cost the community, they would think a little harder about it.

80 hours is a joke.

Dear NEPP, Republican scum, if you can read look at this:

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