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Thursday, July 29, 2010


Good stuff.

Breaking---->Phillies plan to move Roy Halladay to AL West club for three middling prospects to clear payroll space for Oswalt.

So its only official when Salisbury says it is??? :)

@NEPP: That happens a lot in hockey, too. Hell, most of the Flyers trades are with Tampa or LA.

yeah, the only curve that may rival his is Lee's.

Roy, Cole, Roy, Joe, and little Little Roy?

Watch out, National League.

The only question I have is why we don't limit our trades strictly to the Astros as long as Ed Wade is GM down there.****

At this point, I think the carcass has been picked clean.

Thanks for the updates. Have been checking hourly, and BL has not disappointed. Was lukewarm at best on an Oswalt deal, and was frankly more worried about our closer than the rotation.

But I look at the stat line in the post, and ponder Jason's writeup, and am getting excited. It's been quite a couple of days here for the Phils and their Phans.

I can only conclude that JA Happ is one very disappointed guy.

Good luck, J.

Ed Price is saying two people have told him Singleton is, in fact, in the deal.

In the playoffs, instead of Duck, Duck, Goose, the Phillies will play Roy, Roy, Cole!

We're in an era where the Phillies:

Acquired Roy Halladay, Roy Oswalt and Cliff Lee.
Won 1 world championship.
Won 2 National League championships.
Won 3 division titles.
Have 2 MVPs.
Play in a beautiful ballpark.
Receive full-scale national attention.

My word. What an amazing thing.

Okay, so let's line up who he will get traded to this offseason after the Phillies approach him about an extension and find out he wants too much?

Not nearly as excited as I was if Singleton is involved.

Maybe it's Happ, Singleton, Mathieson?

Maybe it's Happ, Gose, and Worley.

Maybe it's Tinkers, Evers, and Chance?

***At this point, I think the carcass has been picked clean.***

Not quite, unless the deal is Oswalt, Myers and Rodriguez for Happ, Kendrick and Worley

@Malcolm: No kidding. This is so obviously the Golden Age of Phillies baseball.

Enjoy it, boys and girls.

clout, still trying to figure out if you were joking about an extension with deferred money for 2013. You allude to that being when Hamels' money comes off the books. Surely you're not saying that they've decided today that they'd rather extend a then-36 y/o with potential back issues, over re-upping King Cole?

I guess I'm lost when it comes to any talk of an extension for a guy who seriously was contemplating retirement.

Maybe we will pick a new nickname for Roy Oswalt after all this retirement talk: Brett Favre Jr.

Clout has to be joking about the 2013 extension. Until I hear anything else, I'm assuming he was mocking Amaro's tendency to give long-term deals to guys in their 30's.

Saw someone tweet that Singleton is in the lineup today...

As I understand it, sources confirm that Jonathan Singleton either definitely is or definitely isn't part of the deal.

Yes, I also saw that Singleton is indeed playing today.

Oswalt: xFIP / SIERA

08: 3.55 / 3.63
09: 3.88 / 3.86
10: 3.45 / 3.34
career: 3.57

Most reasons why are above. K9 and BB9 numbers. He's also more of a GB pitcher than a FB pitcher (although less so in recent years, but still a GB/FB solidly above 1), and what FB he does give up, well, many have been pop-ups (over 10% career IFFB%).

Historical revisionism will only get us so far. Moving forward, I can't help but be optimistic about a potential Roy sandwich of a postseason rotation. With Hamels throwing as well as he is, it'd be the best postseason we've had in our three year run.

If the pitching rotations hold up, I think we'll get to watch Hamels v. Myers and Happ v. Oswalt.

In Philly.

Should be fun.

I am enjoying the hell out this era. A lot of people bash the phils and their pennant-less history. But in my lifetime, they have been to the WS 5 times with 2 WFC.
AAAANNNNDDDDDDD after suffering many years watching them sell at the deadline, we are a top notch franchise, buying at will. hahhaha AT WILL !!!

In 2008, the Phillies won the World Series with a rotation of Hamels, Myers, Moyer, and Blanton. Now they have Halladay, Hamels, Oswalt, and Blanton.

WOW. Wow, wow, wow.

It will be interesting to see if Oswalt for 2 (or 3 years) + what we got for Lee - what we gave up for Oswalt > or < Lee for 1 year, considering the cash involved...

It is a bit disappointing that President Obama did not give his thoughts on Anthony Gose's upside during his appearance on The View today.

Not to change the subject, but when is this RA Dickey character going to start sucking?

All of this is brought to you by sellout crowds every night. Money talks.

chstk-He did, however, tweet that he thought he was toolsy.

RA Dickey will start sucking on the golf course during the playoffs.

"All of this is brought to you by sellout crowds every night. Money talks."

True, but they did but a team on the field that people wanted to see.

WP: "Rosenthal tweets that Oswalt's 2012 option will not be exercised; he'll be compensated some other way."

Dom Brown is the new kid in town for less than a day.
That should take the pressure off the rookie.

"WP: "Rosenthal tweets that Oswalt's 2012 option will not be exercised; he'll be compensated some other way.""

Wasn't it "announced" that they will up his buyout 1-2mil?

The Phillies have now acquired three elite starting pitches in the course of one calendar year. They may still be on the conservative side financially (how many consecutive sellouts is that now, guys?) but no one in the National League has been more aggressive - not even close - in trying to get their team to the World Series.

clout: The "other" compensation seems to be some added dollars to the buyout, as others have reported.

BedBeard: "Announced" by who?

He will be compensated in some other way?

Aren't hookers and blow considered outre?

R.A. stands for Right Angle.

"Aren't hookers and blow considered outre? "
Yes, and it's a damn shame.

RSB: Knock it off... this team is not committed to winning. The evidence is everywhere.

Clout: maybe Ed Wade will take care of that as well.

I thought R.A. stood for Ruben Amaro.

So, is Oswalt the second best, or the third best starter on the team?

Nats/Braves in a rain delay after the top of the 6th. It's currently an official game with the Nats up 4-3 if it's not continued.

According to Amy Nelson of ESPN, the "other way" is being negotiated around adding $1mm to the buyout and allowing Oswalt to keep the FNTC in place after he comes to Philly

I remember reading an interview that Dickey did for ESPN a couple years ago when he was still with the Mariners...real good guy from all accounts.

In unrelated news, the Orioles have hired Buck Showalter to guide them to last place finishes for the next three seasons, at which time he will be replaced with a fresh retread to do the exact same thing.

Old Phan -- he thought he was a "Carl Crawford lite but better D," I believe.

I think we all know the real person behind all the recent success in performance and trades is Greg Gross.

RSB: Good point about the aggressiveness of other National League teams. Look at the Dodgers, who have gone to the NLCS in consecutive years. Their pitching staff is a joke, and you never heard them as serious players for Oswalt, Halladay, Lee (not in 2009 or 2010), or Haren.

If I were a Dodgers fan on the their version of BLer, I'd be fuming.

Singleton is in the lineup today, with the last report being it is Happ, Mathieson, Gose. (PhuturePhillies)

damn you 2 hour conf call...

So the trade is now Happ Worley Gose for Oswalt + $11M and no option guarantee?

Are you kidding me?!


Clout: ESPN's Amy K. Nelson tweets that Oswalt will get $1MM added by the Phillies to the buyout of his '12 option.

"he'll be compensated some other way."

Backrubs from the Phanatic?

The trade which set all of this in motion was Wade to Houston for Gillick a few years ago...

Mathieson instead of Worley? Seriously? I think I love Ed Wade. In a manly kind of way.

Dickey is an interesting story. First round pick who, after the draft, was discovered to be lacking his ulnar collateral ligament in his right elbow.

2006: Jamie Moyer
2007: Kyle Lohse
2008: Joe Blanton
2009: Cliff Lee
2010: Roy Oswalt

Give the FO credit for acquiring an arm every summer for the past 5 years now.

Bay Slugga - Dodgers have family problems that hamstring any attempts at aggressiveness (multi-million dollar divorce).

I will def credit them for that. Lets win this thing !!

We still need a good closer and a solit utility player who can deal with shortstop and third base and bats right handed...Willie Bloomquest or Miguel Tajada would look good on this team. As for a potential closer....damn if I know.

Giving up Singleton is worrisome...4 or 5 years from now. Let's just hope that beefing up the farm through the draft in the upcoming years will allow us viewing pleasure after the next few WS trophies are displayed at CBP. As NEPP stated, '...the carcass has been picked clean.'

I still am not happy with the fact that Oswalt is not as good as Lee, but Rube at least is showing us he is willing to make a bold move in a direction that will try to make us all forget about the Lee debacle. It also lends suspicion to the FO quote at that time that 'money was not a factor', when it clearly was. That, above all else, is what got me the most angry about all of that then, and now.

Good Photo-shopping, JW.

The Dodgers could probably do something like the Rangers are doing by giving up more prospects in exchange for money. But I don't think they have as many prospects as they used to.

When we had their AAA team in Vegas a few years back, it was loaded with prospects. Apparently that's no longer true.

Oswalt's CB this year

Opp BA: .086
Hits against: 7

WP: "Rosenthal tweets that Oswalt's 2012 option will not be exercised; he'll be compensated some other way."

So i guess that stuff about Utley's wife was true then huh?

Just kidding

look closer, that photoshop is creepy as hell

We could have had:


Damn you Rueben Amaro - (Just kidding)

aksmith - They've made a bunch of real hand-scratching moves with their prospects of late. Just look at the Sherrill move and its conclusion.

NEPP -- all of whom, up until this point, at least met expectations for at least the half of season for which they were first acquired. In the case of Lohse (and Blanton for that matter) turned out to be somewhat pleasant surprises.

Gose and Happ are definite, sources tell Salisbury.

2009: P. Martinez

that RA Dickey article is worth looking at just to see the picture on top haha... Just thinking of the possible noise he's making in that picture has me laughing.

Sophist - Yeah, I was wondering what happened with Sherrill. They put him on waivers then pulled him back? Was that it? Because he's still pitching for them. That was a head scratcher.

Yea, I recall reading about their ownership issues.

Still, what have the other contending teams done in the last 3 years.

Rockies, Cards, Mets, and Braves?

Holliday is the only move I can think of...

"So, is Oswalt the second best, or the third best starter on the team?

Posted by: Dan in Philly"

IMHO, the 3rd best right now. Based on track record - 2nd best.

Jose Lopez of the Mariners plays three positions - shortstop, third and outfied, and bats right handed. He is only 27 and has some "pop" in his bat. He is having a abysmal year and could possibly be had in a deal. He would be an excellent utility guy.

Remember the good old days when we had too many lefties in the rotation?

So it's Happ and Gose...

Is it Worley and Singleton?

Just Worley?

Someone else?

I assume the option is still there, right? Because if Oswalt pitches well this year & next, you'd at least want the choice of bringing him back for one more year at $16M.

BS - Cards added Holliday. Braves weren't contending the last few years around the deadline (and they brought up Hanson anyway, added Hudson late last year).

aksmith - not to mention that gave up Josh Bell for Sherrill.

I'm confused. I thought the Phils were already out of contention this year. What happened?

****2009: P. Martinez****

I was only listing trades but yeah Pedro was nice too.

CJ: Mathieson rumors swirling.

Do the Braves now try to make a move to counter the Oswalt trade?

If so, what?

I think I'm missing something. Why is Happ (practically free, sub-3 ERA, good stuff) so easy to bid adieu? I'm trying to see Oswalt as a significant upgrade, and I'm not sure I do — regardless of the money and the prospects.

Is the conventional wisdom that once the league has seen him a few times, his stuff won't hold up, a la Gavin Floyd?

R.A Dickey just pitched on 3 days rest for the Mets. 8 1/3 innings, no ER.

What a great pickup for them and from all accounts he sounds like a nice guy. Too bad he plays for the Mets, but other than that, it's a nice story.

We give:
Lee (1 year)

We get:
Halladay (3 years)
Oswalt (1.5-2.5 years)
$17 million

Not too bad, assuming this Oswalt trade doesn't fall apart somehow. RAJ still got hosed on the Lee deal, but I sure don't mind having Halladay-Hamels-Oswalt for at least this year and next.

ACtually, Floyd is again pitching solidly and is a better pitcher than Happ.

Conventional wisdom is that Happ will not hold up, either pitching line wise, or health wise. And the Phillies are banking on the fact that Oswalt will.

I think I might be lacking my ulnar collateral ligament too, given how much I sucked in little league.

"I think I'm missing something. Why is Happ (practically free, sub-3 ERA, good stuff) so easy to bid adieu? I'm trying to see Oswalt as a significant upgrade, and I'm not sure I do — regardless of the money and the prospects.

Is the conventional wisdom that once the league has seen him a few times, his stuff won't hold up, a la Gavin Floyd?"

Sct, without going into a lot of details, Happ was extremely lucky with RISP and that shouldn't continue. But yes, he is a good pitcher, but as my wife reminds me you have to give a little something to get a little something sometimes :)

Bed Beard: Happ, Worley, Gose and Mathieson?


I read the comments on the ESPN article about this trade, and it took me all of 10 seconds to realize, not only are 85% of those posters illiterate, but that same amount, if not more, have no idea who Jonathan Singleton is. Apparently we just traded the Second Coming. Not the second coming of a reincarnated baseball player, the real deal.

Rosenthal says Oswalt's 2012 is a mutual option. Buyout will increase from $1M to $2M in the event Phils pick up Option but Oswalt declines. Buyout remains $2M in the event Phils decline.

Rosenthal: Oswalt option for '12 actually mutual option. With trade, buyout will increase from 1M to 2M if (more).

also: #Phillies pick up option and Oswalt declines, becoming FA instead. Buyout will remain 2M if he simply opts out on his own.

Not sure I get that last part.

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