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Monday, December 20, 2010


Mark Hendrickson, former Sixer, to the Phillies? Hmmmmm.

Not related, but love the HEALTH - Get Color recommendation. Great band, great album.

If Romero would take 1 year in the $800K-$1M range, I'd welcome him back.

Speaking of those albums Weitzel- I was rocking out to Helmet: Betty this morning on the way to work. And both of Weezer's new albums are much better than the past 2.

"Endtroducing" can stay on any playlist for eternity. Never gets old.

I loved JC when he was on, I would love to see him come back. And it looks like it would take the same $ as all the other options out there.

sign me up. you mean when he was on PEDS? LOL. By the way, phils fan, not a troll, just funny "loved him when he was on".

I used to play Endtroducing's "Organ Donor" all the time and one of my exes got so angry she tossed it into the Delaware. Brutal.
JC Romero discussing last year's injury bug on the team states,"Bodies confused, memories misused
As we run from the day to a strange night of stone."


"It's not like I'm expensive now." Wow. Did his agent spit out his coffee when he read those words?

Gotta love guys who want to play here, when money isn't the #1 factor ... It's just a damn good place to be right now.

"Right here, right now, there is no other place I would rather be." - Jesus Jones, circa 1990.

Jack: Joe Savery?


I think bringing back Romero would be a mistake.

Unless its a minor league invite type deal. If he's on the roster, UC will treat him like the 1st LOOGY for better or worse out of loyalty to the veteran. That would be a mistake.

So I guess this is the new normal: Players asking to play for the Phillies and willingly, publicly discounting their price.

I think J.C. hasn't discounted his price for the Phillies. He's on the market and realizes there's nothing more than a minor league deal out there for him.

Die Slow from that HEALTH album was really good, the rest meh.

Maybe it was a "Don't ever call me again" type contact from the Phillies. I hope, at least.

Joe l: How could you dis Gary Numan like that?

Japan's Orix Buffaloes agreed to a one-year deal with pitcher Chan Ho Park.

Maybe it was a "Don't ever call me again" type contact from the Phillies. I hope, at least.

Posted by: Bedrosian's Beard | Monday, December 20, 2010 at 11:58 AM

"Seriously, I'm gonna call the police if you keep calling me. We're NOT INTERESTED!"-Ruben Amaro Jr.

JW: I could be reading between the lines a bit, but I think what Joe | was saying is that of the HEALTH album, only "Die Slow" caught his attention and the rest of the album was meh. It didn't seem, to me, like a passage of judgement on the rest of the list.

I wouldn't mind seeing JC back in a reduced role at a much reduced price.

NEPP: Then, Amaro breaks down and gives him a 2 year deal.

BB - 1-year deal with a team option and nonsensical $200k buyout.

God no. The most basic job requirement of any major league pitcher is to do a reasonable job of throwing strikes. Romero has averaged more than 7 walks per 9 innings in each of the past 2 seasons.

Contrary to conventional Beerleaguer wisdom, there is absolutely nothing about incumbency which makes a player better suited to his job than other available alternatives. Romero has stunk since he got off PEDs. Amaro really needs to move on.

***Romero has stunk since he got off PEDs. Amaro really needs to move on.

Or maybe Romero needs to find another way to work out that's undetectable.

Seriously, when I read the JC Romero headline, I expected to scroll down and find the peanut gallery inveighing at the very thought. Instead I scroll down and find near unanimous agreement that, at the right price, it would be a fine move. I think Beerleaguer has lost its collective mind this morning.

I like JC Romero. Just not enough to give him a spot on this roster. Minor league deal? Perhaps.

Agent: JC, what the hell are you doing making announcements like this and getting you decent money? Do you know how hard it is finding you work after the GNC debacle?

JC:I told you,Harvey, it was Vitamin Shoppe, they push that sh-t there, the guy was pushy.

Agent: Whatever.

JC: Hey, don't be like this with me. Rube is a genuis. He'll flip ya.

Agent: He'll what?

JC: He'll flip ya, for real!

A minor league contract would be ok with me, provided the contract contained this clause: you will start the season at AAA and you will remain at AAA until and unless one of the Phillies two left-handed relievers (whoever they are) goes on the DL.

I was thinking, before bap's 12:29 (9:29 PCT) post, that I don't care what kind of fincancial discount Romero gives. I'd write the contract to read that he has throw effin strikes (especially, as a LOOGY, to LHBs, bcause nothing made my blood pressure rise when he pitches than having him walk the lefty to get to the righty, because he absolutely ucksays against righties) (but also to righties, because he usually throws the first two pitches out of the zone to righties, too, and then they sit on whatever he throws and if it IS in the zone then, they're gonna crush it, so he usually throws the next two out of the zone two and now there's two runners on instead of one, unless he came in, like he usually does, with runners already on, in which case he's probably just walked in somebody else's effin' run) (which makes me think that if I offered Romero a contract I'd have a second contract ready to go (the second one being not WITH him, but ON him)(but of course then we'd be right back where we always seem to start with just one LH RP in the pen, which friggin ucksays, to coin a phrase)) or else he could just hotfot it somewhere else.

Got that?

The thought of JC Romero, and his inability to throw strikes, playing on the same team as Roy Halladay and Cliff Lee, who walked about 40 people last year in a combined 400+ IP, is almost unfathomable. They would cringe everytime he came into a game...

Of course, if ATL signsd Romero we're in trouble. Because when he comes in to face Howard, he'll throw the first two pitches out of the zone. The first will be a ball and the second one will be a pop-up.

Yes, I was referring the HEALTH album as okay + 1 good song. There's some interesting stuff on the list, but I just haven't been into much music in the last few years, aside from an occasional Wilco, Flaming Lips, or Built to Spill CD.

No Bieberfever for you, Joe l?

I'm heartened to see that Jack Kerouac (aka Andy) agrees with my views on JC Romero.

if there were better options, then i could agree with others, but theres really not, so give me JC strictly for the memories and excitement.

With Fuentes still on the list of availables, you need to redefine "better options."

JC is supposed to return at Easter not Christmas.

Fuentes is better than JC but too costly of an option I believe.

donc - He always shows up at Christmas. He comes back to life at Easter.

jason: I agree he's too costly. But he's better. Actually much, much better.

Great news! They signed Kearns! ("They" being someone other than the Phillies.)

(CLE in this case; but who cares about thet?)

Phils won't/can't afford Fuentes.

On that list, though, I'd prefer Ohman and Okajima. I think both those guys would represent upgrades to the Phils' lefty situation. If one of those guys were signed and pitched to their career highs in the past, and Bastardo stays healthy and contributes as well, the Phils would have quite a good bullpen situation going.

Andy - Exactly the kind of bottom-feeder that Kearns belongs on next year with his ~.240ish AVG and ~.690 OPS.

They can afford Beimel and he is certainly better than Romero. Maybe Byrdak too. He's wild as hell, but still not quite as wild as Romero has been the last 2 years. Plus the guys Jack mentioned. Plus probably Arthur Rhodes, who I absolutely don't want them to sign but who has undeniably been worlds better than Romero for at least the last 2 years. Plus quite a few other guys who could be gotten in a trade for relatively little. Plus countless other guys who are actually worse than Romero, but at least would be different & would, therefore, give fans the fleeting, but vaguely positive, feeling that come with false hopes. I assure you that fleeting, but vaguely positive, feeling would be more return on invesmtent that we'd get from JC Romero this year.

While I think there are only about 5 players alive that BAP doesn't think are 'awful,' I share his surprise that anyone would want Romero back at this point. This has disaster written all over it if it's a guaranteed MLB deal. Amaro would be better off just throwing money out the window.

Not much of a Beimel fan, but I'd certainly take him over JC. Although, JC on a minor league deal would be fine with me. Don't know if he'd do that, but if he can get control of his pitches, he's still effective whether on the stuff or not.

I'd still like to see what kind of shape Eyre is in. For a million bucks, I'd take his ice water in the veins and elusive garbage stuff over anyone on the market right now from a cost effective viewpoint. For one or two hitters at a time, and maybe 40 or so innings for the season, he could be an answer. Haven't seen Okajima much. Is he any good?

Sign the gorilla who jumped off Aumont's back before signing Romero now.

I liked Okajima from afar during the recent years but this year he pulled that "I am not anyone" routine after he screwed up some games, had some really big blowups and let hammy issues get to his concentration. He is also more of a control guy and he was having some wild FB issues the last few years towards the end.

I dont like this statement for some reason :

"You have to understand that I'm not asking for $4 million," Romero said. "That's what I made at my best. It's not like I'm expensive right now."

I would rather have Romero (who wouldn't be my first choice) than Arthur Rhodes.

I'd rather have Cesar Romero.

"Carlos, its Ruben. Do you want J.C. back?He's negotiating his own contract and we can get him cheap. Yeah, I know you got tired of back-handing his wild pitches but we can sign him for the minimum."

jason/phaithful must be more interested in protecting the Phillies budget than in the quality of players they get. Otherwise, to suggest that Romero is as good as or better than the other available relievers is ignorant in the extreme.

aksmith: How many years ago did Eyre actually pitch 40 IP or more?

DPatrone: "I would rather have Romero (who wouldn't be my first choice) than Arthur Rhodes."

How has Rhodes pitched in the 3 seasons since his TJ surgery? How do those 3 seasons compare to the past 3 seasons of the other relievers on that list, including Romero?

OK, that's 3 grenades rolled into the tent. I'll be back later.

****How many years ago did Eyre actually pitch 40 IP or more?****

Also, remember that the Phillies got a 1st hand look inside Eyre's elbow back in Nov 2009 and then offered him a minor league deal only. Also, Eyre hasn't played in a year plus and is said to be content in his retirement.

I'd take Rhodes or Okajima over Romero.

Okajima could be an interesting buy-low candidate...and he'd be coming to a new league where the batters dont know him so he'd have that going for him as his delivery is a bit funky.

***OK, that's 3 grenades rolled into the tent. I'll be back later.

Posted by: clout | Monday, December 20, 2010 at 03:37 PM ***

Funny story: I remember once in basic training that I had a CS canister grenade get thrown into my shelter-half (tent). That was a very painful experience when it went off as I couldn't get my mask on and when I did, my lungs were already full of CS as it was all entrapped in the tent.

Good times.

Where were we?

Something about this conversation reminds me of a bunch of alley cats contemplating which chunk is most edible in a puddle of puke outside the back door of some bar, early on Saturday morning.

NEPP: We absolutely cannot have a reliever with a funky delivery. I can't hear Wheels talk about so and so's funky delivery on a regular basis. I would never survive a full season of it.

how often is charlie actually going to pull one of the Big Four in late innings to go to a Loogy? C'mon.

Clout~ You make a good point, but Rhodes @ age 41, I'll pass. Same with Mahay. Regardless of stats, the human arm only has so many pitchs in it.

Re: Carlton. At age 38, he threw as hard as he did at age 28. Between the ages of 39 and I believe 41, he was a shell of what he once was. He clearly hung on too long.

I'd rather have the younger LH reliever. Besides why can't Romero pitch well?

aksmith: I'm about to repeat what I said a few days ago but, as long as I keep reading Scott Eyre nostalgia, I'm going to keep repeating it.

Ever looked at Scott Eyre's lifetime stats? Ever looked at his numbers in the 2.5 years before he came to Philadelphia? Putting aside the fact that he'll be 39 next year, the he hasn't pitched since he was 37, & that he had significant injury issues for the entire 2nd half of his final season, there's also the fact that he wasn't particularly good in the first place -- particularly in the last few years before he came to the Phillies. He did a nice job for us in an extremely limited number of innings but, even if he were 10 years younger and hadn't just missed an entire season, there would still be absolutely no basis to believe he could repeat that type of performance or anything remotely close to it.

I'd rather have Okajima, Rhodes, Beimel and Fuentes than Romero.

After that- Romero is probably your best option. I give Romero a slight edge over Mahay because he is younger.

Maybe the Phillies are following the adage of, "The enemy you know..."

"how often is charlie actually going to pull one of the Big Four in late innings to go to a Loogy? C'mon."

According to a growing body of Beerleaguer lore, Halladay, Lee, Hamels & Oswalt are so good that they can be counted on to pitch complete games every time out, thereby making it unnecessary to carry more than 3 relievers.

Don't understand the interest in possibly bringing back Eyre. I would much rather see Romero brought back before giving a guy like Eyre even a minor league deal.

Isn't Turk Wendell still available? Boy these are some slim pickings we are talking about. I'd take a very cheap flyer on Beimel. We certainly need Bastardo to do his part. If he does, things should work out ok but I would definitely like to see another lefty brought in.

i'm not going to argue that JC is the best available, I am just saying as a fan I'd like him back thats all. His walks were painful to put up with, but i like his effectiveness when throwing strikes and his overall enthusiasm and personality.

Nothing else out there excites me that much who are reasonable options(i.e. not affording Fuentes) and the way relievers go, its a crapshoot trying to predict which of the 5-6 guys will be the best in 2011 anyway.

I'll take Romero's crappy numbers with his glossy pinstriped suit at Victorino's Fashion show fundraiser over Reyes' crappy numbers and fathead, Okijhima's crappy numbers and pissy media comments, or Joe Biemel's crappy numbers and stupid haricut.

And i guess its easier for me to say that since I expect Bastardo to be the primary LOOGY over any of the remaining candidates of cheap free agents, so their actual impact on this season is less to me than what others may think.

BAP: There was a frequent Beerleaguer myth late last season that Roy Oswalt would pitch complete games, solely because he shares a first name with a guy who does. The CG's are the best thing Roy Halladay does, much like the no walks is the best thing Cliff Lee 2.0 does.

"i'm not going to argue that JC is the best available, I am just saying as a fan I'd like him back thats all. His walks were painful to put up with, but i like his effectiveness when throwing strikes and his overall enthusiasm and personality"

I realized he is not the answer and wouldn't endorse a contract, but, yeah, purely as a fan, I also liked him for these reasons.

Kendrick/Worley/Herdnon(any RHP)
Romero/(any LHP)

I mean other than the dark fears in my mind of Lidge having a 2009-repeat, I'm pretty content with that pen.

That just might be too much faith in Bastardo. He could be just fine, or he could/will be injured for a spell. Then, we'd be stuck with Romero. Not wild about it.

I am expecting a big year from Baez.

The bottom line is that the Phils will which ever LH reliever comes the cheapest. The only one we can forget about is Fuentes.

Rhodes and Mahay are ancient, and there must be a reason why Boston let Okajima go. Given that they know JC, he may get a chance.

****there must be a reason why Boston let Okajima go.****

He had control issues and Tito didnt trust him.

Kinda like Romero a few years back.

Other issues on Okajima:

Average Velocity:
2008: 87.9 mph
2009: 86.6 mph
2010: 86.3 mph

2008: 8.71
2009: 7.82
2010: 6.46

2008: 7.4%
2009: 8.5%
2010: 9.4%

Hey atleast here, Uncle Charlie can speak the language enough to tell Okajima to pull his head outta his azz.

nice article about Phillies fans:

As for JC - you know relievers - he is due for a good year. I just hate seeing him come in walk one or two lefties with no strikes and then heading to the dugout and throwing his glove and having a melt down. But a 1 year deal around a million I like him better than most but he really isn't a great loogy. Rhodes makes more sense but frankly I prefer Contreras or Madson in the big at bat against a lefty than most with the exception of fuentes.

I'm sure JC gets extra consideration because the coach knows him, the catcher knows him, and (to a lesser degree of importance) the team knows him. He wouldn't be messin' with the molecules.

Incidently, Mulcahy's alley cat simile was hilarious.

'Japan's Orix Buffaloes agreed to a one-year deal with pitcher Chan Ho Park.' - JW

I remember when about a year ago everyone here was arguing over whether Rube should have signed Chan Ho (I know, I know he was offered more $ to play here) and convinced him to stay on as a key BP cog to help bolster the already weak BP. I was one of those guys. Boy, has Chan Ho Man gone South since then. With all of the stuff that has happened to Park and the Lee signing, it seems like that was forever ago.

"This has disaster written all over it if it's a guaranteed MLB deal. Amaro would be better off just throwing money out the window." - Iceman

Or just throwing more $$ at Baez or bring back Eaton!

I pondered it. From J.W.'s list, I'd go with Fuentes. Of course, the Phils most likely won't go there. Rhodes sucked enough ass as a Phillie to make me not have any interest in him whatsoever, despite that he's been quite good since leaving us. Procede with caution with him. Beimel or Okajima could be interesting. After that, I'd say we're in Romero territory.

People on here often point out that the playoffs in baseball are a crapshoot.

Well Jayson Stark's "Strange But True" column certainly adds ammunition to that argument.

While I don't want to take anything away from the Giants, and they certainly deserved the ring, it really is all about just getting into the final 8 teams, and then hoping things fall your way, while taking advantage of the times they do.

Maybe Reuben gets a lefty in a deal for Blanton?

Last minute gifts for hardcore Phillies Fans---

Fat: In the immortal words of Billy Beane, "My sh*t dosn't work in the playoffs." Meaning: I can put together a team that should do well over 162 games, but I don't have the presience to know how that team will do in a random 5 or 7-game series in October.

Of course, lately, his sh*t hasn't worked too well in the regular season either.

Fatalotti: The only thing I know about the playoffs is that the odds are infallible. Whatever they are in June indicate what will happen at the end of September.

Best site for ant Phils or Eagles jersey on for most any pro team:

I have mentioned this before. I have bought several. Products are awesome. Throwback are Mitchell & Ness, Phila. Site is in China.

bap --

...and hadn't just missed an entire season, there would still be absolutely no basis to believe he could repeat that type of performance or anything remotely close to it.

They also said something very similar to that about another Philadelphia left-hander named Michael Vick. Left-handers are an odd bunch.

Regardless, at this point I'd prefer to gamble on Bastardo's upside than to gamble on a geezer like Eyre.

Gosh. Eyre talk.

The last people close enough to gauge Eyre's ability to pitch were the Phils coaches and catchers and Eyre himself. All of them kinda felt he was as fried as those little bits of stuff left in the fry oil after you've done a batch of eggplant.

Eyre will not be returning.

As for affordable options, I'd at least look at Beimel.

Or maybe we take the "have talked to Romero" stuff as Ruben's way of getting Middleton to pay for Fuentes.

Pedro, Eyre, now who can we get out of retirement to play RF? Eisenreich?

If the Phils sign Romero, there is no way they make the playoffs.

"I am expecting a big year from Baez."

This post would have been even funnier if Meyer were being serious, but it's still pretty damn funny.

Charlie will implement the "Baez Plan" again this year pitching him early and often to try to burn him up by mid May.

While it's sunny and warm in PR, Romero can take the opportunity to practice throwing strikes.
BB: Eisenreich's a lefty. Wes Chamberlain is the answer. Or Wes Covington.

What about Leslie West?

"Something about this conversation reminds me of a bunch of alley cats ..."

Crude, but effective. I LOLed.

Covington's a lefty. Stick with Chamberlain.

ozark: Wes Covington was a lefty. He had a cool stance -- kind of like a lefty Frank Robinson, holding the bat cocked parallel or more to the ground.

Leslie West is too heavy for OF. Perfect shape for a reliever, however.

I think he's a righty.

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