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Monday, December 20, 2010


Oh no!!! (sarcasm)

He'll obviously throw a two hit shut out vs. the Phils this year.

Scotch: Precisely.

Junkball Lefty=Phillies Kryptonite

Braves are savvy at developing young pitchers we are not I am afraid Scotch and Weitzel will turn out to be right.

Merrill Reese:
He's running away! DeSean Jackson…I don't care if he jumps, dives--he's running around--and he's in the end zone…and there's no time. the eagles win! the eagles win!

Huh, that's funny, I always pictured Yohan Flande as a big goofy blond hair, blue eyes dutch lookin kid.

NL East 40-man rosters:

Fish left-handed bats: Baker, Morrison, and Coghlan (Cousins and Peterson are also on the 40-man roster)

Mets left-handed bats: Thole, I. Davis, Murphy (F. Martinez, Duda, Valdespin, and Pridie are also on the 40-man roster)

Nats left-handed bats: Morgan, Bernanida (along with Harper and C. Brown)

Clearly the Braves are trying to stock pile lefties in their pen to counter the Phils because their isn't really another team in the NL East right now that would start a lineup with more than 2 left-handed bats next year.

Hell, there are some decent left-handed bats in the division that Gonzalez will probably bring a lefty reliever to face but there aren't a ton of tough left-handed bats on these 3 teams right now to get out late in a game.

Just in time for the holidays: New playlist.

Now the Braves do have some really tough left-handed bats:

- Heyward, McCann, Hinske, McLouth, Schafer (Young and F. Freeman are also on the 40-man roster)

Phils are going to need a decent lefty to face the likes of Heyward, McCann, Hinske, and likely F. Freeman who probably open the year with the Braves if he has a decent-enough spring training.

I did find it interesting that supposedly Freddi Gonzalez doesn't regard Sherrill as a situational lefty and instead as a key matchup guy.

After watching the managing masterpieces between Cholly and Freddi unfold the last few years, I have to say I kind of wonder why Freddi seemingly enjoys right now a strong rep in Atlanta as a player's manager who is also a strong strategy guy. Did a different F. Gonzalez manage the Fish vs. Braves during the last 3+ years?

My guess is that Flande is compensation to the Atlanta sports fans for the lefty hurler rehabbed by Philadelphia.

"Wow. He posted an ERA under 4.5 at AA? And he's only 24? Wow, just..."

I don't care how good the Braves are at developing pitchers. He's just Vic Darensbourg named after a latin dessert.

Sorry, only thing I think about is "Yohan, run, run run run." When Herman's cousin broke out of the castle.

"He's Vic Darensbourg named after a latin dessert."

Quote of the day. I can almost hear Bob Uecker reading it.

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