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Thursday, December 09, 2010


Let's hope that Dennys is enormously more effective than Danys.

crossing my fingers for a Mags Ordonez & Bill Hall signing.

Gargantuan deal in the making.

I think Bastardo will be your go-to lefty while Reyes will be used in more of an emergency role - like if pressure comes up in the 6th or if Bastardo already pitched the 7th and Madson gets in trouble with lefties in the 8th.

$1M for a 2nd loogy who is easily a drastic improvement over internal options(Escalona/Zagurski) sounds like a good move to me.

The winter meetings are over. We didn't sign anyone for 7 years. We didn't make any blockbuster trades. We are DOOOOMED!

oh wait, we got Reyes? nice. Now I can go back to football for the rest of the week. right?

Rule 5 draft, Phillies pick Nationals infielder Michael Martinez

Phils take Michael Martinez from the Nats in the Rule 5....who appears to be a waste of time. And lose no one.

Michael Martinez is 28 out of the DR and in AA & AAA hit a combined .272/.353/.452 with 11 hr's and 23 sb's. He was better in AAA than AA.

I know he's gonna be 37 and the team desperately needs to get younger, I want Ordonez. Signing him and reupping with Durbin would make this a somewhat successful offseason in my eyes.

Martinez looks like spring training competition for Valdez, and that's about it.

Reyes had a poor season against lefties last year, but he's done well against them in the past. This is a worthwhile gamble. No draft pick surrendered, and not alot of money wasted should it turn sour.

Story about Mags and how the Tigers might not be able to re-sign him.

re: Mags

If boras publically said they're looking for 2yr $20M, then that pretty much sets the ceiling right there wouldn't it? Thats a prety reasonable price considering alternatives out there.

If he is "mediocre" why bother?

If Mike Martinez is a comparable fielder to Valdez - which might be hard since Valdez def flashed the leather last year - then I can definitely see him have a shot. Without ever seeing this guy play, I'm sure he's a better hitter and probably faster.

I think the Reyes signing is Bastardo insurance which is why it made more sense to sign him (or Sherril) to a small, short contract than it would to throw buckets of money at Feliciano, Fuentes, and Downs.

Wonder if CC is going to like being the Yanks' #2 pitcher?

CC and CL were identical twins separated at birth.

Quintin Berry goes to the mets in the minor league portion of the rule 5

kinda surprised the Phillies didn't take a flyer on a few of the big, big arms available in the draft today.

I would have preferred Sherril to Reyes and Sherril signed for a little less. I wonder what is motivation was? A better chance to moving up in the bullpen pecking order? Did the Phillies require the club option? Sherril surely remembers the years when he was the type of reliever who would get a 3 year contract and wants to be able to bounce back this year and cash in on that right away.

I hate losing anyone in the minor league portion of the Rule V. It just seems lazy. Put him on the AAA roster! I don't think we'll miss Q Berry but you never know.

Berry apparently wasn't a Phillie anymore, but a Padre. . . I don't remember how that happened.

Dennys "I ate a lot Grand Slam Breakfasts" Reyes -- it's a reasonable flyer at 1.1M for 1 year.

If Martinez can play the Middle IF at all, he looks like he was worth a flyer.

I don't think the Phils will miss Quentin Berry.

I feel like Quentin Berry was on Reading since I was a little kid.

And I feel like denny b. probably loves him.

Sherril signed for $100,000 more with incentives up to $300,000 more, not a huge difference but the Phillies paid slightly less for Reyes.

Jon Heyman tweeted that Polly is mulling retirement.

wow, that's not good at all. i wish we knew.... would affect our interest in beltre.

Dennys Reyes? Be still my heart.

What? That's a joke right. Polly isn't gonna he?!

Yes, it's a joke, no, he's not.!/si_jonheyman

Morricone: well that'd be a kick in the pants. . . Phillies would kinda have to jump in on the Beltre sweepstakes. . . would have been a pertinent piece of info before Reynolds was traded for 2 relief prospects. . . hopefully he makes a quick decision (preferably to stay).

Let Polanco retire and we can get Beltre

Color me not excited about either Reyes or Martinez. Reyes looks like a bulldog or a fireplug. Where's his neck? We can sure see his head and gut! Maybe Dubee can make something out of this load of blubber.

Phils choose outfielder Chris Frey and right handed pitcher Justin Friend from Colorado and Oakland in the minor league portion of the Rule 5.

Hey, ain't it good to know that we've got a Friend? People can be so...

yada yada

Carl - You da MAN!

Jayson - Wut?

Carl - You da MAN, man.

Jayson - Me?

Carl - Yeah, you. You da...

Jayson - I heard you. Whaddya mean? You got the BIG contract. I mean, DUUUUDE.

Carl - I know it.

Jayson - Then what up?

Carl - You think they'd show me all them Benjies if you hadn't milked Washington?


Carl - You da MAN, baby.

Jayson - No. YOU da man.

Carl - No. YOU da man.


Wish I had 1 mil to make a reasonable bet.

Orioles left their #'s 6 & 8 prospects (according to BA) unprotected for the Rule 5, and neither was taken. . . I guess that says something about their system.

Why are we always preparing...JUST GO!

Polanco thing was from a fake twitter account

according to ESPN's Rumor Central, For Mags, "A two-year, $20 million offer might would likely get it done, but the Tigers don't appear willing to go that far." and it mentions that the Phillies & Orioles have had an eye on him and that the Angels might be interested if things don't work out with Beltre.

Michael Martinez plays mostly middle infield, but has also played 3b and all three OF positions. He might, actually, have an arm since he's also pitched 1.2 innings without a hit (but walked 2 batters). In the past three years he's stolen 58/86 bases (which is not a great rate - but indicates that he THINKS he's fast) and about 5% of his hits have been triples. (Caveat: all of these are minor league statistics.)

Rube might actually be serious about replacing Exxon with this guy. I hope the coaching staff remembers that guys like this often get off to blazing ST starts only to fade into oblivion in April.

Phils should try, in ST, to start MMartinez at SS and Cesar Hernandez at 2B to gain the very prestigious "shortest infield ever" award.

Andy: As soon as Davey Lopes gets a hold of him I'm sure his sb% will go through the roof. . . what's that you say?. . . we didn't do what?. . . Well why wouldn't we. . . but. . .well that was dumb.

Crawford should give Werth a kickback for his efforts.

Why does a 37 year old Magglio Ordonez feel like a blown hamstring / part time player waiting to happen? Is Ben Fran that much of a lost cause? At least he's on the right side of 30 years old.

I rooting against Justin Friend making a serious impact just to avoid all of the "You've Got A Friend In Pennsylvania" comments.

Then again, I thought the same thing when I heard all of the "Werth every penny" puns when Jayson came aboard.

Who are these guys anyway? Are we saddled with them like we were Herndon, or are they headed directly to Allentown?

Martinez is in the same boat as Herndon, but the other guys are minor league affilaited, so shouldnt really matter.

Curious - I wonder what holds more weight to the Phillies if Valdez and Martinez have two similiar spring trainings:

Valdez's contributions in 2010 or Martinez's Rule V status and $50k price tag?

As we saw last year, Hernon's Rule V status and $50k price tag was more important than kendrick's contributions in seasons past.

Heyman just tweeted: #phillies are trying to bring back erudite reliever chad durbin, who had nice year for them. in talks now.

Wonder if that's just a regurgitation of yesterday's news or if there's something cookin' today. If it's a "close to a deal thing" there's your 2011 bullpen folks.

Schweizer - In re: stupid jokes. Look above. You're too late.

Does anyone know what the "minor league" portion of the Rule 5 draft means? If we decide to take a flyer on these guys, do we have to keep them on a AAA roster all year, or how does that work exactly?

Martinez, though, must be on the big league roster or traded for in order to be demoted though, right?

Rule 5 is only slightly less confusing than arbitration...

I doubt the Nats will take Martinez back which is probably why the Phillies took him - so they can stash him in AAA.

keep the faith, Ruben is sitting back and letting the pieces fall into place before he pulls the next great blockbuster deal out of his hat. The Durbin talks are a diversion.

Replacing Valdez would be foolish--he came up big in the field and threw in some hits.

I'll make the shot in the dark prediction that should it go wrong, no one will notice, but should it go right, I'll flaunt in everyone's face for the next 3-4 years every chance I get (BL's specialty):

BenFran, given the chance to play more regularly, will make a Werth-like leap and become a top tier OF, as a "late bloomer."

I have absolutely nothing to support this guess, but then again, when Werth was acquired for platoon with Jenkins, no one expected him to be cashing in on a $126MM deal in a few years, either.

Joe C, you mean re-signing Durbin isn't a blockbuster in and of itself??

An earlier poster mentioned this, but the more I think about it, the best approach is probably to lay low this offseason, run out the OF platoon(s) to start the season, and be in a position to make another trade deadline splash. We've seen that the asking price for these midseason deals hasn't been that high, and depending on where we are in the standings, we can determine whether we need a big RH bat or a 4th ace.

Willard_ I believe that the 2 minor league Rule 5 picks cost the Phils $24,000 and they don't have to be offered back to their former club. At least that's what I've gathered from reading this morning.

WP: I believe it is a smokescreen to allow them to land a multi-year extension with Greg Dobbs.

By the way, another sign of this team's regression to pre-Thome days: Talk of bringing back players for a 2nd go-round with the team, a-la Aaron Rowand (see Mike Williams, Milt Thompson, Andy Ashby, Adam Eaton, etc...)

Reyes and Martinez. Great job. I will say no
no more about this off-season except that Reyes and Nartinez say it all. I took a beating here for my stance on things. But it's ok. Wishing everyone a joyous, happy, & healthy holiday season.

For the good of baseball, I hope the Yankees and Red Sox battle each other from beginning to end next season.

Can't say I'd be all that excited about bringing back Durbin. I mean, he was adequate last year. There's nothing especially wrong with him. But the bullpen as a whole was not exactly an area of strength in 2010. I'd kind of like to see them at least attempt an upgrade, and not be blinded by the fallacy that the guy they already have is the best guy for the job. Personally, I think Contreras, Durbin & Lidge are all pretty unlikely to repeat last year's performances, while Reyes isn't likely to be any better than Romero. That adds up to a bullpen that is worse than last year's already mediocre group.

Another thing that separates the Phillies from the Yankees is that New York does not blindly sign players to multi-year extensions based on appreciation of obtaining a WS ring. For example, as a result of the 2008 title, the Phillies locked Moyer up to an extended deal, and held onto Durbin and Dobbs, and arguably Romero for at least one year too many. In contrast, the Yankees won in 2009 thanks to 2 players, Matsui and Damon (and of course good pitching). Both were let go right after the season, not rewarded with contract extensions based on one title. If you look at every ring the Yankees have since 1996, other than the core four the rest of the supporting cast has changed each and every year. They treat winning as a business, not as a love-fest. And they also make sure they replace whatever parts they lose with equal or superior quality, and this off season is proving that the Phils are willing to go into 2011 with a weak platoon to replace Werth. Could anyone imagine the Yanks doing this?

anybody know a better resource than Cot's for future free agent classes? Whoever runs the site doesn't seem to update it very often (Ryan Howard is still listed as part of the 2012 FA class)

Lidge wasn't exactly Mr. Perfect in 2010. He's not so washed up that he can't improve for 2011.

I'm happy to have Contreras for two more seasons if for no other reason than the fact that he can spot start if its ever necessary.

As for this Martinez character from the Nats, Amaro mentioned that he's a switch hitter and can play center field, 2B and SS. Pretty decent and versatile combo to have on the bench.

As for Valdez, with all of the whispers about Grenkie, I wonder if this move wasn't made with the idea of starting him and moving Rollins. It's a blind hunch, but I'm almost expecting Rollins to be in another uniform in 2011 (not necessarily in favor or against such a move, just speculating that it's not as unlikely as it may seem).

"I will say nomore about this off-season except that Reyes and Nartinez say it all. I took a beating here for my stance on things."

I tend to agree with you, despite the holiday cheer you are happily spreading. Once again, the euphoria of Chooch leaping into the arms of Brad Lidge on that cold autumn night has clouded the perspective os most Phillies fans, and those of us who still see stormclouds gathering over the left field horizon are branded as ruthless, Amaro-bashing haters. We need to stop living in the past (there's been 2 seasons since...) and make the moves to win now.

This offseason has been no different from the typical winters of the late 80s and all of the 90s: Star players walk, not replaced, rethreads are signed or considered to be acquired, players are considered for a 2nd go-round, while other teams make blockbuster deal after deal. The only difference here is that we still have an excellent core in place and a top notch rotation, but still not enough to win it all.

"Another thing that separates the Phillies from the Yankees is that New York does not blindly sign players to multi-year extensions based on appreciation of obtaining a WS ring. In contrast, the Yankees won in 2009 thanks to 2 players, Matsui and Damon (and of course good pitching). etc."

Did you ever hear of Pat Burrell? [I could add Geoff Jenkins for a laugh]

The Yanks hung on to Bernie Williams long after he ceased being of any value. They kept Luis Sojo around for several years. They just agreed to pay a league averish SS 51M for his 37-39 yo years.

Those are just random thoughts off the top of my head. Unless you go back and do a year-by-year analysis of the Yankees roster management, you are just blowing smoke here. And whether we like it or not, the Yankees have half again as much as the Phils to spend on payroll.

Cowley: I'd argue that this off-season is little different than any other during this current era of Phillies baseball. Our core was built with home grown talent and reclamation projects - low risk/high reward players who are either past their prime, an injury risk or some combination of the two.

Going around the diamond: Ruiz, Howard, Utley and Rollins were home grown.

Polanco was originally acquired in a trade and returned for a second go-round. Pedro and Schneider were both well past their prime and worked out well.

Werth and Victorino were like putting a quarter in a slot machine and hitting the jackpot twice. One came to Philly for less than a million with little fanfare while the other was a rule 5. This is 2/3 of our WFC and NL Championship outfield.

Lidge was considered by many to be washed up when we got him, before his perfect 2008. Romero came off the scrap heap.

Wade/Gillick/Amaro have improved the team via trade and retention, but we haven't exactly signed any blockbuster free agents. Off the top of my head, the "big splash" that we made in off-season signings in recent years include Mesa, Nunez, Jenkins, Eaton, Feliz, Taguchi, Park and Ibanez.

We didn't retain Burrell because he wasn't worth the money. We didn't retain Werth for the same reason (he's not worth what we'd have to pay to compete with other offers), and we're not throwing around New York/Boston money at the free agent market because they never did and never had to, nor do they have to now.

Nothing's changed. Business as usual. Sky is not falling.

If all the team is going to do is play Benny Fran/Gload/Brown in right field, then this is shaping up as one of the lamest offseasons in memory.

I don't have a problem with filling in right field until they're certain nobody is cutting it. They'll be able to muddle along at worst in right and maybe someone will actually get hot and take the job if they get lucky.

But to leave the bullpen lefty spot to Bastardo and Reyes is simply the plan of a losing team. Bastardo is a young guy with velocity, so I don't really have a problem with him. But he's not a guy who is death to lefties. And Reyes certainly give them zero flexibility. He is being in the get lefties out and nothing else. And probably no more than one lefty. And the odds are he's going to walk that lefty about 30 percent of the time. Sound like someone they just let go? It's like they're bringing in the very fat ghost of J.C. Romero.

If they're going to simply keep what they have for right field, then there was no reason to let the better bullpen guys get away. And that's what they appear to have done.

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