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Tuesday, December 14, 2010


For outfield help or is this just a salary dump??

Mike Cameron would be a nice addtion (just a thought).

For those questioning Halladay's reaction to Lee making more money... from Joel Sherman at the NY Post:

Amaro called Halladay to find out if he was OK with Lee getting more $ and Halladay said go get him #Phillies

As others have likely already pointed out, Boston publications are knocking this rumor down, at least for now. My prediction, for what it's worth--probably very little--is that they'll end up trading Lidge, who is a bigger line item in the budget, a more valuable quantity to potential trade partners, but someone who is probably replaceable. Madson should be ready to step into the closer's role, and there's a wealth of young bullpen arms in the minors. Just a thought.

Madson should not be the closer...he'll lose every 8 inning gem ever thrown by R2C2

The Red Sox likely agreed to take Blanton to help us keep Lee from the Yankees...and it also eliminates the Yankees getting Blanton now that they're really short on pitchers.

They cant go after Pavano for obvious reasons, Greinke will cost them way too much and he's not a good fit...I'm guessing Andy Pettitte's phone will be ringing off the hook today.

I'm in heaven!

Man, I will miss Heavy B. I just finally got my Blanton t-shirt. He's just a total under-the-radar guy who always gave us a chance and who hit a homer in the World Series. Love ya Heavy B.

Lake Nostradamus is really striking out. I predicted the Phils would resign Werth and did not see the Cliff Lee signing at all; however, when I read that there was a mystery team in the mix yesterday afternoon, I did think that the Phillies would be that dark horse. What makes this so great is that he's not wearing Yankee pinstripes. I am very happy.

I'll miss his puffy cheeks, puffy thighs, puffy belly, puffy...

Joe Blanton was a crucial member of the team over the past 3 seasons and we owe him a great deal of gratitude. He's unneeded now, but I wish him well.

Cliff Lee is so selfish. I bet he never once thought about poor Joe Blanton. Next double quarter pounder is on me, Joe...

Blanton was solid...hopefully he'll do well in Boston if he indeed goes there.

Blanton as a Phillie: 25-14, 4.38 ERA, 1.37 WHIP.

If Blanton was smart, he'd be asking Rube to renegotiate his deal and defer most of the salary so he can stay as the 5th starter. Just so he can say he was part of this rotation.

I think Madson has shown he has the repertoire to succeed as the closer, and starting the season in the role--instead of being thrown into it by adversity--might be exactly what he needs. Lidge is due a good deal of money, but because he's in the last year of his contract might bring a decent haul--that right handed bat?--back from a team in need of a closer upgrade. (The Twins? Not sure when Joe Nathan is supposed to be back.) Lidge had a decent year in 2010, but his inconsistency is troubling, and I think it would be best to move him now at a time when his stock is reasonably high. With the addition of Lee, the team presumably needs to get younger/cheaper somewhere, and the bullpen is the place to do it. If they could trade Blanton and Ibanez and get something decent back, of course I'd prefer that, but as things stand now any such trades are likely to be mere salary dumps. I could be wrong, though--I'd certainly like to be.

And Rolen thought St. Louis was baseball heaven...

Everyone keeps saying trade Ibanez, trade Ibanez.

So, who plays LF if we do that? Are you really comfortable with corner OFs of Francisco & Brown? Really???

Joe can sell the Four Aces shirts to make some money back. I'd drop a twenty for a FOUR ACES jersey.

I am a big blanton fan. Will be sad to see him go.

Those are the breaks though...

What a night last night!

This is an absolutely amazing day to be a Phils Phan...Never in my life did I think players would be clamoring to play for this franchise, especially after the dark days from '94 on. It feels surreal...

As for Blanton, I hope they manage to get something of value for him. He's reasonably priced and reasonably effective. He's just a complete waste of money as a 5th starter on this staff.

Where is Joe Cowley to explain that this was Gillick's doing, that Amaro was just following directions?

The notion that the Phils will deal Ibanez and start Francisco and Brown at the corners is laughable.

As Rube has said many times, Brown will have to win the RF job. If he doesn't, then it's Franscisco/Gload. Ibanez will be in the Opening Day lineup if he stays healthy.

I agree on Ibanez...though I think Brown's chances for RF just went up significantly as we clearly wont be signing any more position players of note. Right now our payroll (pending a Blanton trade of course) projects to be in the $170-175 Million range (assumes an even breakdown on the Lee deal and arbitration awards to guys like KK and Ben Fran) We're "Just" under the luxury cap of $178 million for 2011. Though, its a guarantee that Blanton wont be here so there's hopefully $8.5 million "saved".

NEPP and Clout: If they trade Ibanez you'd have to think they would flip whatever prospects they received from that deal and the Blanton deal for another outfielder.

clout: Do you think the Phils are done exploring RH OF options? What do you think the Opening Day outfield will look like?

[honest questions]

Interesting point on the luxury tax, NEPP. I can't imagine the Phils would go over $178M cap. Therefore, it is almost imperative that they take Blanton's money off of the books if they want to sign anyone of note. But, they've surprised me in the (very recent) past. After the last 8 hours, I have no pulse on this team anymore.

We cannot trade Raul. And that's coming from a guy who has been as hard on Raul as anyone.

And yeah, I think Brown's chance at the RF job just went up too. Getting a high-upside bat in there for 350K looks mighty nice right about now.

Of course, Amaro has said he'll have to earn the job. And we all know Amaro does exactly what he says, right? He did say last week that we'd be making no big moves in the near future.

Without Heavy B on the books, we're in the $165 million range.

I think I might get a Ruben Amaro jersey ...

I also think they would have to at least be tossing out the possibility of dealing Hamels and a couple guys for young stud right-handed OFs like Upton or Ryan Braun.

I think that's obviously a longshot, and especially so when you consider Hamels is the biggest bargain on the pitching staff. Still, I think anything is on the table at this point.

It will be VERY interesting to see what they can get back in terms of prospects/money for Blanton, if he in fact is the one moved.

In other news, Rube has activated himself and given himself a minor-league invite in the hopes that he wins the role of utility infielder out of camp.

He's said to be the inside favorite at the moment.

You guys are missing the larger point here, b/c Amaro sat on his hands during the winter meetings (and the weeks prior to that), made little ticky-tack LH reliever moves and signed organization filler instead of a RH bopper for the OF, and also failed to trade Ibanez or make Brown into a RH, we had to make a desperate move here for pitching. I mean, posters have been saying this for weeks, that RAJ is worthless, and Gillick really did all these deals anyway.

And it's complete and total BS that we didn't know exactly what was on RAJ's mind this whole time. Seriously, to surprise this on us, make us stress for the last few weeks? Shows a total lack of respect for the fans. Unreal that you guys are supporting this move, and RAJ. I demand accountability.

DPatrone, you with me?

So, is it even possible that we extend Hamels after 2012 at this point?

Also, what are the odds we exercise Oswalt's 2012 option? It'll cost us $14 million to do so as he has a $2 million buyout on the $16 million option. I say go for it 100% as long as he's healthy this year.

Does Jimmy take a hometown discount to stay with this core?

Yeah, Ruben holding a 4 ACE hand.

BTW, where's DPatrone this morning?

It'd be nice to tell him to STFU.

Harry Kalas must of become a baseball God. There is no other explanation.

I think he's bottomfeeding.

I can think of 12 million reasons why Lidge doesn't get dealt, but maybe someone would take him if the Phillies pitched in a few million. Maybe one of those studs from Lakewood will be pitching in the 7th inning come June, with Contreras and loogys bridging to Madson. But of the other expensive veteran regulars, I just can't see someone like Rollins or Utley getting moved.

One of the owners must have really stepped up and decided to settle for less profits in exchange for a dream rotation.

As for the business-end wonks out there, what type of merchandising and non-gate-related revenue does a signing like this generate, given Lee's folk-hero status in Philly?

never had a problem with Baby Joe. Actually liked him.
But if he has to go and clear some $ ok. But hope to get something value-added back.

Jack: If the Lee deal is contingent on Ibanez' salary being moved - would you still say that he can't be? So you'd rather have iabnez in LF with Blanton as your #4 then BenFran/Gload in LF and Lee as your #4? I would rather have the benfran/gload platoon with Cliff Lee.

It is obvious that this move is really just to take some pressure off of Aumont, Gillies, and Ramirez. Poor guys must have had the weight of the world on their shoulders. This latest move was for the betterment of the farm system.


"So, is it even possible that we extend Hamels after 2012 at this point?

Also, what are the odds we exercise Oswalt's 2012 option? It'll cost us $14 million to do so as he has a $2 million buyout on the $16 million option. I say go for it 100% as long as he's healthy this year."

I'd say Hamels will be making Oswalt's money after arbitration for the 2012 season. I don't think they keep Oswalt around. And I do think they re-sign Hamels as long as they make deep playoff runs for the next couple years. You can't let the only young stud on the staff leave to keep the old guys long-term.

Blanton for Cameron?

Holy crap I called that 2 threads ago. If this goes down....

Maybe Blanton for a middle infield prospect. That works too if the guy looks good. We need depth there.

Considering that Eric Bruntlett has more World Series rings than Roy Halliday, Roy Oswalt, and Cliff Lee combined, and considering how Werth's departure leaves a major gap in excessive facial hair on this team, I think it's fair to say that RAJ's job is not even close to complete until he brings back the Gnome.

****Blanton for Cameron?****

Is that a rumor or a prediction?


Blanton for Cameron would have the nice benefit of upping our average age some more. We really should be trying to go for the record of oldest team ever.

I was talking to a buddy of mine from Pittsburgh. We were wondering who will win more games next year between the Pirates and the Phillies top 4 pitchers.

People are saying it's not serious...we'll see what happens

Seems like the Blanton to Boston talk was really nothing.

Ruben Amaro is the highest-impact Phillies general manager in club history - hands down.

It's kind of amazing how the Phils have gone from a team with a fantastic offense and mediocre pitching to potentially a team with an unbelievably fantastic rotation and a mediocre offense.

"Where is Joe Cowley to explain that this was Gillick's doing, that Amaro was just following directions?"

If you read the last thread I already admitted I was wrong about my opinion, you should try it sometime.

And I still believe Gillick influenced the deals that have been made the past few seasons, certainly not this one.

Holy Spit NEPP. I'm buying a lottery ticket again.

Jack: and just imagine if their offense returns to form...Holy Hell

Sox say Blanton discussed, but probably no deal, supposedly.

Of course, all the tweets were right so far...Crawford to Angels, Werth to Boston and Lee to the Yanks.

Damn you Rube - now when people post the most ridiculous crap about who the Phillise will sign - I can no longer tell them they are wrong or foolish.

Literally nothing is far fetched anymore.

So, what happens to Big Joe now?

Get Rube a Beer: Yeah, they'll be a great team if the offense can stay healthy and see some bounceback years.

I guess part of my point was that I think I'm more skeptical than most here about the offense. A year older, best hitter last year gone--I'm not sure we don't see another drop in runs scored this year (in fact I'd bet on it). The pitching, of course, should more than make up those runs, but I don't think you're going to see the 2006 offense out there.

There's certainly been better guesses on BL if you sift through the crazy talk.

Just when I thought Rube was sticking us with a huge pumpkin headed reliever, he got us the BIG RED DOG! Now, if J.D> Drew says he'd LOVE to come to Philly for Joe Blanton, I'll KNOW that this is all a dream.. :)

"Ruben Amaro is the highest-impact Phillies general manager in club history - hands down."

This is true, but considering his competition: Woody Woodward, Ed Wade, Lee Thomas (OK he got lucky in '93), I think he took this title the day he took the job.

Former Phillies beat writer Andy Martino of the NY Daily News, on December 6th:

Here's some of what we've been able to gather during the first day here in Florida. Lots of information swirling around the Twitter, some of it questionable. For example, if the Phillies sign Cliff Lee, I'll cover spring training in a Speedo.

Skip Bayless has lost respect for Cliff Lee, because he made a LeBron move. Yes, baseball and basketball are completely identical.

TTI... Skip Bayless is perhaps the most worthless of a long list of worthless employees at ESPN.

Skip Bayless is the biggest retard in all of sports

Did Lee hold an ESPN-produced show to announce his decision? And does he plan to hold a press conference at CBP and come strutting out and posing with Oswalt, Hamels and Hallday with a fog machine going in the background?

Does he then plan to massively underachieve with his new team and get his manager fired? Other than all those differences yeh Skip it's exactly the same.

Skip Bayless wha? How does this even compare to how LeDoink handled his deal?

Did Lee take less years and guaranteed money to go to a team and city he loved?

Yeah, totally the same thing as LeBron...idiot.

It's hard to say just what the best part of all this is, but Lee spurning New York for Philadelphia for less years/$$ is right up there. Having the excuse to dump Blanton would be right behind.

As I understand it, Clevelanders (or Arlingtoners?) are now angrily burning old Cliff Lee jerseys, because it's exactly the same.

Skip Bayless has had intimate relations with Jerry Jones.

Yo, new thread

And since when did the Yankees become the poor team the free agent didn't sign with?

I'm sure Mr. Lee will have trouble sleeping nights knowing that he disappointed some guy named skip - a guy whose name doubles as good advice of what to do when you see his journalism.

Cliff Lee WS gem is finishing up on MLB Network as we speak.

I can't believe Skip Bayless would be so stupid to compare the two situations. LeBron turned his back on a city where he grew up and loved him. Cliff Lee wanted to return to a city that loved him and treated him and his family the right way. How do they compare??

Anyone still watching ESPN for more then 5 seconds will realize it's a man-love network for Lebron and Brett Favre, and is littered with fossils like Berman, Stuart "Blinky" Scott, tired mascot commercials, etc...

MLB Channel is the only way to go.

Holy Crapoli! I JUST read the big news!!!

Color me astonished. I didn't believe the rumors at all. I also didn't believe Cliff Lee would turn down the Yankees money UNLESS it was to sign in TX, where he was close to home.

And frankly, I didn't think this was the move we most needed to make. How many games did we lose last year in spite of Halladay or Hamels pitching their butts off? I know we're focusing on pitching now, but at some point, one needs offense to go with it.

Is this a show of faith in our starting 8 (whoever Werth's replacement will be), to get it done with the bats? Or is it an acknowledgment that our bats are weakening and pitching is that much more important?

Am I disappointed? Heck, no. Lee is a welcome team member, a super addition to the rotation. But geez, what a lot of money! And to think that we traded Lee away because he was going to be too expensive to keep long-term, only to spend the bucks to reacquire him....My head is spinning.

Does this mean that Oswalt is our new OF? :)

Actually, does this mean that if we can't trade Blanton, we trade Oswalt? Hamels? Not recommending that, just wondering what will happen...Last time RAJ couldn't move Blanton for enough of a return, Lee was traded. This time...?

RAJ certainly does like to make the surprise, big moves, doesn't he?

Yo, new thread

trade pitching (Blanton/Kendrick/prospects to the Brewers for Cory Hart.

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