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Tuesday, December 07, 2010


For what it's worth, if he gets called up, pitches lights out and wrestles the 4th man in the rotation role from Fat Joe, I've got his nickname:



For nostalgia's sake...

Report: Phillies reach agreement with Jayson Werth

December, 2006.

EFF: Some of those comments are pretty funny. Not many people happy with that signing... a testament to why Gillick is in the Hall, and we BLers are not.

Bass man's photo looks like it was taken at Sears photo center.

do you guys agree that carl crawford is overrated?

quincy - I highly doubt that even Gillick thought that Werth would be half the player he was here. He didn't have much cash to spend and took a flyer on player he was pretty familiar with to fill a corner OF spot bench off the bench. Hell, it wasn't into the '08 season when Vic went down that Werth stayed and became a regular.

Gillick even signed Jenkins in the '07 offseason to a fair-sized deal because he wasn't convinced in what he had with his corner OFs at the time.

Francouer on the cover of the Daily News. That got out of hand quickly.

This is gross.

If Francouer is our major FA signing, I will be really depressed.

Jon Heyman tweeted today that the agent for Albert Pujols is looking for an ARod type contract for his client. Very good possibility they will look for 10 years, 270 million dollars.

Pujols is a major catch-22 for the Cards. They can't afford to let him go, but signing him to that type of contract would really cripple the franchise going forward.

MG: Never said he was convinced Werth would be who he is. Just saying that it's unexciting low risk/high reward moves like this that lead to WFCs, and get you into the HOF. I didn't post on BL at the time, but I would have been skeptical too. Don't get defensive because you were leading the "Ugh" reaction parade. There were many right behind you, and I probably would have echoed your sentiments.

Francouer is tall, right?

the MG comments on the old Werth thread are pretty funny to read now - although if I were around on beerleaguer in 06 I most likely would have said the same.

I'd love to see the Phils sign Andrew Miller now that he's a FA. He's still only 26 and has a world of potential if he can get his command straightened out.

I'm kind of torn on Francoeur. On the positive side he is pretty much what you would want out a outfielder for the spot he would be signed. He is pretty good defensively and has some power. I could see Charlie having some success with him. Additionally, he is young and not really in the prime years of his career yet.

On the downside I think he has said before he sees himself as a starter and he would need to be willing to come here and be a back-up. Plus I think he might cost a little bit of coin.

I'm a bit worried DPatrone has commented on this thread yet...these minor league signings might as well be suicide alerts for that guy.

Let's hope Zolecki is right....
"There has been a buzz at the Winter Meetings the Phillies had focused on free agent outfielder Jeff Francoeur, but sources said the Phillies are not seriously pursuing him."

Chris: with the Phillies, Angels, Tigers, Yankees, and Red Sox all locked into 1B's and Prince Fielder coming onto the market, Cardinals will probably end up paying Pujols what he wants, but I wonder who the competition would be at that price point. Dodgers? Cubs? Mariners? Giants? can't see anyone else dabbling in that market.

Still would like Ordonez at something like 2 years 28 mil. suspect he'll wait till Crawford is signed and everyone else is forced to look his way as the last good bat standing.

Matt Diaz & Magglio make more sense.

Oh No! Wiggington is off the market!

How about Grady Sizemore as a reclamation project?

Brian Bass!!!


If I'm sleeping and reaaming this, I mean, just don't wake me up; cause it's just, like, impossible that Rube pulled off a deal that will bring, to Philadelphia:


I mean, I'm sitting here trying to contain my kidneys I'm so excited.

Philadlphia hasn't seen anyone like BRIAN BASS since we signed Les Walrond...or even more - maybe since even

Vic Darensbourg!!!!

I here they're even gonna stretch The "BIG FISH" out and have him compete with Kentucky Joe for the fourth starter spot. (Not that it will be any competition.)

I can here it now, every fifth day:

There'll be a promotion with fishing hats (complete with tied flies attached) with P's on them. And a mini-rod give-away.


And all the other GMs will be telling tales for years of the one that got away...

Andy - Hear hear!

"I'm a bit worried DPatrone has commented on this thread yet...these minor league signings might as well be suicide alerts for that guy."

Jason~ I commented on the Bass signing on the last thread. No need for a suicide watch. I happen to be a very knowledgable phan who not very patient. I know what the team needs. we all do. And RAJ is just sitting on his hands. And I'm telling you. If Francouer is the guy, so be it. I'd rather have him than Juan Rivera.

Setting: April 27, 2011; Pawtucket

Kendrick - I can't believe I'm here.

Worley - Right. Sure is cold.

Kendrick - What?

Worley - This place. Pawtucket. Heck, all of New England is cold.

Kendrick - Not what I mean, man.

Worley - Oh. {pause} Whatchoo mean then?

Kendrick - Can't believe I'm back in the minors.

Worley - Yeah. Me too.

Kendrick - I mean, I won more games than I lost. And everyone knows that's how you evaluate pitching talent. Wins are all that manner.

Worley - Uhhh...sure. Whatever.

Kendrick - And then they get that Trout guy...

Worley - Bass. Brian Bass.

Kendrick - Bass. Sure. Whatever. They get that Bass guy and now here I am pitching rinky-dink minor league baseball in Poortucket.

Worley - I hear you man. But at least, well, you know...

Kendrick - What?

Worley - At least when they replaced us, they replaced us with THE BIG FISH.

Kendrick - Okay. Whatever. They get this Bass guy and now here I am again. Pitching rinky-dink baseball in Poortucket.

Ignore the last line. Editing error.

And the DPatrone "Amaro sitting on his hands" theme has reached Day 15. A new record.

Two things on the Nats:

1.) They are expected to meet with Brandon Webb's agent today.

2.) According to Buster Olney- many executives are rumbling that the Nationals are putting together a "huge number offer" for Cliff Lee.

If the Nats pull those two moves off the future may be now.

Jbird - Agreed, there really isn't that much of a market for a star 1B now that Boston has Gonzalez, and I don't know if anyone out there would give him a 10 yr/270 mil deal...but the Cards simply can't let him leave now. He is the cornerstone of that franchise; he knows it, they know it. If they let him leave or traded him away it would be devastating to the fanbase...

Pujols has them over a barrel, and the Yankees set a sky-hight market for a 30+ 3-time MVP like him. Unfortunately the Cards have to pay the price now.

Maybe Rube can swing a deal where we send Howard to STL and sign Pujols. Then Dom can start in RF and we don't have to worry about the LH/RH thing.

TTI - Rumors I've read say that one team has a 7 year offer "on the table" for Lee and it's not the Yankees or Rangers.

I wouldn't be surprised at all to learn it's the Nats after the Werth signing. Lerner has a TON of money and seems like he's pushing to get a winning product on the field right now. With Strasburg supposedly coming back in 2012 and Harper probably looking at a debut sometime around there as well, it should get interesting. There's a TON of money in the greater DC area, just an obscene amount. They could end up being an NL powerhouse if they really commit to winning.

****2.) According to Buster Olney- many executives are rumbling that the Nationals are putting together a "huge number offer" for Cliff Lee.

If the Nats pull those two moves off the future may be now.


They should save their money and get Pavano and Webb instead of Lee. Then they'd still have cash to shore up other areas they need. Lee is a huge risk on a 6-7 year deal (espeically given that they'd have to overpay). Webb and Pavano would make them competitive...not good but at least interesting. If Webb came back at anywhere near his old form, they would be dangerous even.

Jbird - do you really think Cleveland would let Sizemore go? He's a fan favorite, even with missing most of 2010.

I still say that 36 year old Magglio is the best option out there, sign him for 2 years. His production has been down but mostly due to injury. I think he has at least a couple big years left and in this park he can have them more easily. Plus he routinely drives in 100 runs when healthy. Also what are the chances the "mystery team" offering Cliff Lee 7 years is the Phils?

MG. Did you really say this:
"Jayson Werth . . . Ugh. Another bottom of the barrel acquisition by Gillick to round out the bench. Werth is probably an upgrade over Roberson but he isn't somebody I want to see getting a significant amount of playing time.

This all comes down to dollars. Why are the Phils so damn cheap?"

He sure turned out to be much better than we expected.

"He sure turned out to be much better than we expected."

May be true, but let's put him in perspective though, hit 30 homers a grand total of one time despite playing in CBP and playing 2 full seasons in 2009 and 2010. Never drove in 100 runs. Above average but not elite fielder. Brain dead on the bases. He was a doubles machine, I'll give him that much. I've told at least 5 people in the past 3 days that he never drove in 100 runs and none of them believed me. That should prove that although he turned out to be far better than we ever thought he would, he was not what we made him out to be either.

****Also what are the chances the "mystery team" offering Cliff Lee 7 years is the Phils?****

I'd say its in the negatives all things considered. Also, the Nats have been linked to him as the "mystery 7 year offer team".

It'd be awesome if he signed with the Nats...just awesome. How great would it be to see him tear through our lineup 5-6 times a year?

If the Nats make these huge deals I hope they intend to sell out that place. Does the place ever get packed by regulars or just people passing through looking at a new park?
My B-I-L, who you can't use as a meter of anything, lives in Alexandria and never took the kids yet to a game. Do our VA/Maryland/DC folks go there?

Looking through those December 2006 threads I noticed another anomaly:
Werth 2010: 7 years $126MM
Zito 2006: 7 years $126MM.

The Werth deal is, actually, completely and totally Zitoesque.

It will never happen of course, but, hypothetically speaking, if we did sign Lee, we would almost certainly turn right around & trade Oswalt for some other team's equivalent of Gillies, Aumont, & Ramirez. Then Beerleaguers would be able to spend 2011 bitching about the Oswalt trade, just as we spent 2010 bitching about the Lee trade.

mlbtraderumors report - "Source: Nationals to offer Cliff Lee a seven-year deal. Source says Yanks appear unwilling to go to a seventh year." The Nats must be printing money!

cowley: well at least you've stayed consistent on your Werth point of view.

Why is 100 RBI such a benchmark? Because its a round number? If he drove in 100 RBI instead of the 99 RBI he had in 2009, that would really matter?

TTI~ And I'll continue to say it until he does something. I'm ok with Brown not being there if he not ready. And if they wanna go with Ben Fran, fine. But where's the depth. And don't tell me Ross Gloss. I'm tired of him doing nothing. The Nats get Werth, and are making a play for Lee. The Phils? Nothing. And that doesn't piss people off?

Patrone: Maybe because most of us like to operate on a rational plain of thought.

Hens - Washington? Printing money? Never happen.

plus it's better to be pissed off than pissed on.

Joe Cowley- impressive effort to demean Werth's accomplishments as a Phil and his importance to this lineup.

I wasn't the biggest fan of Werth, especially this year, but only a complete dolt would believe that the negatives you mentioned would make him easily replaceable. His absence will hurt this team significantly, especially if his replacement is someone like Francoeur.

But Ice. Chollie says he can "fix" Francoeur. (Unless he means that in the Veterniary medicine sense.)

DPatrone... you're tired after a couple weeks? The Phils have been HUGE players in FA and trades for the past 5 years. What did you do during the 90s when they did nothing for years?

Also, where was your source on the Werth deal? I thought for sure we'd hear it from you before it happened. You should send him a scolding email.

Raul's Grandpa - I live in MD and I've only gone to Nationals game to see the Phillies play. It is on a Metro line and the DC region has been less affected by the economy than other places because of all the gov't money. It's conceivable that the Nationals could start selling the place out if they put a winner on the field. They have a chance to start stealing young impressionables from MD who would otherwise be Orioles fans because of the Orioles' ineptitude. But, that's a small window b/c the O's are starting to get some real, young talent.

TTI~ WHere am I being irrational? For wanting the GM to improve the team? How come he's 'interested" in a lot of people but signs no one? Now if something comes out of the blue, that is a great move, I'll be the first one to congratulate him. But don't, I repeat don't act like I don't know what I'm talking about because I do. I'm very rational, and very logical. I resent your comments to the contrary. If RAJ does something that you don't like you'll critcize him, and so will many others, including me, and rightly so. But don't crucify me because I state my opinions on him doing nothing.

Patrone - He didn't do "nothing." He signed the BIG FISH. We have landed the BIG ONE, baby! Brian is in the creel and we're heading to shore with smiles and giggles.


Patrone... The irrationality that people are referring to is that you continually lambast the GM for "doing nothing," but provide no insight as to what you'd like him to do. You give no options. You have no alternative. You just overreact when he signs cheap players to minor league contracts because they are not the deals you want to read about.

Andy~ Read my comment from the last thread on this signing. I'm totally overjoyed. Aren't you? It seems like our GM has corned the market on Minor League deals this off-season. And I know he's had to do that for the ppharm teams. But has he signed anyone other than Bass who could help at the ML level if need be? Larish?

It's always fun to go back & look at the old Beerleaguer comments that turned out egregiously wrong, like MG's comment that Werth was a "bottom of the barrel acquisition." On that note, I anxiously look forward to November, 2011, when I expect that Brian Bass will be crowned the winner of the 2011 National League Cy Young Award -- thereby making many of this morning's posters look pretty silly.

Also, the other reason people get on your case is because you regularly cite "inside sources," yet you've never mentioned a single tip that hadn't already been dissected in some form of mainstream media. It hurts your credibility, and opens you up to criticism.

If Bass does get in a game, I predict an early hook.

Quincy~ Other than the rumored offer to Werth, my friend hasn't told me a damn thing. But even if he did aand I passed it on, no would would believe it.

But he's said nothing other than we we already know. As far as the last 5 years, you're correct. And I'm not wanted t Rube to do something big. But even I know a Gload/Ben Fran platoon is not great. To me bringing Rowand back and putting Vic back in RF would be better.

But let's say Ben Fran was the RH bat in the lineup. Ok. He hits 15 and knocks in 60. Great. But you still need depth on the bench from both sides of the plate. And you still need bullpen help. If all of the guys you're interested in are gone, then what do you do? That's my worry. And some posters don't seen to understand that.

There's no way Ben Fran/Ross Gload finish the year as the RF combo for a championship level club. My guess is that Dom Brown is up by the All Star break at the latest. I think RAJ is just waiting for the market to play out. Mags is really the only guy worth bidding on and once Crawford is off the board, Mags is gonna be real popular. Maybe he's keeping his powder dry for a trade.

clout, good one. I was going to write that Rube was on a fishing expedition and landed this big Bass.

Andy, I loved your Worley - KK dialogue seesion on the road in "Poortucket!"

EF thanks for the BL link on the wayback machine to let us read our stupid comments on Werth. I sure was wrong. In true BL fashion on threads about these new acquisitions that BLers don't know much about, the conversation quickly turns to other discussions about Howard, Vic and Pat the Bat.

Patrone, other than Werth where have all these other RH corner outfielders that they are interested in signed?

Judging how much money teams are doling out for FA this year, we may have to put our sentiments on the Howard deal on hold.....anyone agree?

Mike~ I'm not saying they've signed anywhere. But no one has signed with the Phils either. I sen't my friend and e-amil as Quincy suggessted ( not scolding however) and he responded that we will get an Of'der but probably not at the meetings. He's not saying whether it's via trade or FA signing.
Says they're shopping Kendrick because they can't move Blanton. He also didn't mention staring pitching.

None of this is new of course. He's heard all of the same things we have. I find it interesting they could be shopping Kendrick. If he's moved, I guess Worley takes the spot.

Interesting news that one of our Philly writers, sometime king of the world wannabe, has recently been awarded the J.G. Taylor Spink Award. Congrats to Mr. Conlin.

****Judging how much money teams are doling out for FA this year, we may have to put our sentiments on the Howard deal on hold.....anyone agree?****

That depends...if Adrian Gonzalez ends up making less than him, it still looks pretty bad. Same as Pujols and to a far lesser extent, Fielder. If Pujols only gets $25 million per year too, where does that put Ryno's deal?

Congrats, clout!

"I wasn't the biggest fan of Werth, especially this year, but only a complete dolt would believe that the negatives you mentioned would make him easily replaceable."

I never said he was easily replaceable at all, I just stated that his stature as an overall player was probably enhanced considerably by the success of the team and the quality of the players around him. And 100RBI to me has always been a benchmark with regard to landing a contract like he did with the Nats. Find me another player who has had one season of 30 or more homers and no 100 RBI seasons that received such a contract. If Werth had spent the past 4 years in KC or Pittsburgh he would be considered a decent player on a lousy team. Even Burrell, who was criticized for being overpaid until the very end, had several 30 HR 100RBI seasons, even thoigh Werth is overall a better player because of his speed and defense.

Quincy~ I have plenty of options and I do share them> If you've been paying attention, you'd notice that I've many times the Francouer would be the best fit because of his age. I've also said I like Feliciano or Fuentes.

You say I no options or alternatives. But Amaro isn't coming up with any good ones either. Ross Gload couldn't catch a fly ball with a peach basket.

Look we all know Werth was gonna leave right? Many of us said we though Brown wasn't ready. What I've said repeatedly is that we have needs that need to be filled. RAJ hasn't filled them as yet.

Now let's suppose that are really interested in Mags, of. Really good hitter, but at 35 not my 1st choice, But because some other team may want to pay him more, he goes to that team. What's plan B, C in that case.

I realize that he has budget concerns. But even when the non-tendered list came out, no one was brought in. He still needs depth no matter what. And there will be pros and cons with no matter whom he signs. And when he finally signs someone, at least we know he's trying.

It has been repeated said on here and in print the a LH reliever is a need and he's intersested in A,B,C etc. Then he comes out and says you can wim a championship without one.

He doesn't want to surrender draft picks, doesn't want to pay going rates or so it seems. But how can you fill your needs? He needs to stop posturing or say nothing.

He needs to stop trying to fool the phans. We are not stupid. I never said he's a bad GM, I'm just not patient with him. I'm sorry about that.

Red Sox rumored to have interest in Magglio. Should they land him after signing Gonzalez, and if the Nats land Lee after signing Werth, then it would be pretty clear that Ruben won't be working his magic this offseason.

Magglio would be a great signing for the BoSox. I wouldn't be surprised if it happens.

*** If Werth had spent the past 4 years in KC or Pittsburgh he would be considered a decent player on a lousy team. Even Burrell, who was criticized for being overpaid until the very end, had several 30 HR 100RBI seasons, even thoigh Werth is overall a better player because of his speed and defense.

Name RFs in baseball that are currently better than Jayson Werth. Between his offense and defense, he's at or near the top of the list for "best RF in baseball". Burrell, as a LF, had a higher offensive bar than Werth. Werth's much much much much better defense makes him far more valuable than a statue in LF that hits 30 HRs.

They'll miss Werth's production and there's no getting around it. The only qualification I'd add is that he was hideous in RBI situations last year. That may not be a predictor of anything, but it did make him a hell of a lot less productive than that .921 OPS would suggest. A player with a somewhat lower OPS, who hit reasonably well with RISP, would probably contribute the same overall value to the Phillies' offense. Unfortunately, the players we're hearing linked to the Phillies are not guys who have a "somewhat lower OPS;" they are guys who have a vastly lower OPS.

"He doesn't want to surrender draft picks, doesn't want to pay going rates or so it seems. But how can you fill your needs? He needs to stop posturing or say nothing."

The fact is this is the first off season where Gillick is not involved directly or indirectly with any deals Ruben supposedly made. I'm convinced that it was Gillick who drove the blockbuster signings of the past 2 years, and that Amaro left to his own devices as he is this seasonwill prove to be as a GM what he was as a player---mediocre at best. The Halladay deal alone had Gillick written all over it. Look at the teams involved: Philly, Seattle, Toronto.

NEPP: I also totally agree Werth is definitely the cream of the crop for present-day RF players, which tells me more about the overall lack of quality players at that position than anything else.

DPatrone- "I'm ok with Brown not being there if he not ready. And if they wanna go with Ben Fran, fine."

"But even I know a Gload/Ben Fran platoon is not great. To me bringing Rowand back and putting Vic back in RF would be better."

Rowand-2yrs and 20M left on deal
Let the market shake itself out...Rube is playing the game as he should, noo need to jump the gun on marginal talent at this point if not necessary.

Joe C~ So you're staring to see as well.

Gonzo is likely to get 7 yrs, $154 Mill from Red Sox (they are waiting till the Spring to sign it for luxury tax reasons).

That means that from 2012-2016, when their contracts are both in full force, Howard will be making $25 mill a year for his age 32-36 seasons, and Gonzo will be making $22 mill a year for his age 30-34 seasons.

Bsly~ I didn't Rowand wasn't marginal. I said the move with Vic going to RH and he in CF would be better than a Gload?Ben Fran platoon. Rowand has 24 million left over 2 years. The Giants would have to eat a sig. chunk of his salary for him to be moved. Same with the Phils moving Ibanez. I don't see either player being moved.

Biggest area where they will miss Werth is his ability to draw BBs/take pitches even when he isn't really hitting that much. This is a lineup that has increasingly had a lower OBP the last few years compared to 05-07.

Part of that internally-related as guys like Howard and JRoll have had lower OBP seasons the past 2 years. Part of it is that they have replaced guy who were really high OBP guys (mainly Burrell) with lower OBP guys (Ibanez).

Jack - So Amaro overpaid Howard by ~15% it looks like.

BAP - Yeah. I thought Werth at the time was the Phils low-ball approach to replacing Abreu with a lottery-ticket type option due to Werth's health issues. Turned out they won the jackpot.

MG: The lack of OBP in the lineup has been really, really troubling the last few years, and now we just lost our most patient hitter.

I'm not sure I would expect the offense to produce much more next year than this year--Utley is the only guy you can predict to have a good year getting on base. I would be shocked if Chooch puts up anywhere close to a .400 OBP again, and Howard's combined OBP over the last few years is .349. Shane is a .350 OBP guy in a good year, and Rollins, Polanco and Ibanez are all likely lower.

The simple fact is that OBP has been disappearing from this lineup for years, and if the power doesn't return in a big way next year, expect more complaining about a mysteriously slumping offense.

Tough to score runs without getting on base.

"Jack - So Amaro overpaid Howard by ~15% it looks like."

Only if (139+162+152)/3 = (124+141+128)/3

And that doesn't even count the difference in defense.

Phils meeting with Dennys Reyes' agent. UGH!!

Frankly, I'd be meeting with Francoeur's agent. Not to sign him, though.

Jack Cust.

Trading for Rowand and moving Vic back over to RF is a really interesting move because you don't really get a big defensive downgrade in CF and you get a defensive upgrade in RF with Vic over Werth.

Question was Rowand's numerous ailments/injuries problems last year a sign he is just physicially starting to break down as he enters his mid-30s or just a season where he had really bad luck (facial fractures from Padilla in April which caused him to miss a bunch of time in April).

That is the kind of deal where you really need your medical staff (Dr. Cicotti and company) to nail their evaluation of Rowand? I don't.

Edmundo - Howard is making $20M in '12 and '13 and it jumps to $25M from '14-'16 with a likely $10M buyout in '17.

Yearly breakouts for Gonzalez's contract aren't available yet. Have to see how Gonzalez's contract is structured and it is somewhat backloaded like Howard's deal.

I was just talking raw dollar terms.

All the mocking that I've been seeing every time the Phillies make a minor addition really is comical in light of the fact that without the addition of Valdez in 2010, injuries may have kept the Phillies out of the playoffs.

Would it kill any of you to look at the positives once in a while?

The Sherrill thing is interesting, though. He would not be an all-purpose guy like Takahashi would've been (or the very expensive Fuentes), but despite last year he has gotten lefties out fairly easily and righties occasionally well, too.


Schweitzer - I very positive about the BIG FISH. I think he's make a BIG DIFFERENCE to the roster he makes this year.

I never complained about the Valdez signing last year (that I can remember). In fact, I was kinda mad that Junior had not done better about getting UT guys. He signed Castro for too much and then only got Exxon as, like, an after thought.

It'd be nice if he was paying attention to that hole again this year.

But really. What hole in the Phillies system does Brian Bass fill?

Some Baltimore Sun writer saying that George Sherrill is favored by most in the the industry to sign with the Phillies. The way that is phrased is stupid, but the interesting line in the paragraph was:

"Sherrill was signed out of the independent league by Charley Kerfeld."

It's the way the Phillies seem to work many times....just saying.

Bass is a guy who won't see the Phils' roster unless some kind of pox visits their bullpen next year. He's a minor league depth guy at Lehigh. That's all.

Per Paul Hagen: Phils likely out on Diaz.

I read that about Sherill. Is he bettwer than Reyes at this point?

Andy: I don't disagree that it is unlikely that Bass makes a difference one way or the other. I was more commenting about the fact that every time a minor acquisition takes place, you can count on the Beerleaguer faithful to fill a page with snarky comments and juvenile sarcasm.

The phrase "pardody of yourself" is thrown around on BL quite a bit, but it certainly applies here. It wouldn't kill anybody to let the predictable half-ass joke opportunity go by without cashing it in. That's all.

Right. That's why I never cash it in uless it's at least a three-quarters assed joke.

Andy: He fills a hole in the AAA rotation/bullpen.

Andy: I do have to give credit where credit is due for the line "I'm sitting here trying to contain my kidneys I'm so excited" :)

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