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Monday, January 03, 2011



Talk about the bleak mid-winter...

A Beerleaguer classic!

Does anyone know who scouts the Buchbinder Legionaere Regenburg?

The Brian Mazone Era has come to an end? Sad times! At least tell me Duckworth will be back! Or JW's favorite, R.J. Swindle!

Clout: Yeah, I need to be able to put that 2.13 ERA in the Bundesliga playoffs in context. Pitcher's park or hitter's park?

Bait and switch.

Wie funktioniert Baseball

Everybody knows the Buchbinder Legionaere Regenburg Deutschebank Park is a bandbox and they play in a weak division. Good luck now that Johannes Werthe signed elsewhere.

Nice video joe l. I don't know what she's saying but she can say it all day if she wants.

She got the job because she dated AJ Feeley.

This is first winter that I've followed/posted on Beer Leaguer... the 3rd week of February 2011 never felt so far away.

Right now, I could care less about R2C2, just as long as they stay injury-free. I'm just dying to find out how Jimmy, Chase and Ryan show up -- lean and hungry (one can only hope in the case of Big Piece) or laid-back, flabby and complacent.

What the heck, here's hoping Chase shows up 15 lbs overweight. Who knows? If he shows up overweight but stays injury free, an overweight Chase at the outset of the season might help with his end-of-season weight loss, and help him finish the season strong.

You had me at hello had me at hello.

***This is first winter that I've followed/posted on Beer Leaguer... the 3rd week of February 2011 never felt so far away.***

It'll get worse before it gets better.

This is about the previous thread but Aumont is one to watch in the minor league camp this year. Last spring training he was in the spotlight. In his very first appearance as a Phil in the major league camp he was ineffective even against Florida State and his season never got off the ground after that. He was coming off a poor performance out of the pen in the Arizona Fall League prior to the Lee trade. This ST he will start in the minor league camp under less pressure and coming off a strong performance for Canada against Cuba in the Pam Am qualifier tourney back in Oct. There he struck out the first four Cubans he faced in a start against the veteran Cuban team.

Thanks for this one. This guy is the grandson of my wife's godmother so there is a family interest. It was a big deal for us last year when he came into the Phillies system.

Missing an 's' there, JW.

/ducks snowball

Also, here's the translation of the previous video:

I loved the slide.

Dull: The Cubans were lying about their ages, however.

Everyone knows that Bundesliga is not what it used to be. The Phillies should be scouting the Finnish leagues.

Is Finnish baseball like American football?

Great find on the video. So I guess 'strikeout' is used by Germans also???? Kidn of confirmed on what English baseball words would be adopted & used by Germans.

Can only imagine this women in the video trying to examine a what a balk is to Germans watching this video . . .

clout, thanks for trying to put Sackman's era chart for starters in context in the last thread. obviously never read the article or any of the additional research at THT or he would have understood that.

And for the record, I think it's up to Sackman to defend the chart and data. It's not my work so I don't feel a need to do so.

But FWIW, no study I have seen refutes the ERA ranges Sackman described, so I con only assume there is some validity to them.

If some of the posters here have a problem with the actual production out of the 3 - 5 starter slots, then I suggest they take it up with Bud Selig and MLB. If they contracted a fews team I'm sure it would improve.

In Finland it kind of gives new meaning to "Coming in with High Cheese."


Yeah, I think one of the big backstories we'll be following this year on this site is whether and how Rollins, Utley and Howard bounce back. Hopefully, some of the stat guys here may put forth some metrics that can factor in the injuries somehow, but I suspect that would be a pretty tough and subjective evaluation to make.

In any case, one prediction I can make with absolute confidence is that Chase Utley will not report to camp 15 pounds overweight. He does seem to wear down some over the course of the season, but the injuries that have caused him to lose significant time don't appear to be related to that.

My guess would be that he would say that being in top shape is what enables him to play the way he does, and has in fact kept him from being sidelined much due to injuries such as pulled muscles, strains, etc. I would also guess he evaluates his weaknesses pretty carefully and incorporates whatever steps he can take, training wise and on the field, to minimize them.

Goofy's funny; Finnish baseball is wierd; but the German chick is hot.

It looked like Ilkka Sinisalo was trying to get a fighting major in the middle of the game.

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