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Sunday, February 27, 2011


Sounds great! Not gonna happen

Yeah, when you lose you best pitcher, the next logical step is not to give away your best hitter for Joe Blanton.

Do it

Cosart or Colvin

That's probably what it would take to get it done.

And I wouldn't do it if I were the Phillies unless Pujols agreed to a contract - that's highly unlikely - so, IMHO, there's no way this get's done, mostly because Pujols probably wants to decide AFTER the season where he's going to play the rest of his career.

To me, it makes sense for both teams to at least look at this. I'm surprised how the idea got dismissed out of hand - in most places - when it resurfaced after the Pujols deadline passed.

Yo, new thread already

Can't believe people are still talking about this, even speculatively. Not gonna happen.

Remember when Cliff Lee was gonna sign with the Yankees? How about when Roy Halladay was pissed he didn't get traded to us at the deadline? Or when Roy Oswalt wouldn't except a trade to Philadelphia.. This team anything is possible. If I told you 2 years that RAJ would acquire 4 aces via trade/FA Lee 2x, Halladay, Oswalt

we all would have said never gonna happen but it did

fingers crossed on Big AL

I strongly agree with the concept of a trade. It makes great sense for both teams. I am a bit tired of hearing from the folks whose kneejerk response is always that this or that trade can't happen. It can happen because it makes sense. It is unlikely that negotiations with Pujols can occur before any such trade, however, unloading Blanton's contract is a plus. Most would agree that Howard's contract was a bad deal. Even if Pujols were not to sign with the Phils, they would have the resources to greatly improve the team next year. Howard would be a huge fan attraction because of his St Louis roots, and boosting attendance is certainly a big plus for the Cardinals. If the deal is not made, the need for a strong righthanded bat remains.

I don't think I'd do a Howard-for-Pujols deal, in spite of the fact that Pujols is definitely a better player all around. We have Howard locked in long-term, and I believe that we will continue to produce, assuming he stays healthy. Trading for Pujols this season would put us in the precarious situation of having to put together a blockbuster contract to keep him year past 2011. What if the Phillies couldn't get it done? Then we'd have nothing to show for past this season. No more big power hitter "par excellence."

The other thing to consider is the x-factor that comes from a home-grown all star like Ryan Howard. No matter how great a free agent-signed player may be (like Cliff Lee, Halladay), there is something even more special about talent (Cole Hamels, Howard, Rollins, Utley) who come up directly through the Phillies system.

Ultimately, they become the true nucleus of the team, since they have been with the organization from the beginning. Just as free agents come into the picture "late" in a dynasty like the Phillies, they too can easily exit "early," since they aren't really emotionally invested in the team.

Hopefully Lee and Halladay will be exceptions to this rule -- they seem to love the team -- but Pujols strikes me as a player who would never really invest himself long-term.

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