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Thursday, February 03, 2011


I wouldn't hire this jackass to sell peanuts at CBP.

"He's shockingly horrible. Ask any Mets fan."

I love these sentences for so many reasons...

Doesn't inspire much hope, though. And at 36, and previously linked to PED's he's not exactly in need of a change of scenery just to get out of a funk, either. I think you can stick a fork in him.

Is there any possible scenario in which we court Sarge Jr, get his hopes up, only to publicly humiliate him, and his dad by association, triggering Sarge Sr to quit and take Wheels with him?

If not, then I don't know why we'd be wasting our time. This is the only possible value-add I can come up with tied to this clown.

Does Wheels have a son or a daughter? Might as well offer them a minor league deal. They have about as much chance to make a contribution, and they're probably far less of a headache to deal with.

Surely no one will be fooled by those MiLB stats, right? The mere thought of this dude getting any attention, presumably because of nothing more than nepotism, makes me want to throw up.

Will, not sure about any children (God help them if he does), but I couldn't help by chuckle when I read his baseball background on Wikipedia:

"Wheeler played little league baseball for the Mackey's Pharmacy White Sox of Newtown Square, PA. In 1956, he recorded a one hit shutout win over Weston's Corner Store A's by out dueling future MLB pitcher Sparky Lyle."

And that's nothing to laugh at, Weston's Corner Store A's were a powerhouse back in the day....

I'd much rather have Sarge and Wheels than T-Mac. At least Sarge can be entertaining in his ramblings.

Eh, never hurts to throw a couple bucks at a guy so he can prove to the world that there is nothing left in the tank.

ZT: pretty offtopic, but yes I agree, TMac is the worse of all.

Matthews Jr. is great in the clubhouse.

Ah hell, if we're going to throw money at former ballplayers who have zero chance at contributing, I suggest "Macho Man" Randy Savage.

I'd prefer not to ask any Mets fan, primarily because it would mean actually having to speak to a Mets fan.

Re: The last thread discussion of Madson's expiring contract.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but doesn't Lidge expire too? Unless the Phils want to exercise his option for $12.5M. Does anyone think that's gonna happen?

More likely: Madson's the closer in 2012 and Lidge is pitching elsewhere for far less than $12.5M.

The one point in Matthews' favor is . . . um . . er . . hang on a moment; I lost my train of thought . . . Oh well, the important thing is that he does have one point in his favor. When I remember what it is, I'll let you know.

Will, you've got it wrong. If Sarge leaves I hope he takes T-Bag with him.

He can leave Wheels, who at least is a fountain of info.

Scott. LMAO.. Bravo!

Truth be told, if I have my "pie in the sky" Wheels and TBag leave, but I couldn't find any way to associate that to the unfathomable rumors of any interest in Sarge Jr.

clout, I hope you're right about the closer situation after this year (2012 team option). That's precisely the scenario that I've been anticipating. And yes, Lidge is off the books after 2011 (barring some catastrophic brain fart by RAJ in the next 9 months...

clout, I agree with that. IMH and uninformed opinion, I think the Phillies' FO may look at it that way too.

I think there's very little, if any, chance they'll exercise Kidge's option.

They only chance I see is if he has the kind of year he had in 2008, AND proves he's fully healthy (no DL trips, no missed time), AND they win the WS (xtra revenue) with him being virtually untouchable. Then, and only then, is there a slight chance the Phillies exercise Lidge's option.

But, if they did, they might risk losing Madson unless they can convince him to come back for a year in a setup role in order to get another ring.

But don't forget, Rollins contract will expire also, and they have no option year with him.

awh, I'd kill for Lidge to have exactly that kind of year and I'd STILL be against picking up that option.

I can't fathom paying anyone that kind of money to close (remember Meyers as closer and how he just HAD to go back to the rotation because of his contract?). Throw in his career of predictable erratic-ism and Lidge should already be planning a budget for a far diminished salary in 2012, no matter where he's pitching.

Actually, another scenario is that the Phillies approach Lidge with a lesser multi-year offer in lieu of exercizing his option. If he wants to stay in Philly maybe he'd take it.

Ruben: "Brad, we'd like you back but not at $12.5MM, so we're not exercizing your option, but we think you can be a valuable pitcher for our team. We'd like to offer you $ ??MM for ? years."

I like the idea. Wonder if Lidge coming back in any form or fashion gives Madson pause?

Any way to convince Lidge to come back, cheaper, and take the set-up role?

I'd rather have Sarge activated as OF depth instead of his no-talent son.

Apparently the Yanks don't overpay EVERYONE:

Screwball better keep his mouth shut...

How does a mascot work 80 hours a week? Do they really do that many public appearances outside of the games?

~wonders what the Phanatic makes now~

Maybe we could give Marcus Giles another minor-league invite.

Contracts "off-the-books" in 2012:

Rollins 8.5

Lidge 11.5 (team option 12.5MM, 1.5MM buyout)

Madson 4.5

Oswalt 16 (mutual option for 16MM, 2MM gtd buyout)

Schneider 1.5

Ibanez 11.5

Romero 1.35

Baez 2.5

Gload 1.6

That's a total of $59.7MM, inclIding the buyouts.

But several guys are due raises, including:

Lee 10.5

Vic 2.0

Polly 1.0

Chooch .950

Hamels arb

BenFran arb

So at least 15.45 MM of that "savings" gets eaten up by raises before Hamels and BenFran get paid. Cole is due 9.5 this season, and if he has another year like 2010 he stand to get a substantial raise so I'll estimate at least $2MM there. Ben Fran I'll pencil in for a .5MM raise, so that's a total of another 2.5 MM in raises.

So, out of $59.7 MM in contracts off the books, at least $17.95 MM will get eaten up by raises.

So the Phillies would have 41.75 MM to replace or re-sign:



Madson will take 20% of that at a minimum. I dont see it happening...unless Oswalt takes a big cut though I believe Oswalt has an option for 2012.

NEPP, I included Oswalts 2MM buyout in the numbers, because as a condition of the trade, that money is guaranteed by the Phillies even they exercise their option but he declines his side of the option.

Still, I did the math wrong.

It's 14.45MM in gtd raises, plus raises to Ben Fran and Hamels.

So for argument sake, pencil their raises in and that take the raises to 16.95 MM, not 17.95MM.

That gives them $42.75 to replace all those parts.

Hey, every little million helps. :)

I predict that the mutual Oswalt option gets picked up (2011/health pending, of course) and the Phils make a run at keeping Rollins (for a short contract - also 2011/health pending) and Madson. Rollins, only because there is no clear replacement and he's such a "face of the franchise" kind of guy.

Ibanez is out, Lidge is out (pending a new, cheaper deal and possible change in duties), Baez shouldn't even be considered, Gload is replaceable (though might be worth a shot if the price is right), Romero is out (as many thought he should have been out this year..) and Schneider is replaceable.

Methinks that we'll see in about 9-12 months exactly how much other players want to play for this franchise and this manager (assuming he's even still around).

Long story short, your best bet is to buy a Halladay, Lee, Hamels or Utley jersey.

Its possible that we extend Oswalt and end up guaranteeing that deal. If he has another good year in 2011, I could see it happening.

Much of this could be dependent on the development of some of the young guys on the farm, as well. There is enough pitching there (especially if KK moves to the 'pen), that Baez shouldn't even be a consideration. Let's give him a ring on his way out of town.

NEPP, I was thinking the same thing about the Phanatic. How does a minor league mascot log anywhere near 80 hrs/week for $22K? I'm not even sure that they travel with the team, so how much time do they really have to work? And in Scranton it's not like there's a bevy of events?

Safe to state?:

Brown/Francisco/Gload/Mayberry>>>>Sarge Jr.

If Cosart, Colvin, etc all develop as expected, I doubt they'll toss a ton of money at Oswalt. They'll either let him walk or go just for the mutual option and then focus their efforts on extending Hamels.

clout, I agree the Phils will decline Lidge's option for 2012. But I noticed you think Madson will be the closer. Since he's a free agent after 2011, this means we would have to extend him or re-sign him as a FA. Which do you think is more likely to happen, and what kind of a contract do you think Madson will get?

Personally I would be surprised if the Phils extend Madson before he hits FA. I think the only way he doesn't make it to free agency is if we overpay (say 3/30). While that might end up being a good move if he becomes a dominant closer, I would be hesitant to signing him to that deal. If he extends for less, then I'm all for it. If he makes it to FA, I think another team will overpay for him, and then we have to find another closer.

There is almost no way they pick up Lidge's option. The FA market after 2011 will be flooded with potential closers. There are a lot of players who are not much more / less appealing than Lidge, but with the supply so high, they can afford to bring in someone at much less than the cost of Lidge's option. Of course Rube will have a "guy" and sign him first for an extra year and a few extra million, while equally good closers will last until January and sign one year deals.

Here's the list of Free Agents next offseason:

Every Spring it's good to have someone around with whom to use the tined flatware.

Maybe it's time to start gathering the other fruits of labor that have dropped from the Matthews family tree and let GM Jr. stick to being the watchful eye of Uncle Kirby at The Taj Mahal. That other fruit, one with a dollar to the euro's worth of talent, being none other than Matthew Gary Matthews, or MGM Grand as he's referred to by the disciples that follow his paper trail to some hack GNC lord. He being of course the pride and shame of GM Jr.

MGM Grand has blue claw written all over him and if he only tunes out about half of Tyson Gillies' wisdom he might surpass his father's body of work in 3 years.

Suffice to say I'd steer clear of The Family Matthews and the unhatchable eggs they undoubtedly leave in our baskets. Stick to signing warhorses like Contreras and Mike Sweeney and we'll clinch this thing by March.

Yeah, funny, but I was just getting ready to say the EXACT same thing, Emmett.

Eh, I think after this year its time to stop spending big $$ on the bullpen.

Let Lidge and Madson both walk.

No Dutch on DNL this year.

"I'd kill for Lidge to have exactly that kind of year and I'd STILL be against picking up that option."

I'm totally in agreement with WP. It's not because I think $12.5M is an unreasonable price for a top closer. It's because Lidge's history is simply too erratic to be trusted with the closer's job at that price.

Off topic I know but does anyone have that website where you can get the jerserys real cheap. Someone has posted it on here a few times. I think its from China or somewhere like that. Thanks

"And in Scranton it's not like there's a bevy of events"

You'd be surprised how much work they get. I'm from Wilkes-Barre. If some kid digs a hole in his backyard in Luzerne or Lackawanna County, Champ or Tux will be there to commemorate the occasion.

Mike: I checked out that site. Jerseys were cheap (as was the quality, I'm sure), but the shipping was outrageous. If you're from PA, take a ride to the Hometown Farmers Market. You'll find plenty for around 50 bucks, and you can usually haggle with them. I almost bought the "Ibaenz" jersey just for the comic value.

i remember checking out that site. the bl-er who put it up claimed to have gotten several jerseys and that the quality was good and had all the appropriate labels. they even had mitchell & ness throwback jerseys incredibly cheap with all the correct labels. i forget what shipping costs were, but when the jersey costs $19.99 one can afford to splurge a bit on shipping. these are probably from the same sweat shops that make the legit retail stuff. i just didn't want to give personal info required to make the tranaction. and the company could not guarantee that your order would make it through customs. it was called or something similar. i get a 404 error now trying to use that site.

"Brown/Francisco/Gload/Mayberry>>>>Sarge Jr."

In fact, combine the worst talents from each of them to make a composite player and
Composite Player>Sarge Jr.

If he's that bad, shouldn't he be "Private?"

Pvt. Matthews, Iron Pig Platoon.

41.75 MM to replace or re-sign:


awh - How many of these do you really want to re-sign? Madson and who else? Maybe Oswalt. The question becomes replacement costs and depends on who has matured from the minors. Ibanez, certainly is gone. But a RH OF bat will be needed unless Ben Fran is more of a revelation than any sensible person should expect. But Baez might even be replaced this year. Romero is only around because the right lefty wasn't left at the right time. Lidge'll want too much and Jimmy will, too.

You all are probably supporting al Queda or some Mexican drug lord buying fake jersey's made with slave labor by incarcerated, pro-democracy Chinese dissidents.

Looking at those 2012 FA's, I don't see the Phillies blowing 9 figures on Jose Reyes, so Jimmy should be back. Willingham might make a nice replacement for Ibanez or Swisher (as much as I don't really care for his face). kinda slim pickings for competent talent.

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