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Tuesday, February 01, 2011


The last sentence made me chuckle pretty good. Nicely played!

"How do you send a starter with a lifetime record of 35 - 24 and an ERA well under 5 "to the pen"? All Kendrick does is pitch to a winning record and maintain what appears to be a fine attitude and resolve (heck, I'd get up at 4:30 AM to train with Doc, too!)."

Easy if you have 5 better starters.

I liked this Q&A with Charlie.

I came to Spring Training early and all I got was Kyle Kendrick!?!

"And when Matt Anderson goes down in a double rain delay extra inning game . . Jason Grilli will be there to pick the peices up."

The Grilli-Anderson battle for the 14th starter's spot figures to be one of the more intriguing story lines of spring training.

NEPP: that'll be a Tshirt this season.

"I went to CBP and all i got was this crappy Kyle Kendrick start"

The Amaro quote on Durbin:

"I would say that we're probably not going to resign him."

Two possible translations

1. Both sides are done high and low-balling each other and Durbin will sign up for another season.

2. Durbin is pitching for the Nationals in 2011.

"I went to CBP and all i got was this crappy Kyle Kendrick start"

I swear I went to 6 or 7 games last year and all I ever got was Moyer or Kendrick. Until game 1 of the NLCS. Finally got to see Doc and Cody F'ing Ross decides to impersonate a ball player.

Scothcman: There is a 3rd possible scenario. Chad is pre-treating Rube's driveway as we speak in advance of the ice storm and changing the spark plugs on his snow blower.

I remember going to an A's-Phillies game back in 2008 & being distraught to learn that it was Kyle Kendrick's turn in the rotation. He ended up pitching 8 innings of 4-hit shutout ball -- probably the best start of his entire career.

BAP: I have to be honest. One of KK's starts that I saw was a masterpiece that he pitched against the Cardinals. I ate a lot of crow that night.

Durbin seems jobless. Time is running out. He'd be wise to take the 1st MLB contract he's offered at this point.

I saw the Phillies lose 4 games in 3 parks last year. 0-4.

Blanton, Halladay, Blanton and Blanton.

Halladay was the one loss at Yankee Stadium, the last Blanton the only game he lost down the stretch.

Last win I saw in person had an unassisted triple play in it though.

The Kyle Kendrick start where Holiday went 0-4 off him was classic.

Blanton leads the team in "aw, nuts, I'm seeing this guy again" starts. Seems like everyone I talk to says the same thing.

Yeah. He was really good in that one Scotch. In the 8th inning Baez practically beaned Albert too. Polanco even hit a homerun. Nice game to see.

The night of Campaign Cheer Joe Blanton started.

I go to a ton of games each year.

One year, I swear I saw Corey Lidle 15 times.

I made a pitching schedule based on the likely fact that the rotation will be Halladay, Lee, Oswalt, Hamels and Blanton. That way when I look for games I will pick the games based on who I want to see that day. I already chose a game against the Brewers that I've predicted will be Halladay vs. Greinke...I have to say. I'm pretty psyched

Do you guys think they will skip Blanton/Kendrick's after days off a lot this season?

Do you guys think they will skip Blanton/Kendrick's after days off a lot this season?

No. They only did it once or twice last year, and they're not going to add innings to the big 4 unnecessarily. It would be nice if the plan to see a particular pitching matchup works out, but one rainout and the whole thing goes out the window.

@Krukker - Yeah I know, I amend it during the season. I did it last year and it was actually pretty acurate. Hopefully these two stick - May 22nd Lee vs. Texas and July 3rd Halladay vs. Toronto (actually in Toronto this year)

It's nice if you can do that and not have to buy tickets far in advance, like you do for Phils home games. I normally see them on the road, and I normally buy them at the gate or from stubhub on the day of the game. When every game is a sellout, you don't really have that option.

I really hope Halladay gets a chance to pitch in Toronto this year.

The Padres have designated Oscar Salazar for assignment. I mention this, not because he's any good, but because he has played every position except pitcher, catcher, and CF in his career. If that profile doesn't scream, "Future Phillies acquisition," I don't know what would.

I have a Sunday ticket plan, so one would think that I'd see a good mix of Phils' pitchers. But I think I've seen Moyer and Blanton a lot more than the others. Funny thing is, the Phils win many more times than they lose when I'm at the game, so I won't complain

I swear I saw Adam Eaton five times his last full year here.

Jayson Stark has a topical artical onver at ESPN.

He discusses the number of teams who have 200 IP starters coming back.

The demand for Game 2 tix is revving off the charts as peeps are positing that it might be Lee's first start in Philly since the 09 World Series. Three buds and I broke down and paid the huge mark up on stubhub and we have our fingers crossed that Charlie will pitch Lee second although some are saying that he might pitch Lee fourth to bookend the 5th starter with Halladay and Lee. Of course it's great to root for my team with any of our star pitchers on the hill but it would be awesome cool if my investment in Game Two tix results in seeing Lee's '2011 debut in a Phillies uniform!

I don't buy tickets too far in advance so, I generally pick based on the starting pitcher. Saw Schilling pitch his last game for the Phils that way. I did that with Hamels his rookie year for a game in Wrigley, got hammered hte night before, discovered I left my Amex somewhere, and by the time I found it and got to Wrigley, Hamels had already given up like ten runs and was out of the game. Saw Cory Lidle pitch in Oakland once. Showed up late for that one (I swear, those are the only two times I missed the first pitch plus Mike Schmidt Night sometime in the late 80s), missed Rollins hit a lead off homer, and then watched Kirk Saarlos and others pitch a shutout from there on. Got a cool hat, though.

"I swear I saw Adam Eaton five times his last full year here."

Isn't there some sort of compensation for that type of suffering?

I had that same problem with Blanton starts in '09 and '10. I did luck out at the end of 2009 and got to see Pedro go 8 innings to get the win against the Mets.


The most notable experience I can remember seeing a Phils' pitcher was my dad surprising me with tickets to Pat Combs' MLB debut at the Vet in Sept. '89 vs. the Pirates. Needless to say I was psyched to see a guy I had seen in Reading a few times.

He pitched 6 shutout innings and looked like he really was going to be a solid starter for years to come after that Sept.


Another experience where I went to see a specific starter is when I came down from Boston in '00 to catch a Phils' game at the Vet.

Saw Ashby start a game in May vs. Rockies. Crowd was already on Ashby from the start, he got bombed (think he gave up 7 or 8 runs and didn't get out of the 4th), and flipped off the crowd as he was leaving to one of the loudest 'boos' I have ever heard at a Phils' game. Guy in front of me was just screaming 'F@ck you Ashby' repeatedly. The good old bad days.

If you want to avoid the Blanton / KK start, Just buy 2 games in a row. Baring injuries, you'll be guaranteed to see one of the 4 guys from Mt. Philmore. As the time gets closer, you can sell the one you don't want.

awh: Interesting piece. Also interesting to note is the last team to feature 5 200-IP starters, the 1980 Oakland A's.

Every member of their quintent -- Matt Keough, Brian Kingman, Rick McCatty, Steve Langford, Mike Norris -- suffered arm injuries within the next 2 seasons and were washed up as major leaguers by 1984, even though there were still in their 20s.

Seeing Cliff Lee's first start back again at CBP would be epic. The atmosphere will be electric. Of course I would prob have to sell my laptop, iPod, and Honus Wagner baseball card to afford it!

Frankly, I'm holding out for Vance Worley's triumphant start at the Bank. It's going to be epic.

clout, interesting on the A's 1988 staff.

Question: Did they collectively suffer from the Verducci Effect?

Best vet game was the first inter league series vs the Yankees in 97'. I went to the third game(when it was 3 bucks to get into the 700 level) and it actually was a good turn out since the last place Phillies were on the verge of sweeping the first place Yankees. A few Yankees fans made the mistake of talking a little too much smack in the 7th and had to run out of there after getting punched a couple of times. Hard to be tough when your outnumbered 100 to 2.

Assuming each of the big 4 starters makes 32 starts this year, if you were to get a Phillies 6 game pack, your odds of seeing one of the big 4 AT LEAST four times would be 89.25%.

If you have a 6 game pack, your odds of missing one of the big 4 every time: .0000588%

Basically, just get a 6 game pack, and you'll be seeing lots of the big 4.

By the by, probability of seeing one of the big 4 all six games: 23.73%

But Eskin said that Halladay resented Lee, right? How could they possibly work out together?

On a serious note, I've gone to 8 Phils games the last 2 years and had to watch Moyer or KK every time...until I decided to stick around Philly for Halladay's Sunday start after watching DiceK almost no-hit the Phils, figuring that their luck had to change. Instead I watched the Red Sox bomb Halladay in the rain...bad decision.

I don't understand what's wrong with seeing a Joe Blanton start. Joe is a good pitcher who has won big games for the Phils.

So, from the comments above, can I recommend that Chris in VT not be allowed to any Halladay starts and EFF not be allowed within 500 yards of anyone wearing pinstripes?

I mean, take one for the team fellas, c'mon.

I should amend that, as the "pinstripes" comment would hint that EFF not be allowed near Phillies home games. Of course, he certainly should not be allowed near any of their road games, either.

Actually, the Blanton starts I saw before 2010 were awesome.

Joe bad starts have set up amazing comeback wins quite a few times. The ones I attended:

The game at Shea where So Taguchi got the one big hit of his Phils career...Joe Blantons' Phils debut.

Ring ceremony day in 2009...Pop and I said we'll stick around just in case there's a miracle comeback, and whaddya know, on it came. All setup by Blanton smelly starts

Games I've seen, besides the ones listed above:

1993 NLCS Games 1 and 6 vs the mighty Braves (before we knew how they'd lose in the playoffs every year for a long time)

Ryan Howard hitting first HR to Ashburn Alley.

Phils beating Tim Lincecum.

Adam Eaton getting a win and a key hit in the same game Rod Barajas also got a key hit.

That Adam Eaton was a heck of an athlete. Did you know he played outfield in college?

As a pitcher, Eaton was an above average fielder and baserunner.

PhilliesDude: "some are saying Lee will start 4th to bookend with Halladay around the 5th starter"

Where have you heard that? I haven't at all. But now that I think about it - I dont think there has been any definitive talk from the Phils about any rotation other than Doc is #1 - and technically never heard that either, just common sense.

****PhilliesDude: "some are saying Lee will start 4th to bookend with Halladay around the 5th starter"****

Considering our 5th starter is Joe Blanton, is that a concern? Considering our 4th starter (Oswalt or Hamels) is a #1 starter on 20 teams in baseball, is that really a concern?

I'd lead off with Blanton. Two through five would be a lock.

Meyer: Haha, Hamels pitching against opposing no.5s for a few cycles and us being happy about how things had turned out? Wouldn't have considered it possible two years ago.

EFF: Looked up some of Blanton's starts in 2010 - really weird.

I remembered Blanton starting the game against the Dodgers when Chooch beat Broxton in the 9th because I was at the game.

Looking through his starts, he also started the game against Cincinnati (7/9) when Dobbs and Ransom hit 9th inning HRs and Howard won it in the 10th, the one-game road trip to Colorado (9/2) when the Phillies scored 9 runs in the 7th capped off by an Utley slam, and the September game vs. Washington (9/19) when Werth hit a walk-off HR.

He also started both Dodgers Game 4s: the Matt Stairs game and the Jimmy Rollins game.

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stupid spam bot is probably a mets fan.

I woke up, looked out the window and barely could get to my laptop. I was so depressed. I opened BL'er and saw Halladay's shining face and re-read the comments. I have decided to put on my ice skates with a bag of rock salt on my back and seed the neighborhood walkways. Thanks Beerleaguer.

It's nice to know that Buy Kamgra isn't the only one facing the problem of Halladay's workout buddy.

Could that have been Kendrick expressing his hurt feelings? :p

Yo, hoo thread


FOX does not ever feel that folks in Fargo want to watch the Phillies. And only 2 games on ESPN?

Boo. Must I get a dish?

If you live in Fargo and have satellite TV, you can see the Phillies with the right package. Not so here in Scranton where the Phillie Games are blacked out. Come on Comcast, open the games up to Satellite. It's more exposure for your advertisers.

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