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Now we're talking the important stuff JJ! I look forward to your reviews throughout the season, feel free to throw in some food options as well. Who knows, maybe I'll end up at the park someday.

JJ -- White Sox Beerleaguer

We're really blessed with the food and beer selection at the Cell...at least compared to Wrigely Field. And that's not meant as a typical White Sox "HAHA WE'RE BETTER THAN THE CUBS WOOOOO" thing, it's just that, let's be honest, Chicago Dogs and craft beer beat out generic fare and Old Style.


It's Sox Park never mention it as "The Cell"


Wrigley has the entire surrouding neighborhood composed of sportsbars to counteract their poor selection. Whether having a keg party extrapolated out into a multi-block urban area is convienient or horrifying...well, that's a separate discussion.

mechanical turk

I appreciate a man who appreciates a good beer. There's a joke somewhere about champagne but I'll stick with seconding the Two Brothers sentiment for now.


The parking lots around Sox Park ARE the neighborhood sportsbars. They get overpriced food and drink... we get tailgating!

I do wish we could get some Metropolitan or Half Acre in the park, though.


They just pikced up Ramirez from the Dodgers; and what did he do for them (the Dodgers)? I think that say it all. Also, I think the Sox missed out on getting Jim Thorne back. Maybe the Sox and Guillen and reload and work for next year.

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