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Evil Andy

Floyd is definitely the man.
What scouting system had the geniuses that drafted him? Must be a dynamite team if they can trade away talent like this (for no account jerks no less with a toss-in who will be a mid-rotation left-handed starting pitcher any day now).

JJ -- White Sox Beerleaguer

For the record, the Sox have traded for Gio Gonzalez once and dealt him twice. He has an odd history with the organization.


Its not so much control (which does need work) that he needs to work on, but reahtr his command. What is clear when comparing AJ v. Mo is that Mo is excellent at being just enough out of the strike zone with two strikes to ensure either weak contact or a strikeout, whereas AJ just seems to be trying to stay alive. This is probably also a product of the fact that AJ tends to have 2 balls or more by the time he reaches 2 strikes in the count a sure sign of what we already know, AJ does not command his fastball well. In particular look at his 2 strike location on lefties. He has to be getting killed puttin the ball in the middle to inner half of the plate. As a rule lefties live for that pitch and to give it to them on two strikes is a get out of jail free card. I tend to think this is where the change in curveball effectiveness is showing. That is his out pitch so it is likely he's throwing many of them to try to finish off a hitter. That big red line in the middle of the plate is a sure sign that he's hanging many more of them (also falls in line with the high pitch theory noted by Brian). Without that curveball AJ goes from being a talented enigma on the mound capable of dominant stretches to your average 20 year old AA pitcher throwing 95. Good stuff on the heat charts. I actually prefer that to the spray charts of pitch fx. You guys need to get Brian on board for more appearances here.


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