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Lake Fred

JJ, nicely written analysis. Knowing that World Series titles are few and far between, I'd say that having Konerko help you win a World Series seals the deal in deciding if this was a good trade or not.

JJ -- White Sox Beerleaguer

Moreso for us than you guys--heck, we've only been to one World Series in the last 50 years. Making two in a row (and winning one) was a hell of an accomplishment for the Phillies.

Evil Andy

I'd want to see the comparisons between the defense of the Sox CFs during that span and the 1Bs of all the teams Cameron visited before he was booted away.

I kinda wonder if it's not a testiment to the value of the player that Konerko has been in one city so long. If Cameron is such hot property, why does he keep ending up in the "expendable" pile?


Nice analysis, JJ. I'm a Philly Beerleaguer just checking the new site out, and this type work will keep me dropping in. Best of luck with this!

JJ -- White Sox Beerleaguer

EA -- I can tell you Rowand and Singleton were quite good and Brian Anderson wasn't bad for his limited time in CF.

I think Cameron's always been undervalued--heck, defense usually is undervalued. But he's a good hitter for the position he plays, too. It certainly is curious how he's been shuffled around so much, though.

Bob -- Thanks for the kind words. Be sure to stop in and comment from time to time...I'll be over on the Philly one as well.

mechanical turk

I appreciate the bonus points, but I can't think of anything clever to say about them. I had something about redeeming them... eh, but it's gone now.


Obviously Paul Konerko is the better player and any time in baseball (except those with elite first basemen) who rather have Konerko than Cameron. However, Mike Cameron is still a very good player. I think this article does somewhat of a good job of showing that. You didn't mention that Mike Cameron also has had decent power for a centerfielder. He generally hits 20-25 homeruns a year. His average is usually around .250-.260 but he makes up for that with elite defense in the outfield. All of us true basbeall fans know how important quality defense is for a team, especially up the middle.

tommy d

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