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Corey Ettinger

He's going to have to clear waivers first. Which seems unlikely.

JJ -- White Sox Beerleaguer

You're right. I added a correction into the post. Thanks.

mechanical turk

Given Milledge's strong spring, I wouldn't be surprised if another team is willing to take a shot at him and claim him on waivers. That's probably less likely at this point than with a Lillibridge DFA, too.

The White Sox have chosen to keep Lillibridge around despite results for a while, choosing him over guys like Jayson Nix and now Milledge for some reason that isn't entirely clear to me. They're willing to keep him on the active roster rather than risk losing him to a waiver claim. It's not that he's clearly worse than anyone who has gone while he remains, but the Sox must see something in him that I don't to keep him around all this time instead of getting fresh blood.

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